Feburary 23rd Meeting

Tecumseh Council begins at 7pm with a regular meeting.  The agenda for the meeting can be found here.
1. Town of Kingsville dated January 8, 2021 Re: Removal of the Windsor International Airport from NAV Canada Closure List.  Kingsville supports the Essex County motion requesting that NAV Canada remove Air Traffic Control services from the Windsor International Airport.
2. Township of Perth South dated February 2, 2021 Re: Ontario Announces Working Group to Better Focus Conservation Authorities.  Perth South supports the proposed changes the Ontario government passed respecting conservation authorities in schedule 6 of Bill 229, the Protect, Support and Recover from COVID-19 Act (Budget Measures), 2020 (“Bill 229”).
3. Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks dated February 5, 2021 Re: Conservation Authorities Act.  The Ministry is proposing that the remaining un-proclaimed provisions of Bill 229 be proclaimed in two further stages over the coming months to align with the roll out of proposed regulations and policy. These include: i) Provisions related to natural hazard management, mandatory programs and services, community advisory boards, the agreements and transition period, and fees; ii) Provisions related to municipal levies, and standards and requirements for non-mandatory programs and services.
4. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs dated February 11, 2021 Re: Food Premises Regulation under the Health Protection and Promotion Act.  Minister Hardeman has announced changes to the Food Premises Regulation under the Health Protection and Promotion Act that allow more flexibility for small, independent businesses to sell their low-risk, home-prepared foods from their homes or at special events like farmers’ markets, festivals and fairs. Some clarification of the rules was required and revisions have now been published to http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/programs/publichealth/coronavirus/docs/selling_low_risk_food.pdf.
5. Township of Guelph-Eramosa dated February 8, 2021 Re: Advocacy for Reform on MFIPPA.  Guelph-Eramosa requests reform to the Municipal Freedom of Infromation and Protection of Privacy Act as follows:
  1. That MFIPPA assign the Municipal Clerk, or designate to be the Head under the Act;
  2. That MFIPPA be updated to address current and emerging technologies;
  3. That MFIPPA regulate the need for consistent routine disclosure practices across institutions;
  4. That the threshold for frivolous and/or vexatious actions be reviewed, and take into consideration the community and available resources in which it is applied;
  5. That the threshold for frivolous and/or vexatious also consider the anonymity of requesters, their abusive nature and language in requests to ensure protection from harassment as provided for in Occupational Health and Safety Act;
  6. That the application and scalability of fees be designed to ensure taxpayers are protected from persons abusing the access to information process;
  7. That administrative practices implied or required under the Act, including those of the IPC, be reviewed and modernized;
  8. That the integrity of the Act be maintained to protect personal privacy and transparent governments.
6. Town of Amherstburg dated February 8, 2021 Re: Support for Bill S-216, an Act to Enact the Modern Slavery Act and to Amend the Customs Tariff.  Amherstburg supports Bill S-216, an Act to enact the Modern Slavery Act
7. City of St. Catherines dated February 8, 2021 Re: Universal Paid Sick Days in Ontario.  St. Catharines endorses legislated sick leave and calls on the government of Ontario to permanently legislate universal paid sick days for all workers in Ontario during the pandemic and beyond, regardless of workplace size, type of work or immigration status.
8. Town of Orangeville dated February 10, 2021 Re: Greenhouse Gas Emissions.  Orangeville requests that the Government of Ontario develop and implement a plan to phase-out all gas-fired electricity generation as soon as possible, with an emphasis on proven renewable energy technologies and energy storage, to ensure that Orangeville and other municipalities are enabled to achieve climate action goals (or “GHG emission reduction targets”); and direct the IESO to accelerate the use of renewable electricity supply, energy storage, and energy efficiency in all sectors, in order to reduce provincial greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible and bolster our competitiveness in the global cleantech marketplace and overall emerging low-carbon economy.
9. Township of Georgian Bay dated February 10, 2021 Re: Insurance Rates Reduction.  Georgian Bay supports the Municipality of Charleton and Dack to immediately review the recommendations to investigate the unethical practice of preferred vendors who are paid substantial amounts over industry standards, despite COVID-19 delays, as insurance premiums will soon be out of reach for many communities.
10. Save the OFC dated February 5, 2021 Re: Save the Ontario Fire College.  This unsigned letter asks for municipalities to support retaining the Ontario Fire College in Gravenhurst.
11. Town of Gravenhurst dated February 11, 2021 Re: Ontario Fire College.  Gravenhurst asks that the Province of Ontario reconsider the closure of the Ontario Fire College; and that if the closure occurs, the facility and site in the Town of Gravenhurst be considered to be the location of a Regional Training Centre for Fire and Emergency Services, and that the Province engage the Town of Gravenhurst and community partners to use the site in a matter that fosters growth of the community in a responsible way.
12. Town of Amherstburg dated February 12, 2021 Re: Ontario Fire College.  Amherstburg requests that the Province of Ontario reverse their decision to close the Ontario Fire College, and should the College continue to be closed as announced, that the Funds associated with the operation of the Fire College be retained for the exclusive use of the Ontario Fire Service to offset the financial impact of Fire fighter training.
13. Conmee Township dated February 10, 2021 Re: Criminal Records and Municipal Election Candidates.  Conmee requests amendments to the Municipal Act and Municipal Elections Act, as may be, so that people with a criminal record who have not had their record cleared from the RCMP Data Base by order of the Governor General of Canada, be prohibited from becoming a candidate in municipal elections, and that an elected local government official be disqualified from office upon conviction of a serious criminal offense and must resign.
14. Enbridge dated February 17, 2021 Re: Panhandle Regional Expansion Project.  Enbridge is inviting potential customers of natural gas consumption to contact them as they are build capacity as part of the Panhandle Regional Expansion Project.
15. AMTCO dated February 18, 2021 Re: Open Letter to Municipal Councils, Services during COVID-19.  AMCTO requests that municipalities continue to support staff training during the COVID-19 pandemic.
16. Windsor Construction Association dated February 18, 2021 Re: COVID Stimulus Funding.  The Windsor Construction Association requests of senior levels of government financial stimulus funding that do not require municipal investment.
c. PBS-2021-06 Site Plan Control Approval, 1840 Blackacre Drive.  Administration recommends that the Site Plan for this property which depicts the existing 1560 square metre (16,800 square foot) industrial building and two proposed 1114 square metre (12,000 square foot) industrial buildings, along with the respective associated on-site works on a 1.98 hectare (4.89 acre) property located on the north side of Blackacre Drive, immediately north of its intersection with Roscon Industrial Drive (1840 Blackacre Drive), be approved, subject to:
i) the Owner obtaining approval of Minor Variance Application A-14-21, providing relief to allow a third driveway access, from the Committee of Adjustment without appeals;
ii) the Owner depositing with the Town security in the form of cash or letter of credit in the amount of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) to ensure that all of the services and other obligations of the Owner are completed to the satisfaction of the Town, which cash or letter of credit security deposit shall be returned to the Owner uponcompletion and final inspection of all obligations of the Owner for the first (most easterly) proposed building, as shown on the aforementioned plans. In addition, in the event the security is returned to the Owner upon completion of the first proposed building, the Owner shall be required to deposit a further $10,000 deposit for the construction of the second proposed industrial building; and
iii) storm water retention calculations and associated drawings being approved by the Town, all of which is in accordance with Section 41 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990.
By-Law 2021-10 Being a by-law to adopt the new Town of Tecumseh Official Plan.
By-Law 2021-11 Being a by-law to authorize the execution of an Agreement between The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Ontario as represented by the Minister of Government and Consumer Services
By-Law 2021-12 Being a by-law to authorize the execution of a Servicing Agreement between The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and Municipality of Lakeshore and April Pawluk and Ryan Pawluk.
For questions on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]

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