February 10th Council Meeting

Here's what Council will be discussing on Tuesday, following a Closed Meeting of Council at 5pm and an In Camera Meeting of Council at 5:30pm regarding a litigation matter.

6pm - We will receive the Dickson Drain report, of which the full package can be fond here.  This is a long standing issue dating back to 2006.  Memorial Gardens Canada Ltd. wishes to establish a new Municipal Drain in order to provide a stormwater drainage outlet.  Affected property owners downstream had concerns with respect to the proposed location and proposed compensation for loss of land.  These issues were not resolved privately and therefore under the auspices of the Drainage Act the matter is being brought forward to Council for determination.  Should Council approve the development of this new drain, the cost to create this drain will be assessed to the affected property owners, of a similar philosophy to how sewers and water works are funded.

Beginning at 7pm, Regular Business will begin.  The full agenda package can be found here.  

Delegations will include  Joe Barlie, General Manager, and Richard Dimmel, VP Regulatory Affairs speaking to Essex Powerlines Customer Information and Presentation of Youth in Community Fund.

Council will also consider responding to a Ministry of Transportation consultation regarding lowering the default speed limit to 40km/h.  The staff recommendation is to refer to the Police Services Board and to Town Administration for comment before making a decision.


  1. Essex Powerlines Corporation Long Term Financing.  Essex Power owes funds to the Town of Tecumseh for the assets it acquired from the former Public Utilities Commission.  The interest payable from Essex Power (4.0%) is higher than the interest payable from the Town's bank (2.25%).  Therefore staff is recommending keeping these funds outstanding and not collecting them for this year.

  2. Taxes Receivable - December 2014.  This report is a summary of Taxes Receivable for the past year.  A larger share of outstanding taxes are owed from residential properties versus commercial and industrial versus what was in the past.

  3. Annual Status Report on the Tecumseh Transit Service for 2014.  This report provides an update regarding Tecumseh Transit operations including ridership of 28,012 passengers (down from 29,355, with said decrease thought to be weather and construction-related).  Nearly half of all passengers use the Tecumseh Mall bus stop, followed by Zehrs, l'Essor/Library, and Tecumseh/Southfield.  A ridership survey is planned for this year as well as a Request for Proposals for bus operations now that the contract with First Student Canada is set to expire.
  4. Proposed Zoning By-Law Amendment:  1310 Lesperance Road.  (Sapardanis / Masotti Construction).  This property is located across from the Tecumseh Legion and Ecole St-Antoine on Lesperance Road and is currently occupied by a house.  A public meeting is being recommended to be held on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.  The proposal is for:
    1. Two, 2.5-storey, six-unit dwellings that will occupy the western half of the property oriented toward Lesperance Road. The total of 12 dwelling units will result in a density of approximately 63 units per hectare (25 units per acre);
    2. Pedestrian sidewalk access from both Lesperance Road and Lanoue Street;
    3. A 22-space parking area (including two barrier-free spaces), occupying the eastern portion of the property, with access via Lanoue Street. The parking lot is proposed to be separated from the abutting dwelling to the east by a 2.0 metre (6.6 foot) landscaped buffer strip with a continuous row of cedar trees; and
    4. A centralized outdoor common amenity area.
  5. Proposed Outdoor Patio:  Tecumseh Lanes Bowling and Restaurant, 12005 Tecumseh Road.  Administration is recommending approval of an enclosed patio on the Shawnee right-of-way.  This issue had come to Council previously for further consultation.  A consensus has been reported with area residents that the patio could be facilitated by shifting the patio approximately 3 metres (10 feet) towards Tecumseh Road) to provide a further buffer from residents, and providing a curb cut and connecting sidewalk, along with proper street signage at the southern entrance of the existing building (south of the proposed patio) to facilitate restaurant deliveries.

  6. Application for Financial Incentives to the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).  Administration is asking for approval to seek out funding through Essex Power to help reduce the cost of installing LED lights and accelerating the cost savings to the Town for this conversion.

  7. Parks Five (5) Year Capital Projects.  Administration is proposing their five year Capital Plan for Parks detailing what park construction will be undertake during that timeframe.  For 2015 this would include:

    1. Green Acres Park – washroom building $ 100,000 + annual $2,500 for lifecycle reserve
    2. Weston Park – tennis court refurbishing $ 30,000
    3. Various Parks – sports field top dressing and overseeding $ 15,000
    4. Tecumseh Road – park bench replacement $ 15,000
    5. Little River Park – pavilion roof replacement $ 8,000
    6. McAuliffe Park – cement floor refurbishing $ 5,000
    7. Lakewood Park – perimeter trail construction $ 100,000
    8. Town Hall Campus – 2 flag poles and replace lock stone $ 15,000
    9. Abraham Cole Park: playset replacement $ 30,000
    10. Tree Planting $ 40,000
    11. Lakewood Park perimeter path
    12. (2016) L'Essor Artificial Turf Field $250,000
    13. (2017) Lacasse Park Pavilion #2 Replacement $115,000
    14. (2017) St. Mary's Park Concession Roof Replacement $10,000
    15. (2018/2019) Lakewood Park Master Plan Implementation $150,000
    16. Playground Equipment - 2016 to 2019
    17. Reforestation - 2016 to 2019 $30,000 annually
    18. No trails are being proposed for 2015 to 2018
  8. Sparkles From Above Ball Hockey Tournament.  Council is being asked to allow alcoholic consumption at Town Hall Park and noise from background music and announcements from 3pm to 10pm on Friday May 29th and 8am to 10pm on Saturday May 30th.
  9. Essex Power Youth In Community Fund.  This report acknowledges the funding allocation to various youth-oriented events within the Town of Tecumseh by Essex Power.

If you have any questions on these or other municipal items, please feel free to comment here or phone me at 226-773-1910.

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