March 22nd Meeting

This week’s Council meeting begins at 7pm on Tuesday March 22nd.  The full information packet can be found here:


Delegations will be received from:

  • Jeff Lappan, Lacasse Printing, Re: Cheque Presentation

  • Mr. Dino Villella, St. Pius X Catholic Elementary School, Re: North of 42 - A Celebration of the Town of Tecumseh

  • The Corn Festival Committee leadership will be recognized for their Top 100 Festival Award from Festivals & Events Ontario

  • Candice Dennis, Chair; Paul Bistany, Vice Chair, and Paula Rorai, Coordinator, Tecumseh Business Improvement Area Board of Management will speak to the 2016 Proposed BIA Budget 

Council is also being asked to recognize Public Rail Safety Week from April 25 - May 1, 2016, and to consider attending the Ontario Farmland Trust 2016 Farmland Forum, April 8, 2016 in Kitchener, subject to the Town’s Travel and Professional Development Policies and 2016 Budget.


Reports include:

Deputy Clerk, February 10, 2016, Report No. 04/16, Re: Cat Spay and Neuter Voucher Program 2016.  It is proposed to allow 5 spay and neuter vouchers on a first-come, first-serve basis to caregivers of feral cats beginning April 15, 2016.


Director Corporate Services & Clerk, March 3, 2016, Report No. 05/16, Re: 2016 Business Improvement Area Board of Management.  It is proposed that Council appoint members to serve on the BIA Board of Management for the remainder of the term of Council, and the BIA has endorsed the nominations of:

  • Paul Bistany Paul Bistany Real Estate,

  • Candice Dennis On the Dark Side Tanning,

  • Maureen Harris Lakeview Montessori,

  • Daniel Hofgartner Buckingham Realty,

  • Joe Fratangeli 3lambs Baby Boutique,

  • Linda Proctor Kim Deane, Lawyer,

  • Tony Nehme The Job Shoppe.


One consideration for Council is that the Health Services sector is the second largest business segment in the Town at 29% of all businesses, and there was a single nomination to represent this sector that was not recommended by the BIA to Council for consideration.


Director Corporate Services & Clerk, March 8, 2016, Report No. 06/16, Re: Little River & McColl Alley, Request for Alley Closing and Transfer of Lands.  A legal alley exists north of the Little River Boulevard properties south of the former Victoria Public School but is generally not being used as such.  It is proposed that this alley be closed and offered for sale to abutting residents.


Director Financial Services & Treasurer, March 4, 2016, Report No. 07/16,

Re: Statement of Remuneration and Expenses Paid in 2015.  Of particular interest is the annual remuneration and expenses report. My personal remuneration for Council was $27,097 for meetings attended and $6,228 for conference-related expenses which includes a fixed per diem for food and ancillary expenses, and a reimbursement for accommodation costs. For actual conference days, not including travel days, we also receive a daily stipend as compensation for the time spent on Town business.

The three conferences I attended in 2015 were:

- The Ontario Good Roads Association and Rural Ontario Municipalities Association conference held in Toronto in February.

- The Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference held in Edmonton in July

- The Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference held in Niagara Falls in August

Director Information & Communication Services, March 2, 2016, Report No. 03/16.  Council is being asked to fund $11,865 + HST for Probe Research Inc., to conduct the biannual customer service survey for 2016 beginning in April 2016.


Public Works & Environmental Services

Manager Engineering Services, March 7, 2016, Report No. 16/16, Re: Shawnee Road and Arbour Street Area Improvements (Phase 2), Tender Award.  Administration recommends that the tender for the Shawnee Road and Arbour Street Area Improvements (Phase 2) in the amount of $1,925,000 excluding HST be awarded to J&J Lepera Infrastructures Inc.  This is terrific news as it reflects a $545,016 savings from the anticipated cost.


G. Manager Engineering Services, March 9, 2016, Report No. 17/16, Re: North Talbot Road Sanitary Sewer Outlet, Dominant Mold & Duplicating Inc. (5425 Outer Drive), Sanitary Sewer Connection Agreement.  Administration is recommending approval of a sanitary sewer connection from Dominant Mold & Duplicating Inc., located at 5425 Outer Drive, to the North Talbot Road Sanitary Sewer Outlet service area, as it has been determined that sufficient capacity exists in the sewer to provide this service.


For any further questions on these or other items please feel free to be in touch at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]


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