June 26th Meeting

This week, Town Council begins at 7pm.  The full agenda can be found here.

Delegations include:
a. Dan Piescic, who is retiring as Tecumseh's Director of Public Works & Environmental Services

b. Judy Wellwood-Robson, who is being recognized as Senior of the Year Award Recipient

c. Cynthia Swift, CPA, KPMG, who will be presenting the 2017 Draft Audited Financial Statements


d. Joe Barile, General Manager, Essex Powerlines Corporation who will be speaking about the town's proposal to commence In-House Water Billing.  The service is currently supplied by Essex Powerlines.  Administration is recommending delay of a decision while the Town works with Essex Power to develop a plan in time for the July 24th meeting.

Communications - For Information
a. Minister of Infrastructure and Communities dated May 25, 2018 Re: Town of Lakeshore's resolution for federal investment in storm water management and drainage improvement infrastructure.  The Government of Canada advises that the Town should continue to pursue funding requests at the Provincial level.  The Federal Government will not make the decisions regarding projects in which to fund.
b. CN Rail dated May 30, 2018 Re: Annual Vegetation Management Program.  CN advises that it will be undertaking the clearing of vegetation within it rights-of-way.  CN operates some trackage in the vicinity of Walker Road and Provincial Road but otherwise tracks are owned by VIA Rail Canada and Canadian Pacific Railway.
c. Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario dated June 5, 2018 Re: Notice of Extension of Hours for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.  The Province has approved the start of liquor service in the province at 9:00 a.m. for liquor sales licensees during the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament. This approval is temporary and only for the duration of tournament play, which starts on June 14, 2018 and ends on July 15, 2018. 
d. Town of Essex dated June 6, 2018 Re: Lakeshore Resolution on Demolition of All Buildings Containing Hazardous Materials.  Essex supports the Lakeshore resolution asking for the Government of Ontario to review and revise the laws regarding the alteration, renovation and/or demolition of all buildings containing hazardous materials, to ensure that proper steps and  preventative measures are taken to protect the public from exposure to hazardous materials, be received and supported. 
e. City of Windsor dated June 14, 2018 Re: 2018 Homeownership Downpayment Assistance Release Program.  Windsor is the service delivery agent for provincial housing investments, and advises of the Canada-Ontario Homeownership Downpayment Assistance Program. Downpayment assistance of 10% of the purchase price of an eligible home, up to a maximum of $21,200 is provided by a 20-year forgivable loan registered on title as a second mortgage.  The program operates on a first come-first serve basis and ends when program funds are depleted or November 30, 2018, whichever occurs first.

Communications - Action Required
a. National Airlines Council of Canada dated June 14, 2018 Re: Cross-country consultations on air passenger rights and the aviation
ecosystem.  Administration recommends that a letter be sent to the Canadian Transportation Agency and the Minister of Transport advocating for an approach to passenger rights that recognizes the complexity of the aviation system and Canada’s unique operating environment.

b. Town of Amherstburg dated June 18, 2018 Re: Cannabis Grace Period Request.  Administration recommends support for the City of Quinte West’s request that a 6 month grace period be enacted once the cannabis legislation passes to ensure that municipal law enforcement officers and the OPP are adequately trained to enforce the legislation.


a. Financial Services
1. FS-2018-03 2017 Annual Report on Investment and Cash Management.   This Investment Report is presented to
Council at least annually and includes a management summary that provides an analysis of the status of the current investment portfolio and transactions made over the last year.  Administration is not recommending changes to investments in Essex Power and in the ONE Fund administered by Local Authority Services.

2. FS-2018-04 Water Sanitary In-House Billing.  As noted above, Administration is recommending that this matter be referred to the July 24th meeting of Council.
3. FS-2018-07 2017 Year-End Budget Variance Report.  There is currently a tax-supported surplus of $ 972,611.  Major drivers were an increase in building permit revenues and cost savings relevant to the LED street lighting conversion.  It is recommended that the surplus transfers be made as follows:
a) $ 946,668 to Tax Rate Stabilization Reserve
b) $ 25,943 capital surplus to Infrastructure Reserve.

Also noted were that Sanitary operations ended the year with a surplus of $126,276 and water operations ended with a deficit of $73,144.  Lifecycle spending had a surplus of $25,943.

4. FS-2018-08 2017 Development Charge Reserve Fund Statement.  Administration recommends that the 2017 Development Charge Reserve Fund Statement be received, and that the 2017 Development Charge Reserve Fund Statement be made available
to the public on the Town’s website, and further that the report be forwarded upon request to the Ministry of Municipal
Affairs (MMA).  The development charge reserve fund balance as of December 31, 2017 was $688,931 (2016 balance was $467,836) which will be used to pay back growth-related infrastructure costs.

b. Parks & Recreation Services
1. PRS-2018-16 Energy Conservation and Demand Management Annual Update.  Electricity consumption has been dropping, while natural gas consumption is similar to past years and fuel consumption is dropping slightly.  There are some equipment investments that are pending to further reduce electricity consumption in Town facilities.

2. PRS-2018-17 Pathway to Potential 2018 Funding Agreement.  Administration recommends that the Mayor and the Clerk be authorized to execute a Service Agreement between The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and the Corporation of the City of Windsor, relating to the Pathway to Potential Program for the 2018 budget year, at no cost to the Town.  Pathway to Potential funding allocated towards assisting low-income residents will total $50,000 in 2018.

c. Planning & Building Services
1. PBS-2018-19, CIP Grant Funding, 12357 Tecumseh Road.  Administration is recommending that Bosley Hair Salon (12357
Tecumseh Road) be approved and deemed eligible for  Financial Incentive(s) of the Tecumseh Road Mainstreet Community Improvement Plan under the Residential Grant Program, for a total amount of $20,000 towards the costs associated with the renovation of the existing second floor residential unit.

2. PBS-2018-20 2017 Year End By-law Enforcement Report.  The total number of complaints investigated for the period was 196, with 9 (5%) of the complaints remaining unresolved that will require legal action. In 2016, there were 155 complaints with 14
unresolved complaints.  
3. PBS-2018-21, D11 1675MAN, Site Plan Control, 1675 Manning.  Administration is recommending approval of a Site Plan Control application for “Otis Properties Limited” which allows for a commercial development comprising two commercial buildings having a total floor area of 4181 square metres (45,004 square feet), 273 parking spaces, landscaping and associated on-site services/works on a 2.0 hectare (5.0 acre) property located at the northwest corner of the Manning Road/Amy Croft Drive intersection (1675 Manning Road), be adopted.  Proposed units are a Grocery Store, a unit with a Drive-Thru, and additional space that can be further subdivided into three separate units.

d. Public Works & Environmental Services
1. PWES-2018-15 OCWA Service Agreements.  Administration recommends that the Town enter into a ten year extension to the existing Servicing Agreement with the Ontario Clean Water Agency for a fee of $110,978 for 2019, increased biennially by the Consumer Price Index.  OCWA currently maintains the Town's wastewater pump stations.

2. PWES-2018-17 Flood Mitigation Strategy.  Administration presents a Flood Mitigation Strategy.  It includes:

  1. Completion of the Town's Development Manual
  2. Town-wide Site Plan Control
  3. Mandatory Sewage Ejector Pump Installations for New Home Builds
  4. Completion of Storm Drainage Master Plans
  5. Completion of the ‘Windsor-Essex Region Stormwater Management Standards’
  6. Completion of a Regional Climate Change Strategy (Climate Adaptation Plan)
  7. Installation of a Regional Weather Station Network (Rain Gauges)
  8. Completion of a (storm and sanitary) Pump Station Emergency Response Plan
  9. Completion of a Shoreline Management Plan
  10. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation (Inflow and Infiltration Removal)
  11. Increase Sanitary System Storage Capacity
  12. Continued Flow Monitoring and Sanitary Sewer Modeling
  13. Public Education and Awareness Program on Managing Risk of Basement Flooding
  14. Mandatory Downspout Disconnection Program
  15. Mandatory Foundation Drain Disconnection & Storm Sump Pump Installation Subsidy Program
  16. Backwater Valve Installation Subsidy Program
  17. Sewage Ejector Pump Installation Subsidy Program
  18. Creation of an annual inspection program for private stormwater management facilities

For any further information on this or other municipal matters, please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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