November 10th Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council begins at 6pm with a Public Meeting to discuss a proposed rezoning at 13375 Desro Drive.  The meeting is to hear public comment on the proposed zoning by-law amendment to rezone a 0.22 hectare (0.54 acre) property situated on the south side of Desro Drive, approximately 100 metres (328 feet) east of its intersection with Sylvestre Drive (13375 Desro Drive) , from “Industrial Zone (M1-10)” to “Industrial Zone (M1-26)” to permit the addition of general or business offices and professional offices as permitted uses. In addition, the proposed M1-26 Zone will include site-specific parking requirements establishing a minimum of 17 off-street spaces. The subject property is designated “Business Park” in the Sandwich South Official Plan.

The agenda and report can be found here.

Regular business begins at 7pm.  The agenda can be found here.

Delegation for this week is Cynthia Swift, Partner, KPMG LLP Re: 2019 Audit

Communications - For Information includes:
1. Township of Oro Medonte dated October 21, 2020 Re: Request for Support to Declare Snowsports, Skiing and Snowboarding, Alpine and Nordic Deemed Essential in Stage 2,  Oro-Medonte is seeking clarity on the inclusion of winter activities as part of Stage 2 economic conditions for COVID-19.

2. Local Authority Services (LAS) dated October 22, 2020 Re: Natural Gas Program, 2018-2019 Period Reserve Fund Rebate and Updated Agreement.  Tecumseh received a refund of $1,831.45 as a result of its bulk purchase agreement with Local Authority Services.

3. Town of Lincoln dated October 27, 2020 Re: Support Resolution Letter Regarding Cannabis Production Facilities.  Lincoln supports the Municipality of Tweed request that immediate action be taken by all levels of government for medical cannabis licencing to follow similar regulations and guidelines as all other pharmaceutical industries, that the distribution of medical cannabis be controlled through pharmacies in consistency of all other medications, that Health Canada withhold licencing until the potential licence holder can provide evidence of acceptable zoning of the intended property in question; and that licenced locations be disclosed in advance to the municipalities hosting the licenced locations.

4. Township of Huron-Kinloss dated October 28, 2020 Re: Review of Municipal Elections.  Huron-Kinloss supports Wollaston Township in requesting that the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing review the Municipal Elections to address non-residential electors.

5. Township of Huron-Kinloss dated October 28, 2020 Re: Schedule 11 of Bill 108 be amended to remove the powers provided to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.  Huron-Kinloss supports the Town of Amherstburg in recommending that Schedule 11 of Bill 108 be amended to remove the powers provided to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, retaining authority for hearing certain appeals by the Conservation Review Board; and, to return the authority for final decisions to municipal council’s as the elected representative of the communities wherein the property and its features of cultural heritage value exist.

6. City of Belleville dated October 28, 2020 Re: Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act - Website Support.  The City of Belleville requests that the Province of Ontario consider providing funding support and training resources to municipalities to meet accessibility compliance standards.

7. The County of Prince Edward dated November 3, 2020 Re: Bill 218 Supporting Ontario's Recovery and Municipal Elections Act, 2020.  Prince Edward Council supports restoring the option for municipalities to conduct elections with ranked ballots.

8. Municipality of St. Charles dated November 3, 2020 Re: Broadband Access.  St-Charles requests the championing of implementing broadband in the under-serviced areas of the Municipality of St.-Charles

9. Town of Grimsby dated November 4, 2020 Re: Proposed Regulation under the Ontario Heritage Act - Bill 108.  Grimsby requests that Schedule 11 of Bill 108 be amended to remove the powers provided to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, retaining authority for hearing certain appeals by the Conservation Review Board; and that Schedule 11 of Bill 108 be amended to return the authority for final decisions to municipal councils.

1. Corporate Services & Clerk
a. CS-2020-32 Award Nominations Evaluation Form Update.  Administration provides an update to the Award Nominations Evaluation to reflect the new Youth of the Year Award.
b. CS-2020-36 Donation to Goodfellows.  Administration recommends a one-time donation of $1500 to the Windsor Goodfellows in lieu of the typical expenditure by the Town for its annual holiday gathering.

2. Financial Services
a.FS-2020-17 2019 Development Charge Reserve Fund Statement.  Administration recommends that the 2019 Development Charge Reserve Fund Statement, prepared in accordance with the Development Charges Act, 1997, S.O. 1997, c. 27, s. 43, be received and made available to the public and to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

3. Information & Communication Services
a. ICS-2020-03 Telus Corporate Purchasing Group Agreement.  Administration recommends that the Telus Corporate Purchasing Group Agreement by approved and executed by the Mayor and Director Information & Communication Services.

Councillor Jobin has put forward a motion to regulate environmental impacts from noise, odour and light coming from agricultural properties.

For questions on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]

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