May 12th, 2020 Meeting

2. Township of Mapleton dated April 21, 2020 Re: Farm Property Class Tax Rate Program.  Mapleton supports the Wellington proposal.
3. Town of Midland dated March 23, 2020 Re:  Financial Aid Plan.  Midland requests that the Federal Government finance the waiver of property taxes, to a level dependent on the value of your property, to municipalities by residents.
4. City of Hamilton dated April 23, 2020 Re: Request to Regulate and Enforce Odour and Lighting Nuisances Related to the Cultivation of Cannabis Plants.  Hamilton is requesting regulatory tools be made available to municipalities by the Province to ensure that odour and lighting nuisance complaints regarding cannabis cultivation may be addressed.
5. Federation of Canadian Municipalities dated April 23, 2020 Re: Protecting Vital Municipal Services.  FCM requests that the Federal Government grant funds to municipalities to ensure that operations may continue to be carried out in light of the expected loss of revenue and increase in costs.
6. Town of Amherstburg dated April 24, 2020 Re: Issues Regarding the Mapping of Provincially Significant Wetlands.  Amherstburg supports an effort by Norfolk County to allow residents a say in the designation of wetlands by the Province encompassing their property.
7. Town of Amherstburg dated April 24, 2020 Re: Suspend Time-of-Use Electricity Billing – Support from the Town of Amherstburg.  Amherstburg indicates support for the provincial direction to suspend time-of-use electricity billing.
8. Town of Amherstburg dated April 24, 2020 Re: Support for 100% Canadian Wines Excise Exemption.  Amherstburg supports Grey County's request for Canada to negotiate with Australia towards a resolution that protects the current excise exemption in light of the Australian complaint to the World Trade Organization.
9. Town of Amherstburg dated April 24, 2020 Re: Active Transportation.  Amherstburg circulates a presentation received by one of the community's FIRST Lego Robotics teams that proposes combined bicycle parking and locker stations.
10. Solicitor General dated April 24, 2020 Re: Community Safety and Well-Being Plan.  The Solicitor General has advised that the early 2021 implementation date for local municipalities to enact their Community Safety and Well-Being Plans has been put into abeyance.
11. Township of Montague dated April 27, 2020 Re: Federal Assistance for Municipalities.  Montague supports the Midland request found in item #3.
12. Township of Armour dated April 29, 2020 Re: Support Resolution - High Speed Internet Connectivity in Rural Ontario.  Armour requests that the Province subsidize high speed internet connectivity in rural municipalities.
13. Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority dated May 1, 2020 Re: No Plastic Bags – Recycling Program Ban.  The Solid Waste Authority has directed that plastic bags not be collected at any time among recyclables.
14. Canadian National Railway dated May 4, 2020 Re: CN Right of Way Vegetation Control.  CN advises that they will be engaging in vegetation control activities along their tracks between May and October although there is no set date for Tecumseh as of today.
1. Association of Municipalities of Ontario Re: Call for Nominations for 2020-2022 AMO Board of Directors 

Administration recommends that Town Council nominate Mayor Gary McNamara to the Office of Director County Caucus in accordance with the 2020-2022 AMO Board of Directors call for nominations.

Deputy Mayor Joe Bachetti proposes a motion to request of Postmedia the resumption of news reporting in the Town of Tecumseh through alternative means in light of the company's decision to end publication of Shoreline Week.

For questions on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]

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