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Canada Post Update - August 2015

At the time of this writing, Canada Post box service has been in place for 3 days.  Many residents have expressed concern with mailbox locations and the quality of the construction of box locations.

With respect to the location of the boxes, these have been chosen by Canada Post staff and have not been approved or confirmed by the Town of Tecumseh.  There are numerous locations where the boxes are set in places that I would consider to be hazardous to all involved, from residents to postal workers to passerby drivers.  These locations have been reported to Town Staff and to Canada Post staff directly.  One such is the corner of Little River and Manning.

Where there are gravel bases, these are temporary measures and Canada Post has committed to installing permanent bases shortly.

If you are finding that issues are arising with accessing your mail and need special delivery consideration, Canada Post is willing to accommodate and can be reached at 1-844-454-3009.

Some residents have advised me that calls to the the hotline have not been successful in resolving their issues.  I would be happy to learn of your experience and advocate on your behalf to find a solution.  Feel free to contact me directly at 226-773-1910.

I have been able to reach the Manager at Canada Post overseeing this project, directly at FCM and AMO conferences, and indirectly through Town Staff, to bring forward areas of concern for Canada Post to review.  I would be pleased to continue to do so if you have issues that you want to ensure are relayed for possible solution.  This is a permanent change to our community design and it is important that its implementation be done right.

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There are 3 sets of these boxes on McNorton St which is a main traffic link between Lespearance and Lacasse, with no place to park a car. This choice for box placement is not logical.
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My latest blog post on the #Tecumseh Canada Post mailbox installation - and where you can turn to for help.
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My latest blog post on the #Tecumseh Canada Post mailbox installation - and where you can turn to for help.


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