March 14th Meeting

This week, Council begins at 6pm with a meeting to consider Repairs and Improvements to the 7th Concession Drain which links North Talbot Road to County Road 46 just east of Walker Road. You can find the packet here.

The regular meeting begins at 7pm. You can find the packet here.

a. Tecumseh Fire and Rescue Services, Volunteer Firefighters Dan Redmond and Bassem Baalbaki
Re: Ultimate Fun Firefighter Challenge

b. St. Clair Beach Optimist Club
Re: Cheque Presentation to Tecumseh Fire Services for Summer Junior Fire Camp Overalls

c. Essex Region Conservation Authority, General Manager/Secretary-Treasurer Richard Wyma, & Chair Rick Fryer Re: 2016 Annual Report and 2017 Activities. The annual report is detailed in the meeting packet.

a. The Corporation of The United Townships of Head, Clara & Maria Re: Building Code Changes. The request is for the Province to reconsider the requirement to have septic systems pumped every 5 years.

b. Essex County Agricultural Hall of Fame Re: Agricultural Hall of Fame Annual Meeting/Induction. The letter advised that the Annual General Meeting for the organization was held on Monday, March 6th and the Induction Ceremony for the Agricultural Hall of Fame will be held on Thursday, April 6th at 7pm, Harrow Exhibition Hall.

c. Ministry of Education Re: Pupil Accommodation Reviews and Support for Education in Rural and Remote Communities. The letter describes the Province of Ontario's position with respect to school closures and repurposing of closed school buildings.

d. MPAC Re: Assessing Properties in Proximity to Industrial Wind Turbines. MPAC advises that it believes that its set assessment values in the vicinity of industrial wind turbines is appropriate and that land values have not decreased due to their presence.

e. MPAC Re: 2017 Municipal Stakeholder Research
. MPAC advises that it will be consulting with municipal officials to build its next four-year strategy in anticipation of the next reassessment in 2020.


a. Operation Life Saver Re: Rail Safety Week. Administration recommends that Operation Lifesaver’s request to promote Canada’s 15th annual Rail Safety Week, to be held from April 24 to 30, 2017 and to raise awareness
about rail safety, highlighting the ongoing commitment of communities along with rail companies, in making Canada’s rail network even safer, be supported.

b. Township of Zorra Re: Automated External Defibrillators Policy for Installation in Ontario Schools. Administration recommends that the resolution of the Township of Zorra requesting the Premier, and Minster of Education, develop a policy that enables all schools and school boards in Ontario, that allows individual elementary and secondary schools to have an AED installed in their schools, as soon as possible for the safety of our children, be supported.

c. Association of Municipalities Ontario Re: 2017 Asset Management Symposium. Administration recommends that the Members of Council be authorized to attend the 2017 Asset Management Symposium in Toronto, on April 4 and 5, 2017, in accordance with the Town’s Travel and Professional Development Policies.

d. Windsor International Airport Re: Canadian Forces Snowbirds. Administration recommends that a letter be sent to the Canadian Air Division Headquarters National Defence advising of the Town of Tecumseh’s support for the Canadian
Forces Snowbirds and other Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft, to fly past the Town of Tecumseh, as low as 500 feet, as part of their air display event at Windsor International Airport on May 27-28, 2017.



Chief Administrative Office
1. Chief Administrative Officer, Report No. 03/17 Re: Strategic Priorities 2017-2018. Council met earlier this year to discuss its strategic priorities for the remainder of our term of Council. The revised report of our five strategic priorities is presented tonight for adoption. They are:
- Smart Growth: Make the Town of Tecumseh an even better place to live, work and invest through a shared vision for our residents and newcomers.
- Sustainable Infrastructure: Ensure that the Town of Tecumseh’s current and future growth is built upon the principles of sustainability and strategic decision-making.
- Health and Wellness: Integrate the principles of health and wellness into all of the Town of Tecumseh’s plans and priorities
- Continuous Improvement: Steward the Town’s “continuous improvement” approach to municipal service delivery to residents and businesses.
- Good Governance: Demonstrate the Town of Tecumseh’s leadership role in the community by promoting good governance and community engagement, by bringing together organizations serving the Town and the region to pursue common goals.

2. Acting Chief Administrative Officer, Report No. 04/17 Re: Ward Boundary & Council Structure Review -
Supplementary Report. The final report is proposed. Ward 2 is proposed to extend westerly to Centennial and Revland. The remainder of Ward 1 would be split at St. Thomas. Ward 3 is renumbered to Ward 4 and is truncated at the Canadian Pacific Railway. Ward 4 is renumbered to Ward 5 and gains the territory between the Canadian Pacific Railway and County Road 42.

Fire & Rescue Services
1. Director of Fire Services & Fire Chief, Report No. 04/17 Re: Ultimate Fun Firefighter Challenge Station 2 – May 13, 2017. Administration is recommending waiving fees for the Training Tower rental for this event, which will take place on Saturday, May 13, 2017, at Fire Station #2 on Walker Road.

Public Works & Environmental Services
1. Drainage Superintendent, Report No. 17/17 Re: West Branch Delisle Drain – Tender Award. A tender for the West Branch Delisle Drain improvements in the amount of $120,655 excluding HST, is proposed to be awarded to Murray Mills Excavating & Trucking (Sarnia) Ltd. The cost of this drain improvement will be borne by benefitting residents.

For questions on these or other municipal matters please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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