May 28th Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council begins at 4:30pm.  Discussion will be regarding the Del Duca property at the intersection of 8th Concession with North Talbot Road.  The agenda for this meeting can be found here.

It is proposed that the Del Duca lands be rezoned from "Hamlet Development" to:

  • approximately 20.5 hectares (50.6 acres) of land identified for residential uses offering a range of housing types, including single unit dwellings, semi-detached and multi-unit dwellings and retirement homes as well as potential stormwater management pond and stormwater drainage corridor.
  • An approximate 0.75 hectare (1.85 acre) commercial parcel situated at the north-east corner of the 8th Concession Road/North Talbot Road intersection. This parcel could accommodate commercial uses in a building having a footprint of approximately 1200 square metres (13,000 square feet) with associated on-site parking. 
  • A 30-metre (98-foot) wide strip of land along the western boundary of the property adjacent to the 8th Concession Road and extending fully from the commercial block to the northern limit of the subject property. The purpose of this strip of land, which would be conveyed to the Town, would be to provide adequate separation from the industrial uses on the west side of the 8th Concession Road and the proposed residential use of the balance of the subject property. The 30-metre (98- foot) strip of land would be comprised of three components:
    a) a berm with appropriate tree plantings on the top to assist with visual screening;
    b) a 3-metre (10-foot) multi-use pathway, which would ultimately extend to North Talbot Road and potentially along the northerly limit of the proposed residential lands;
    c) a drainage feature/swale for the conveyance of stormwater;

At 5:15pm, a meeting to hear comments from any affected landowners on the proposed drainage works, as set out in the Drainage Report filed by Mr.
Mark Hernandez, P.Eng., of Dillon Consulting Ltd., dated May 3, 2019 for the Lachance Drain will begin.  The report can be found here.  It is recommended that a Court of Revision Meeting be held on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 5:30 p.m and that Mayor Gary McNamara and Councillor Brian Houston be appointed to the Court of Revision.

At 5:30pm, a meeting to discuss the 2018 Water Audit and Balance will be held.  The report can be found here.  The Town’s Infrastructure Leakage Index for the 2018 Audit is 1.27. In comparison, the ILI results over the last 10 years in Ontario has ranged from 1.8 to 5.8, with an average of 3.7.  An ILI close to 1.0 may demonstrate that all aspects of a successful leakage management policy are being implemented by a water utility or the distribution system is in excellent condition with very little water loss.

At 6:30pm, Council will receive public comment on a proposed rezoning for a 1.4 hectare non-farm related residential lot situated on the east side of 8th Concession approximately one kilometre north of its intersection with Country Road 8.  The agenda can be found here.  The property is proposed to be rezoned from Agricultural Zone (A) to a site specific "Agricultural Zone  (A-31)" in order to establish a minimum lot area of 1.4 hectares as well as to prohibit a residential dwelling from being constructed, to establish a minimum lot frontage of 62 metres and to establish a minimum lot area of 18 hectares.

At 7pm, regular business begins.  The full agenda can be found here.

a. Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade Letter dated May 1, 2019  Re: Job Site Challenge.  Minister Todd Smith (and Municipal Affairs Minister Steve Clark) acknowledge Tecumseh's offering of sites suitable for new employment opportunities and advise that the sites are being considered.
b. Notice of Design and Construction Meeting dated May 23, 2019  Re: County Road 11 (Walker Road) and South Talbot Intersection Improvements.  Essex County advises that there will be a Meeting on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm at Ciociaro Club Salon E (3745 N Talbot Road) to discuss the proposed roundabout at the intersection of Walker Road and South Talbot Road.
The following By-laws are proposed:
a. By-Law 2019-41 Being a by-law to provide for the adoption of tax rates, area rates and additional charges for Municipal, County and Education purposes for the Year 2019.
b. By-Law 2019-42 Being a bylaw to provide for the repair and improvements to the Lachance Drain.
c. By-Law 2019-43 Being a by-law to authorize the execution of an Agreement between The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh with All Canadian Entertainment.
d. By-Law 2019-44 Being a by-law to appoint signing authorities for the financial affairs of The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh.
e. By-Law 2019-45 Being a by-law to confirm and appoint certain officers, servants and employees of the Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh.
f. By-Law 2019-46 Being a by-law to authorize the sale of McColl Ave. 
g. By-Law 2019-47 Being a by-law to authorize entering into an Agreement of Purchase and Sale between The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and Briday Inc. for the sale of the McColl Lands.
h. By-Law 2019-48 Being a by-law to authorize entering into an Agreement of Purchase and Sale between The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and James Sylvestre Developments Ltd. and Jamsyl Group Inc. for the conveyance of Parts 5, 6 and 7 on Plan 12R-20993.  (Westlake Drive extension)
For questions on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at [email protected] or 226-773-1910.

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