March 9th Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council begins at 5:45pm with a Drainage Meeting concerning the Curtis Drain.  The Agenda can be found here.

The purpose of the meeting is to hear comments from any affected landowners on the proposed drainage works, as set out in the Drainage Report, filed by Josh Warner, P.Eng., of R. Dobbin Engineering Inc., dated June 1, 2020 for the Curtis Drain.  The report recommends the repair and improvement to the Curtis Drain, including but not limited to; the removal of brush, phragmites, and trees along the open channel of the drain; the excavation of a new grade line; and the replacement and flushing of access culverts throughout the length of the Drain. 

At 6:15pm, a Drainage Meeting will be held concerning the Dawson Drain.  The agenda can be found here.

This report recommends the installation of a new access culvert to provide access to the agricultural portion of this parcel. The current effect on the watershed is noted as only affecting the assessed parcel requesting the bridge for both construction and future maintenance costs.

Regular business begins at 7pm.  The agenda can be found here.

Delegations include: Tim Byrne, CAO/Secretary-Treasurer, Shelley McMullen Interim CFO/Director, Finance and Corporate Services, Kieran McKenzie, Vice-Chair, Essex Region Conservation Authority who will speak to the 2021 Draft ERCA Budget.  A 2% increase to the ERCA levy is proposed.

Communications - For Information include:
1. Township of Perry dated February 19, 2021 Re: Community Safety and Well-being Plan.  Perry requests that an extension be granted for completion of the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan to July 1, 2021.

2. Township of South Glengarry dated February 16, 2021 Re: Municipal Freedom and Protection of Privacy Act.  South Glengarry requests that the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services to review the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and consider the recommendations as presented by the Township of Guelph/Eramosa, being: 

  1. That MFIPPA assign the Municipal Clerk, or designate to be the Head under the Act;
  2. That MFIPPA be updated to address current and emerging technologies;
  3. That MFIPPA regulate the need for consistent routine disclosure practices across institutions;
  4. That the threshold for frivolous and/or vexatious actions be reviewed, and take into consideration the community and available resources in which it is applied;
  5. That the threshold for frivolous and/or vexatious also consider the anonymity of requesters, their abusive nature and language in requests to ensure protection from harassment as provided for in Occupational Health and Safety Act;
  6. That the application and scalability of fees be designed to ensure taxpayers are protected from persons abusing the access to information process;
  7. That administrative practices implied or required under the Act, including those of the IPC, be reviewed and modernized;
  8. That the integrity of the Act be maintained to protect personal privacy and transparent governments.

3. Township of Perry dated February 19, 2021 Re: Children and Childcare, Post Pandemic Recovery Plan.  Perry requests that the Government of Ontario:

  • a. prioritize children and childcare as part of its overall post pandemic recovery plan;
  • b. develop, adequately fund and release publicly a comprehensive plan that can support facilities through the provision of licensed childcare and early learning education; and
  • c. provide increased funding to childcare provides reflective of COVID-19 operating cost increases to ensure a safe reopening and long-term sustainability for the sector. 

4. Township of South Glengarry dated February 16, 2021 Re: Automatic Speed Enforcement, Photo Radar.  South Glengarry supports the use of Automatic Speed Enforcement (photo radar) by municipalities.

5. Township of The Archipelago dated February 19, 2021 Re: Municipal Elections Act.  Archipelago requests that the Minister of Municipal Affairs initiate a review of the Municipal Elections Act and make amendments to provide such clearer, stronger wording, to assist Municipal Clerks in addressing issues related to non-resident electors, and to allow for a more definitive decision to be made when adding names to the voters’ list.

6. Municipality of St. Charles dated February 22, 2021 Re: Cannabis Production Facilities.  St. Charles requests that immediate action be taken by all levels of government for medical cannabis licencing to follow similar regulations and guidelines as all other pharmaceutical industries.

7. Essex Regional Conservation Authority dated February 22, 2021.  ERCA proposes a 2% increase to their overall levy to municipalities.

8. Municipality of Lakeshore dated February 9, 2021 Re: Zoning By-law Amendment, 20 North Rear Road.  Jamsyl Group Inc. has submitted an application for a temporary use zoning amendment to permit the use of a film studio on the subject property 20 North Rear Road. It is to be noted that a by-law was passed in 2017 allowing for the temporary use of a film studio which has now expired. The applicant would like to renew the by-law to continue the temporary use of the land.

9. Township of The Archipelago dated February 19, 2021 Re: Ontario Fire College - Planned Closure.  The Archipelago requests that the Province of Ontario reverse their decision to close the Ontario Fire College.

10. Howick Township dated March 3, 2021 Re: Ontario Fire College.  Howick requests that a clear plan be communicated that establishes how the Province intends to modernize and expand firefighter training ensuring equal access to all municipal fire departments in Ontario, and as well, present a plan for funding to subsidise and or regulate the cost for firefighter training.

11. Municipality of West Grey dated February 24, 2021 Re: Municipal Insurance.  West Grey requests that the Province of Ontario review the seven recommendations of AMO to investigate the following municipal insurance issues, as insurance premiums will soon be out of reach for many communities:

  • 1. The provincial government adopt a model of full proportionate liabilityto replace joint and several liability.
  • 2. Implement enhancements to the existing limitations period includingthe continued applicability of the existing 10-day rule on slip and fallcases given recent judicial interpretations and whether a one-yearlimitation period may be beneficial.
  • 3. Implement a cap for economic loss awards.
  • 4. Increase the catastrophic impairment default benefit limit to $2 million and increase the third-party liability coverage to $2 million in government regulated automobile insurance plans.
  • 5. Assess and implement additional measures which would support lower premiums or alternatives to the provision of insurance services by other entities such as non-profit insurance reciprocals.
  • 6. Compel the insurance industry to supply all necessary financialevidence, including but not limited to, premiums, claims and deductible limit changes which support its own and municipal arguments as to the fiscal impact of joint and several liability.
  • 7. Establish a provincial and municipal working group to consider the above and put forward recommendations to the Attorney General
12. Township of Lake of Bays dated March 2, 2021 Re: Capacity Limits for Restaurants in Stage 2 under the Reopening Ontario Act, 2020.  Lake of Bays requests that the Provincial Government review and reconsider the capacity limits for restaurants across the Province be based on the size of the square footage of the seating area instead of a flat occupancy, and that the Province introduce the concept of introducing capacity limits for other businesses listed in Schedule 2 of O.Reg 263/20 being impacted by the constant uncertainty of their operations during this pandemic including restaurants, personal care services, resorts, camps, fitness and recreational amenities, churches, etc. be considered while in lockdown status.

13. Ministry of Transportation dated March 3, 2021 Re: Municipal Transit.  Minister Caroline Mulroney announces that the Town of Tecumseh will be eligible to receive up to $52,397 to support the Municipality's COVID-19 municipal transit financial impacts between Oct. 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021, and the Town of Tecumseh's revised allocation to address additional COVID-19 related financial impacts is up to $20,141 from April 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

14. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing dated March 4, 2021 Re: COVID-19 Costs and Pressures Funding.  Minister Steve Clark announces that the Town of Tecumseh is granted $449,850.00 in COVID-19 relief funds.

Communications - Action Required include: 
1. Association of Municipalities of Ontario dated February 19, 2021 Re: Land Use and Planning: Beyond the Basics.  It is recommended That the Mayor and Members of Council be authorized to attend the AMO Land Use and Planning: Beyond the Basics on either March 25th, April 15th or 29th 2021, subject to funding in the 2021 Budget.

Reports include:

1. Chief Administrative Officer
a. CAO-2021-05 Municipal Modernization Program Intake 2.  Administration recommends making a submission to the Review Stream for funding to support three projects: investigating shared economic development opportunities and shared services with Lakeshore; the creation of a Digital Strategy and Business Continuity Plan for adoption; and, business process optimization for the Town’s payroll process.

2. Planning & Building Services
a. PBS-2021-09 CIP Grant, 11865 Tecumseh Road.  Administration recommends that the Grant Application for the Tecumseh Road Main Street Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Financial Incentive Program, for the property located at 11865 Tecumseh Road (Roll No. 374402000000200), be deemed eligible and approved for the Building Façade Improvement Grant Program in the amount of $15,000 in relation to the building façade improvements proposed for the subject property.

b. PBS-2021-10 Tecumseh Transit Service, 2020 Review.  Administration provides the Annual Status Report on the Tecumseh Transit Service for 2020.  Total annual ridership has dropped from 28,707 down to 13,021.

c. PBS-2021-11 CIP Grant, 1200-1250 Southfield Drive.  Administration recommends that that the Grant Application for the Tecumseh Road Main Street Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Financial Incentive Program, for the vacant property located at 1200-1250 Southfield Drive, immediately north of Southfield Park (Roll No. 374402000000382), be deemed eligible and approved for the Building and Property Improvement Grant Program, the amount of which will be determined based upon the incremental increase in the municipal portion of property tax that results from the works being completed in relation to the construction of two four-storey, 71-unit apartment buildings proposed for the subject property, and that the construction timeline requirement for the proposed development be extended from one year to two years. 

3. Public Works & Environmental Services
a. PWES-2021-05 Tecumseh Road Storm Sewer and Road Improvements.  It is recommended that the Tecumseh Road Storm Sewer and Road Improvements project (from east of Lexham Gardens to Regent Road) be added to the 2021 Public Works & Environmental Services Capital Works Plan, and that based on the proposed New North Shore School for the Greater Essex County District School Board located at 13800 Tecumseh Road, that the detailed engineering design for this project be completed in 2021 with construction anticipated to proceed in 2022.  The expenditure of $217,000 ($113,000 from the Roads Lifecycle Reserve and $84,000 from Storm Sewer Lifecycle Reserve for the detailed engineering design) is recommended to be authorized;.  Administration further recommends retaining Stantec Consulting Ltd. to complete the detailed design, plans, specifications and tender documents and to assist with obtaining all required approvals for the Tecumseh Road Storm Sewer and Road Reconstruction Improvements project.

b. PWES-2021-13 Amendment to the 2021 PWES Capital Works Projects County Road 19 Trunk Watermain Installation (from County Road 22 to south of Jamsyl Drive).  It is recommended that the County Road 19 Trunk Watermain Installation (from County Road 22 to south of Jamsyl Drive), be added to the 2021 Public Works & Environmental Services Capital Works Plan.  It is proposed that the detailed engineering design and construction for this project be completed in 2021 in accordance with the County of Essex’s schedule for their County Road 19 Road Improvements project.  The expenditures of $758,000 for the detailed engineering design and construction are proposed to be funded from the Watermain Reserve Fund.  It is recommended that Dillon Consulting Ltd. be retained to complete the detailed design, plans and specifications, tender documents and inspection and contract administration as they are the retained consultant for the County of Essex County Road 19 Road Improvements project.

c. PWES-2021-15 CR46 Webster-Laval Sanitary Sewer Easement Acquisition.  Administration recommends approval of the final negotiated settlement (dated October 13, 2020) between The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and 676937 ONTARIO LTD.  It is recommended that the Town’s Solicitor be authorizedvto move forward with the preparation of the reference plan and legal easement documents for the required easement for a sanitary sewer and related sanitary service connections at 4975 8th Concession Road.

For further questions on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]

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