November 23rd Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council begins at 5pm with an In Camera Meeting. Public Meetings begin at 6pm with a Special Meeting of Council.  Town Council is considering two reports which can be found at the agenda here:

1.  LCS-2021-33 Committee and Board Appointments - 2022

Administration is recommending:

  • That the three applications to the Business Improvement Area (BIA) Board of Management from Travis Dorner, Sandra Zanet and Eddy Hammoud be accepted, and


    That the application from Kathy Montcalm to the Heritage Committee be accepted, and


    That Town Council select which of two applicants be appointed to the single vacancy on the Tecumseh Accessibility Advisory Committee.

2.  LCS-2021-34 2021 Award Nominations

Administration reports that there were no submissions for any of the Town's awards this year.


Beginning at 7pm, regular business begins as follows:

Delegations include:
1. Michelle Bishop, General Manager; Steffan Brisebois, Manager of Finance and Administration; Cathy Copot-Nepszy, Manager of Water Division; Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority, who will be speaking to Food and Organics Waste

Reports include:
1. Chief Administrative Officer
a. CAO-PC-2021-01 Donation to Goodfellows.  Administration recommends redirecting a portion of the budget allocation normally made towards the staff recognition and Holiday Party event to the annual Tecumseh Goodfellows drive.

2. Development Services
a. DS-2021-51 Zoning By-law Amendment, 12305 County Road 34 Results from Public Meeting and Final Recommendation.  Administration recommends amending Zoning By-law 85-15 for a 0.57 hectare (1.4 acre) property situated on the south side of County Road 34, approximately 600 metres east of its intersection with Malden Road (12305 County Road 34), from “Hamlet Residential Zone (RH)” to “Hamlet Residential Zone (RH-6)” in order to facilitate the construction of one additional residential unit (ARU) on the property, in accordance with subsection 11.2.3 of the Town of Tecumseh Official Plan.

Proposed By-Laws include By-Law 2021-90 Being a by-law to amend By-law 85-18, the Town’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law for those lands in the former Township of Sandwich South. (12305 County Road 34)


For questions on these or other municipal matters, feel free to contact me at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]


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