February 23rd Meeting

This week's Council Meetings begin at 5pm.

The first matter for consideration is a proposed rezoning to allow a property east of Walker Road south of Highway 401, which was a former excavation pit for Highway 401 construction, to generally become a new asphalt plant, specifically:

  • a hot mix asphalt plant and associated truck holding area on the northern half of the property;
  • recycled aggregate storage on the southern half of the property;
  • hot mix asphalt stock piles on the north-eastern portion of the property, abutting the former CSR railway and vacant industrial lots that front onto Del Duca Drive;
  • three access points that propose to connect the property with Walker Road to the west (via the aforementioned private rights-of-way over abutting properties); Del Duca Drive to the east and Regal Drive to the south. All access points, laneways and parking/loading areas are proposed to be paved with asphalt;
  • five speed bumps and a 12-foot high cloth fence for portions of the westerly private right-of-way connecting the property to Walker Road. It is proposed that industrial vehicles loaded with aggregate and/or asphalt will be restricted to this access in order to exit directly onto County Road 11;
  • only empty industrial vehicles are proposed to enter/exit the property via the easterly access point on Del Duca Drive;
  • a 16-foot high berm along the northerly and north-westerly lot lines and the northerly half of the westerly lot line. An 8-foot high berm is proposed for the balance of the perimeter of the property.

Access to the site is an area of concern to the municipality as the property does not have direct access to a municipal right-of-way and there is no enforcement mechanism in place to ensure that site access can be controlled.

Several delegations will be present to speak to the proposal.

You can read the packet here.


At 6:30pm Council will consider the Engineer's Report for the McLean-Hergott Drain wherein affected property owners will contribute to the cost of cleaning the drain and related activities.  The full packet can be found here.


At 7pm the regular business of Council begins as follows.  The packet can be found here.


A. Joe Barile, General Manager, Essex Powerlines Re: Essex Power Youth in Community Funding

B. Rosa Amicarelli, Manager Community Living Supports, Community Living.  This delegation will speak to bring awareness of the need for hiring Community Living participants that may exist in the community.

C. Richard Wyma, General Manager, Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA). Re: 2015 Annual Report and 2016 Budget.  ERCA will speak to their 2016 budget and its impact on the municipality.  The levy increase will be $0.65 per household.


A. Community Living Essex - Re: Accessibility, Inclusion & Community Living Accessibility, Inclusion & Community Living

B. Town of Lakeshore, Notice of Public Open House - Re: 5 Year Official Plan Review.  The Public Open House will be held on Monday February 29, 2016 at the Atlas Tube Centre from 3pm to 7pm.

C. The Faculty of Law, and the Office of Human Rights, Equality and Accessibility, University of Windsor - Re: Accessibility Café - Ramping Up Stalled Action in Ontario on Disability Accessibility, March 3, 2016 with Special Guest David Lepofsky.  The event will be held on Thursday, March 3rd 2016, from 12pm-2pm at the Katzman Lounge, Vanier Hall, University of Windsor.

D. Township of Southgate, February 17, 2016 - Re: Bill 36 - an Act to amend the Trespass to Property Act Township of Southgate-Clerk Memo - Bill 36.  The Township of Southgate supports an increase to fines for trespassing on Private Property from $500 to $1000 and to a maximum of $25,000.


A. Chief Administrative Officer, January 29, 2016, Report No. 02/16 Re: Police Services - Schedule of Fees 02-16.  As we were alerted to last week, the Police Services Board has requested that Tecumseh harmonize its fees with the provincial fee schedule.  This will result is lower fees for police clearances for residents but will also reduce revenues to the Town (about $12,000).

B. Director Financial Services & Treasurer, February 5, 2016, Report No. 05/16 Re: Essex Powerlines Corporation Long Term Financing Agreement, 2016 Repayment Provision 05-16.  Administration is recommending that the Town retain its interest in the Essex Powerlines debt as the rate of return is higher than placing similar funds at a bank.

C. Deputy Treasurer & Tax Collector, February 11, 2016, Report No. 06/16 Re: Investor Agreement with The One Investment Program 06-16.  This is relevant to our report from last week adopting a new Investment Policy.  To join with other public bodies in their investment programs a by-law is required to proceed.

D. Director Planning & Building Services, February 16, 2016, Report No. 05/16 Re: Financial Incentive Program Grant Application, Tecumseh Road Main Street Community Improvement Plan, 12214 Tecumseh Road (2012471 Ontario Inc. / Buckingham Realty).  Buckingham Realty is seeking a Planning, Design and Architectural Grant, for a total amount of $1,475.00 toward the preparation of architectural drawings for their building.  

E. Manager Planning, February 16, 2016, Report No. 06/16 Re: Valente Development Corporation, Part Lot Control Exemption for Blocks 1 through 9 and Block 11 on Registered Plan of Subdivision 12M-612 (Carmelita Court) Creation of Individual Lots for Semi-detached and Townhouse Units 06-16.  This is a technical report speaking to the further subdivision of properties located on the former St. Anne's High School / Carmelita Hall property.  The developer wishes to provide separate ownership for each of the townhouse units.

F. Drainage Superintendent, February 3, 2016, Report No. 12/16 Re: West Townline and Mooney Creek Drain, 5465 County Road 19 - Private Bridge Emergency Replacement award of contract to Facca Incorporated 12-16.  Administration is recommending that the replacement of a failed bridge over the West Townline and Mooney Creek Drain at 5465 County Road 19 be awarded to Facca Incorporated in the amount of $138,950.  This is an unplanned expenditure and is the result of the existing bridge failing unexpectedly.  

G. Manager Roads & Fleet, February 16, 2016, Report No. 13/16 Re: Tender Award - 2016 Supply of Various Vehicles 13-16.  The following vehicles are proposed for purchase:

a. Item 1 – one (1) new 1500 2016 4x2 Crew Cab truck, standard box, in the amount of $26,580 plus HST, to Oxford Dodge.

b. Item 2 – one (1) new 1500 4x4 Ext Cab truck, standard box complete with snow plow prep package, in the amount of $28,073 plus HST, to Provincial Chrysler.

c. Item 3 – one (1) new 1500 2016 4x2 Reg. Cab truck, standard box, in the amount of $25,183 plus HST, to Provincial Chrysler.

d. Item 4 – one (1) new Minivan Passenger Vehicle, in the amount of $20,169 plus HST, to Windsor Chrysler

H. Manager Water & Wastewater, February 16, 2016, Report No. 14/16 Re: Drinking Water Quality Management System, Operational Plan Version 6 14-16.  This is a technical report recommending adopting of the Town's program for water and wastewater procedures.

I. Manager Recreation Programs & Events, January 26, 2016, Report No. 05/16 Re: Essex Power Youth in Community Funding 05-16.  Essex Power will be contributing $10,000 to the Town of Tecumseh.  This allocation will be managed by the Parks and Recreation Department.  


If you have any questions on these or other items please contact me at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]

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