June 29th Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council is hosting a special meeting to discuss an organizational review of the Town's Administration.  The agenda can be found here.

The meeting will be hosted In-Camera, thereby closed to the public in accordance with Section 239 2(a) (b) and (d) of the Municipal Act, 2001, as the subject matter being considered is:

  • the security of the property of the municipality or local board;
  • personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees;
  • and labour relations or employee negotiation.

Delegations include

  1. Susan Chase, Project Manager and Senior Consultant; Andy Will, Senior Consultant, Perry Group Consultants Re: Information Technology Service Review
  2. Bruce Peever, Partner, and Tom Malanfant, Senior Manager, Advisory Management Consulting, Industry Specialist, State & Local Government, KPMG LLP Re: Organizational Review

Reports include:

  1. ICS-2021-03 Information Technology Service Review.  The review identified that Tecumseh operates significantly below recommended ranges for IT staffing and operating expenditures.  The underinvestment in IT is one of the significant contributors inhibiting the Town’s ability to deliver the required services both internally and externally.  Additional capacity in the areas of business analysis, management and help desk is recommended to provide for Recommended changes would provide for more strategic direction for the department as well as functional support for the business needs of the organization.
  2. CAO-2021-12 Organizational Review.  The review concluded that the overall span of control for the Chief Administrative Officer remain the same with seven distinct departments reporting to the position, under a functional model of organization. Some of the services and functions within the departments are recommended to be realigned in order to optimize the delivery of the services, improve customer service and achieve Council’s strategic priorities.  To improve customer service, changes are proposed in many of departments.

For questions on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]



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