October 25th Council Meeting

This week Council begins at 7:00 PM Tecumseh Town Hall.  You can find the complete agenda package here.

We will have two delegations:

  1. Our new Ward 2 Councillor Bill Altenhof, who will be sworn in at the beginning of the meeting
  2. Gord Smith, 2017 Healthy Workplace & Bike Friendly Workplace Award Recognition

The following communications were received:

  1. Town of Kingsville, September 30, 2016 Re: Beach Water Sampling.  Kingsville is requesting that more frequent sampling occur such that the impact of beach closures can be limited to shorter time periods and the possibility for reopening under good conditions could occur sooner.
  2. The Corporation of the Township of Madawaska Valley, October 3, 2016  Re: Resolution Regarding Parole System and Bill 21, Private Members Bill.  Madawaska Valley is requesting support for Bill 21 which will request that parolees for violent crimes be subject to electronic monitoring during their time on parole.
  3. Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, October 6, 2016 Re: Introduction of Legislation to Amend the Aggregate Resources Act.  The Province advises that the Aggregate Resources Act has been introduced at Queen’s Park and is intended to supply stronger oversight for the management of aggregate operations, increased and equalized fees and royalties, enhanced environmental accountability, and improved information on operations and enhanced public participation.
  4. Grey County, October 11, 2016 Re: Provincial Legislation and Hydro One's Strategy Regarding Hydro Costs.  Grey County requests that the province revisit electrical distribution charges to reduce the disparity between rural and urban customers.
  5. Association of Municipalities of Ontario, October 6, 2016.  AMO requests that the Town of Tecumseh support the Association of Municipalities of Ontario in its work to close the fiscal gap; so that all municipalities can benefit from predictable and sustainable revenue, to finance the pressing infrastructure and municipal service needs faced by all municipal governments.
  6. Association of Municipalities of Ontario, October 14, 2016.  AMO invites the Mayor and Members of Council to the November 3-4, 2016, Energy Now and Into the Future Symposium in Toronto.


  1. Deputy Clerk, Report No. 38/16, August 31, 2016 Re: Renewal of Cat Intake Agreement with the Windsor Essex County Humane Society for 2017. Administration is recommending that
    1. The Town execute the Cat Intake Agreement with the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society for 2017 to permit stray cats to be dropped off at a cost of $10 to the resident and $20 to the Town of Tecumseh for each cat;
    2. Funding for the Cat Intake Program remain $2,500 in the 2017 Budget;
    3. Information respecting the renewal of the Cat Intake Program be communicated to residents in the local media, as well as on the Town’s website, the Tecumseh App and Social Media [Facebook and Twitter] following execution of the Agreement.
  2. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, Report No. 41/16, September 27, 2016 Re: Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Program, Municipal Template Resolution Request - DLS Biogas.  It is recommended that the DLS Biogas Application under the IESO FIT 5.0 Program for a Biogas [on-farm] project at 4640 11th Concession be endorsed.  It is a new Combined Heat & Power (CHP) system.  An anaerobic digester facility already exists at this facility.
  3. Deputy Clerk, Report No. 45/16, September 1, 2016 Re: Renewal of Cat Spay & Neuter Voucher Program for 2017.  It is recommended that the Cat Spay and Neuter Voucher Program continue in 2017, with 95 vouchers having a value of $50 each with 89 Vouchers for the spay or neuter of Feral Cats, to a maximum of five (5) vouchers per caregiver of feral cats and 6 Vouchers for the spay or neuter of Owned Cats, to a maximum of three (3) vouchers per household for low income families.  The Vouchers will be made available early April 2017 and issued on a first come, first serve basis with a 120-day expiry period.  The program will be advertised advising of the 2017 Program, along with a notice in the Shoreline Week and Essex Free Press, as well as on the Town’s website, Tecumseh App and Social Media (Facebook and Twitter).
  4. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, Report No. 46/16. October 17, 2016 Re: 2016 By-Election for the Office of Councillor Ward 2 Results.  Administration supplies a report regarding the Ward 2 by-election.  There was a turnout of 45.1% whereas the 2014 turnout was 57.85%.  Bill Altenhof was the winner with 676 votes of 1360 total votes.
  5. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, Report No. 47/16, October 19, 2016 Re: Travel Policy Amendment.  This report supplies background for Council’s request to have a daily per diem paid to Members for travel days.
  6. Director Financial Services & Treasurer, Report No. 18/16, October 15, 2016 Re: Budget Variance Report - August 31, 2016.  Currently the Town is on track to have a surplus of $510,000 regarding its operating budget, a deficit of $19,000 for sanitary funding and $78,000 for water operations.
  7. Manager Parks & Horticulture, Report No. 28/16, October 12, 2016 Re: Design, Supply, & Install Outdoor Exercise Equipment at Lakewood Park RFP Award.  Administration is recommending that Playpower LT Canada be engaged to design, supply, and install exercise equipment at Lakewood Park in the amount of $85,415.00 and that an agreement be approved.
  8. Manager Planning, Report No. 31/16 Re: Zoning By-law Amendment, Summary of Public Consultation and Planning Analysis, V.A.C. Management Inc, 1415 Lesperance Road.  Administration reports that it has met with the applicant and has secured a number of architectural features that will be complementary to the neighbourhood.  They recommend approval and rezoning with site plan approval.
  9. Director Planning & Building Services, Report No. 32/16, October 20, 2016 101 - 110 Re: CWATS Plan, Town of Tecumseh 2017 Project, Trail on Riverside Drive from Tecumseh/Windsor Municipal Boundary to Manning Road.  Administration recommends that
    1. Council consider construction of a 2.4 metre wide trail having a length of approximately 2.4 kilometres along Riverside Drive from the Town of Tecumseh/City of Windsor municipal boundary to Manning Road, at a total estimated cost of $775,000, to be endorsed as a 2017 Tecumseh CWATS Project, more specifically identified as segment Tec-7 in the CWATS Plan; and
    2. The Town formally request a facility enhancement from “paved-shoulders” to an “off-road trail” for segment Tec-7 of the CWATS Plan and that the project be submitted to the CWATS Committee as a 2017 project that will include the following tasks:
      1. Final evaluation of preferred trail location on north or south side of Riverside Drive
      2. Preparation of a detailed trail design (including driveway refurbishing, drainage works, landscaping treatments)
      3. A public consultation process by way of an Open House
      4. Consideration for funding for the Riverside Drive trail as part of the 2017 Public Works and Environmental Services Capital Works Plan
      5. Construction of the Riverside Drive trail, subject to funding to be considered as part of the 2017 Public Works and Environmental Services Capital Works Plan and evaluated among other capital programs
  10. Manager Planning, Report No. 33/16, October 20, 2016 111 - 121 Re: Zoning By-law Amendment, JSNC Holdings Inc., 1855 Manning Road/ County Road 19.  Administration is recommending the scheduling of a public meeting for Tuesday, November 22, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. There is an application to rezone a 1.5 hectare (3.8 acre) property located on the west side of Manning Road / County Road 19 (1855 Manning Road), approximately 190 metres south of its intersection with Jamsyl Drive, from “Industrial Zone (M1)” to a site-specific “Industrial Zone (M1)”, in order to permit the establishment of a “commercial recreation establishment”.

For questions on these or other municipal matters, please contact (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]

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