May 10th Meeting

This week Council's business begins at 5:30pm in Council Chambers.  It will be a full night for us and there are some major issues being discussed.

We will begin with our Special Council Meeting for the Tecumseh Road Community Improvement Plan Streetscaping Master Plan and Detailed Design.  The full packet can be found here.  The projected cost of the CIP including the reconstruction of Tecumseh Road would be almost $19 million dollars.  It is proposed to move the wiring underground and distribute some to the pole line on Arbour Street.  To undertake the work without relocating the utilities underground will be just over $14 million.  This meeting will solicit feedback from residents as to whether burial of the utilities is of sufficient value to residents to expend these funds, and decisions will not be made this night.

Our regular meeting begins at 7pm and the full packet can be found here.

Our delegations are:

A. Mary Agnes Welch, Probe Research Inc., Re: 2016 Citizen Satisfaction. 

Probe Research completed the citizen satisfaction survey and reported the following highlights:

  • Taxes continue to be the most important “top-of-mind” issue among residents. Fifteen percent (15%) of respondents consider taxes the most important issue facing Tecumseh.
  • The town’s infrastructure ranks second at ten percent (10%).
  • Ninety-seven percent (97%) of Tecumseh residents agree their standard of living in the community is very high, an even higher consensus than in 2014. Fifty-eight percent (58%) said Tecumseh’s quality of life is excellent and an additional thirty-nine percent (39%) rated the Town’s quality of life as good.
  • More than four-in-five citizens or eighty-two percent (82%) believe that the Town of Tecumseh is heading in the right direction. This is significantly higher than the proportion of citizens in other Canadian municipalities who say their community is heading in the right direction, fifty-six percent (56%).
  • A remarkable ninety-nine percent (99%) of Tecumseh residents are pleased with the overall level of service they receive from the Town. In 2016, more residents - seventy percent (70%) - were very satisfied with the services, which was a twelve (12)percentage point increase since 2014.

B. Teanna Lindsay, Owner & Operator of Teanna Lindsay Events, Re: Night Market. 

The Night Market is seeking approval to set up at the parking lot adjacent to the Legion on Lesperance Road and be granted permission both a noise by-law exemption from 5pm to 10pm and to sell, serve and consume alcoholic beverages from 5pm to 10pm on Friday, June 24, 2016, Friday, July 15, 2016, Friday, August 19, 2016, Friday, September 16, 2016 and Friday, October 14, 2016.



A. AMO Communications, May 5, 2016, Re: AMO Support for Fort McMurray

Association of Municipalities of Ontario is inviting municipalities to contribute to a Fort McMurray Relief Fund in light of the ongoing fire, displacement of residents and damage to the community.

B. The Corporation of the Township of North Stormont, April 12, 2016, Re: Natural Gas Service Expansion - Eastern Ontario.  North Stormont advises in response to an application by Union Gas to expand their services, that efforts made by that municipality to service the eastern part of the Township have been ignored by their current provided (Enbridge) and that they would support Union Gas expansion notwithstanding the franchise agreement with Enbridge.

C. Municipality of Dutton Dunwich, Re: Requirements for IESO Process - Wind Projects.  Dutton Dunwich advises of its resolution asking that Municipal Support be a prerequisite to approving wind turbine farms, that First Nations points be awarded to those communities with a claim in the area, and that points awarded be explained.

D. Township of Champlain, April 13, 2016, Re: Green Energy Act.  Champlain requests a moratorium on the Green Energy Act in light of the major increases in electricity cost to consumers since its implementation.

E. Municipality of South Dundas, April 19, 2016, Re: Rural Economic Development Program.  South Dundas is requesting that the provincial Rural Economic Development Program not be absorbed into the new Jobs and Prosperity Fund due to fears that similar funding opportunities may no longer be available.

F. City of Welland, April 21, 2016, Re: Provincial Standards for Private Supportive Living Accommodations.  Welland is requesting the licensing and setting of standards for Private Supportive Living Accommodations wherein a provider supplies health, safety and security services for an individual as this is not currently regulated.

G. Ontario Energy Board Notice to Customers of Union Gas Limited, Re: Disposal of Certain Account Balances and Approval of Earnings.  Union Gas is proposing to charge customers $7.13 within the six months from October 1st to March 31st, 2017 to account for foregone balances.

Administration is recommending that the following be supported:

H. Corporation of the Town of Essex, May 2, 2016, Re: Widening of Highway 3 to Improve Public Safety.  Essex Council has asked the Province to prioritize the twinning of Highway 3 from Essex to Leamington and is soliciting Tecumseh's support.

I. AMO Media Relations & Communications Workshop July 20, 2016.  AMO is hosting a Media Relations and Communications Training Program delivered Brian Lambie of Redbrick Communications in London and invites members of Council to attend.  It would be held on Wednesday July 20th.


General Reports are as follows:


Clerk's Office

A. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, May 2, 2016, Report No. 08/16, Re: Request for Noise By-law Exemption, St. Charbel Monastery & Parish. St. Charbel located at 5700 Outer Drive is requesting an exemption from the Town's Noise By-law on Friday, July 15th and Saturday, July 16th until 11:30 pm and Sunday, July 17th until 11:00 pm to permit music entertainment.  St. Charbel would advise local residents and Administration would monitor concerns and complaints

B. Deputy Clerk, May 5, 2016, Report No. 11/16, Re: Corn Festival Committee Appointment.  The Deputy Clerk is recommending that Jillian Parent be appointed to the Corn Festival Committee outside of the regular appointments process.  The rationale is that she is already doing work associated with two portfolios and she is able to attend meetings regularly.


Information & Communication Services

C. Director Information & Communications Services, April 26, 2016, Report No. 04/16, Re: 2016 Citizen Satisfaction Survey.  (Details above)

D. Director Information & Communication Services, May 5, 2016, Report No. 05/16, Re: Server Virtualization / SAN Solution.  Administration is recommending the expenditure of $70,987 for the installation and services for a Server Virtualization / SAN Solution to be awarded to Applied Computer Solutions from three quotes solicited.


Financial Services

E. Deputy Treasurer & Tax Collector, April 25, 2016, Report No. 08/16, Re: 2015 Year-End Budget Variance Report.  Good news from Administration in that a surplus of $1,167,709 has been reported from Administration.  There are a number of reasons for this - reduction in OPP costs accounted for $691,000 of this amount.  We have also recorded principally higher revenues and staff gapping.  It is requested to distribute funds as follows:

  1. $800,000 to Tax Rate Stabilization Reserve (for possible litigation costs),
  2. $211,709 to Storm Sewer Lifecycle Reserve,
  3. $116,000 capital surplus to Infrastructure Reserve, and
  4. $40,000 to Community Improvement Plan Reserve.


Parks & Recreation Services

F. Manager Recreation Programs & Events, April 19, 2016, Report No. 13/16, Re: Tecumseh Night Market Series - (Reported Above)

G. Manager Recreation Programs & Events, April 28, 2016, Report No. 14/16, Re: Pathway to Potential 2016 Funding Agreement.  Administration is recommending renewal of this no-cost agreement in which Pathway to Potential administers the Town's National Child Benefit funding.



A. Bylaw 2016-32, Being a by-law to authorize the execution of an Agreement with Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Ontario as represented by the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services (Ministry) and The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and The Town of Tecumseh Police Services Board (Board).  This is an agreement for the OPP to administer the Town's Community Police Partnership Services until March 31st 2017.

B. Bylaw 2016-33, Being a by-law to authorize the execution of an Agreement with Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Ontario as represented by the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services (Ministry) and The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and The Town of Tecumseh Police Services Board (Board).  This is an agreement for the OPP to offer to the town services under its 1,000 Officers Partnership program until March 31st 2017.

C. Bylaw 2016-34, Being a bylaw to amend the appointment of members to the Tecumseh Corn Festival Committee for the term of Council ending 2018.  (Details above)


If you have questions on these or any other items please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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