June 28th Council Meeting

Council begins this week at 6pm with a Public Meeting to give consideration to the Drainage Report prepared by Gerard Rood,
P. Eng. of Rood Engineering Inc. for the repair and improvement of the West Branch Delisle Drain and to hear from affected
land owners.

The full packet can be found here: http://town.tecumseh.on.ca/amserver/Public%20Council%20Meeting/2016-06/28-18-

Regular business begins at 7pm and the full packet can be found here: http://town.tecumseh.on.ca/amserver/Regular

We wil begin with a delegation from Tourism Windsor-Essex Pelee Island from Gordon Orr and Lynnette Bain who will speak to
the 2016/17 TWEPI Visitor Guide and various Tourism Windsor-Essex Initiatives.

Paul Morand will be present to be recognized as the 2016 Senior of the Year Award. Congratulations Paul!

Leslie Furlan, Corn Festival Committee Member, will be recognized for her contributions to the Tecumseh Corn Fest, having
received a Festivals and Events Ontario Certificate of Recognition for Significant Contribution. Congratulations Leslie!

The Tecumseh Heritage Advisory Committee will be recognized for having received the Ontario Historical Society’s B. Napier
Simpson Jr. Award Presentation in recognition for their work in protecting the Banwell Road Black Settlement.

Karen Howard, Rotary Club 1918 will speak regarding the application for noise and sign by-law exemptions for the Rotary Club Fish Fry

A. Ted McMeekin, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Letter dated June 10, 2016, Re: Letter of Sympathy. Minister
Ted McMeekin has sent to Tecumseh Town Council a letter of sympathy expressing sadness over the death of Councillor Mike

B. County of Essex, Office of the Warden, June 7, 2016, Re: Resolution Climate Change Action Plan. Essex County Council
has sent a letter to the Premier expressing concern for efforts to restrict the use of Natural Gas and other inexpensive
means of home heating in favour of supply through electricity.

C. Dillon Consulting, June 6, 2016, Re: Redesignation of Engineer Collins Drain Dillon Project No. 14-9799 and
D. Dillon Consulting, June 6, 2016, Re: Redesignation of Engineer, East Townline Drain Enclosure, Dillon Project No. 15-
2408. Dillon Consulting has reassigned work related to these two drain projects to Mark Hernandez, P.Eng.

E. Town of Oakville, Re: Request to Amend Provincial Policy on Autism IBI Therapy. The Town of Oakville has formally
requested the following from the Province of Ontario and Administration recommends support:

  1. Ensure families leaving the current IBI waitlist that the level of intervention their child needs will be provided through the transition and under the new delivery model;
  2. Ensure that all children are assessed equally for the level of intensive therapy they need regardless of age;
  3. Ensure oversight by professionals and parents based on ‘development progress’ criteria and milestones; and
  4. Consider a transitory Direct Funding Offering model to accompany the current Direct Service Offering Model.

F. County of Essex, Office of the Director of Council Services/Clerk, May 26, 2016, Re: Lyme Disease Resolution
2016-05-18 Lyme Disease Resolution. Essex County, the Town of Amherstburg, the Township of Augusta and the Township of
GIllies have supported a resolution by Niagara Region that calls for increased provincial funding for research aimed to
enhance the testing for Lyme disease, and that increased federal funding be supplied for both enhanced testing and
determining better treatment for long term outcomes of Lyme disease.

G. Essex Region Conservation Foundation, Re: Essex Region Conservation Foundation's 28th Annual Golf Tournament.
Administration is recommending that Council's ERCA representatives be funded to participate in this event up to a cost of
$175 per person.

H. Township of South-West Oxford, June 2, 2016, Re: the continued combination of the ROMA/OGRA Conference. The Rural
Ontario Municipalities Conference and the Ontario Good Roads Conference have historically been held together. A decision
has been made to sever this co-location. South-West Oxford has passed a resolution opposing this separation as it means
that it will be more expensive for local Councils to bring back the same information to their communities - two conference
attendances will be required rather than one.

ROMA OGRA Conference
I. Association of Ontario Municipalities, Ontario Municipal Social Services Association, Re: AMO/OMSSA Human Services
Symposium Registration Human Services Symposium Flyer and Registration Form. Administration is recommending that funding
be approved for members of Council to attend this workshop should they so choose on September 22nd in Vaughan.

Corporate Services & Clerk
A. Tina Savic, University of Windsor Master's Intern, June 20, 2016, Report No. 15/16, Re: Accessible Customer Service
Policy Review. This report proposes updates to the Accessible Customer Service Policy, namely:

  1. Training for all workers and volunteers
  2. New definitions for “Assistive Device” and “Regulated Health Professional”;
  3. Written confirmation for the need of a service animal now includes an array of regulated health professionals;
  4. Clarity that a support person is a person to accompany someone with a disability for the purposes of health or safety and in consultation with the person. If it’s determined a support person is required, the fee or fare (if applicable) for the support person must be waived;
  5. Ensuring feedback process is in an accessible format
  6. Public distribution of the policy

B. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, June 6, 2016, Report No. 16/16, Re: Declaration of the Office for Councillor Ward 2
as Vacant and Methods to Fill the Vacancy. It is recommended that Councillor Mike Rohrer's seat be declared vacant and
that Council determine the means of replacing him. The two options are to appoint a person to the seat - the second place
finisher in the election, however, isn't eligible - or hold a By-Election. The most recent example of a By-election was in
2013 in the City of Windsor for Ward 7. Costs are $1,500 and $15,000, respectively. The process for either finalizing an
appointment or holding a By-election would begin in or around September.

C. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, May 25, 2016, Report No. 17/16, Re: Health & Safety Policy No. 7 Annual Review.
This is Council's annual review of the Health and Safety Policy for the Town.

D. Director Financial Services & Treasurer, June 7, 2016, Report No. 11/16, Re: 2015 Development Charge Reserve Fund
Statement. This is Council's regular statement to the Province regarding the collection of Development Charges and state
of reserves.

Parks & Recreation Services
E. Manager Recreation Programs & Events, May 24, 2016, Report No. 18/16, Re: Rotary Club Fish Fry. The Rotary Club of
Windsor (1918) is proposing to host a Fish Fry at Lakewood Park on August 12th from 4pm to 8pm. They are requesting that
they receive a blanket exemption from the Sign By-law in order to place signage anywhere that does not impede sight lines
and they are seeking relief from the Noise By-law as they will be operating loudspeakers.

F. Manager Recreation Programs & Events, June 8, 2016, Report No. 19/16, Re: Tecumseh Terry Fox Run 2016. Administration
is recommending consideration of waiving park fees for the Tecumseh Terry Fox Committee for use of Green Acres Park and the
Optimist Community Centre.

G. Manager Recreation Programs & Events, June 10, 2016, Report No. 20/16, Re: Windsor Sports and Culture Club Park Rental
2016. The Windsor Sports and Culture Club is requesting relief from the Noise By-law in order to operate loud speakers or
sound amplifying equipment at McAuliffe Park on Saturday, August 27, 2016, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for live band
performances / entertainment during their annual community event celebration.

Planning & Building Services
H. Manager Planning, June 22, 2016, Report No. 11/16, Re: Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Bylaw Amendment, Lakeview
Montessori School, 116 St. Marks Road. Administration is recommending that Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 5:15pm be designated for the Public Meeting required as part of the rezoning process for Lakewood Montessori School. They are proposing to build a new gym/auditorium on property that is currently zoned for residential, which was formerly the St. Mark's Church Rectory.

I. Manager Planning, June 8, 2016, Report No. 12/16, Re: Zoning By-law Amendment, Condition of Consent for Surplus Dwelling Lot (B-11/16), Agricultural Surplus Dwelling – 7258 South Talbot Road, Charles and Carol McLean. Administration is recommending that a public meeting be scheduled for Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 5:00 p.m., to prohibit the construction of a residential dwelling unit on a property recent severed, situated on the north side of South Talbot Road/10th Concession intersection (7258 South Talbot Road).

J. Director Planning & Building Services, June 13, 2016, Report No. 13/16, Re: Tecumseh Road Main Street Community Improvement Plan, Financial Incentive Program Grant Application, Planning Application and Permit Fee Grant Program and Development Charges Grant Program, 1300/1310 Lesperance Road (1614840 Ontario Ltd.). Administration is recommending approval of grants in the amount of $2,000 from the Planning Application and Permit Fee Grant Program, and $80,784.00 from the Development Charges Grant Program. This is a 6 unit apartment building being constructed at Lesperance and Lanoue that reflects an in-fill development and that adheres to the urban design guidelines set out in the Community Improvement Program.

K. Director Planning & Building Services, June 15, 2016, Report No. 14/16, Re: Part Lot Control Exemption, Block 88 on Registered Plan of Subdivision 12M-606 (West side of Lakewood Crescent), 670172 Ontario Inc. (Kolody Homes), Creation of Individual Lots for Townhouse Units. This application is to allow for separate ownership of each unit in a townhome development in the new Lakewood subdivision. At the time of construction it was unknown where the walls would be constructed.

L. Manager Planning, June 23, 2016, Report No. 15/16, Re: Town of Tecumseh New Official Plan Transportation Discussion Paper, June 2016. Administration is releasing the tenth of 12 discussion papers for Transportation matters in the future Tecumseh Official Plan. It is intended to align the recent Tecumseh Transportation Master Plan with the Official Plan which provides legal framework for planning decisions. It is envisioned that a broader, complete streets approach will be incorporated favouring more transit, cycling and walking options in a manner accessible to everyone and to rebalance our priority for motor vehicles throughout the Town. Traffic Calming is also discussed.

M. Manager Building Services & Chief Building Official, June 21, 2016, Report No. 16/16, Re: 2016 1st Quarter Permit Report
16-16. Building activity is down for the first quarter of the year, primarily owing to last year's construction of 250 Manning Road condominium complex. However many more permits have been issued this year than last year.

Public Works & Environmental Services
N. Drainage Superintendent, May 26, 2016, Report No. 33/16, Re: Request for Repair and Improvements to a Municipal Drain, Appointment of Drainage Engineer – Hurley Relief & Branch & Extension Drain. Administration is recommending that Gerald Rood, P.Eng. of Rood Engineering be appointed as the Drainage Engineer for this cleaning project.

O. Drainage Superintendent, May 30, 2016, Report No. 34/16, Re: Request for Repair and Improvements to a Municipal Drain, Appointment of Drainage Engineer – Eleventh Concession Drain. Administration is recommending that Gerald Rood, P.Eng. of Rood Engineering be appointed as the Drainage Engineer for this cleaning project.

P. Manager Roads & Fleet, June 10, 2016, Report No. 38/16, Re: 2016 Sidewalk Extension Program - Tender Award 38-16 PWES 2016 Sidewalk Extension Tender Award_062816. Piracenzi Construction is being recommended to construct the sidewalk program for this year at a tender cost of $38,860. The sidewalks to be constructed are:

  • South side of Riverside Drive 12439 Riverside to Lacasse Blvd. 105m
  • South side of Little River Boulevard Arrowhead Park to Lesperance Rd. 203m
  • South side of St. Denis Street Carling Park to Lacasse Blvd. 43m
  • East side of Lacasse Boulevard Along the Bonduelle Parking lot 45m
  • East side of Lesperance Road 2100 Lesperance toAbraham Cole Park 12m

If you have any questions on these or other matters please contact me at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]

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