November 22nd Meeting

Council begins at 5:30pm this week.

We are beginning with a public application for rezoning of a 1.5 hectare (3.8 acre) property located on the west side of Manning Road/County Road 19 (1855 Manning Road), approximately 190 metres south of its intersection with Jamsyl Drive, from “Industrial Zone (M1)” to a site-specific “Industrial Zone (M1)”. This rezoning will add “commercial recreation facility” as a permitted use on the property, in addition to all the uses currently permitted in the general M1 Zone. The proposed rezoning will permit a fitness class facility to operate from a portion of the existing main building that is located on the subject property. The subject property is designated “Business Park” in the Sandwich South Official Plan.

The packet can be accessed here.

At 6pm Council is meeting to discuss award nominations and citizen committee appointments including the Dr. Henri Breault Award, the Donny Massender Award, Senior of the Year Award, Committee of Adjustment, Cultural and Arts Advisory Committee, Heritage Advisory Committee, Accessibility Advisory Committee, Corn Festival Committee and Essex Power Board of Directors. The packet can be accessed here.

At 7pm the main meeting of Council begins.  The packet can be accessed here.

Delegations will be received from:

  • Joe Barile, General Manager, Essex Power Corporation Re: Cheque Presentation on LED Conversion Project
  • Jennifer Tanner, 211 Program Manager Re: Help Starts Here Campaign and 211 Services
  • Suanne Hawkins Re: Major Rain Event of September 28-29, 2016

Communications were received from:

  • Lorne Coe, MPP Whitby-Oshawa, November 12, 2016, Re: Bill 9 "End Age Discrimination Against Stroke Recovery Patients Act, 2016".  Administration recommends that the Council of the Town of Tecumseh support Bill 9 which states that all stroke victims receive care regardless of their age.
  • Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, November 17, 2016, Re: Waukesha Diversion Application Challenge - Municipal Resolutions.  Administration recommends that the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Cities Initiative’s resolution opposing the approval of the Waukesha Water Diversion Application be adopted by Council.”


  1. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, Report No. 52/16, November 2, 2016 Re: 2016 Local Government Week Activities and Contests.  This report speaks to the Town's participation in Local Government Week activities in 2016 and using it as a means to continue to promote youth engagement.
  2. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, Report No. 55/16, October 21, 2016 Re: Keeping of Urban Chickens.  Administration is recommendation that the outdoor raising of chickens be prohibited within the urban areas of the town.
  3. Director Financial Services & Treasurer, Report No. 19/16, November 10, 2016.  Re: Administrative Fees and Charges 2017.  This report recommends a general maintenance of fees with some increases in accordance with the Consumer Price Index to reflect the cost of undertaking the work by the Town of Tecumseh along with some new fees or deposits regarding Lakewood Park use.
  4. Manager Recreation Programs & Events, Report No 29/16, October 24, 2016 78 - 85 Re: Transition Timelines for the Tecumseh Corn Festival - Update.  Administration is recommending:
    1. The Corn Festival remain within the Town’s Operating Budget for 2017 whereas the Manager Recreation Programs & Events will continue to provide support to the Committee, similar to the support provided in 2016
    2. OPP labour for the Knights of Columbus licensed tent remain as part of the Town’s in-kind contribution to the 2017 Festival
    3. A one-year extension be negotiated with Carter Shows Ltd. for the Midway Carnival for the 2017 Festival
    4. A one-year agreement with the Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach be prepared for the servicing of the Corn Booth for the 2017 Corn Festival
    5. A one-year agreement with the Knights of Columbus Council No. 4375 be prepared for the servicing of the Licensed Tent for the 2017 Corn Festival.
  5. Manager Building Services & Chief Building Official, Report No. 34/16, November 14, 2016 Re: 2016 3rd Quarter Permit Report.  Building activity for the year has been $76,033,293, which is consistent with past years.  2015 was heightened due to the 250 Manning Road apartment construction.  44 more permits have been issued this year versus past years, predominantly being residential and multi-residential units.
  6. Drainage Superintendent, Report No. 26/16, November 7, 2016 Re: Endangered Species Act, Species at Risk Mitigation Plan for Municipal Drains.  Administration is recommending that Dillon Consulting Limited be retained to provide professional services to complete a Species at Risk Mitigation Plan for an estimated fee of $28,500 excluding applicable taxes for the Town’s 123 municipal drains funded from each drainage project from 2017 to 2021: ($442 per Section 4 project, $110 per Section 74 project (brushing or cutting only), $221 per Section 74 project (excavation and brushing), $442 per Section 75 project, $442 per Section 78 project).
  7. Director Public Works & Environmental Services, Report No. 40/16, November 10, 2016 95 - 112 Re: Rainfall Event of September 29, 2016. The report is very detailed with respect to the storm event, past actions taken by the Town of Tecumseh to address basement flooding, and what future actions are planned to address basement flooding.  Administration reports on the September 29th storm event and presents data including:
    1. 220 mm of rain fell in 24 hours between 6:00 pm September 28 and 6:00 pm September 29
    2. 195 mm of rain fell in the 12 hours between 12:00 midnight and 12:00 noon on September 29.
    3. 175 mm of rain fell in the six (6) hours between 6:00 am and 12:00 noon on September 29.
    4. 110 mm of rain fell in two (2) hours during an intense period of the storm, between 8:00 am and 10:00 am on September 29.
    5. The Town’s storm water and wastewater systems were both fully functional at all times before, during and after the storm. In addition, all eight (8) of the Town’s storm water pump stations and all four (4) of the wastewater pump stations were fully operational and were capable of operating at maximum capacity at all times.
    6. The Insurance Bureau of Canada reports that this rainfall event resulted in significant property damage and that insurance claims to date in the Windsor, Tecumseh and Lakeshore area have exceeded $108 million.

For further information on these or any other municipal issues please contact me at [email protected] or 226-773-1910.

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