Tuesday October 22nd Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council begins at 5pm with a meeting of the Policies and Priorities Committee.  The agenda for the meeting can be found here.

Delegations will be received regarding the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and Councillors' Records, and iCitizen - Resident Access to Tax Information via the Town's Website.

a. CS-2019-30 Customer Service Policy Administration is recommending adoption of the proposed Customer Service Policy.  Calls are proposed to be responded to within 1 day, emails within 3 days, written correspondence within 5 days and social media postings within 1 day.
b. CS-2019-31 Public Complaints Policy.  It is proposed to establish a policy of acknowledgement, assign, investigate, and Resolve/Decision.  Town staff will
acknowledge a formal complaint within three (3) days and provide information on the next steps of the complaint process.  
c. CS-2019-32 Health and Safety Policy No. 7 Annual Review.  Administration recommends approval of the existing Occupational Health and Safety Policy for the next year.
d. CS-2019-33 Violence and Harassment in the Workplace Policy No. 68 Administration proposes to add to the scope of the policy as part of its 2019 review. 
e. CS-2019-35 Fire Alarm By-Law.  Through proposed amendments, it is proposed that Town Administration shall be responsible for registration of both fire and security alarms; Provide for the imposition of two (2) ‘At Fault False Alarms’ before being charged for each ‘At Fault False Alarm’ thereafter during a calendar year; Prescribe the fee for registration under the annual Fees and Charges By-law; and Prescribe the fee for attendance to each ‘At Fault False Alarm’ as the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) rate for responses to an emergency on a provincial highway, for improved recovery of cost.
f. CS-2019-36 Urban Hen Licensing Pilot Program.  A two year pilot program allowing for 6 hens and a $25 licence fee is being proposed subject to a public meeting.
g. CS-2019-37 Alley Closing Policy.  Administration proposes the formalizing of an alley closing policy in which the onus for securing the support of alley closures is left to the proponent.
h. CS-2019-38 Professional Appearance Policy.  Administration proposes the establishment of guidelines that will govern the dress code of Town employees.
i. CS-2019-39 Employee Service Recognition.   The “Application” for recognition of employees has been amended to include Members of Council, and to describe who is not included; the “Procedures” have been revised to reflect the current practice of providing specific gifts at key career milestones.

Beginning at 7pm, our regular business begins. The agenda can be found here

Delegations include Celeste O'Neil and Judy Robson regarding Cannabis Production Facilities in Oldcastle, and Loretta Stoyka, Diane Mulcaster, and Janice Moroun Re: Windsor Essex Compassion Care

Communications for Information includes:

  1. Town of Lakeshore dated September 26, 2019 Re: Notice of the passing of a zoning by-law amendment.  Lakeshore has passed a By-law for the former Tecumseh Golf property in which zoning has been changed to a mixed use environment with several variances from existing planning by-laws.
  2. Municipality of Grey Highlands dated October 2, 2019 Re: Conservation Authorities.  Grey Highlands resolves to support continuation of the programs
    and services of the three CAs, both mandatory and non-mandatory, and that no programs or services of conservation authorities be “wound down” at this time; and that the Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks give clear direction as to what programs and services are considered mandatory and non-mandatory and how those programs will be funded in the future.
  3. Municipality of East Ferris dated October 10, 2019 Re: Child Care Services at Conferences.  East Ferris resolves to request municipal conferences offer child care services to participants.
  4. Enbridge Gas Inc. dated October 10, 2019 Re: Notice of Application.  Enbridge has filed an application with the Ontario Energy Board for approval to construct approximately 34 kilometres of natural gas pipeline and associated facilities in the Municipality of West Grey and the Township of Chatsworth, both in the County of Grey, and to introduce a new service for gas distributors effective December 1, 2019. This new service under Rate M17 is proposed to be a firm point-to-point transportation service for existing and new gas distributors in Ontario. Enbridge Gas Inc. is also proposing to modify and limit the applicability of the existing bundled delivery service under Rate M9 and the semi-unbundled storage and transportation service under Rate T3, to existing gas distributor customers.
  5. City of Windsor dated October 11, 2019 Re: Notice of Commencement and Public Information Centre - Wyandotte St. E. and Jarvis Avenue.  The City of Windsor is hosting a public meeting surrounding the extension of Wyandotte Street East and Jarvis Avenue on Thursday, July 24.

1. Chief Administrative Officer
a. CAO-2019-08 20th Anniversary of Amalgamation Project.  Administration recommends that a storyboard be created to recognize the 20th Anniversary of the January 1, 1999, amalgamation of the former Township of Sandwich South, Town of Tecumseh and Village of St. Clair Beach, which together now form The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh as it is today at a cost of $4,000.

2. Corporate Services & Clerk
a. CS-2019-27 Charitable Bingo and Gaming Revitalization Initiative.  Administration is recommending that the Municipality authorize electronic gaming within the Town boundaries.

b. CS-2019-34 Liability and Insurance Cost Reforms.  Administration is recommending that Town Council support recommendations from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario supporting reforms to Joint and Several Liability.

3. Financial Services
a. FS-2019-13 Budget Variance Report - August 31, 2019.  The 2019 August Variance analysis projects a year-end surplus of $63,000 (Tax Supported
surplus $309,000 and Rate Supported deficit $246,000).

4. Planning & Building Services
a. PBS-2019-37 Elderberry Court Development Agreement, Assumption of Services.  Administration recommends that the municipal services constructed for the Elderberry Court development be accepted as part of the municipal infrastructure network.

b. PBS-2019-38 CIP Grant Application 12000 Tecumseh, Villa Pia Investments.  Administration recommends approval of a Community Improvement grant for the property located at 12000 Tecumseh Road (adjacent to Frank Brewery) for the Planning Design and Architectural Grant Program in the amount of $3,000; and the Planning Application and Permit Fee Grant Program in the amount of $1,075 in relation to the design and site plan application for the proposed construction of a new commercial building on the subject property.

For questions on these or other municipal matters please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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