May 14th Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council begins at 5pm.

A public meeting will be hosted to discuss a proposed rezoning for a 1251 square metre (13,465 square foot) parcel of land on the north side of Riverside Drive. The purpose of the proposed amendment is to rezone the property from "Residential Zone 1 (R1)" to a site specific "Residential Zone 1 (R1-11)" to permit the construction of a detached accessory garage with a secondary storey
dwelling unit.

The report of Administration can be found here.

At 6pm the Court of Revision begins.  This meeting will consider assigning costs to affected property owners for maintenance of the East Townline Drain (St. Clair Outlet).sessments less than $50 be assessed as imposed
under Section 61 of the Act.

The report of Administration can be found here.

At 7pm, regular business begins.  You can find the reports linked here.

Delegations include Gordon Orr, CEO, and Lynette Bain, Vice President, Tourism Programs and Development Re: Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island's Program Overview for 2019.  Gordon and Lynette will describe the organization's plans for 2019.

Communications - For Information includes:

  1. Epione Remedios dated April 15, 2019 Re: Application to Become a Licensed Producer under the Cannabis Act.  Approval to establish a cannabis production facility at 2085 Highway 3 in Oldcastle has been solicited from Health Canada.
  2. Minister of Rural Economic Development dated April 23, 2019 Re: Broadband Access for Rural, Northern and Remote Communities.  The Minister advises of the Government of Canada's plan to ensure all Canadians have access to broadband internet by 2030.
  3. Greater Essex County District School Board dated April 23, 2019 Re: Notice of the Passing of Education Development Charges By-Laws by the Greater Essex County District School Board.  The Public School Board has passed Development Charge amounts of $605 (from April 22, 2019 to April 21, 2020) and $682 (from April 22, 2020 to April 21, 2121) for residential developments in Essex County
  4. Town of Tecumseh Letter of Support dated May 2, 2019 Re: West Nile Virus - Application of Larvicides.  The Mayor's Office has supplied a letter to the Ministry of the Environment endorsing larviciding for mosquitoes within our municipality.
  5. Town of Mono Letter dated May 2, 2019 Re: Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF).  Mono has requested that funding for the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund be maintained at not less than its current funding level. 
  6. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Letter dated May 3, 2019 Re: Ontario's Housing and Supply Action Plan.  The Minister of Municipal Affairs advises of the introduction of the More Homes, More Choice action plan that attempts to address housing in Ontario.  The goal is to make it faster and easier for municipalities, non-profits and private firms to build the right types of housing in the right places, to meet the needs of people in every part of Ontario.  Ontario is proposing changes that would streamline the development approvals process to remove unnecessary duplication and barriers, while making costs and timelines more predictable. Also included are changes that would make it easier to build certain types of priority housing such as second units.
  7. Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services dated May 6, 2019 Re: Fire Marshal Notification to Fire Chiefs on Health Canada's request to advise on matters related to infrared saunas.  Health Canada advises of the illegal sale and marketing of infrared saunas to fire departments for unproven and false medical claims such as prevention of cancer amongst fire fighters and detoxification of fire fighters. Health Canada has discovered that at least two
    Canadian fire departments have acquired them for the aforementioned purposes. 
  8. Township of McKellar Letter dated May 7, 2019 Re: Ford Government Funding Cuts to Southern Ontario Library Service and Ontario Library Service North.  McKellar requests the reinstatement of funding for the Southern Ontario Library Service and the Ontario Library Service - North who have been subjected a funding cut.  The organizations elected to discontinue Interlibrary Loan services as a result of the loss of funding.
  9. Township of Mulmur Letter dated May 8, 2019 Re: Ford Government Funding Cuts to Southern Ontario Library Service and Ontario Library Service North.  Mulmur requests that the Ontario Government seek out ways to continue to provide Interlibrary Loan services.
  10. Township of Mulmur Letter dated May 8, 2019 Re: Aggregate Extraction and Proper Management of Aggregate Resources.  Mulmur requests that the Provincial Government provide for municipal representation at meetings related to the the reform of regulation concerning aggregates, that Municipalities be provided authority to regulate hours of operation and haul routes within municipal boundaries, that if the Provincial level is accepted as a single level for applications,
    Municipalities be provided a process through which to provide comments on aggregate extraction activities proposed within or in the vicinity of their boundaries, that the comments on “Cutting the Red Tape” provided by the Ontario Sand and Gravel Association be evaluated from the perspective of the local host community and ensure that there are mechanisms/processes in place to address impacts, and that land unavailable for extraction due to changes on the rules to endangered and threatened species and other policies within the Natural Heritage System continue to be protected.

Reports include 
a. Corporate Services & Clerk
1. CS-2019-01 Farm Lease Agreement - Tyler Nostadt - 2019 Crop Year.  Administration recommends that the Town enter into a one-year term Lease Agreement with Tyler Nostadt, of Nostadt Stock Farms (Nostadt), to farm the Town’s 18 acres of farmland located on the south side of Baseline Road at a rate of $238.13 plus HST per acre.
2. CS-2019-10 Webcasting and Closed Captioning Services for Council Meetings.  Administration investigate expected costs for these services and it is predicted that $16,587.50 for a single camera and $24,187.50 for multiple cameras would be the expected cost to proceed with webcasting.  The Province recently granted funds to the Town to modernize municipal services and it is proposed that this funding could be used.

b. Planning & Building Services
1. PBS-2019-10 D19 MATOS, South Side North Talbot, Result of Public Consultation, Final Recommendation.  Administration is recommending that the 1.18 hectare (2.9 acre) property situated on the south side of North Talbot Road, approximately 95 metres east of its intersection with Walker Road, (next to Tim Hortons) be rezoned from “Neighbourhood Commercial Zone (C2-5)” to “Business Park Zone (BP-4)” in order to permit the future development of the lands for a range of light industrial and commercial uses, and to satisfy Condition No. 8 of severance application B-04/19.
2. PBS-2019-12 L07 SYL, Land Conveyance to Town, Sylvestre Westlake Extension.  Administration recommends that a by-law authorizing the execution of the agreement of purchase and sale between James Sylvestre Developments Ltd./Jamsyl Group Inc. and the Town to convey lands required to complete the Westlake Extension (Parts 5, 6 and 7 on Plan 12R-20993), be adopted,
3. PBS-2019-13, ICIP Transit Stream Funding.  Administration is recommending that Town Council consider applying for grant funding through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program 2019 Intake of the Public Transit Funding Stream for construction of a Multi-Purpose Pathway on Lesperance Road from County Road 22 to County Road 42.  The project is currently scheduled for 2021-22 and grants could reduce the Town's cost from $ 1,025,817 to $ 559,110.

c. Public Works & Environmental Services
1. PWES-2019-29 Larviciding for the 2019 West Nile Virus Program.  Public Works recommends the authorizing of larvicides in water bodies in the Town of Tecumseh such as catch basins or ditches found to contain mosquito species known to transmit the West Nile Virus and that the Town contribute for its share of the costs within the existing operating budget allocation.


For questions on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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