September 22nd Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council begins at 5pm with a meeting of the Policies and Priorities Committee.  The agenda can be found here.

1. CS-2020-23 Award Nominations.  Administration recommends that advertising begins to submit nominations and select recipients for the Dr. Henri Breault Community Excellence Award (Dr. Breault Award), Donald “Donny” Massender Memorial Volunteer Award (Donny Massender Award) and the Senior of the Year Award.  A new Youth of the Year Award is also proposed to be added.  Considerations for the awards are proposed for a Special Meeting of Council to be held on Tuesday, November 24, 2020, at 6:00 pm.

2. PWES-2020-08 Amendments to the MMS and Significant Weather Event Policy.  Administration has submitted housekeeping updates with respect to adherence to provincial minimum maintenance standards during periods of significant weather.

New Business includes setting direction for which Non-Profit Organization will receive proceeds from Essex Powerlines Corporation Paperless Billing Savings.

Regular business begins at 7pm.  The agenda can be found here.

Delegations include Tom Kitsos, Director Financial Services & Chief Financial Officer RE: 2021 Pre Budget Council Consultation.  A 2.78% levy increase is expected to be required to maintain current plans.

Communications - For Information

1. Township of Puslinch dated September 7, 2020 Re: COVID-19 Funding Support.  Puslinch requests that that the Federal, Provincial, and Regional Government help local municipalities assist their local social cultural, service clubs, and children/youth minor sporting originations with clear and definitive relief funding programs directed to help sustain though COVID-19.

2. Debbie France, Resident of Norfolk County dated September 13, 2020 Re: Stop Illicit Cannabis Grow Operations.  Ms. France requests Tecumseh's support in raising the matter of illicit cannabis grow operations through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), Rural Ontario Municipalities Association (ROMA) and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), and for requesting municipalities to join together and place this at the top of our Provincial and Federal Governments "must urgently fix" list. All levels of government need to be involved in developing a standardized and enforceable solution while reaching out to MPs and MPPs.

3.  Township of North Glengarry dated September 14, 2020 Re: Long Term Care Homes.  North Glengarry urges the Ontario government to provide funding to increase full-time positions in place of casual and parttime labour in long term care homes and requests that the Ministry of Long-term Care acts to regularly inspect all long term care homes , and sound infection control measures are put in place at all Ontario long term care homes.

4. County of Essex dated September 16, 2020 Re: Notice of Decision for Gateway Towers.  Essex County has approved the Gateway Towers development as a condominium at Tecumseh Road and Southfield Drive.

5. Township of Wollaston dated September 16, 2020 Re: Resolution requesting Changes to Municipal Elections Act.  Wollaston has asked that a loophole allowing property leaseholders to vote in a separate municipality even when they do not reside there be closed.

6. Town of Gravenhurst dated September 16, 2020 Re: Emancipation Day in Canada.  Gravenhurst supports setting August 1st as Emancipation Day.


1. Parks & Recreation Services

a. PRS-2020-23 Summer Recreation Overview.  While most programming was suspended for this year, the Town activated online programming.  The Town received funding under the Canada Summer Job grant program for six (6) summer student positions that provided subsidized funding up to minimum wage. The total cost for the six summer student positions was $26,600 of which the Canada Summer Job program funded $23,520 and the Town’s share was $3,080.

b. PRS-2020-24 Recreation Software Upgrade.  Administration is recommending approval to proceed with upgrading the recreation software system, at a onetime cost of $15,484 for implementation and that annual operating service fees for Application Programming Interface Configuration and digital signage be included into the 2021 operating budget. 

2. Planning & Building Services

a. PBS-2020-32 CWATS Projects 2021.  Administration recommends that a study for Facility Enhancement for Crossing at Pike Creek/Tecumseh Road; and Municipal Partnership Program (MPP) – Bike Valet and Bike Rode for 2021 Tecumseh Corn Festival and Children’s One-Week Bike Camp, be submitted for funding consideration under CWATS:

Pike Creek Bridge:  $20,000 cost, contribution of $6,000

Bike Valet, Bike Rodeo and Bike Camp: $3,350 cost, contribution of $1,675 (50%)

b. PBS-2020-33 CIP Grant, 11865 Tecumseh Road. Administration is recommending the re-approval of a building façade grant for the property located at the southeast corner of Tecumseh Road and Southfield Drive (Magic Carpet Travel / Skyview Solutions) in the amount of $3,000.  Town Council had previously approved but the application was withdrawn. 

3. Public Works & Environmental Services

a. PWES-2020-30 Request for Approval by Resolution for Drainage Apportionment Agreements. Administration is recommending approval on a housekeeping basis for recognizing various individual property ownership changes through subdivision in Drainage Assessments.  Where new parcel owners cannot agree to apportion costs between them, a process to involve the Drainage Engineer would be adopted.

b. PWES-2020-31 Request to Levy 2019 Municipal Drain Maintenance Costs.  Administration is recommending the levying of outstanding drainage works charges now that the municipality has obtained partially offsetting grants.

c. PWES-2020-32 2020 Supply of Various Vehicles Tender Award.  Administration recommends that the following purchases be awarded to Finch Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC Ltd.:
Item 1: One (1) 1500 Regular Cab Pickup Truck, in the amount of $30,886 plus HST plus outfitting costs;
Item 2: One (1) 1500 Regular Cab Pickup Truck, in the amount of $31,450 plus HST plus outfitting costs; and
Item 3: One (1) 3500 Regular Cab Dump Body, in the amount of $65,013 plus HST plus outfitting costs. 

For questions regarding these or other municipal matters please contact me at [email protected] or 226-773-1910

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