March 8th Meeting

Coming up this on Tuesday, March 8th, beginning at 7pm (packet found here):

A. Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), February 12, 2016 Re: Policing Consultations Announced AMO Policy Update:  The Minister of Correctional Services and Community Safety has announced that there will be public consultations regarding policing reform beginning this year.
B. Essex Region Conservation Authority Re: Invitation for Expressions of Interest, Source Protection Committee. ERCA is seeking two new representatives for the Source Protection Committee; one agriculture and one general public representative. There is a commitment to participate in 3-4 meetings per year for three years.  Applications are due March 14th. For more information visit

C. Gary Dillon, Director, Statistics Canada, February 16, 2016 Re: 2016 Census of Population Program.  Statistics Canada has written to remind us that the Census will be occurring this year and our residents are encouraged to participate.

D. Municipality of Bluewater, February 19, 2016 Re: Physician Recruitment and Incentives.  Bluewater advises that they have passed a resolution asking for the reinstatement of funding for rural physician recruitment.

E. Township of Gillies, February 25, 2016 Re: Resolution from Town of Aurora Council re OMB Jurisdiction.  Gillies has passed a resolution supporting Aurora asking that the Ontario Municipal Board be required to uphold municipal decisions unless the local decision was arrived at contrary to legislative processes and rules.

F. The Township of Minden Hills, March 1, 2016 Re: Request for Review of the New OPP Billing Model.  Minden Hills has requested that the Province revisit the new OPP Billing Model for municipalities.  Of note is that Tecumseh has financially benefitted from this reform.

G. Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services, March 2, 2016 Re: Emergency Management & Civil Protection Act (EMCPA) Compliance.  The Ministry advises that the municipality is in compliance with all regulations under the Act.

H. AMO Communications, March 2, 2016 Re: ROMA/OGRA Conference.  ROMA shares some conference deliverables including a new video.  It also advises that a Muncipal Councillor profile has been established and finds that municipal councillors and mayors in rural Ontario are on average older, more predominantly male, less racially diverse and have higher incomes and more education compared to a typical cross-section of rural community demographics. The top challenges faced by these individuals include managing work-life balance, learning municipal governance and managing conflict.

I. The Corporation of the Town of Amherstburg, March 2, 2016 Re: Request for Ontario to Cancel RFP for Added Wind Power Generation.  Amherstburg has supported Wainfleet's resolution asking for a stop to new Request for Proposals for Wind Turbines by the Province.

J. Invitation to the Annual Herb Gray Harmony Awards Gala April 21, 2016.  The Multicultural Council invites members of public to its annual Herb Gray Harmony Awards Gala to be held at the Ciociaro Club on Thursday April 21st.  Ticket cost is 90 Dollars and the event will recognized Marty Komsa and Vince & Olivia Rosati.


A. Chief Administrative Officer, February 16, 2016, Report No. 03/16 Re: 2015 Accomplishments.  The CAO shares the annual corporate accomplishments report regarding town initiatives over the past year.

B. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, February 17, 2016, Report No. 03/16 Re: Request for Noise By-law Exemption, Beach Grove Golf & Country Club. Beach Grove is requesting an exemption from the Town’s Noise By-law No. 2002-07, as amended, on Friday, July 29, 2016, and Friday, August 26, 2016, to permit music entertainment until 11:30 pm.

C. Director Information & Communication Services, February 24, 2016, Report No. 02/16 Re: Tecumseh Citizen Mass Notification System.  Administration advises that improvements have been made to the Citizen Mass Notification System in case of emergencies and a new website is being launched for residents to be informed -

D. Manager Recreation Programs & Events, February 12, 2016, Report No. 10/16 - Re: 2016 Tecumseh Corn Festival
10-16.  The Corn Festival through a partnership with the Knights of Columbus # 4375, is requesting that it be authorized to serve, sell and consume alcoholic beverages at Lacasse Park from August 25-28, 2016; and that relief be granted from the Noise By-law in order to permit the Tecumseh Corn Festival to operate loud speakers or sound amplifying equipment during the
following time periods: Thursday, August 25, from 3:00 pm - 1:00 am; Friday, August 26 from 12:00 pm - 1:00 am; Saturday, August 27 from 12:00 pm - 1:00 am, and Sunday, August 28 from 12:00pm – 7:00 pm.  They are further requesting that the Tecumseh Corn Festival be granted permission to use the municipal parking lots located at Town Hall (917 Lesperance Road) and Tecumseh Recreation Complex & Arena (12021 McNorton Street) for Festival visitor parking.

E. Development Co-ordinator, February 25, 2016, Report No. 07/16 Re: Christy Lane Development, Assumption of Services.  Administration is recommending that the municipal services on Christy Lane be assumed by the municipality for ongoing maintenance now that construction is complete.

F. Manager Building Services & Chief Building Official, March 2, 2016, Report No. 08/16 Re: 2015 Year End By-law Enforcement Report.  In 2015 there were 195 complaints levied, with 12 investigations remaining as being ongoing.


A. Bylaw 2016-17 A By-law to amend By-law No. 2003-14 being a bylaw to regulate parking on private property for persons displaying Disabled Parking Permits (TMC).  This By-law allows for municipal parking enforcement to ticket vehicles at the Tecumseh Manning Medical Centre.

B. Bylaw 2016-18 A By-law to amend By-law No. 2015-82, a bylaw which prescribes tariffs of administrative fees and charges for the Town of Tecumseh for the year 2016.  This By-law updates the fee schedule as a result of adopting the OPP schedule of fees.

For this and other matters please feel free to contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]


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