June 8th Meeting

This week the public meetings of Council begin at 5pm.  There will have been an in camera meeting at 4:30pm.

Beginning at 5pm will be the public meeting surrounding the Windsor-Essex Regional Community Safety and Well-Being Plan.  The presentation will be found here.  Lack of housing supply, including affordable housing, respect for traffic laws, sharing of the road and corresponding enforcement, as well as misinformation on social media were cited among the comments shared by Tecumseh residents.

At 5:45pm Council will host a public meeting regarding improvement of the Cyr Drain where affected landowners can advise of concerns.  The Drain is located on the south side of CR 22 from Lesperance Road to Manning Road and landowners requiring that their stormwater be disposed of through this drain would be directly assessed for ongoing maintenance costs.  The agenda can be found here.

At 6:15pm Council will host a public meeting regarding improvement of the South Talbot Drain where affected landowners can advise of concerns.  The improvement is specifically related to changes arising from roundabout construction at South Talbot Road and Walker Road.  There will be no direct cost to residents; costs are accommodated through the construction project.  The agenda can be found here.

Regular business begins at 7pm.  The agenda can be found here.

Delegations include Tony Priolo, Vice President, Education - Strategic Engagement and Community Outreach, Ontario Cannabis Store and Lowell Rubin Vaughan, Senior Manager - Strategic Engagement - Stakeholder Engagement.

Communications - For Information
1. Municipality of Calvin dated May 25, 2021 Re: AGCO Licensing of Small Organizations.  Calvin requests the implementing an additional level of licensing which would permit small organizations to hold fundraisers as a method of sustaining community organizations.

2. Municipality of Calvin dated May May 26, 2021 Re: Durham Dead End Road.  Calvin requests that student transportation services servicing schools allow for:

  1. Exceptions to allow 3-point turns or backing up where necessary, to provide safer service to dead-end and private road kids, that policies be amended to reflect; and when not possible,
  2. Exceptions to allow indemnification agreements to access private land for bus turnarounds to keep bus stops safer and closer to prescribed 800m distance; and when not possible,
  3. “Bus Stop Ahead” warning signage be required to notify oncoming traffic, prior to STS moving common stops to main roadway and,
  4. STS be comprised of solutions like mini-buses, vans, taxis or public transit worked into funding formulas so that it does not negatively impact STS funding stats; and,
  5. Kid Key Performance Indicator (KPI) be included for Ministry “Effectiveness & Efficiency Follow Up Reviews”, establishing benchmarks for responsive problem solving for kids & parents’ busing concerns, and that this be an STS factor to receive funding; and,
  6. That the Province provide a “Parent Portal” for ongoing busing feedback of their STS, so families and kids can review/provide comments, especially during Ministry STS reviews and revisions to funding; and,
  7. That the Province have GPS tracking software to notify parents when children picked up/dropped off.

3. County of Essex dated May 19, 2021 Re: Advocacy for Reform - Municipal Freedom of Information Protection of Privacy Act.  Leamington requests that the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services be requested to review MFIPPA, and consider recommendations as follows:

  1. That MFIPPA assign the municipal clerk, or designate to be the Head under the Act;
  2. That MFIPPA be updated to address current and emerging technologies;
  3. That MFIPPA regulate the need for consistent routine disclosure practices across institutions;
  4. That the threshold for frivolous and/or vexatious actions be reviewed, and take into consideration the community and available resources in which it is applied;
  5. That the threshold for frivolous and/or vexatious also consider the anonymity of requesters, their abusive nature and language in requests to ensure protection from harassment as provided for in Occupational Health and Safety Act;
  6. That the application and scalability of fees be designed to ensure taxpayers are protected from persons abusing the access to information process;
  7. That administrative practices implied or required under MFIPPA, including those of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, be reviewed and modernized;
  8. That the integrity of MFIPPA be maintained to protect personal privacy and transparent governments.
4. Town of Plympton-Wyoming dated May 27, 2021 Re: Advocacy for Reform MFIPPA.  The same request as above is made by Plympton-Wyoming.

5. Regional Municipality of York dated May 27, 2021 Re: Reopening Due to Vaccine Numbers.  York Region appears to be advocating for an economic reopening as of June 2nd although it is not clear based on the text provided.

6. County of Perth dated May 26, 2021 Re: Domestic COVID-19 Vaccine Production and Capacity.  Perth County recommends to the Federal Government to support domestic production of a COVID-19 vaccine; and encourages all levels of Government to engage and support domestic vaccine capacity.

7. Township of Archipelago dated May 21, 2021 Re: Banning Unencapsulated Polystyrene Foam. Arhipelago calls on the Federal Government of Canada (Ministries of Fisheries and the Environment) the Province of Ontario (Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry, Ministry of Environment, Conservation & Parks), the Province of Quebec, The United States (U.S.) Federal Government, and the U.S. States of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota to work in collaboration with each other to enact laws which:

  1. Ban unencapsulated polystyrene (PS) products in all new and replacement public and private floating facilities across the Great Lakes Region and the coasts of Canada and the United Sates;
  2. find common standards of defining encapsulation with the goal of zero emissions of PS foam;
  3. require the timely transition to approved encapsulated PS products, for all public and private floating facilities currently using unencapsulated PS foam; and
  4. require the proper disposal of all unencapsulatedexpanded polystyrene (EPS) products currently being used for dock flotation.

8. Township of Archipelago dated May 21, 2021 Re: Bill 297 Microplastics Filters.  Archipelago requests that future sales of washing machines include filters with a maximum mesh size of 100 microns; and that the Ontario government pass Bill 279, and calls on the Canadian and U.S.government to create appropriate regulatory measures to the same effect; and that until households can only buy new laundry machines outfitted with <100micron filters, the provincial, state and federal governments provide funding and educationto help constituents reduce microfiber waste.

9. Town of Amherstburg dated May 28, 2021 Re: COVID-19 Support for Small Business.  Amherstburg supports Essex in allowing all of our local small businesses to immediately open and remain open for in-store sales but with limited capacity (such capacities being proportionate to the size of the business) and with increased safety measures in place as may be appropriate; that reopenings be on a regional basis, and to provide even more detailed local data in order to support and demonstrate the severity of cases and wish to have governments formally recognize and alleviate the economic impacts of a province wide shutdown on our local small businesses.

10. Township of West Lincoln dated May 26, 2021 Re: 988 Suicide and Crisis Prevention Hotline.  West Lincoln supports the 988 Hotline being established in Canada.

11. Township of West Lincoln dated May 26, 2021 Re: Review of Cannabis Licensing and Enforcement.  West Lincoln requests that the Federal Government enact legislation to better support local governments with land use management and enforcement issues as they relate to Cannabis Production and Processing.

12. Town of Amherstburg dated May 28, 2021 Re: Advocacy for Reform – MFIPPA Legislation.  Amherstburg supports the Essex County resolution noted above.

13. Town of Amherstburg dated May 28, 2021 Re: Road Management Action on Invasive Phragmites.  Amherstburg requests that the Ontario Ministry of Transportation map and treat invasive Phragmites annually on all its highways; and communicates the strategy on mapping (detecting sites) and controlling invasive Phragmites on provincial highways, the specific highway management plans and results by each MTO region and each highway in the region and work in coordination with municipalities.

14. Lake of Bays dated June 2, 2021 Re: Support for Review of Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  Lake of Bays supports the Essex County resolution noted above.

15. Lake of Bays dated June 2, 2021 Re: Road Management Action on Invasive Phragmites.  Lake of Bays supports the Amherstburg resolution noted above.

16. Town of Fort Erie dated June 1, 2021 Re: Provincial Hospital Funding of Major Capital Equipment.  Fort Erie requests that the Province be financially responsible for the replacement costs associated with all major capital equipment in hospitals or alternatively assume full responsibility for funding local hospitals completely.

17. Town of Fort Erie dated June 1, 2021 Re: 2021 Capital Gains Tax.  Fort Erie requests that the Federal Government cease further consideration of eliminating capital gains tax exemptions on primary residences.

18. Sharon Mrkalj dated June 3, 2021 Re: Briday Development.  Mrs. Mrkalj expresses concerns regarding the Briday proposal being considered at this meeting, including retaining all access via Dillon Drive rather than distributing between Dillon Drive and Little River Road, disagreement with the findings of the traffic impact study, and general increase in noise and activity on a distributed basis throughout the day.

19. Lucy Pereira dated June 3, 2021 Re: Briday Development.  Mrs. Pereira expresses concern for the Briday proposal being considered at this meeting, including the density, lack of recreational land in the neighbourhood and lost opportunity to address, traffic and flooding.

20. Windsor Essex County Health Unit dated June 4, 2021 Re: Town of Tecumseh consideration to opting in to Retail Cannabis Sales/Stores.  The Health Unit continues to oppose private cannabis retailing in the community until additional authority is granted to municipalities around location and density of retail outlets.

1. Corporate Services & Clerk
a. CS-2021-09 Retail Cannabis Stores.  Administration recommends that Council give consideration to opting-in to allowing for cannabis retailing.
b. CS-2021-10 Rural Broadband Advisory Committee.  Adminstration has supplied the names of the applicants for the Rural Broadband Advisory Committee and members of Council are being asked to select four at-large members to serve on the committee from among the applicants.
c. CS-2021-11 Fire Route Designation on Marine Drive.  Adminstration recommends adoption of By-law No. 2021-47 authorizing the Mayor and Clerk to execute Fire Route Agreements with Essex Condominium Corporation 21, Essex Condominium Corporation 27, and Essex Condominium Corporation 40 to designate Marine Drive as a Fire Route that would ensure an enforceable restriction on parking.
d. CS-2021-12 Essex Power Corporation - Appointment of Proxyholder for Shareholder's 2020 Annual Meeting.  It is recommended that Mayor Gary McNamara be appointed proxyholder for the Town of Tecumseh to cast its shareholder’s votes at Essex Power Corporation’s 2021 Shareholders’ Annual Meeting scheduled to be held on Wednesday, June 23, 2021, with Mr. Tom Burton as an alternate proxyholder.

2. Financial Services
a. FS-2021-07 Amendment of Financing Agreement with Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation (OILC).  Administration is recommending the extension of a loan agreement with Infrastructure Ontario entered into in 2012 to support sanitary sewer installation in the North Talbot Road area.  It was due to be concluded at the end of the month, and because some of the work to be completed is yet to be finalized, an end date of December 31st is being sought.

3. Planning & Building Services
a. PBS-2021-28 Official Plan and Zoning By-Law Amendments - Briday Victoria Development Corporation - 12433 Dillon Drive (Former Victoria Public School) - Proposed Residential Condominium Development - Final Recommendation.  Administration is recommending approval of the amended rezoning application from Community Facility designation to Residential for a 63-unit residential development consisting of six two-storey townhouse dwellings totalling 23 units, one, two-storey stacked townhouse dwelling containing 16 units and one three-storey stacked townhouse dwelling containing 24units, and a municipal park, as well as adding a new definition for a “Stacked Townhouse Dwelling” to the Tecumseh Zoning By-law 1746 together with zoning amendments from the “Community Facility Zone (CF)” and “Residential Zone 1 (R1)” categories to “Holding Residential Zone 3(H)R3-19” and “Recreational Zone (RE)”.

4. Public Works & Environmental Services
a. PWES-2021-28 Tecumseh Roadway Signage Inventory and Condition Assessment.  Administration recommends that implementation of the 2020 Community Sign Survey completed by Generator Design of Canada Inc. be included as part of the annual Roads Operational Budget, and further that the replacement of Sign No.11: Brighton Road at VIA Rail and Sign No. 16: Tecumseh Road at Pike Creek, and the installation of a new sign on County Road 9 at South Talbot Road be incorporated as part of the annual Public Works & Environmental Services Capital Works Plan.

1. By-Law 2021-41 Being a bylaw to provide for the repair and improvements to the Cyr Drain

2. By-Law 2021-42 Being a bylaw to provide for the Realignment of the South Talbot Drain

3. By-Law 2021-43 Being a by-law to approve a two year Pilot Program for Licensing Urban Hens

4. By-Law 2021-44 Being a by-law to authorize the execution of an Amending Agreement with the Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation and The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh

5. By-Law 2021-45 Amendment No. 1 to the Town of Tecumseh Official Plan

6. By-Law 2021-46 Being a by-law to amend By-law 1746, the Town’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law for those lands in the former Town of Tecumseh.

7. By-Law 2021-47 Being a By-law to amend Schedule J (Fire Agreements) of By-law No. 2001-36, as amended to regulate traffic and parking on highways and private roadways under the jurisdiction of the Municipality.


For questions on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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