January 26th Meeting

This week, Council begins at 7pm.  We'll be considering the following items.  You can find the full packet here.


A. Steve Ray, General Manager and Leesa Farah, Intern - Re: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 



A. The Corporation of the City of Windsor, January 8, 2016 - Re: Tecumseh Road Mainstreet Community Improvement Plan.  The City of Windsor is requesting the traffic analysis undertaken by the Town with respect to reducing the number of lanes on Tecumseh Road.

B. Municipal Employer Pension Centre Ontario (MEPCO), January 11, 2016 - Re: OMERS Pension Plan HOC.  MEPCO advises of information relevant to the transfer of pension funds to pensioners in case of deficit and in case of surplus.

C.  Township of Carling, January 13, 2016 - Re: Physician Recruitment Township of Carling.  The Township of Carling is seeking Council's support in having the Province establish funding to support physician recruitment services in rural and underserviced areas.

D. Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), January 19, 2016 - Re: AMO's 2016 Pre-Budget Submission.  AMO requests that the Province of Ontario maintain its commitments to complete "uploading" of provincial services from the municipal tax base to the provincial income tax base, that the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund be increased concurrent with inflation, and that the Province address the cost differential created by increases awarded to police and fire employees versus other municipal employees.

E. Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) - Re: 2016 Draft Budget, 30 day Notice to Member Municipalities.  ERCA is proposing a budget increase of 65 cents per household.


A. Chief Administrative Officer, January 19, 2016, Report No. 01/16 Re: Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario [EVCO] 01-16.  The CAO recommends that an application for funding of two [2] Electric Vehicle [EV] Charging Stations in Tecumseh be submitted and that Council authorize Administration to liaise with Essex Energy in providing the necessary information to support the Electric Vehicle [EV] Charging Stations in Tecumseh.

B. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, January 19, 2016, Report No. 01/16  Re: February 9, 2016, Regular Council Meeting - Re-consider Cancellation.  The Clerk recommends that the February 9th meeting of Council be restored after previous cancellation, as anticipated attendance at conferences did not materialize.

C. Director Fire Services & Fire Chief, December 15, 2015, Report No. 01/16 Re: 2016 Fire Five (5) Year Capital Projects Plan 01-16 Fire 2016.  The Fire Chief recommends purchases as follows:  (a) 2 Swiss phone pagers $ 900, (b) 4 firefighter helmets $ 1,600, (c) 4 sets of firefighter bunker gear $ 10,000, and (d) Confined space training facility $ 50,000, to be funded from (a) Fire Equipment Lifecycle Reserve $ 17,500 and (b) In-kind donations towards the Confined space training facility $ 45,000, including In-kind donations of $25,000 from Leigh Hanson for the cement culverts and manhole, $6,000 from Coxon’s Towing Service for transportation and repositioning of cement culverts and labour.

D. Director Fire Services & Fire Chief, January 14, 2016, Report No. 02/16 Re: Fire Chief's Q4 of 2015 Fire Rescue Services Update 02-16  The Fire Chief provides a statistical report of calls made during the fourth quarter of 2015.  

E. Manager Recreation Programs & Events, January 4, 2016, Report No. 03/16 - Re: 2015 Christmas in Tecumseh and Santa Parade Post-Event Report.  The Parks and Recreation Department advise on the outcome of the events this year and the impacts of the inclement weather.

F. Director Planning & Building Services, January 21, 2016, Report No. 01/16 - Re: 1078398 Ontario Limited (Dunn Group), Proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments, East of Walker Road, South of 401.  Dunn Paving is looking to use a property that is generally landlocked just east of the properties facing Walker Road south of Highway 401 to store aggregate for recycling purposes and to supply hot mix asphalt.  The Planning Department is recommending that a public meeting be convened for Tuesday February 23rd at 5pm to discuss the rezoning.

G. Manager Planning, January 18, 2016, Report No. 03/16 - Re: Annual Status Report on the Tecumseh Transit Service for 2015 03-16.  Planning presents a usage report for Tecumseh Transit.  Ridership has been generally static and the most popular stop accounting for half of all persons is Tecumseh Mall.  No changes are proposed at this time.

H. Manager Building Services & Chief Building Official, January 19, 2016, Report No. 04/16 - Re: 2015 Year End Permit Report.  The Building Department reports that in 2015 an additional $15 million in development was undertaken within the town and 22 additional permits issues year-to-year.

I. Development Coordinator, January 19, 2016, Report No. 02/16 - Re: Valente - Arbour Grove Townhomes, Release of Building Permits - Placing of Services on Maintenance.  The Planning Department recommends that the services installed in this development begin their one year maintenance period before being accepted by the Town of Tecumseh.  This also allows for Building Permits to be released for this development.

J. Director Public Works & Environmental Services, January 6, 2016, Report No. 07/16 - Re: Tender Award, LED Street Light Conversion - Luminaire Supply.  Philips Canada was awarded the tender to supply LED lighting materials at a cost of $687,041.50 plus HST, well below the anticipated price.

K. Director Public Works & Environmental Services, January 6, 2016, Report No. 08/16 - Re: Tender Award, LED Street Light Conversion - Removal & Installation.  Maple City Electric was awarded the tender to remove existing fixtures and replace with new LED lamps at a cost of $101,510 plus HST.  

L. Manager Engineering Services, January 14, 2016, Report No. 06/16 - Re: 8th Concession Trunk Sanitary Sewer, Schedule 'B' Class Environmental Assessment.  Public Works reports that the environmental assessment for the proposed 8th Concession Sanitary Sewer is complete and should be advertised for 30 day public review.


If you have any questions on these or other matters please feel free to call me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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