September 8th and 9th Council Meetings

We have a full agenda this week such that we have two nights for Council business.

The first items begin on Tuesday at 5pm where we are discussing whether or not to amend the Business Improvement Area boundaries.  Currently all commercial properties within the town north of Sylvestre Drive are mandated to be part of the Business Improvement Area and pay a dedicated levy.  StrategyCorp has reviewed our present day boundaries and has put forward several recommendations.  Administration and the existing BIA are jointly recommending that boundaries remain roughly as they are, but removing private clubs (Beach Grove Golf and Country Club) and the industrial area south of County Road 22 west of Manning Road.  The full agenda and report for this section can be found here.

At 6:30pm Council is hosting a statutory public meeting to receive feedback from the public regarding a proposed new Medical Marihuana facility located on Outer Drive between Highway 3 and Highway 401.  The full agenda and report for this section can be found here.

At 7pm regular business begins.  The packet can be found here:

The meeting will begin with a delegation from Tony Haddad, CAO and Luc Gagnon, Director Financial Services/Treasurer and Tom Kitsos, Deputy Treasurer/Tax Collector who will introduce the process for the 2016 Business Plan and Budget 2016.

Communications considered include:

A. Housing Information Services, July 22, 2015 Re: Affordable Housing for Seniors in the Town of Tecumseh The former Victoria School has been submitted as a site which might be converted into affordable seniors housing.

B. Union Gas, July 15, 2015 Re: Application for Rate Change to the Ontario Municipal Board.  Union Gas is proposing to decrease its rates by $20 for our area as part of a wholesale change to procurement with new suppliers, new distribution sources, and proposed service bundling.

C. Association of Municipalities of Ontario, August 13, 2015 Re: Policing Update: Minister Announces Consultations on a New Legislative Framework.  Specifically the Minister aims to:

  • Enhance accountability and strengthen civilian governance of police services boards as well as how to ensure police oversight bodies are effective and have clear mandates.
  • Improve interactions between police and vulnerable Ontarians, including enhancing frontline responses to those in crisis.
  • Clarify police duties, modernize training programs and deliver services using a range of public safety personnel.
  • Develop a provincial framework for First Nations policing to ensure equitable and culturally responsive policing for the province's First Nations communities.

D. Town of Lakeshore, Information Open House, September 23, 2015.  Lakeshore is planning a town-wide Zoning By-law Amendment and is hosting an open house at the Atlas Tube Centre from 6pm to 8pm to solicit feedback.

E. Joseph Picard, Conseil Scolaire Catholique Providence, April 24, 2015 Re: Franco-Ontarian Flag Day.  The French-Language Catholic School Board is requesting that the Town host a ceremonial flag raising to celebrate Franco-Ontarian Flag Day on September 25th at 10am.  Administration is recommending that a proclamation of Franco-Ontarian Day for this date be issued.

F. Randy Pettapiece, MPP Perth-Wellington, July 21, 2015 Re: Resolution for Fairness in Provincial Infrastructure Funds.  MPP Pettapiece is requesting Council's support for a guarantee that government-held ridings and opposition-held ridings be given equal and transparent consideration on infrastructure funding, and that when funding decisions are made, should guarantee that all MPP's, whether in government or opposition, be given fair and equal advance notice of the official announcement.

Reports to be considered include:  

  • Chief Administrative Officer, August 11, 2015, Report No. 07/15 Re: Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program for Lakewood Park.  The Town of Tecumseh received approval for the Enhancement of Lakewood Park Trail Network, total project cost of $800,000 and FedDev Ontario funding of $400,000.  Construction is proposed for mid-2016.  The project components include:
    1. Paving 2.5 km of existing gravel trails in the community to improve accessibility
    2. Expansion of the Lakewood Park trail system by adding connector links to the perimeter trail
    3. Extend the existing trail and improve accessibility by adding two pedestrian bridges over the SWM channel
    4. Enhance the trails with benches, refuse containers, workout stations and recreational equipment.
  • Director Staff Services/Clerk, August 6, 2015, Report No. 20/15 Re: 2016 Council Conferences 20-15.  The Clerk advises of the municipal conference schedule for the 2016 year.
  • The Deputy Clerk issues Report No. 23/15 Re: Cat Spay and Neuter Voucher Program and Cat Intake Program 2015, Bi-Annual Update 23-15 Clerk_Cat Spay and Neuter Voucher Program & Cat Intake Program.  One change proposed for the forthcoming year is the reallocation of 10 Low-Income Spay and Neuter vouchers to Feral Cat Vouchers to match demand.
  • Deputy Clerk, August 19, 2015, Report No. 24/15 Re: Advisory and Statutory Committees, Call for Applications 24-15.  Administration is requesting applications for the following committees and the setting of a special Council meeting for A Special Meeting of Council be held on Tuesday, November 24, 2015, at 6:00 p.m., to give consideration to the applications received before the October 31st deadline and to consider filling the vacancies on the referenced committees:
    • Committee of Adjustment
    • Property Standards Committee
    • Tecumseh Accessibility Advisory Committee (TAAC;) and
    • Corn Festival Committee
  • Director Staff Services/Clerk, August 28, 2015, Report No. 27/15 Re: Ontario Power Authority, Feed In Tariff Program - Solar Power Network.  This is a housekeeping report wherein the corporate name of the applicant is being changed.
  • Director Staff Services/Clerk, August 31, 2015, Report No. 28/15 Re: Ontario Power Authority, Feed In Tariff Program - Essex Power Resolution.  This is a housekeeping report wherein the corporate name of the applicant is being changed.
  • Director Staff Services/Clerk, August 31, 2015, Report No. 29/15 Re: Annual Call for Award Nominations.  Advertisements for the 2015 Dr. Henri Breault Community Excellence Award and Donald “Donny” Massender Memorial Volunteer Award, as well as the 2016 Senior of the Year Award (Awards), are proposed to be placed on the Town’s website and Social Media [Facebook and Twitter pages], advertised in the local media, delivered to local charitable and non-profit organizations, displayed on the Town’s LED sign, as well as posted in prominent locations in the Town’s facilities; with nominations to be considered at a Special Meeting of Council scheduled for Tuesday, November 24, 2015, at 6:00 pm.
  • Director Planning and Building Services, August 26, 2015, Report No. 28/15 Re: Valente Development Corporation, South Side of Arbour St. [Former St. Anne High School, South Campus], Redline Revisions to Draft Plan of Subdivision Approval.  This is a housekeeping proposal that would ensure driveways and lot lines are compatible with the proposed building footprints.
  • Manager of Building Services, Chief Building Official, August 31, 2015, Report No. 29/15 Re: 2015 Six Month Permit Report 29-15.  Building activity value for the first 6 months of 2015 is $36 million, with an $11.7 million multi-residential development being largely responsible for the year-over-year increase of $11.9 million from 2014.
  • Manager Roads and Fleet, July 2, 2015, Report No. 45/15 Re: Boulevard Maintenance By-law 45-15.  Administration is proposing to adopt enforcement measures and consequences for those who:
    • Install landscaping or improvements in the boulevard which create safety/maintenance hazards,
    • Fail to maintain the boulevard abutting their property,
    • Fail to maintain around fixtures, ie: benches, telephone boxes, etc.,
    • Injure, damage or destroy improvements located in the boulevard including landscaping, trees, and sidewalks.
  • Director Public Works and Environmental Services, August 11, 2015, Report No. 48/15 Re: Expression of Interest for the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund [OCIF] Application Based Component; and Small Communities Fund.  Administration is requesting permission to solicit grant funding for:
    • Renewal and Rehabilitation of the Town’s Sanitary Sewer System ($1.8 million of $2 million cost)
    • Construction of the Southwest Trunk Sanitary Sewer in the Eighth Concession Sanitary Sewer Service Area in the Oldcastle Hamlet ($1.852 million of $2.778 million cost)
  • Manager Roads and Fleet, August 19, 2015, Report No. 49/15 Re: Interim Paved Walkway Installation along County Road 42.  The cost to construct a temporary paved walkway on County Road 42 will exceed $80,000, with Essex County proposing improvements in the 2018 calendar year.  Therefore Council is being asked for direction as to whether to wait or build with a limited lifetime for the path.
  • Director Parks and Recreation Services, August 26, 2015, Report No. 23/15 Re: Multi-Use Sportsplex Feasibility Study/Business Plan RFP Award.  Council is being asked to approve retaining Mhpm Project Leaders at a cost of $84,000 plus HST following the results of an open RFQ process.
  • Bylaw 2015-57 - Being a by-law to amend By-law No. 2003-58, being a by-law to prohibit parking on private property without the consent of the owner or occupant and to provide for the towing away of motor vehicles thereon.  APM Logistics at 11559 County Road 42 is asking to be included in the parking by-law to allow towing of illegal vehicles.
  • Bylaw 2015-58 - Being a bylaw to provide for the repair and improvement of the South Malden Road Drain (Lower) and Graham Drain.  This By-law would assess the benefiting property owners for their share of charges under the Drainage Act.
  • Bylaw 2015-59 - Being a by-law to amend By-law 85-18, the Town’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law for those lands in the former Township of Sandwich South. (D19 MEDMAR4 – Medical Marihuana Production Facility – 5815 Outer Drive).  This would be to approve the proposal for which the public meeting was held earlier in the evening.
  • Bylaw 2015-60 - Being a by-law to authorize the execution of a Site Plan Control Amending Agreement between The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh, Gridlock Solutions Inc. and Essex Condominium Corporation No. 177.  This is final approval of a site plan control amendment involving the transfer of lands between all parties.
  • Bylaw 2015-61 - Being a by-law of the Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh to designate the Tecumseh Road Main Street historical commercial core of the former Town of Tecumseh settlement area as a Community Improvement Project Area for the purpose of establishing a Community Improvement Plan respecting the revitalization, redevelopment, and enhancement of the area.  This By-law would adopt the boundaries of the Mainstreet Community Improvement Plan.

On Wednesday September 9th beginning at 5pm we will be discussing the specifics of the Community Improvement Plan more thoroughly.  You can find the report here.

If you have any questions on these or other items please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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