March 30th Meeting

This week at Tecumseh Town Council, a public meeting will be hosted as a statutory public meeting under the Planning Act to discuss a proposed land development project at the former Victoria School site.  The full agenda can be found here.

The public meeting is to hear public comment on the applications for an Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments for a proposed residential condominium development on a parcel of land located at 12433 Dillon Drive.

The application for the proposed Official Plan amendment is requesting a redesignation of the parcel of land from "Community Facility" to "Residential" to accommodate the proposed development.

The associated proposed Zoning By-law amendment is requesting to change the zoning from "Community Facility Zone" and "Residential Zone 1 (R1 )" to a site specific "Residential Zone 3 (R3-16)". The proposed R3-16 zone would permit the proposed residential uses and establish various site specific zone provisions. In addition, the proposed rezoning would add a definition for the term "stacked townhouse dwelling unit" to the definitions section of Tecumseh Zoning By-law 1746.

To application can be described as follows:

Area of site: 2.29 hectare (5.66 acre) parcel of land situated on the south side of Dillon Drive, approximately 40 metres east of its intersection with St. Pierre Street (12433 Dillon Drive).  The proposed development comprises the lands upon which the former Victoria Public Elementary School was situated, along with the former undeveloped McColl Street right-of-way (“the subject land”).

The applicant is proposing a 63-unit residential condominium development consisting of five, two-storey townhouse dwellings totalling 23 units and two, three-storey stacked townhouse dwellings totalling 40 units.

The proposed development includes a driveway access onto Dillon Drive, a 0.12 hectare (0.29 acre) park area along Dillon Drive that is proposed to be conveyed to the Town as municipal parkland and an approximate 0.19-hectare (0.46 acre) stormwater management area that will abut the proposed municipal park. The stormwater management area is proposed to be designed as a facility that is complementary to the abutting parkland amenities.

Changes proposed from previous iteration include: 

  • the rear yard width of the townhouses proposed for the southerly property line has been increased from 10 metres to 14.1 metres in order to provide additional area to retain the existing mature trees located along the southerly lot line;
  • the previously proposed six-unit townhouse building located along the southerly property line has been separated into two, three-unit townhouse buildings, one of which has been relocated along the westerly property line;
  • the northern-most proposed three-storey stacked townhouse has been shifted 1.65 metres to the north as a result of the increased rear yard width noted above;
  • the easterly row of parking which serves the stacked townhouses is now proposed to be enclosed within a one-storey parking garage finished in an architectural style to match the proposed buildings; and
  • the total number of parking spaces have been revised from 152 to 144.

3 4-unit townhouses are proposed for the west portion of the property.  2 3-unit townhouses are proposed for the southwest portion of the property.  Covered parking is proposed for the central-east portion of the property.  A 24-unit stacked townhouse is proposed for the central portion of the property.  A 16-unit stacked townhouse is proposed to be set behind the parkland and stormwater retention pond proposed along Dillon Drive.  The layout can be seen here.  The architectural appearance is noted in Appendices 5B to 5F listed below.

Delegations will include:
1. Casey Kulchycki, Senior Planner, and John Krpan, Engineer, Zelinka Priamo Ltd; David Ublansky, President, Briday Victoria Development Corporation
2. Ann Dugal, Resident
3. Martha and James Vendrasco, Residents
4. Tamra Teno, Resident
5. Connor Teno, Resident
6. Brady Boghean, Resident
7. Tony Teno, Resident
8. Mike Huczel, Resident
9. Ann Marie Huczel, Resident
10. Barbara Cole, Resident
11. Aranka Hawken, Resident
12. Michael Brennan, Resident
13. Christopher Toldo, Royal LePage Binder Real Estate
14. Ron and Lori McConnell, Residents
15. Scott Innocente, Resident
16. Richard Rivard, Resident
17. Ryan Hill, Resident
18. Mark Mrkalj. Resident
19. Mark Lukaniuk, Resident

Communications include:

  1. Notice of Public Meeting
  2. Email from Ann Dugal dated March 16, 2021
  3. Email from Martha and James Vendrasco dated March 23, 2021 Re: 12433 Dillon Drive
  4. Tamra Teno dated March 17, 2021 Re: Planning Report, Proposed Briday Housing Development by Stormy Samways Planning LTD., on behalf of Tarma and Tony Teno
  5. Letter from Tamra Teno dated March 23, 2021 Re: 12433 Dillon Drive - Proposed Briday Residential Development
  6. Email from John and Barb Cole dated March 22, 2021 Re: Briday Proposal of Dillon Property
  7. Email from Lori and and Ron McConnell dated March 24, 2021 Re Proposed Victoria School Development
  8. Letter from Mark Lukaniuk dated March 25, 2021 Re: former Briday Victoria School Property
  9. Letter from Dan Cecile dated March 16, 2021 Re: Opposition to Dillon Drive Development
  10. Letter from Lucy Pereira dated March 16, 2021 Re: Opposition to development at 12433 Dillon Drive
  11. Email from Mike and Renee McCann dated March 19, 2021 Re: Victoria School Development
  12. Email from Dianna and Stuart Caverhill dated March 22, 2021 Re: Rezoning of Old Victoria School Property
  13. Email from Miguel Fontecha dated March 22, 2021
  14. Email from James dated March 25, 2021 Re: Development on Old St. Victoria School Site
  15. Email from Rick Bradd dated March 23, 2021 Re: Old Victoria School Property
  16. Email from Denise St. Louis dated March 24, 2021 Re: Old Victoria School Property Development

Reports include:

I can be reached at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected] to discuss the above.  I have also relayed neighbourhood concerns to the proponent and he is very much open to discussing with residents regarding the vision he has for the property.  If you wish for me to facilitate this, please let me know.

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