September 27th Meeting

This week Council begins at 5pm with a special Policies and Priorities Committee meeting.  The packet can be found here.

We will begin with delegations.  Chris Hales, Chair, and Fred Stibbard, Member, Tecumseh Police Services Board member wish to speak regarding the Police Services Board Term of Appointment.  In 2014 Council appointed Mr. Stibbard to serve on the Police Services Board from 2015-2016 and Mr. Guy Dorion to serve from 2017-2018.  The Board has requested that Mr. Stibbard's appointment be extended to 2018 with the consequence that Mr. Dorion would have his pending appointment rescinded.  On August 9th Council previously received this request and made the decision at that time that it would not change the appointments.

Agenda items are as follows:

1.  Committee and Board Term of Appointments.  This report speaks to the various vacancies for committees and boards including the aforementioned pending change to the Police Services Board.  Applications are now available for the following:

  • Committee of Adjustment
  • Corn Festival
  • Youth Advisory
  • Senior Advisory
  • Culture and Arts Advisory
  • Heritage Committee
  • Tecumseh Accessible Advisory (TAAC)
  • Essex Power Corporation

2.  Examination of Urban Chicken Control & Rodent Complaints.  Administration is reporting that in response to growing concerns revisions to the Animal Control By-law are under way.  It also advises that Tecumseh's by-laws are silent on the matter of urban chickens whereas they are banned in many other area municipalities.  Options also include contracting for a rodent exterminator.  Introduction of a hard-sided garbage container requirement is recommended later in the agenda as part of Council's regular business.

3.  Travel Policy Amendment:  Administration proposes to recommend amendments to the Travel Policy intended to clarify when meal allowances and per diems are paid, and to grant payment of allowable expenses [ie: travel, accommodation, meal and per diems] following attendance at a job-related workshop/seminar and conference.  Right now expenses for municipal officials and employees are paid beforehand but under policy changes reimbursement would follow until after travel is completed to avoid reconciliations.  A flat rate for meals is supplied to staff to avoid the processing costs involved with receipting.  No reimbursement is currently offered nor proposed for incidentals incurred during travel to seminars and conferences.

4.  Municipal Drain Policy:  It is proposed to allow property owners requiring to contribute to drainage work to finance the work through the town at an interest rate of 1% over and above the administrative time spent on administering and managing these drainage loans.

5.  Corporate Credit Card Issuance & Use Policy #16.  It is proposed to allow Managers to be issued Credit Cards, to generally restrict any alcohol purchases (with some exceptions), to raise the credit limit for the Mayor and CAO, and direct reconciliation from user's regular pay when personal purchases are made.

6.  Summary of Draft New Sign By-law. The By-law is proposed to be changed to address inadequacies noted with the current by-law including the proliferation of temporary signs. Input is proposed to be sought from Council and from the Public with respect to any changes.

Beginning at 7pm, regular business of Council begins with the Agenda available here.

Delegations include:

  • Gerry Orum and Beth Noakes from Dragon Boats For a Cure who are requesting that the event be consolidated to the north side of Lakewood Park.  Presently the Town does not allow any events to occur on the north side of Lakewood Park.
  • John Matheson and Mike Varey, StrategyCorp will speak to the Ward Boundary and Council Structure Review.  No advance report is available unfortunately
  • Tracy Pringle, Account Manager, MPAC, Municipal & Stakeholder Relations will speak to the 2016 MPAC assessments.  Some statistics are that the assessment increase is on average 4.1% for 2017 and similar annual increases in subsequent years, and that the average home value is $265,000.  Typical residences were a 4.2% increase ($265,000), condominiums 2,8% ($183,000) and waterfront properties 7.0% ($623,000).
  • Kristi Koutros & Hannah Ruuth, Youth Advisory Committee; and Douglas Drouillard and Nancy Tenant, Senior Advisory Committee will speak to their 2016 Activity Report and 2017 Outlook.  An advance report is not available.

Association of Municipalities of Ontario, September 14, 2016:  Formula Allocation for New Federal and Provincial Clean Water Funding.  The funding model will be 50% Federal, 25% Provincial and 25% Municipal investment.  (For receipt)

Town of Amherstburg, September 14, 2016, Re: Municipal Nuclear Emergency Response Plan (MNERP).  Amherstburg is soliciting endorsement of their Nuclear Emergency Response Plan and for additional funding to allow compliance from the Province.

Recycling Council of Ontario, September 14, 2016.  Seeking proclamation of October 17 to 23, 2016, as ‘Waste Reduction Week’ in the Town of Tecumseh

Regular business is as follows:

1.  Corporate Services & Clerk:  Re: Ontario 150 Partnership Program Grant Application.  Council is being asked to support an Ontario 150 Partnership Program grant application for funding under the Priority Area of "Supporting Youth Entrepreneurship" with a total project cost of $20,000, including non-refundable HST; and that the Town’s 25% share of the Program cost in the amount of $5,000 be funded from the 2017 Youth Advisory Committee Forecast Budget.

2.  Financial Services Re: Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation (OILC) Borrowing 2016. Council is being asked to borrow from Infrastructure Ontario a 1.59 % (estimated) 5 year amortizing debentures in the Principal amount of $284,000 for the financing of Burke/Outer/Morro Sanitary Sewer construction costs for 2016 which will allow the owners who will be using the sewers to pay their share of costs over a 5 year period.

3.  Parks & Recreation Services Re: Dragon Boat Festival Request - Lakewood Park.  This report responds to the Dragon Boats request and Administration is recommending continuing with the current practice of not allowing festivals on the north side of Lakewood Park.

4.  Planning & Building Services  Re: 2016 2nd Quarter Permit Report.  The construction value of permits over the quarter was $54,310,519, which is almost $19 million over the same period last year.  219 permits were issued, with the increases typically for new builds and home renovations.  Permits for multi-residential units are also significantly higher.

5.  Planning & Building Services  Re: Tecumseh Transit Service (TTS) January to June 2016 Status Report and Public Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) Overview.  Monthly ridership averages for the first six months of 2016 ranged from 85-99 riders per day, with a peak of 99 passengers per day in the month of February which is slightly less than last year.  The Tecumseh Mall stop handled 49% of all trips with next highest use stops being Tecumseh Road and Southfield, Zehrs, and at the Town Parking Lot on Tecumseh Road.  Most users are between 8am-9am and 3pm-4pm.  Revenue from first 6 months was $13,819

6.  Public Works & Environmental Services Re: Interim Paved Walkway Installation along County Road 42 - Preliminary Cost Estimate.  Cost for installation of a temporary pathway on County Road 42 in the vicinity of Tecumseh Vista School easterly until work is completed by the County would $400,000.  The County's project is expected to begin this year.  Therefore Administration is recommending not making the expenditure given that this work will be undertaken by the County shortly.

7.  Public Works & Environmental Services Re: Request for Approval by Resolution for Drainage Apportionment Agreement.  Administration is requesting approval of various drain apportionment (of costs) agreements be approved by Council.  These are negotiated agreements with benefitting residents to complete drainage works.

8.  Public Works & Environmental Services Re: Amendment to Refuse Control By-law 2003-40.  Council is being requested to endorse mandatory hard sided garbage containers to help alleviate rodent issues.


For further information on these and other matters feel free to contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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