May 9th Meeting

This week, Council begins at 5pm with a special meeting concluding the Ward Boundary Review discussions.  The packet can be found here.

StrategyCorp and Administration have reviewed various other options presented for consideration but have determined that none are any more suitable than the option already approved by Council.

Beginning at 6pm there will be a special meeting surrounding the proposed development of a new auditorium addition to Lakeview Montessori School in St. Clair Beach on the site of the former St. Mark's Church Rectory.  The packet for the meeting can be found here.

At 7pm our Regular Meeting of Council begins.  The full packet can be found here.

Delegation for the evening will be Rose Rennie Re: 2017 June Callwood Outstanding Achievement Award for Voluntarism

Communications were received from :

a. The Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne Re: Environmental Protection Initiatives for the Great Lakes, responding to Council's previous letter to the Province regarding Great Lakes protection initiatives.

b. Town of Amherstburg Re: Notice of Public Meeting, Proposed Housekeeping Zoning By-Law Amendment; Clarify Provisions and Correct Minor Technical Errors.

c. Town of Amherstburg Re: Notice of Public Meeting, Proposed Housekeeping Zoning By-Law Amendment; Proposed use of Shipping Containers.  Proposed regulations are consistent with what was passed here in the Town of Tecumseh.

d. Town of Amherstburg Re: Notice of Adoption of Amendment No. 4 to the Official Plan by the Town of Amherstburg 

e. Dillon Consulting Re: Town of Tecumseh, Tecumseh Storm Drainage Master Plan, Notice of Commencement.  This advises of the commencement of our Storm Drainage Master Plan study.

f. Town of Lakeshore Re: Notice of Open House and Complete Application.  This application speaks to the fenced in property just south of the OPP Station at Highway 401.  The open house will be on site on May 15th at 7pm.

g. Town of Amherstburg Re: Support for the Town of Richmond Hill's Resolution regarding Postal Banking.  The Town of Amherstburg advises of their support for the concept of Postal Banking operated by Canada Post that would serve as a bank service in small communities.

h. Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Re: 2017 Lincoln M. Alexander Award.  This letter advises that nominations are now open for the Lincoln M. Alexander Award for young Ontarians combatting racial discrimination and that the deadline is May 31st.  Visit for more information.

i. Canadian Pacific Re: 2017 Vegetation Control Program.  Canadian Pacific advises that it will be undertaking weed control measures between May and August of this year with some efforts being undertaken to December.


a. Corporate Services & Clerk

1. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, Report No. 06/17 Re: Changes to the Wards & Boundaries and Composition of Council.  This report was deferred from last month and recommends adoption of the by-laws necessary to complete the ward boundary review.  The new boundaries are proposed to be:

Ward 1:  North of St. Thomas, Centennial westerly, west of Meadowland/Harvest

Ward 2:  East of Centennial, Meadowland/Harvest easterly, north of VIA Rail tracks

Ward 3:  St. Thomas southerly to County Road 22, west of Meadowland/Harvest

Ward 4:  County Road 22 southerly to Canadian Pacific Railway

Ward 5:  Canadian Pacific Railway to County Road 8

2. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, Report No. 08/17 Re: Noise By-law Exemption Request St. Charbel Parish-Windsor.  St. Charbel at 5700 Outer Drive is requesting an exemption from the Town’s Noise By-law No. 2002-07, as amended, on Friday, July 14 and Saturday, July 15, 2017 until 11:30 pm and Sunday, July 16, 2017 until 11:00 pm to permit music entertainment.

3. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, Report No. 09/17 Re: Request for Noise By-Law Exemption, Beach Grove Golf & Country Club.  Beach Grove is requesting an exemption from the Town's Noise By-law No. 2002-07, as amended, on Friday, July 28, 2017, and Friday, August 25, 2017, to permit music entertainment until 11:30 pm

4. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, Report No. 10/17 Re: Changes to the Wards & Boundaries and Composition of Council, Supplementary Report to Corporate Services & Clerk Report No. 06/17.  This report speaks to the advertising and appeal dates associated with completing the ward boundary review decision at this meeting.

b. Parks & Recreation Services

1. Director, Parks & Recreation Services, Report No. 09/17 Re: Riverside Drive & Kensington Blvd Corner Redevelopment Project and Naming Request.  It is being proposed that the corner parkette and walkway be designated as "Michael Rohrer Boulevard" in memory of past councillor Mike Rohrer.

c. Planning & Building Services

1. Manager Planning Services, Report No. 12/17 Re: Site Plan Control Agreement, V.A.C. Management Inc. and D.C. Management Inc., 1415 Lesperance Road.  Administration is recommending site plan approval of a new building for this site located on Lesperance just south of Arbour Street.

2. Manager Planning Services, Report No. 14/17 Re: Official Plan and Zoning By-Law Amendments, 2253246 Ontario Inc. (Mr. Carl Bernat), 11957 Tecumseh Road.  Administration is recommending approval of the requisite by-law amendments for the propoesd Apartment Building located on Tecumseh Road just west of Shawnee.

3. Director Planning & Building Services & Director Public Works & Environmental Services Report No. 15/17 Re: Sumatara Investments Limited, Estates of Lakewood Park Residential Subdivision, Issue of Sidewalks and On-Street Parking.  Administration is recommending that the boulevard width on Hayes Avenue be reduced to 1.8m from 2.5m on one side of the street in order to be consistent for both sides.

d. Public Works & Environmental Services

1. Drainage Superintendent, Report No. 22/17 Re: Review of Active Municipal Drainage Works, 2016 Year End Update.  This report speaks to the work that has been completed by the Town for Drain repairs.  It is acknowledged that there is a significant work backlog and that a lack of practicing Drainage Engineers in the area is resulting in a 2-4 year completion time for these works.

For information on these or other items, please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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