October 9th Meeting

This week, Council begins at 5pm with a meeting of the Policies and Priorities Committee.  The agenda can be found here.

Items include:

  1. CAO-2018-11 CAO Recruitment.  The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and a Community Representative will participate in a hiring committee.  Recruitment advertisements will placed in November, interviews held in December and a recommendation by the Hiring Committee in January to Council for consideration and approval. Allowing time for administrative logistics, the start date for the new CAO will be mid to late February 2019.
  2. CS-2018-16 Health and Safety Policy No. 7 Annual Review.  Administration recommends that Health and Safety Policy No. 7, as reviewed for the year 2018, in accordance with Section 25(2)(j) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, be approved; And that Health and Safety Policy No. 7, be posted in all Municipal Buildings.
  3. CS-2018-17 Violence and Harassment in the Workplace Policy No. 68 Annual Review.  Administration recommends that the Violence and Harassment in the Workplace Policy No. 68, as revised and appended to Report No. CS-2018-17, be approved;
    And that the approved Violence and Harassment in the Workplace Policy No. 68, be posted in all Municipal Buildings.  The Joint Health and Safety Committee members were not fully in favour of the proposed changes which involve third party reporting to Dunk and Associates for investigation.

A Public Meeting of Council begins at 6pm to discuss the East Townline Drain Report.  The agenda can be found here.  Administration recommends that the Drainage Report and Specifications for the East Townline Drain (St. Clair Outlet) as prepared by Mr. Mark Hernandez, P.Eng., of Dillon Consulting Ltd., dated September 7, 2018 be received; And that consideration be given to the first and second readings of a provisional by-law to adopt the Drainage Report;  And further that the Clerk give notice to all affected landowners of the Court of Revision to be held on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 at 5:00 pm in accordance with Section 46(1) of the Drainage Act subject to adoption of the provisional by-law.

Regular business begins at 7pm.  The agenda can be found here.

Delegations include Heritage Committee Chair Ian Froese and Vice-Chair Marian Drouillard Re: Cultural Heritage Properties (addition of Lacasse Park, St. Anne's Cemetery and Tecumseh and Area Historical Society grounds as Municipal Register Listings.  Mr. John Fase also wishes to speak to the report being presented recommending land use approval of the Petretta Construction proposal for the former Pud’s Place Marina.  Davide Petretta, Petretta Construction, will be present to answer questions from Council.
Communications - For Information include the Township of Amaranth dated September 20, 2018 Re: Licensing Process to Take Water for Commercial Water Bottling Facilities.  The Township of Amaranth requests that the licensing process to take water for commercial water bottling facilities be the same as the municipal licensing process and be subject to Source Water Protection regulations and all annual inspections and reviews within this process be included.

For questions on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]

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September 25th Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council begins with a Public Council Meeting at 5:30pm.  The agenda and corresponding reports can be found here.

The Public Meeting is to receive comments regarding a proposed rezoning for the northeast corner of the County Road 42 and Lesperance Road intersection.  This property is currently designated as "Neighbourhood Commercial" in the Sandwich South Official Plan.  The request for "Medium Density Residential" with a site specific policy for the construction of a residential development consisting of three six-unit, three storey multi-unit dwellings, for a total of 18 dwelling units.  The proposed residential development would front Lesperance Road.  Zoning therefore is proposed to change from "General Commercial Zone (C1)" to a site specific "Residential Zone 2 (R2)".

Resident Anna Mae Bracken will speak as a delegation.  Letters of objection were received from Mr. Karim Nash and Mrs. Bracken as well.

Regular business begins at 7pm.  The agenda and corresponding reports can be found here.
Delegations include Tom Rindlisbacher who will present and speak to a new rendering of Chief Tecumseh, and Inspector Glenn Miller who will speak to policing services in Tecumseh.  Statistical information supplied by the OPP can be found here.  Tecumseh is the 15th safest community among those over 10,000 population in Canada with continuing declines in violent crime in our community and an 83% clearance rate.  However property crime has been increasing with only a 20% clearance rate.

Communications include a resolution from Amaranth Township requesting support for maintaining dairy supply management in Canada, and from Union Gas advising that it wishes to introduce firm transportation services for gas distributors that will have competitive storage and gas supply options under a new M17 rate class effective January 1, 2019.  Administration is also recommending that Council support a local resident proposal for Parks Canada to establish a feasibility Study to designate the Western Basin of Lake Erie as a National Marine Conservation Area.

Reports include:

a. Chief Administrative Officer 
1. CAO-2018-10 Strategic Priorities Update.  The Chief Administrative Officer supplies an overview of the Town's Strategic Plan and progress on various items.

b. Corporate Services & Clerk
1. CS-2018-27 Elections 2018 - Compliance Audit Committee.  Administration is recommending the appointment of residents Jerry Marion, Walter Copeland, Mary Masse and Mary Birch to the Elections Compliance Audit Committee.

c.  Fire & Emergency Services
1. FIRE-2018-07 Disposal of Surplus Fire Apparatus.  Administration recommends the donation of the Surplus Fire Spartan Engine Rescue 1 (1990) to the St Clair College Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training Program.  Its current value is approximately $4000.

d. Planning & Building Services
1. PBS-2018-33, CIP Grant Funding, 12122 Tecumseh Road, Building Facade Improvement Grant.  Re/Max Preferred Realty is requesting $4000 under the Tecumseh Road Mainstreet Community Improvement Plan to support painting both buildings a dark grey colour, paint the front porch, paint the existing doors and garage door of the accessory structure, and restain the existing deck at the rear of the main building.

e. Public Works & Environmental Services
1.  PWES-2018-22 South Talbot-Holden Outlet and Branch Drain - Appointment of Drainage Engineer.  Administration is requesting that Dillon Consulting Ltd. be appointed as Drainage Engineer for the cleaning of the South Talbot - Holden Outlet and Branch Drain and to prepare a Drainage Report to establish future maintenance of the Drain.

2. PWES 2018-29 Source Protection Plan, Part IV Enforcement Transfer Agreement Amendment.  Administration recommends that the Mayor and Clerk be authorized to execute a Source Protection Plan, Part IV Enforcement Transfer Agreement Amendment satisfactory to the Town of Tecumseh (Town) and Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA), to extend the agreement to December 31, 2021, with estimated cost share of $10,025 to be funded from the Source Protection Municipal Implementation Fund (SPMIF) grant.  This agreement is recommended as ERCA supplies the Town's statutory risk management services on behalf of the Town.

For further questions on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at [email protected] or 226-773-1910.


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September 11th Meeting

This week, Town Council begins at 5pm with a Public Meeting. The agenda can be found here.

This is the second public meeting to consider comments on a rezoning for the former Pud's Place Marina, a 1.3 hectare (3.2 acre) property located on the north side of Tecumseh Road, approximately 45 metres east of its intersection with Brighton Road (14328 and 14346 Tecumseh Road). This commercial property is proposed to be redesignated as "Medium Density Residential" that would allow for the construction of a five-storey condominium apartment building containing 65 units, an accessory marina and limited ground-floor commercial uses, along with associated on-site surface and underground parking.

The developer, Davide Petretta, will present the revised proposal. Various letters of correspondence will also be received relevant to the application.

At 7pm, regular business will begin. The agenda can be found here.

Delegations include:
- Veronica Friesen, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 594, to speak to the agenda item for the Windsor Essex Community Foundation (WECF) Grant Application, and
- Jagmanjot Singh Deol and Bikramjeet Singh, who will be recognized for their life saving efforts

Communications for information include:

a. Community School Alliance dated August 13, 2018 who have supplied minutes regarding their Annual General Meeting
b. Minister of Finance dated August 14, 2018 Re: Preserving Canada's Heritage: the Foundation for Tomorrow. The Minister indicates that the government of Canada will not support a tax credit for the restoration and preservation of heritage properties.
c. Town of Lakeshore dated August 17, 2018 Re: Notice of Adoption OPA No. 13 - Amy Croft Secondary Plan. Lakeshore advises that is has approved the proposed Secondary Plan for the Amy Croft area.
d. Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services dated August 29, 2018 Re: Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act - 2017 Compliance Review. The Ministry has determined that the Town of Tecumseh is compliant with the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.
e. Township of Selwyn dated August 15, 2018 Re: Provincial Agricultural Systems Mapping. Selwyn is opposed to provincial agricultural mapping changes and is soliciting support to have the system reviewed.

Reports include:

Chief Administrative Officer
1. CAO-2018-08 Royal Canadian Legion Branch 594 WECF Grant Application. The Legion is asking the Town to act as its intermediary in a Grant Application to the Windsor-Essex Community Foundation so that it can apply for funds to improve building accessibility. There is no cost to the Town.

Corporate Services & Clerk
1. CS-2018-23 2019 Council Conferences. This report details the various conferences that members of Council typically attend and their dates for the coming year. Administration is recommending pre-approval for participation in these conferences.

2. CS-2018-24 2019 December Holiday Schedule. Administration is recommending that the Tecumseh Town Hall Offices close for the 2019 December Holiday Season from Monday, December 23, 2019, through to and including Wednesday, January 1, 2020.

3. CS-2018-26 2018 Local Government Week. Administration is recommending that:
- That the Mayor proclaim the week of October 15 to 21, 2018, as Local Government Week (LGW) in the Town of Tecumseh (Town);
And that events and activities be planned for local elementary and secondary students to create awareness in local government and acknowledge its vital role and function in helping to shape the community;
And further that LGW activities and events be posted on the Town’s website, Tecumseh App and Social Media pages (Facebook and Twitter);
And furthermore that Local elementary and secondary schools be invited to participate in the planned events.

4. CS-2018-30 2019 Council Meeting Calendar. Administration is recommending that Council Meetings be cancelled in 2019 for Tuesday, January 8; Tuesday, June 11; Tuesday, August 27; and Tuesday, December 24.

5. CS-2018-33 Integrity Commissioner. Administration is recommending that Mr. Robert Swayze be appointed as the Integrity Commissioner for The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh (Town) until December 31, 2019.

6. CS-2018-34 Snow and Leaf Angels Program. Administration recommends that the Snow & Leaf Angels Program (Program) continue for the 2018-2019 Fall/Winter season, and that Administration work with area service groups, schools, volunteer organizations and the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) to recruit volunteers (Snow & Leaf Angels). Volunteer incentives would be funded from Administration (the expense of promotional items).

Financial Services
1. FS-2018-12 Taxes Receivable - June 2018. Administration reports that tax receivables at June 2018 totals $11.9 million of which $1.5 million is due from prior years, compared to $11.8 million and $1.3 million respectively at June 2017. Prior year receivables have been trending downward. The residential class accounts for 68% of total tax revenues and 74% of tax arrears. Commercial class properties account for 17% of total tax revenues and 13% of tax arrears and industrial properties account for 15% of tax revenues and 13% of arrears. Tax arrears per residential property have increased from last year at $5,231 in 2018 compared to $4,334 in 2017.

2. FS-2018-14 Water Bulk Supply Rate Memorandum of Agreement WUC. Administration recommends that the Mayor and Clerk execute the Memorandum of Agreement dated August 14th, 2018 between the Town of Tecumseh, Windsor Utilities Commission and the City of Windsor. There was dispute over the interpretation of the original agreement, and resolution was reached in which there is a financial impact to the average residential consumer water bill of $11.52 per year or a 4.1%
increase. The impact to our large consumer would also be 4.1% which amounts to approximately $13,000 per year.

Planning & Building Services
1. PBS-2018-28 2018 Tecumseh Transit Jan. to June 6 Month Review. Monthly ridership averages for the first six months of 2018 ranged from 77-97riders per day, with the average daily ridership a peak of 97 passengers per day occurring in the month of June. These figures represent similar ridership levels compared with the same period for 2017. The current 2018 monthly high was reached in June when a total of 2,511 passengers boarded the TTS. Overall, total ridership was up approximately 1.5% (or 199 riders) from January-June 2018 when compared against the same time period in 2017.

2. PBS-2018-29, CWATS, Proposed 2019 Projects. Administration recommends that the 2019 CWATS Project - Segment Tec-3:
Construction of Trail, East Side of Walker Road, From North Talbot Road to Highway 401 be completed:
i. The total estimated cost of the trail construction of $369,770, with Tecumseh’s share being $221,862 (60%) and the County’s share being $147,908 (40%). Funding from the Infrastructure Reserve (Attachment 3) for this project, is proposed to be increased from $224,580 to $260,760.

3. PBS-2018-30 2018 Six Month Permit Report. Construction value is down by $6,354,133 or 28.5 percent over last year. This is due in part to a decrease in new residential construction over the previous year and late spring construction
start which results in increased permit activity for the 3rd quarter.

Public Works & Environmental Services
1. PWES-2018-21 National Disaster Mitigation Program - Intake 5. Administration request Council approval to submit two Project Proposal Forms to the federal government (through the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing) for funding under
the National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP) for the Sanitary Sewer Collection System Rehabilitation Project Phase 3, and the Oldcastle Storm Drainage Master Plan.

For questions on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]

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August 14th Meeting

This week, Town Council will convene at 5:30pm for a meeting of the Policies and Priorities Committee. The agenda for this meeting can be found here.

Communications include the Town of Lakeshore dated March 9, 2018 Re: Dog Pound Services.  Lakeshore is requesting input from Town Council regarding the vision for the Dog Pound including a possible rebranding. 

Reports include:

a. CS-2018-19 2018 Keeping of Urban Chickens.  Administration is requesting direction as to whether the raising of chickens ought to be regulated or prohibited within the urban limits of the Town.  The options presented are:

1. Amend the Animal Control By-law No. 1999-07 to prohibit the keeping of urban chickens in urban areas.
2. Prohibit urban chickens in residential areas and allow residents to make a request to Council for an exemption to permit hen coops based on guidelines and criteria to be established. 
3. Regulate the keeping of urban chickens through a permit or licensing program. If this option were preferred, Administration would develop a licensing model and regulations, including an annual permit fee and inspection. The fee would be adequate to cover staffing resources to administer, monitor and enforce the program. 

b. CS-2018-28 Council Post-Retirement Benefits.  A legal opinion has been received stating the Council must enact a separate by-law authorizing access to Post-Retirement Benefits after 16 years of service.  It cannot be addressed administratively.  The extension of benefits exists in several municipalities.  Administration is requesting direction on this item.

c. CS-2018-29 Noise By-law Amendment.  Council has asked to delegate authority for certain noise by-law exemptions.  It is recommended that the Director Parks & Recreation be authorized to grant a noise by-law exemption for special events held in compliance with the Outdoor Special Events Policy No. 85, which do not offer the sale and/or consumption of alcohol and are scheduled within the hours of 8:00am to 11:00 pm.

New Business includes a discussion of the Canada Revenue One-Third Tax Exemption elimination for municipal officials by the Federal Government.  This exemption supplied to Town Councillors a blanket tax credit to cover job-related costs such as mileage.

Regular business begins at 7pm.  The agenda for this meeting can be found here.

Delegations include Richard Zarour, President; Maria Giorlando, Vice President; Melanie Turner, Treasurer; Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach who will be reporting on Club activities.

a. City of Toronto dated August 1, 2018 Re: Immediate Steps to Address Gun Violence.  Toronto is requesting that the Chief Coroner for Ontario hold an inquest into gun violence related deaths in Toronto to make useful recommendations directed to the avoidance of further deaths due to gun violence.  Toronto City Council has also circulated this resolution to Ontario municipalities asking that they support this request for their communities. 
a.  Town of Lakeshore dated July 16, 2018 Re: Safety warnings on vehicles to remind the public not to leave children and/or pets in hot vehicle.  Administration recommends That the resolution from the Town of Lakeshore requesting the Ministry of Transportation to consider safety measures regarding children and pets in vehicles and hot temperatures be supported.
b. City of Niagara Falls dated July 10, 2018 Re: North American Free Trade Agreement.  Administration recommends That the resolution from the City of Niagara Falls requesting all Municipalities represented through the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) stand together with the Federal government to protect Canadian jobs and local economies be supported. 
c. Township of North Stormont dated June 26, 2018 Re: Support Municipalities and Green Energy.  Administration recommends That the resolution from the Town of North Stormont be supported requesting the Provincial government to provide financial safeguards to Municipalities from Green Energy companies that forfeit their contract responsibilities.  
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July 24th Meeting

Click this week's link here for the full agenda and reports.

The meeting will begin at 7pm with delegations:

a. Ashley Weeres, Mike Brian, and Bob Boughner, Windsor-Essex Care for Kids Foundation Re: Black Tie Tailgate Event - Request for Exemption from Noise By-Law
b. Wendy Pulleyblank-Cunningham, Old Sandwich South Historical Society RE: Grand Opening Invitation – Sandwich South Cultural & Resource Centre
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July 10th Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council begins at 7pm. The Agenda can be found here

A delegation for this week is Diane Mitchell, National Campaign Coordinator for the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. CUPW is seeking support on expanding postal services as well as postal banking.

Communications - For Information includes a letter from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation dated July 4, 2018 Re: Cancellation of the Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling (OMCC) program.

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June 26th Meeting

This week, Town Council begins at 7pm.  The full agenda can be found here.

Delegations include:
a. Dan Piescic, who is retiring as Tecumseh's Director of Public Works & Environmental Services

b. Judy Wellwood-Robson, who is being recognized as Senior of the Year Award Recipient

c. Cynthia Swift, CPA, KPMG, who will be presenting the 2017 Draft Audited Financial Statements


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May 22nd Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council begins at 7pm.  The full agenda can be found here.

Delegations include:
a. Gloria McKibbin, The Royal Canadian Legion Col. Paul Poisson Branch 261 - Ladies Auxiliary.  The Legion’s Ladies Auxiliary will be celebrating their 80th Anniversary on May 11, 2018; and Gloria McKibbin has been named Legionnaire of the Year.
b. Tracy Pringle, Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) Re: 2017 Assessment Report.  In their report, MPAC will demonstrate the effect of the phase-in of property assessment increases to the property taxes that you pay.

Communications - For Information
a. Township of Selwyn - dated April 30, 2018 Re: Hockey Season Re-Alignment.  Selwyn is requesting that hockey season across Ontario not begin until October in order for municipalities to save on operating funds.
b. Town of Lakeshore Notice of Public Meeting - dated May 3, 2018 Re: Purpose of Proposed Amendment 36, 38, 40 and 42 E. Pike Creek Road.  Lakeshore is hosting a public meeting regarding this development on the eastern side of East Pike Creek Road north of Tecumseh Road which involves the construction of two 3-unit townhouse dwellings.
c. Minister of Infrastructure - dated May 4, 2018 Re: Ontario Regulation 588/17 Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure.  Minister Bob Chiarelli advises of changes to the provincial Asset Management framework for municipalities including funding to create asset management plans in small communities.
d. Letter from Canada Post - dated May 8, 2018 Re: Municipal Identifier.  Canada Post advises that it is considering Tecumseh Town Council's request to consolidate addresses within municipal boundaries as being "Tecumseh" in lieu of Windsor.
e. Town of Oakville - dated May 11, 2018 Re: CN Intermodal Update.  Oakville is requesting that Ontario participate in an appeal of the Canadian National Railway's determination that an intermodal development would reside under federal jurisdiction outside of municipal regulation.

Communications - Action Required
a. Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) - dated April 23, 2018 RE: 2018-2020 AMO Board of Directors-Call for Nominations.  Administration recommends that the nomination of Mayor Gary McNamara for the vacant position on
the AMO Board of Directors, be supported.
b. The Town of Tecumseh Business Improvement Area - dated May 16, 2018 Re: Night Market.  Administration is recommending that the Town of Tecumseh Business Improvement Area be granted an exemption from the Town`s Noise By-law No. 2002-07 as amended, on Friday, June 22nd at Green Valley Plaza from 5:00 to 10:00 pm; and on Friday, July 20th at the Tecumseh Towne Centre Plaza from 5:00 to 10:00 pm; to host the Night Market;
And that OPP be informed of this exemption from Noise By-law.

Reports include:
Corporate Services & Clerk
1. CS-2018-06 Records Retention By-law. Administration proposes that By-law 2018-39, being a by-law to establish a new classification and retention schedule for Corporate Records and Temporary Records for The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and to repeal By-Law No. 2003-62, be adopted.

b. Planning & Building Services
1. PBS-2018-17 CIP Grant Funding, 12214 Tecumseh Rd., Building Permit Fee Grant.  Administration recommends that the Grant Application for the Tecumseh Road Main Street Community Improvement Plan Financial Incentive Program, for the property located at 12214 Tecumseh Road (Roll No. 3744060000001700) (Buckingham Realty), be approved and deemed eligible for a Financial Incentive(s) in accordance with Section 11.3 (5) towards the Planning Application and Permit Fee Grant, for a total amount of $600.00 toward the building permit fee cost associated with the above-noted property all of which is in accordance with the Tecumseh Road Main Street Community Improvement Plan.
2. PBS-2018-18 CIP Grant Funding, 1071 Lesperance Road.  Administration recommends that the Grant Application for the Tecumseh Road Main Street Community Improvement Plan Financial Incentive Program, for the property located at 1071
Lesperance Road (Roll No. 374406000005100) (former Akasaka Japanese Restaurant), be approved and deemed eligible for
Financial Incentive(s) in accordance with Section 11.3 (5) towards:
i) Building Façade Improvement Grant, for a total amount of $15,000.00 towards the building façade improvements to the existing building;
ii) Residential Grant Program, for a total amount of $40,000 towards the costs associated with the rehabilitation and construction on the existing second floor residential unit and the conversion of the unit into two separate residential units;
iii) Development Charges Grant Program, for a total amount of $5,416, being the development charge rate for the newly proposed one-bedroom residential unit on the second floor all of which is in accordance with the Tecumseh Road Main Street Community
Improvement Plan and PBS-2018-18.

c. Public Works & Environmental Services
1. PWES-2018-14 Bike Lanes on Lesperance Road.  Administration recommends the hosting of a Public Information Centre regarding the addition of Bicycle Lanes to Lesperance Road and removing the centre left turn lane.
2. PWES-2018-16 2018 Asphalt Tender Award.  Administration recommends that the low tender from Coco Paving Inc. in the amount of $ 1,325,140 plus HST, for the 2018 Asphalt Paving Tender, be approved, and that the Mayor and Clerk be authorized to enter into a contract for the services with Coco Paving Inc.
The following streets were included in the 2018 Asphalt Program:
1. Alden Cres ........................................Entire length
2. Baseline Rd.......................................12th Conc. To CR 19
3. Birkdale Crt .......................................Entire Length
4. Cambridge Crt...................................Entire Length
5. Cumberland Crt.................................Entire Length
6. Dresden Pl ........................................Entire Length
7. Dube Dr.............................................Entire Length
8. Fasan Dr ...........................................Entire Length
9. Mack Crt............................................Entire Length
10.Oakfield Crt .......................................Entire Length
11.Oakpark Dr........................................Entire Length
12.Oldcastle Rd......................................North Talbot Rd to Hwy 3
13.Regal Crt...........................................Entire Length
14.Regent Rd.........................................Entire Length
15.Rostrevor Crt.....................................Entire Length

For questions regarding these or other municipal matters please contact me at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]

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May 8th Meeting

This week, Town Council begins at 7pm.  The agenda can be found here.

Delegations include:

  • Corn Festival Committee member Tony Corona who is being recognized by Festival and Events Ontario Recognition
  • Ron Seguin, Vice President, International Relations, Training and Campus Development, Dave Cooper, Head Coach – Men’s Baseball, Ted Beale, Athletic Coordinator, Bernie Labute, Manager, Special Events/Athletic Advancement, and Christy Gatto, Director of Athletics & Sports Development who will be recognized as the winners of the St. Clair College Men's Baseball 2017 National Championship
  • Joe Barile, General Manager of Essex Powerlines Corporation providing Updates and Youth Engagement Cheque
    Presentation.  (Essex Power is 11th lowest operational cost of Local Distribution Companies)

Communications include:
a. Town of LaSalle Notice of Public Meeting, dated April 23, 2018, Re: New Official Plan.  LaSalle is inviting interested persons to LaSalle Council Chambers on Tuesday May 22nd at 7pm.
b. Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs, dated May 1, 2018 Re: 2018 Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence.  The Minister advises that May 25, 2018 is the application deadline for the Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation
Excellence program.  Details can be found in the 2018 Program Guidebook and Application Form at: www.ontario.ca/agrifoodinnovation. 
c. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs dated May 3, 2018 Re: Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund Top-up Component – Important Information.  The Fund will transfer $2,252,692 to Tecumseh but the town will not be able to benefit from top-up funding.

Also, Essex Power Corporation is requesting that consideration of Water and Sanitary In-House Billing and the corresponding report No. FS-2018-04 Water and Sanitary In-House Billing April 24, 2018 be deferred to the June 26, 2018 Regular Meeting of Council.

Reports include:
Corporate Services & Clerk
1. CS-2018-01, 2017 Open and Closed Council Meetings.  Our meeting times were as follows:

  • Regular Meetings 20 meetings, 335 agenda items, 34 hrs. 16 min spent in session, 1 hr. 42 min on average.
  • Public Meetings 14 meetings, 53 agenda items, 8 hrs. 9 min spent in session, 34 min on average.
  • Special Council Meetings 9 meetings, 21 agenda items, 16 hrs. 44 min spent in session, 1 hr. 51 min on average.
  • In-Camera 7 meetings, 23 agenda items, 5 hrs. 31 min. spent in session, 0 hr. 47 min on average.

2. CS-2018-10 Restricted Acts of Council after Nomination Day - Lame Duck Provisions.  Administration is recommending delegation of certain authority to the Chief Administrative Officer, to the Director Corporate Services & Clerk and to the Director Financial Services & Treasurer until the next Council is elected.
3. CS-2018-07 Request for Noise By-Law Exemption - Beach Grove Golf and Country Club.  Beach Grove Golf and Country Club is requesting an exemption from the Town’s Noise By-law on Friday, July 27, 2018 and Friday, August 31, 2018, to permit music entertainment until 11:30 pm.

b. Financial Services
1. FS-2018-04 Water Sanitary In-House Billing.  Administration is recommending that In-House Billing for water services where water bills will be sent by the Town of Tecumseh in lieu of Essex Power be adopted.
2. FS-2018-06 2018 Asset Management Plan.  Administration recommends that the previously presented Asset Management Program identifying the addressing of newly identified gaps in maintenance funding be adopted.

c. Parks & Recreation Services
1. PRS-2018-07, Essex Power Youth In Community Fund.  Administration advises that Essex Power will supply a $10,000 Youth in Community grant to Tecumseh once again.

d. Planning & Building Services
1. PBS-2018-16, CIP Grant Funding, 12350 Tecumseh Road.  Administration is recommending approval of a Grant under the Tecumseh Road Mainstreet Community Improvement Plan toward construction of a gazebo at the Tecumseh Historical Society for a total of $1,000.00 under the Public Act category.


For any questions on these or other municipal matters you can reach me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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2018 Municipal Election

To all of my great constituents in the Town of Tecumseh:

Four years ago, it was a tremendous privilege to have been chosen to represent Ward 1 in the 2014 election. My Council experience was, and remains, an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding endeavour. My longstanding hope is that my work on Town Council has made a positive and lasting impact on our community.

I am happy to announce that today I have submitted my nomination to represent the new Ward 1. Our boundaries were redrawn as the result of Town Council's effort to make our wards more similar in size and democratically equitable. The new Ward 1 includes the area from Centennial westerly and north of St. Thomas. This means that I will not be on the ballot for about 60% of my current constituents living east of Centennial and St. Thomas southerly. While this is a bittersweet outcome for me as your representative, I am excited that the democratic deficit that had existed in Ward 1 since our town's 1999 formation has been resolved by our Council.

In the new Ward 1, I look forward to discussing the future of Tecumseh and our priorities in the coming months with you at your door and learning about the visions of the other candidates who will be running. You will be sure to see me work to earn your continued support during this election and I am excited to be able to visit you once again in the coming months. And to my constituents joining Ward 2 and the new Ward 3 - you will continue to have me as an ally and resource for as long as I remain on Town Council.

With my warmest regards,

226-773-1910 [email protected]

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