January 26th Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council begins at 5pm with a meeting concerning the new Tecumseh Official Plan.  This is a vision document governing the intended future direction for land development within the municipality and the aims and goals of the municipality with respect to the built environment.  Resident submissions have been made with requests specific to cannabis, land disposal, intensification and building materials.  The agenda can be found here.  The proposed Official Plan document can be found here.

Regular business begins at 7pm and the agenda can be found here.

Communications - For Information includes
1. Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks dated January 11, 2021 Re: Conservation Authorities Working Group.  The Province has announced the creation of a working group involving stakeholders from across the Province and from various conservation authority and municipal stakeholders to develop recommendations for the implementaiton of regulations surrounding the general mandate of conservation authorities

2. Municipality of West Grey dated January 13, 2021 Re: Schedule 8, Bill 229, Protect, Support and Recover from COVID-19.  West Grey requests repeal of Schedule 8 of Bill 229, the legislation that spoke to bringing forward changes to the general mandate of conservation authorities.

3. Town of Lakeshore dated December 15, 2020 Re: ZBA-9-2020, Beachside Development Inc.  Lakeshore advises that it has granted approval for three additional multi-storey residential buildings located on the former Tecumseh Golf property between Amy Croft Drive and the future Lanoue Street.

4. Township of South-West Oxford dated January 11, 2021 Re: Automatic Speed Enforcement (Photo Radar).  South-West Oxford requests that municipalities be able to use Automatic Speed Enforcement (photo radar) in their communities.

5. Township of Larder Lake dated January 12, 2021 Re: Municipal Insurance Costs.  Larder Lake requests that the provincial government adopt a model of full proportionate liability to replace joint and several liability, that it enhance existing limitations period including the continued applicability of the existing 10 day rule on slip and fall cases given recent judicial interpretations and whether a one-year limitation period may be beneficial, to implement a cap for economic loss awards, to increase the catastrophic impainnent default benefit limit to $2 million and increase the third-party liability coverage to S2 million in government regulated automobile insurance plans, to assess and implement additional measures which would support lower premiums or alternatives to the provision of insurance services by other entities such as non- profit insurance reciprocals, to compel the insurance industry to supply all necessary financial evidence including premiums, claims and deductible limit changes which support its and municipal arguments as to the fiscal impact of joint and several liability, and to establish a provincial and municipal working group to consider the above and put forward recommendations to the Attorney General

6. County of Perth dated January 19, 2021 Re: Extension of Grant Deadlines. Perth supports the Township of Matachewan resolution regarding the extension of grants.

7. United Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry dated January 18, 2021 Re: Small businesses to reopen with required health guidelines and protocols in place.  Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry request that the Province of Ontario allow for small businesses to immediately reopen with the required health guidelines and protocols in place.

8. Municipality of Mississippi Mills dated January 18, 2021 Re: Request for Revisions to Municipal Elections.  Mississippi Mills requests a review of the Municipal Elections Act that provides amendments for clearer, stronger wording, to assist municipal Clerks in addressing issues to allow for a more definitive decision to be made when adding names to the voters list and to ensure that there is a clear and accessible way to report election fraud and that the rules described in the Municipal Elections Act are actually enforceable even if there is not a current case law.

1. Corporate Services & Clerk
a. CS-2021-02 2020 Open and Closed Meetings.  The Clerk reports the 2020 and historical meeting durations.  There was more time spent in regular Council meetings in 2020 vs. 2019 however there were fewer Special Council Meetings, Public Council Meetings and In Camera meetings.

2. Financial Services
a. FS-2021-01 Taxes Receivable - December 2020.  Administration reports that although there were slightly more tax arrears in 2020, the net value of those arrears in total has declined.

3. Public Works & Environmental Services
a. PWES-2021-01 Traffic Analysis - 2020 Radar Speed Surveys.  Administration presents its listing of Radar Speed Trailer locations and findings.  It was noted that southbound Holden Road, southbound Malden Road, northbound Manning Road (between Riverside and Little River), eastbound Riverside between Grace and Centennial, and westbound Tecumseh Road outside of the water tower are areas where speeds are exceeded beyond the 85th percentile.  Locations were submitted to the Ontario Provincial Police and will be monitored for future recommendations should conditions persist.

b. PWES-2021-02 Drainage Act Regulatory Proposal.  Administration has prepared a response to the Province's invitation to comment with respect to the Drainage Act changes and is requesting Council's concurrence in submitting them.

I have also put forward a motion surrounding investigation of a Rodent Control Subsidy Program for investigtation by Administration.

For questions on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at [email protected] or 226-773-1910.

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