October 13th Council Meeting

Our next meeting of Council will begin at 7pm on Tuesday October 13th.  You can find the full packet here.

The meeting will begin with delegations regarding the BIA Boundary Review.  They include:

  • Tecumseh BIA Board of Management: Candice Dennis, Chair; Paul Bistany, Treasurer; Richard Vennettilli, Director; Paula Rorai, Coordinator 
  • Jocelyn Deeks, StrategyCorp - Re: BIA Boundary Review

We will also host Presentations for:

  • Government Finance Officers Association [GFOA] Award
  • In motion 2015 Community Champion and All-Star Awards - Kerri Rice, Manager Programs & Events


A. Government Finance Officers Association [GFOA] Re: GFOA's Distinguished Budget Presentation Award 2015 GFOA.  The GFOA recognizes the efforts of Tecumseh's Finance Department in achieving the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award and details the selection process.

B. Town of Lakeshore, September 22, 2015 Re: Town of Essex Unwilling Host to Industrial Wind Turbines.  The Town of Lakeshore advises that it has placed a moratorium on further Industrial Wind Turbine developments within the municipality.  

C. City of Windsor, September 28, 2015 Re: Notice of Council Decision .  Windsor City Council advises of its approval for the change in Terms of Reference for the Windsor-Essex County Environmental Committee.

D. Labour Sponsored Community Development Group, October 1, 2015.  Re: Letter of Thanks re Support of Proposal - Investment in Affordable Housing Program Extension.  The Labour Sponsored Community Development Group advises that the Seniors Affordable Housing Program proposed for Victoria School will not be proceeding as a project in Kingsville was instead chosen to receiving funding.

E. Ontario Energy Board Notice to Customers of Union Gas Limited Re: 2016 Rate Increase Application.  Union Gas Limited has applied to the Ontario Energy Board to increase its natural gas rates effective January 1, 2016. If the application is approved, customers would see an average increase of approximately $7.80 per year. Residential customers in all the other areas served by Union Gas Limited would see an increase ranging from $2.50 to $2.80 per year. Other customers, including businesses, may also be affected.

F. Association of Municipalities of Ontario, September 25, 2015  Re: AMO Report to Member Municipalities, Highlights of the
September 2015 Board Meeting.   Council receives an update regarding various provincial initiatives including, notably, for Fair Pricing of E books for Public Libraries and reviews to legislation including Conservation Authorities Act, Municipal Act and changes to Local Distribution Companies such as Essex Power.  Administration is recommending that the Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh adopt the AMO resolution requesting the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport to work with the federal and the other provincial and territorial governments to find a solution that will allow public libraries to purchase e-books from publishers at a fair and reasonable price.

Clerks, Tecumseh Business Improvement Area (BIA) Boundary Review.  Council will make a final decision regarding the permanent boundaries for the Tecumseh Business Improvement Association.

Financial Services
Director Financial Services/Treasurer, September 30, 2015, Report No. 14/15 Re: Windsor/Essex Provincial Offences Act (POA) Program 2013 & 2014 Annual Reports.  Council is advised that revenues have been declining in recent years.

Planning and Building Services

Director Planning and Building Services, October 5, 2015, Report No. 30/15 Re: Manning Road Secondary Plan Area, Area-Specific
Development Charge, Approval of Background Study and Development Charge By-law.  Council is being asked to approve the area specific assessments to benefiting property owners in the Manning Road Secondary Plan area.

31/15 Re: Essex Region Greenway Trail Extension to the Herb Gray Parkway Trail, OMCIP Funding Application.  Town Council is advised that the Town of Tecumseh was successful in obtaining funding to connect the Herb Gray Parkway Trail with the Chrysler Canada Greenway.  The new trail would pass within town limits.

Public Works and Environmental Services
Manager Engineering Services, October 1, 2015, Report No. 57/15 Re: Pike Creek Bridge at 12th Concession Road (Bridge #1002), Tender Award Update.  Administration recommends that the tender for the rehabilitation of the Pike Creek Bridge at 12th Concession Road (Bridge #1002) in the amount of $406,701 excluding HST be awarded to Front Construction Industries Inc.

Manager Water and Wastewater, October 5, 2015, Report No. 59/15
Re: Source Protection Municipal Implementation, Extension of Timeline to Allocate Funds and Transfer of Collaboration Funds to
other Municipalities.  Administration recommends that the Mayor and Clerk be authorized to amend a previously executed Grant Funding Agreement under the 2013-14 Source Protection Municipal Implementation Fund (SPMIF) that extends the deadline from December 7, 2015 to December 5, 2016 to carry out any of the Town’s eligible activities and amends the term of the Agreement to expire on March 31, 2017.  Unused funds from the collaboration agreement of $15,000 shall be contributed towards the shared costs for those municipalities in the Region who did not receive SPMIF (including Essex, Kingsville, Leamington, Pelee Island and LaSalle) to help offset their costs.

Manager Roads and Fleet, September 24, 2015, Report No. 66/15 Re: Proposed Stop Sign Installation at the Eastern Extent of Shields.  Administration recommends that a stop sign be installed at the eastern extent of Shields Street.

Recreation Services
Manager Recreation Programs/Events, September 14, 2015, Report No. 25/15 Re: Tecumseh Leisure Pool Operational Analysis.  Administration responds to a question posed by a Councillor regarding a prospective closure of the Lacasse Park pool and usage statistics.


If you have any questions on these or other items please contact me at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]

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