February 12th Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council begins at 5pm with a Public Council Meeting.  This meeting will address the proposed Bicycle Lanes on Lesperance Road from Riverside to McNorton.  The lanes would be added by removing the paint from Lesperance Road and eliminating the continuous centre left turn lane.  Left turn lanes would be retained at Riverside Drive and at McNorton Street.  Because most of the cost is covered by a provincial grant and the County's CWATS fund, the impact to the municipality is $11,500.  The engineering consultants reviewed resident concerns and responded with the best opportunities for risk mitigation where warranted.  They did encourage that pre-existing concerns for speeding and for poor stopping habits of drivers be referred to the Ontario Provincial Police for enforcement.

The agenda can be found here. Delegations are Andrea Winter from Dillon Consulting Ltd and Lori Newton, Executive Director of Bike Windsor Essex.


At 7pm, regular business begins.  The agenda can be found here.

Communications are received from:
a. Municipality of Mattice-Valcôté dated December 11, 2018.  Re: Amend Paragraph 4 of Municipal Council Members' Declaration of Office.  Mattice-Valcôté wishes to remove the oath of duty to the Queen for Council members.

b. Environment and Land Tribunals Ontario dated January 21, 2019 Re: 14328 and 14346 Tecumseh Road Appeal Withdrawn.  The Local Planning Appeals Tribunal advises that the appeal of the Harbour Club Condominiums at Pud's Place Marina has been withdrawn by the appellant and there are no further objections.

c. City of Niagara Falls dated January 22, 2019.  Re: Opting in to Allow Retail Cannabis Stores.  Niagara Falls is requesting that the Province give municipalities greater regulatory controls over the location, distance separations and numbers of Retail Cannabis Stores within a municipality.

d. County of Essex dated January 29, 2019 Re: Notice of Decision for Official Plan Amendment No. 15 - Village of St. Clair Beach Official Plan 14328 and 14346 Tecumseh Road.  Essex County advises that it has approved the Harbour Club Condominiums at Pud's Place Marina.

e. Independent Electricity System Operator dated January 31, 2019. Re: Establishing a switching station in the Leamington area to accommodate demand growth.  IESO requests that Hydro One establish a new switching station at or near Leamington Junction to sectionalize and switch the four existing 230 kV circuits from Chatham to the Windsor area (C21J/C22J/C23Z/C24Z).

f. Letters from Mayor Gary McNamara dated February 5, 2019.  Re: In support of SouthWestern Integrated Fibre Technology's request to modify the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) Broadband Funding Model.  Mayor McNamara and CAO Tony Haddad submitted letters requesting a rebalancing of funding for broadband implementation to include areas in Southwestern Ontario.

10.Communications - Action Required
Town of Georgina and Town of Orangeville dated January 17, 2019 Re: Bill 66, Restoring Ontario's Competitiveness Act.  Administration recommends support for the resolution calling for recommended changes to Bill 66, Restoring Ontario's Competitiveness Act.


Chief Administrative Officer
CAO-2019-02 Strategic Priorites Update.  This report details the Town's progress with respect to Town Council's most recent Strategic Plan.

Corporate Services & Clerk
1. CS-2019-02 Fluoridation of Water Supply.  Administration is recommending that no action be taken until legal opinions and notification of decision by the City of Windsor is made.

2.CS-2019-04 2018 Open and Closed Meetings.  This report summarizes the time spent in Open and Closed Meetings.  2019 was as follows:

Meeting Type | # of Meetings | # of Agenda Items | Total Duration Average | Duration
Regular Council Meeting | 18 | 274 | 30 hrs. 21 min. | 1 hr. 41 min.
Public Council Meeting | 11 | 76 | 8 hrs. 45 min. | 0 hr. 47 min.
Special Council Meeting | 7 | 9 | 14 hrs. 11 min. | 2 hrs. 1 min.
In-Camera Meeting | 13 | 36 | 11 hrs. 17 min. | 0 hr. 52 min.

3. CS-2019-05 Pregnancy and Parental Leave for Members of Council.  Administration recommends establishing a Pregnancy and Parental Leave Policy for Council members in response to Bill 68 - Modernizing Ontario's Municipal Legislation Act, 2016.  Changes prevent Councils from having a seat being declared vacant during an absence related to the Member’s pregnancy, birth or the adoption of a Member’s child for up to 20 consecutive weeks.  

Financial Services
1. FS-2019-01 Taxes Receivable December 2018.  Administration supplies an update with respect to tax arrears indicating a decline in the number of residential and industrial properties in arrears and increase in commercial properties in arrears (although the value of the industrial arrears is increasing.  There is a total of 600 properties in arrears having a value of $2,203,000.

Information & Communication Services
1. ICS-2019-01 ICS Five (5) Year Capital Works Plan 2019-2023.  Administration is recommending funding the following technology projects in 2019:

PC Replacements -- 30,000
Network Upgrades -- 15,000
Video Surveillance -- 6,000
A/V Systems -- 15,000 (previously approved)
Miscellaneous Software -- 3,000
Street Photography -- 10,000
Virtual Server Upgrades -- 5,000
Corporate Website  -- 20,000 (previously approved)
Multifunction Copiers -- 75,000 (60,000 previously approved)
Arena Sound System (revised) -- 25,000 (previously approved)
GPS Data Collector Units -- 6,000
Records Management -- 10,000
Issue Tracking Software -- 30,000 (previously approved)
FMW Web Capital Plan Module -- 10,000
Total of $260,000 ($150,000 previously approved)

Planning & Building Services
1. PBS-2019-01, Tecumseh Transit Service, 2018 Review.  Administration advises that ridership has stagnated with a slight increase noted in 2018.  The system appears to have peaked at its current ridership levels based on current route design.  Tecumseh Mall and Southfield/Tecumseh remain the most popular stops for riders.  Discussions surrounding further coordination with Transit Windsor have also been initiated.

2. PBS-2019-02 2018 Year End Permit Report.  There has been a reduction in new residential building activity from 2017 but an increase of additions and renovations.  Revenues from new buildings exceeded expectations.

Public Works & Environmental Services
1. PWES 2019-01 2018 Traffic Analysis - Radar Speed Surveys.  Administration presents the findings of the most recent Radar Trailer deployments:

Location | Posted Speed Limit | Average Speed | 85th Percentile Speed
Tecumseh Road near Dorset (westbound traffic) 50 km/h 50.7 km/h 58.8 km/h
Tecumseh Road near Dorset (eastbound traffic) 50 km/h 51.8 km/h 59.0 km/h
Riverside Drive east of Arlington (eastbound traffic) 50 km/h 51.1 km/h 59.0 km/h
Riverside Drive at Kensington (westbound traffic) 50 km/h 49.4 km/h 58.6 km/h
Riverside Drive at Pinewood (eastbound traffic) 50 km/h 52.2 km/h 59.2 km/h
Riverside Drive at Centennial (westbound traffic) 50 km/h 53.8 km/h 62.1 km/h
Intersection Road west of Shawnee (westbound traffic) 50 km/h 52.7 km/h 59.7 km/h
Intersection Road at the residential boundary (eastbound traffic) 50 km/h 57.2 km/h 66.4 km/h
Little River Boulevard near Chene (eastbound traffic) 50 km/h 45.6 km/h 54.5 km/h
McNorton Street near the baseball diamond (eastbound traffic) 40 km/h 44.5 km/h 51.8 km/h
Dillon Drive at Coronado (westbound traffic) 40 km/h 35.1 km/h 47.0 km/h

2. PWES-2019-04 West Branch of the East Branch Delisle Drain - Appointment of Drainage Engineer.  Administration recommends appointing Gerald Rood as Drainage Engineer for this drain cleaning project.  Costs are assessed to benefiting property owners.

3.PWES-2019-06 Water Distribution System - Annual Summary Report.  Administration presents the Annual Summary Report for the Tecumseh Distribution System (260004969) for the Year 2018, as prepared in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, O. Reg. 170/03, Schedule 22.  The report notes one adverse report in the vicinity of County Road 19 and County Road 34 at a vacant house.

4. PWES-2019-07 2019 Supply of Various Vehicles.  Administration is requesting permission to solicit quotations for several vehicles that have reached the end of their life cycle and to dispose of the existing fleet vehicles once replaced.

Department | Vehicle | Estimated Price
Public Works 12-12 2500 Crew Cab $35,000
Parks 06-12 2500 4x4 Crew Cab – Plow Package $37,000
Parks 31-16 Jacobson R311T Mower $44,000
Parks 36-16 Kubota 331 Mower $15,000
Parks 37-16 Kubota 331 Mower $15,000
Water 06-11 Large Service Truck $85,000
Water 10-04 Utility Trailer $2,600
Recreation 03-98 Zamboni $110,000
Total $343,600

5. PWES-2019-08 South Talbot Road Reconstruction Tender Award.  Administration recommends awarding a tender for the South Talbot Road Reconstruction in the amount of $2,056,935 excluding HST to Amico Infrastructures Inc.  Because this is less than expected the deductions from the Road Lifecycle Reserve decrease from $2,330,500 to $1,973,614 and the Bridges Lifecycle Reserve decreases from $606,000 to $581,84613.


For further information on these or other municipal matters, you can reach me at [email protected] or 226-773-1910.

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