January 15th Budget Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council will be meeting at 5pm to set the 2019 Business Plan and Budget.  The document and accompanying reports can be found here.

Administration is recommending a 2.7% tax levy increase net of growth on the Tecumseh portion of taxes (53% of the total residential tax bill) and represents an increase in the municipal tax bill of approximately $50 on a property assessed at $250,000 (the average assessed value of a home in Tecumseh).

The 2019 budget provides for:

  • A $150,000 increase towards the New Infrastructure Levy (NIL).  This fund is intended to enhance existing municipal services.  As an example, new sidewalks could be constructed under this fund.  
  • A $100,000 increase towards Lifecycle infrastructure replacement.
  • $17.5 million capital expenditure program supported by an increase in Provincial OCIF grant of $377,000 ($700,000 to
    $1,077,000) and Federal Gas Tax grant funding of $1,127,500 (a decrease of $21,000 from 2018 level of $1,148,500).
  • Service level enhancements in some areas, including:
    • Extended Parks and Recreation office hours to include evenings and weekends
    • Additional resources to maintain Parks facilities during extended operating hours
    • Additional Parks resources to improve department efficiency and effectiveness and to address health and safety issues
    • Additional Public Works resources by substituting one full-time labourer position for an existing part-time seasonal
  • $330,000 for known employee wage and benefit increases including:
    • $170,000 for negotiated wage and related benefit increases,
    • $60,000 for Bill 148 impact of increasing wages for certain part-time/seasonal employees,
    • $55,000 for impact of income tax changes affecting Council compensation, and\
    • $45,000 for employee retirement payouts.
  • $330,000 increase to general operations including:
    • $92,000 estimated increase to contracted policing costs,
    • $80,000 increase in materials and supplies, largely impacted by fuel costs, and
    • $130,000 increase to professional services, largely due to various studies to be undertaken during 2019, much of
      which will be funded through reserves.

In addition, Administration is recommending that Town Council set a Public Meeting for Tuesday, January 29th at 7pm to solicit feedback regarding fluoridation of the Town's water supply.  Water is supplied by Windsor but under the Fluoridation Act as it supplies to both Tecumseh and LaSalle, at least one of the municipalities must agree to the change.  The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit has supplied an Oral Health study as a point of information on this subject.  The study can be found here.  Administration is not offering a proposed direction on this matter.

For information on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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