How to Vote

The Town of Tecumseh will conduct the Elections using the VOTE BY INTERNET AND TELEPHONE Methods.  A demonstration of the Internet and Telephone Voting Methods will be given at a PUBLIC INFORMATION CENTRE [PIC]. Electors will be given the opportunity to cast a sample Internet Ballot. The PIC will be held:

Where: Tecumseh Town Hall
When: Wednesday, September 3rd
Times: 1-3 pm and 6-8 pm
Everyone is welcome to attend.

You must be on the Voters' List to receive a Voter Information Letter [VIL] containing vital information about voting using the Internet or Telephone Methods. You may contact the Clerk’s Office to confirm you are on the Voters’ List. Eligible voters may attend the Tecumseh Town Hall to have their name added to the Voters’ List, to correct their information, add their date of birth, or to receive a new VIL should they have misplaced or not received one in the mail. Photo identification will be required.


You can watch a demonstration of Internet Voting here at

Once connected to the Internet, go to
1. Select English or French.
2. A Voter Declaration is displayed. Read and click “I confirm” to verify eligibility to vote.
3. Enter Voter PIN and Date of Birth.
4. Mark the ballots for Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillor for your respective Ward and School Board Trustee, as instructed.
5. The system will then show the selection of all ballots and ask for confirmation of all votes.
6. The final screen will confirm that the vote has been received and voting is complete.
7. Option to complete an anonymous survey regarding the Internet voting experience.
There is a twenty (20) minute time limit to complete all voting. Electors not completing voting within this time limit, can restart the process from the beginning. Voting will not be permitted after 8:00 pm on Election Day, except at the Voter Information Centre.

The PIN is assigned to, and may only be used by, the elector identified in the VIL. The voting system will not allow electors to vote for more than the number of positions to be elected.

Dial 1-866-539-6180
1. Select English or French.
2. Listen to the welcome message, general instructions on the voting process, and how to stop the process.
3. Press 1 to continue, or Press 2 to listen to accessibility options.
4. Confirm eligibility to vote.
5. Enter Voter PIN and Date of Birth.
6. The different positions to be elected will be presented, as well as voting instructions.  The system will prompt confirmation of vote(s) after each position in order to continue to the next position/ballot.
7. After all votes have been selected, a message states the candidates selected and asks for confirmation.  If the elector attempts to choose more than the allowed number of options in any race, they will receive an error message.

Town Hall, 917 Lesperance Rd
The Centre will offer electors a computer or telephone to cast their votes.

Weekdays October 17 through 26
8:30 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday October 18 and 25
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Election Day October 27
8:30 am - 8:00 pm
Eligible voters who are inside the Voter Information Centre at 8:00 pm on Election Day, will be able to vote using Town computers, only.
All other Internet and Telephone voting will cease at 8:00 pm.

Contact the Voter Information Centre at 519-735-2184. Staff is available during office hours.

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