May 12th Meeting

Coming up this week at Council:

6pm Public Meeting:  Consideration of Engineer's Report - Re: Branch of the South Talbot & Holden Outlet Drain.  This item will consider a drainage report for a section of the South Talbot and Holden Outlet Drain.  The report specifies the work that needs to occur in order to properly maintain and operate this drain.  In rural areas, affected property owners pay for a share of this work.

7pm Regular Meeting.  The full packet can be found here.


A.  Cynthia Swift, CPA, of KPMG will speak of the 2014 Audited Financial Statements and Audit Findings.  The report indicates that KPMG did not identify any issues with current practices.

B. Jon Fournier and David Timm, GDF SUEZ Re: Blue Sky Wind Project.  The Wind Farm would be located in the Town of Essex, however grid connection line and related infrastructure would be constructed within Tecumseh limits.

C. Tony Corona, Chairperson and Fred Raby, President, Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach Re: Sign By-law Exemption Request, Taste of Tecumseh Event.  An exemption is being sought to allow the festival to install advertising signage in the following areas: BIA Parquette, Tecumseh Arena, Lakewood Park, Poisson Parquette, Lacasse Park, Chippewa Park and Green Acres Park, provided that the signs do not impede traffic site lines.

D. Gary Quenneville and Greg Primac, Owners, Tecumseh Chiefs Junior C Hockey Club Inc. will speak to the new Tecumseh Chiefs hockey team.

Council received the following communications:

A. Union Gas, April 30, 2015 - Re: 2014 Disposition of Deferral Account Balances and 2014 Earning Sharing Amount Updated Evidence

Council will consider the following reports:

A. Director Staff Services/Clerk, April 28, 2015, Report No. 15/15.  Re: Request for BIA Boundary Alteration.  Council has received several letters from local businesses requesting that they be removed from the BIA boundaries.  Council is being asked to set in motion a consultation process that will determine what new boundaries should end up being.

B. Administrative Assistant to the Director Staff Services/Clerk, April 28, 2015, Report No. 14/15 Re: Request for Noise Bylaw Exemption, St. Charbel Monastery and Parish.  St. Charbel Church is located on Outer Drive and would like to host a music festival from Friday July 17th to Sunday July 19th.  Permission is being sought to allow the playing of music until 11:30pm (Sunday 11pm)

C. Deputy Treasurer/Tax Collector, May 1, 2015, Report No. 05/15  Re: 2014 Year-End Budget Variance Report.  Just over $1 million was not required to be spent last year on operations.  Administration is recommending that these funds be invested as follows:
a) $204,875 to fully fund the balance of the existing unfunded sick leave liability at December 31, 2014
b) $300,000 towards the existing $6.9 million post-retirement benefit liability at December 31, 2014 , and
c) $579,855 to Lifecycle – Storm Sewer Reserve

The surplus exists because:

    • OPP contract cost $540,000 below estimate
    • Supplemental and PIL tax revenue $170,000 greater than estimate
    • Building permit revenue $70,000 greater than estimate
    • Hydro costs corporate-wide $65,000 below estimate
    • Tax write-offs $50,000 below estimate, and
    • Winter control costs $45,000 below estimate

D. Manager Building Services, Chief Building Official, April 27, 2015, Report No. 10/15 Re: Building Five (5) Year Capital Projects.  This report recommends the following repairs Town facilities in 2015 at a cost of $ 212,000

a) Green Acres Community Centre – replace roof $ 25,000
b) Lacasse Park Baseball Building – replace soffit, fascia, gutters & windows $ 5,000
c) Lacasse Public Works Garage – replace unit heater $ 2,100
d) Lacasse Water Building – replace unit heater $ 2,100
e) Lakewood Park Former Cart Storage Bldg. – replace roof & gutters $ 20,000
f) Lakewood Park Former Pro Shop – replace roof & gutters, alter overhangs, interior and exterior works $ 37,000
g) OPP Station – replace security doors $ 9,000
h) Park Maintenance Garage – replace roof & gutters $ 45,000
i) St. Alphonse Maintenance Garage – replace roof $ 32,000
j) St. Mary's Parks Equipment Building – replace door $ 1,000
k) Fire Hall No 1 – replace asphalt apron at truck doors & brick repairs $ 10,000
l) Fire Hall No. 2 – replace asphalt apron at truck doors $ 8,000
m) Tecumseh Historical Museum – replace flooring $ 5,800
n) Weston Park Washrooms/Shelter – replace roof & paint interior and exterior $ 10,000

E. Manager Planning Services/Senior Planner, May 6, 2015, Report No. 13/15 Re: Zoning By-law Amendment, Gerard & Mary Beth Laing, 12346 Arbour Street - Proposed Duplex.  The Laing family is seeking to convert their existing home into a Duplex in order to remain in their home.  It is of a size currently that is larger than they need.  Council is being asked to schedule a public meeting to obtain resident input.

F. Manager Engineering Services, April 30, 2015, Report No. 26/15 Re: Roads Needs Study 2014, and Bridge & Culvert Needs Study.  Administration has completed a report in conjunction with Dillon Consulting that specifies when replacement is due for various streets, bridges and culverts within the municipality on a non-political basis.  They are recommending that this report be adopted as the guideline for future budgets.

G. Director Parks and Recreation Services, May 4, 2015, Report No. 16/15 Re: Tecumseh Chiefs Jr. C Hockey Club Inc. Agreement.  Administration is recommending approval of a five year agreement commencing May 1, 2015 be approved between the Town of Tecumseh and the Tecumseh Chiefs Junior C Hockey Club Inc. with option to renew the agreement for an additional 5 year term.  Council is further being asked to approve $5,000 to paint the dressing room and install rubber flooring on the cement walkway from dressing room 11 to the existing rubber flooring in Rink B, which was previously contemplated from the Arena Lifecycle reserve.

Finally, Bylaw 2015-35 is proposed, being a by-law to levy a special charge of the Business Improvement Area and to provide for its collection for the year 2015.  The By-law being proposed would affirm the BIA levy at the same rate as 2014.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at 226-773-1910 or at [email protected]

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