March 12th Meeting

This week, Town Council begins at 7pm.  The agenda can be found here.

Delegations include:

a. Representatives of the Tecumseh Business Improvement Association Board of Management, including Candice Dennis, Chair; Paul Bistany, Treasurer; and Paula Rorai, Coordinator. They will be speaking regarding the Board's 2019 Budget which is being presented tonight for approval.

b. Town of Tecumseh Parks and Recreational Services Department. Staff will present regarding the 2018 Tecumseh Corn Festival Named a Top 100 Festival by Festival and Events Ontario

Communications include:
a. Notice - Enbridge Gas Inc. dated February 19, 2019 . Enbridge Gas Inc. has applied to raise its natural gas rates effective April 1, 2019 to recover costs associated with the Federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act. There would be an increase of $86.21 for each account.

b. AMO Communications - dated February 21, 2019 Re: Local Planning Appeal Support Centre (LPASC). AMO advises that the Local Planning Appeal Support Centre will be shut down and no new cases are being accepted.

c. County of Essex dated February 21, 2019 Re: Official Plan Amendment No. 15 - Village of St. Clair Beach Official Plan, 14328 and 14346 Tecumseh Road. Essex County has approved the the Official Plan amendments required for the Harbour Club Condominium Building at the former Pud's Place Marina and no appeals were received.

Communications recommended for action include:
a. Township of South Stormont dated February 26, 2019 Re: Provincial Review of the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF). Administration recommends that the Town of Tecumseh support the Township of South Stormont resolution on the provincial review of the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund and the future financial considerations ensures municipal sustainability. Essentially, South Stormont wishes to have the results of the OMPF review expedited so that planning for 2020 can begin.

Reports include:

a. Parks & Recreation Services
1. PRS-2019-03 Rotary Club Fish Fry. Administration is recommending that the Rotary Club of Essex be authorized to sell and serve alcoholic beverages at Lakewood Park on Friday, July 19, 2019 between 4pm and 8pm. A Noise By-law exemption is also being requested.

2. PRS-2019-02 Taste of Tecumseh Festival 2019. Administraton recommends that the Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach be authorized to sell and serve alcoholic beverages at Lakewood Park from Friday, June 14, 2019 through to and including Saturday, June 15, 2019. A Noise By-law exemption is also being requested.

3. PRS-2019-01 Optimist Club's Victoria Day Weekend Fireworks 2019. Administration recommends that the rental fees associated with use of the St. Clair Beach Community Centre and Optimist Park for the Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach’s 2019 Victoria Day Fireworks Display, at a cost of $201 be waived; and that the fees associated with the fireworks permit as regulated under By-law Number 2013-50, a by-law to regulate the sale and use of fireworks, at a cost of $50 be waived.

b. Planning & Building Services
1. PBS-2019-06 Extension of the One-Year Moratorium on Building Permit Fees. Administration supplied this report and asks for direction as to whether to continue.

c. Public Works & Environmental Services
1. PWES-2019-11 Appointment of Drainage Engineer for Variation of Assessment. Administration recommends appointing Dillon Conulting Limited as Drainage Engineer to:
(i) make a variation of the assessment schedule for maintenance and repair on the drainage works required to maintain the CYR Drain and Extension Outlet Drain; and
(ii) prepare a Report in accordance with Section 76 of the Drainage Act.

For further information on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]

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