March 12th Meeting

This week, Town Council begins at 7pm.  The agenda can be found here.

Delegations include:

a. Representatives of the Tecumseh Business Improvement Association Board of Management, including Candice Dennis, Chair; Paul Bistany, Treasurer; and Paula Rorai, Coordinator. They will be speaking regarding the Board's 2019 Budget which is being presented tonight for approval.

b. Town of Tecumseh Parks and Recreational Services Department. Staff will present regarding the 2018 Tecumseh Corn Festival Named a Top 100 Festival by Festival and Events Ontario

Communications include:
a. Notice - Enbridge Gas Inc. dated February 19, 2019 . Enbridge Gas Inc. has applied to raise its natural gas rates effective April 1, 2019 to recover costs associated with the Federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act. There would be an increase of $86.21 for each account.

b. AMO Communications - dated February 21, 2019 Re: Local Planning Appeal Support Centre (LPASC). AMO advises that the Local Planning Appeal Support Centre will be shut down and no new cases are being accepted.

c. County of Essex dated February 21, 2019 Re: Official Plan Amendment No. 15 - Village of St. Clair Beach Official Plan, 14328 and 14346 Tecumseh Road. Essex County has approved the the Official Plan amendments required for the Harbour Club Condominium Building at the former Pud's Place Marina and no appeals were received.

Communications recommended for action include:
a. Township of South Stormont dated February 26, 2019 Re: Provincial Review of the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF). Administration recommends that the Town of Tecumseh support the Township of South Stormont resolution on the provincial review of the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund and the future financial considerations ensures municipal sustainability. Essentially, South Stormont wishes to have the results of the OMPF review expedited so that planning for 2020 can begin.

Reports include:

a. Parks & Recreation Services
1. PRS-2019-03 Rotary Club Fish Fry. Administration is recommending that the Rotary Club of Essex be authorized to sell and serve alcoholic beverages at Lakewood Park on Friday, July 19, 2019 between 4pm and 8pm. A Noise By-law exemption is also being requested.

2. PRS-2019-02 Taste of Tecumseh Festival 2019. Administraton recommends that the Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach be authorized to sell and serve alcoholic beverages at Lakewood Park from Friday, June 14, 2019 through to and including Saturday, June 15, 2019. A Noise By-law exemption is also being requested.

3. PRS-2019-01 Optimist Club's Victoria Day Weekend Fireworks 2019. Administration recommends that the rental fees associated with use of the St. Clair Beach Community Centre and Optimist Park for the Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach’s 2019 Victoria Day Fireworks Display, at a cost of $201 be waived; and that the fees associated with the fireworks permit as regulated under By-law Number 2013-50, a by-law to regulate the sale and use of fireworks, at a cost of $50 be waived.

b. Planning & Building Services
1. PBS-2019-06 Extension of the One-Year Moratorium on Building Permit Fees. Administration supplied this report and asks for direction as to whether to continue.

c. Public Works & Environmental Services
1. PWES-2019-11 Appointment of Drainage Engineer for Variation of Assessment. Administration recommends appointing Dillon Conulting Limited as Drainage Engineer to:
(i) make a variation of the assessment schedule for maintenance and repair on the drainage works required to maintain the CYR Drain and Extension Outlet Drain; and
(ii) prepare a Report in accordance with Section 76 of the Drainage Act.

For further information on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]

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February 23rd, 2019 Meeting

Town Council begins at 7pm this week.  You can read the full agenda here.

Reports include:  
a. Chief Administrative Officer
1.  CAO-2019-03 Town Hall Expansion.  Administration is proposing that $3.15M be invested into Town Hall for expansion to accommodate all customer-facing staff, to address a shortage of consultation and meeting space, and to improve access to Council Chambers.  Funding would be from past surpluses (Tax Rate Stabilization Reserve $1.25M) and from a portion of the New Infrastructure Reserve revenues ($1.90M).

The proposed new look can be found here.

b. Planning & Building Services
1. PBS-2019-03, D11 STMAR, Ste. Marguerite d’Youville Elementary, Site Plan Control.  Administration is recommending approval of a Site Plan Agreement for Ste. Marguerite d'Youville school. An 390 sq m expansion is proposed for the existing Day Care facility at the northwest corner of the building together with a new 16-space parking area at the north-western portion of the school, and on-site works, including new sidewalks and landscaping.

2. PBS-2019-04, Zoning By-law Amendment, 11079 Cty. Rd. 34.  A public meeting is recommended to discuss a rezoning of 11079 County Road 34.  This is the result of a a lot consolidation where a prohibition for building a new house is required under Provincial policy.  The public meeting is proposed to be scheduled for Tuesday, March 26, 2019, at 5:30 p.m.

c. Public Works & Environmental Services
1. PWES-2019-09 FCM Grant Agreement Amendment.  The Town's Storm Drainage Master Plan is funded in part from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.  An amendment to the funding agreement is requested to set the completion date at June 30, 2019.

2. PWES-2019-13 Drinking Water Quality Management System Operational Plan Version 9.  Administration has updated the Safe Drinking Water operational plan and has submitted for Town Council approval.  The plan updates content related to the link to the Quality Management System Policy on the website, commitments to the Town’s Quality Management System, additional detail respecting records, new procedures in place to maintain disinfectant residuals within the distribution system, risk assessment for hazardous events, and an explanation of how opportunities for improvement come about.

3. PWES-2019-15 County Road 11 (North) Sanitary Sewer - Tender Award.  Administration is recommending a tender award for the County Road 11 (North) Sanitary Sewer in the amount of $1,199,000 to Shearock Construction Group Inc.  The project also includes a new trail which will include recoveries from the County of Essex for the County Wide Active Transportation System (CWATS) of approximately $190,750.

4. PWES-2019-16 Rehabilitation of Bridges No. 1004, 1013 and 1014 - Tender Award.  Administration recommends that the tender for the Rehabilitation of Bridges #1004, #1013 and #1014 in the amount of $518,915 excluding HST be awarded to South Shore Contracting of Essex County Inc.

For further information on these or other municipal matters, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 226-773-1910.

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February 12th Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council begins at 5pm with a Public Council Meeting.  This meeting will address the proposed Bicycle Lanes on Lesperance Road from Riverside to McNorton.  The lanes would be added by removing the paint from Lesperance Road and eliminating the continuous centre left turn lane.  Left turn lanes would be retained at Riverside Drive and at McNorton Street.  Because most of the cost is covered by a provincial grant and the County's CWATS fund, the impact to the municipality is $11,500.  The engineering consultants reviewed resident concerns and responded with the best opportunities for risk mitigation where warranted.  They did encourage that pre-existing concerns for speeding and for poor stopping habits of drivers be referred to the Ontario Provincial Police for enforcement.

The agenda can be found here. Delegations are Andrea Winter from Dillon Consulting Ltd and Lori Newton, Executive Director of Bike Windsor Essex.


At 7pm, regular business begins.  The agenda can be found here.

Communications are received from:
a. Municipality of Mattice-Valcôté dated December 11, 2018.  Re: Amend Paragraph 4 of Municipal Council Members' Declaration of Office.  Mattice-Valcôté wishes to remove the oath of duty to the Queen for Council members.

b. Environment and Land Tribunals Ontario dated January 21, 2019 Re: 14328 and 14346 Tecumseh Road Appeal Withdrawn.  The Local Planning Appeals Tribunal advises that the appeal of the Harbour Club Condominiums at Pud's Place Marina has been withdrawn by the appellant and there are no further objections.

c. City of Niagara Falls dated January 22, 2019.  Re: Opting in to Allow Retail Cannabis Stores.  Niagara Falls is requesting that the Province give municipalities greater regulatory controls over the location, distance separations and numbers of Retail Cannabis Stores within a municipality.

d. County of Essex dated January 29, 2019 Re: Notice of Decision for Official Plan Amendment No. 15 - Village of St. Clair Beach Official Plan 14328 and 14346 Tecumseh Road.  Essex County advises that it has approved the Harbour Club Condominiums at Pud's Place Marina.

e. Independent Electricity System Operator dated January 31, 2019. Re: Establishing a switching station in the Leamington area to accommodate demand growth.  IESO requests that Hydro One establish a new switching station at or near Leamington Junction to sectionalize and switch the four existing 230 kV circuits from Chatham to the Windsor area (C21J/C22J/C23Z/C24Z).

f. Letters from Mayor Gary McNamara dated February 5, 2019.  Re: In support of SouthWestern Integrated Fibre Technology's request to modify the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) Broadband Funding Model.  Mayor McNamara and CAO Tony Haddad submitted letters requesting a rebalancing of funding for broadband implementation to include areas in Southwestern Ontario.

10.Communications - Action Required
Town of Georgina and Town of Orangeville dated January 17, 2019 Re: Bill 66, Restoring Ontario's Competitiveness Act.  Administration recommends support for the resolution calling for recommended changes to Bill 66, Restoring Ontario's Competitiveness Act.


Chief Administrative Officer
CAO-2019-02 Strategic Priorites Update.  This report details the Town's progress with respect to Town Council's most recent Strategic Plan.

Corporate Services & Clerk
1. CS-2019-02 Fluoridation of Water Supply.  Administration is recommending that no action be taken until legal opinions and notification of decision by the City of Windsor is made.

2.CS-2019-04 2018 Open and Closed Meetings.  This report summarizes the time spent in Open and Closed Meetings.  2019 was as follows:

Meeting Type | # of Meetings | # of Agenda Items | Total Duration Average | Duration
Regular Council Meeting | 18 | 274 | 30 hrs. 21 min. | 1 hr. 41 min.
Public Council Meeting | 11 | 76 | 8 hrs. 45 min. | 0 hr. 47 min.
Special Council Meeting | 7 | 9 | 14 hrs. 11 min. | 2 hrs. 1 min.
In-Camera Meeting | 13 | 36 | 11 hrs. 17 min. | 0 hr. 52 min.

3. CS-2019-05 Pregnancy and Parental Leave for Members of Council.  Administration recommends establishing a Pregnancy and Parental Leave Policy for Council members in response to Bill 68 - Modernizing Ontario's Municipal Legislation Act, 2016.  Changes prevent Councils from having a seat being declared vacant during an absence related to the Member’s pregnancy, birth or the adoption of a Member’s child for up to 20 consecutive weeks.  

Financial Services
1. FS-2019-01 Taxes Receivable December 2018.  Administration supplies an update with respect to tax arrears indicating a decline in the number of residential and industrial properties in arrears and increase in commercial properties in arrears (although the value of the industrial arrears is increasing.  There is a total of 600 properties in arrears having a value of $2,203,000.

Information & Communication Services
1. ICS-2019-01 ICS Five (5) Year Capital Works Plan 2019-2023.  Administration is recommending funding the following technology projects in 2019:

PC Replacements -- 30,000
Network Upgrades -- 15,000
Video Surveillance -- 6,000
A/V Systems -- 15,000 (previously approved)
Miscellaneous Software -- 3,000
Street Photography -- 10,000
Virtual Server Upgrades -- 5,000
Corporate Website  -- 20,000 (previously approved)
Multifunction Copiers -- 75,000 (60,000 previously approved)
Arena Sound System (revised) -- 25,000 (previously approved)
GPS Data Collector Units -- 6,000
Records Management -- 10,000
Issue Tracking Software -- 30,000 (previously approved)
FMW Web Capital Plan Module -- 10,000
Total of $260,000 ($150,000 previously approved)

Planning & Building Services
1. PBS-2019-01, Tecumseh Transit Service, 2018 Review.  Administration advises that ridership has stagnated with a slight increase noted in 2018.  The system appears to have peaked at its current ridership levels based on current route design.  Tecumseh Mall and Southfield/Tecumseh remain the most popular stops for riders.  Discussions surrounding further coordination with Transit Windsor have also been initiated.

2. PBS-2019-02 2018 Year End Permit Report.  There has been a reduction in new residential building activity from 2017 but an increase of additions and renovations.  Revenues from new buildings exceeded expectations.

Public Works & Environmental Services
1. PWES 2019-01 2018 Traffic Analysis - Radar Speed Surveys.  Administration presents the findings of the most recent Radar Trailer deployments:

Location | Posted Speed Limit | Average Speed | 85th Percentile Speed
Tecumseh Road near Dorset (westbound traffic) 50 km/h 50.7 km/h 58.8 km/h
Tecumseh Road near Dorset (eastbound traffic) 50 km/h 51.8 km/h 59.0 km/h
Riverside Drive east of Arlington (eastbound traffic) 50 km/h 51.1 km/h 59.0 km/h
Riverside Drive at Kensington (westbound traffic) 50 km/h 49.4 km/h 58.6 km/h
Riverside Drive at Pinewood (eastbound traffic) 50 km/h 52.2 km/h 59.2 km/h
Riverside Drive at Centennial (westbound traffic) 50 km/h 53.8 km/h 62.1 km/h
Intersection Road west of Shawnee (westbound traffic) 50 km/h 52.7 km/h 59.7 km/h
Intersection Road at the residential boundary (eastbound traffic) 50 km/h 57.2 km/h 66.4 km/h
Little River Boulevard near Chene (eastbound traffic) 50 km/h 45.6 km/h 54.5 km/h
McNorton Street near the baseball diamond (eastbound traffic) 40 km/h 44.5 km/h 51.8 km/h
Dillon Drive at Coronado (westbound traffic) 40 km/h 35.1 km/h 47.0 km/h

2. PWES-2019-04 West Branch of the East Branch Delisle Drain - Appointment of Drainage Engineer.  Administration recommends appointing Gerald Rood as Drainage Engineer for this drain cleaning project.  Costs are assessed to benefiting property owners.

3.PWES-2019-06 Water Distribution System - Annual Summary Report.  Administration presents the Annual Summary Report for the Tecumseh Distribution System (260004969) for the Year 2018, as prepared in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, O. Reg. 170/03, Schedule 22.  The report notes one adverse report in the vicinity of County Road 19 and County Road 34 at a vacant house.

4. PWES-2019-07 2019 Supply of Various Vehicles.  Administration is requesting permission to solicit quotations for several vehicles that have reached the end of their life cycle and to dispose of the existing fleet vehicles once replaced.

Department | Vehicle | Estimated Price
Public Works 12-12 2500 Crew Cab $35,000
Parks 06-12 2500 4x4 Crew Cab – Plow Package $37,000
Parks 31-16 Jacobson R311T Mower $44,000
Parks 36-16 Kubota 331 Mower $15,000
Parks 37-16 Kubota 331 Mower $15,000
Water 06-11 Large Service Truck $85,000
Water 10-04 Utility Trailer $2,600
Recreation 03-98 Zamboni $110,000
Total $343,600

5. PWES-2019-08 South Talbot Road Reconstruction Tender Award.  Administration recommends awarding a tender for the South Talbot Road Reconstruction in the amount of $2,056,935 excluding HST to Amico Infrastructures Inc.  Because this is less than expected the deductions from the Road Lifecycle Reserve decrease from $2,330,500 to $1,973,614 and the Bridges Lifecycle Reserve decreases from $606,000 to $581,84613.


For further information on these or other municipal matters, you can reach me at [email protected] or 226-773-1910.

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January 29th Meeting - Fluoridation of Water Supply

This week, Tecumseh Town Council will be hosting a Public Meeting to discuss fluoridation of the Town's water supply beginning at 6pm.  Tecumseh has purchased its water from the City of Windsor since 2004 and Windsor has supported reintroducing fluoride to its water supply.  Tecumseh residents previously held a referendum supporting the introduction of fluoride on December 17, 1968.  According to a Windsor Star report from May 14, 2003, when Tecumseh operated its own water treatment plant, its fluoride machinery was shut down in December 2001 after the Ministry of Labour condemned it as unsafe.  Fluoride would not be restored until the City of Windsor distributed water once again to the community.  In 2012, Tecumseh Town Council passed a By-law to remove fluoride and this decision was implemented in 2013 following the passage of a By-law by the City of Windsor.

The Administrative Report regarding the matter is here.  Administration does not take a position in 2019, but previously expressed support for fluoridation in 2012 as a result of the Health Unit support for the practice.  You can read the previous report here beginning on Page 178.  A recent Health Unit report regarding the state of Oral Health in our community can be found here.

Town Council has received dozens of letters and emails regarding this issue.  Those that have been submitted for the record can be found here.

Feel free to reach out on this or other municipal matters by contacting me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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January 22nd Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council begins at 5pm.  We will be discussing the proposed Multi-Purpose Sportsplex.  The agenda can be found here.  Craig Goodman and Sebastian Spataro of CS&P Architect Inc. will discuss the state of the facility design.

At 6:45pm Town Council will consider resident feedback regarding the rezoning of a farm property at 5500 Sexton Side Road.  The property is being consolidated with the previous home severed.  To comply with provincial policy, the remaining parcel must have further construction of a residence prohibited.  The agenda can be found here.

At 7pm, Regular Business begins. The agenda can be found here.

a. City of Windsor dated December 17, 2018 Re: Notice of Complete Application.  Windsor is notifying the Town that it has received planning applications from CK Mechanical Heating & Cooling Inc., 3842 & 3846 Peter St., To expand business to both parcels of land, and 1307657 Ontario Ltd., 863 Lauzon Rd., for a Proposed duplex on each of the lots.
b. Essex Region Conservation Authority dated December 17, 2018 Re: 2019 Draft Budget.  There is a 30 day consultation window to provide comment to ERCA regarding the draft 2019 Budget.  The budget totals $7,708,571 and includes a total levy
contribution from member municipalities of approximately $3,238,667.  This represents an increase of $89,915, or $0.32 per person ($9.68 to $10.00 per person).
a. Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula dated December 12, 2018, and the City of Hamilton dated January 3, 2019 Re: Creation, Maintenance and General Quality of the Municipal Voters' List.  Administration is recommending that the resolution regarding the establishment of a multi-stakeholder working group between the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Ministry of Finance, AMCTO, MPAC and Elections Ontario to explore and identify ways to create and maintain the Voters’ List for Municipal Elections, be supported; and that a letter of concerns respecting the Voter's List for Municipal Elections and a request for investigation be forwarded to the Ombudsman's office, be supported.
b. SouthWest Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) dated January 8, 2019.  Re: Increase Access to Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) broadband funding.  Administration is recommending that comments be submitted to the Canadian Radio -Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to reconsider its broadband fund eligibility criteria.
For questions on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]
We will next be meeting on January 29, 2019, to discuss fluoridation of our drinking water.
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January 15th Budget Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council will be meeting at 5pm to set the 2019 Business Plan and Budget.  The document and accompanying reports can be found here.

Administration is recommending a 2.7% tax levy increase net of growth on the Tecumseh portion of taxes (53% of the total residential tax bill) and represents an increase in the municipal tax bill of approximately $50 on a property assessed at $250,000 (the average assessed value of a home in Tecumseh).

The 2019 budget provides for:

  • A $150,000 increase towards the New Infrastructure Levy (NIL).  This fund is intended to enhance existing municipal services.  As an example, new sidewalks could be constructed under this fund.  
  • A $100,000 increase towards Lifecycle infrastructure replacement.
  • $17.5 million capital expenditure program supported by an increase in Provincial OCIF grant of $377,000 ($700,000 to
    $1,077,000) and Federal Gas Tax grant funding of $1,127,500 (a decrease of $21,000 from 2018 level of $1,148,500).
  • Service level enhancements in some areas, including:
    • Extended Parks and Recreation office hours to include evenings and weekends
    • Additional resources to maintain Parks facilities during extended operating hours
    • Additional Parks resources to improve department efficiency and effectiveness and to address health and safety issues
    • Additional Public Works resources by substituting one full-time labourer position for an existing part-time seasonal
  • $330,000 for known employee wage and benefit increases including:
    • $170,000 for negotiated wage and related benefit increases,
    • $60,000 for Bill 148 impact of increasing wages for certain part-time/seasonal employees,
    • $55,000 for impact of income tax changes affecting Council compensation, and\
    • $45,000 for employee retirement payouts.
  • $330,000 increase to general operations including:
    • $92,000 estimated increase to contracted policing costs,
    • $80,000 increase in materials and supplies, largely impacted by fuel costs, and
    • $130,000 increase to professional services, largely due to various studies to be undertaken during 2019, much of
      which will be funded through reserves.

In addition, Administration is recommending that Town Council set a Public Meeting for Tuesday, January 29th at 7pm to solicit feedback regarding fluoridation of the Town's water supply.  Water is supplied by Windsor but under the Fluoridation Act as it supplies to both Tecumseh and LaSalle, at least one of the municipalities must agree to the change.  The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit has supplied an Oral Health study as a point of information on this subject.  The study can be found here.  Administration is not offering a proposed direction on this matter.

For information on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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December 11th Meeting

The first Town Council meeting of 2018 will begin at 5:15pm.

There will be a 45 minute presentation regarding cyber security on the most common computer hacks, and to provide awareness allowing users to protect themselves and the corporation.

At 6pm, a Special Meeting of Council will begin.  The agenda can be found here.  The following will be discussed:

  • 2019 - 2022 Advisory and Statutory Committee Appointments
  • 2019 - 2022 Board Appointments
  • Council Compensation Review
  • Award Nominations

The nominees for each of the proposed committee members and awardees can be found within the agenda.

At 7pm, regular business begins.  The agenda can be found here.

Delegations include:

  1. Nicole Dupuis, Director of Health Promotion, and Eric Nadalin, Manager of Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention for the Windsor Essex County Health Unit Re: Municipal Considerations for Cannabis Retail
  2. Mike Symons, OPP Re: Retail Cannabis Shops in Municipalities
  3. Eleanor Groh, Vice Chair Tecumseh Police Service Board Re: 2019 Budget Presentation
  4. Luc Gagnon, Director Financial Services & Treasurer, and Tom Kitsos, Deputy Treasurer & Tax Collector  Re: 2019 Proposed Business Plan and Budget

Communications - For Information

  1. Windsor-Essex County Health Unit dated October 5, 2018 Re: Cannabis Resolution Recommendation.  The WECHU has supplied a proposed resolution for Council's consideration.
  2. St. Clair College dated November 16, 2018 Re: Donation of a 1990 Spartan Pumper Firetruck to their Pre-Service Firefighting Program.  St. Clair College has sent a letter of thanks for the Town's donation of the 1990 Fire Truck.
  3. Local Planning Appeal Tribunal - Environment and Land Tribunals dated November 27, 2018 Re: OMB Case No. PL160967 - Tecumseh, Del Duca Industrial Park Ltd., Nabbout Appeal and Burford Appeal.  The Tribunal has granted the Town's request to withhold its order for an additional 6 months to allow for time to continue with discussions between the Town and Friends of Oldcastle Development. 
  4. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing dated November 30, 2018 Re: Congratulations on Success of Municipal Elections.  Minister Steve Clark sends a letter of congratulations to Council for our election.
  5. Greater Essex Catholic District School Broad dated November 30, 2018 Re: Cannabis Retail Stores Proximity to Schools.  The School Board is concerned with the minimum separation of 150m (500') from schools, believing it to be too low.
  6. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing dated December 6, 2018  Re: Streamlining Development Approvals.  The Province is seeking to increase opportunity for housing supply and mix, and improve efficiency of the process.

Reports include:

a. Corporate Services & Clerk

  1. CS-2018-40 Civil Marriages and Licence Service Update.  Administration has supplied an update regarding this program detailing that the Town has issued 94 marriage licences and performed 13 civil wedding ceremonies.
  2. CS-2018-41 2018 Council Orientation Overview.  Administration has summarized the results of the Council Orientation Session of November 19.  As a follow-up, further discussions are scheduled at the Strategic Planning and Priority Setting Session scheduled for Friday, January 25, 2019 at 9:00 am, as well as deliberations on the 2019 Budget at the Special Meeting of Council on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 5:00 pm.This item has attachments.  
  3. CS-2018-42 Management and Non-Union Administrative Support Staff and Council Economic Salary Adjustment for 2019.  Administration is recommending that Non-Union staff be granted a 2% increase for 2019.
  4. CS-2018-45 Dog Commissionaires,  Administration reports that the Dog Tag program was successful, increasing compliance and revenues to the Town from $20,452 in 2017 to $36,486 in 2018 (to date).
  5. CS-2018-47 Cannabis Legalization.  Administration recommends that the Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh opt-out of hosting retail cannabis sales.

b.  Financial Services
1. FS-2018-19 2019 Fees and Charges.  Administration has proposed the schedule of fees and charges for 2019.  Fees and charges are raised annually to reflect the increase in CPI over the course of the year. The CPI increase for September 2018 over September 2017 is 2.2% (2017 over 2016 was 1.7%) based on the Ontario All Items Index.  Tax certificates increased from $64 to $70.  Public Works indemnities have been increased to $1,000 and $2,000.  In general, arena and pool / swimming rates have slightly increased.  

c.  Fire & Emergency Services
1. FIRE 2018-09 2019 Fire Five (5) Year Capital Projects Plan 2019 - 2023 Fire Equipment.  Fire is proposing to purchase 4 Swiss Phone pagers $3,000, 5 Firefighter helmets $2,250, 4 Leather boots $2,000, 5 Sets of firefighter bunker gear $13,000 and Vehicle extrication tools $45,000.

d. Parks & Recreation Services
1. PRS-2018-14 2019 - 2023 Arena and Pool Five (5) Year Capital Works Plan.  Administration is recommending approval for the following projects:


  1. Building Environment Control System $ 45,000
  2. Sportsplex Architect & Detailed Design $350,000
  3. Replacement Spectator Safety Netting $18,000 
  4. Replacement Inside Rink B Zamboni Room Garage Door $10,000
  5. Inspection of Rink A Exterior Walls $5,000
  6. Replacement Work Bay Garage Door $6,000


  1. Tankless Water Heater for Showers $10,000
  2. Ultraviolet Disinfection System $15,000
  3. Pool Slide Structure Refurbishment $28,000
  4. Rebuild Sand Filters $5,000

2. PRS-2018-21 2019 - 2023 Buildings Five (5) Year Capital Works Plan.  Administration is recommending approval for the following projects:

  1. Parks Buildings upgrades (paint, block repair, fixtures) $ 15,000
  2. Lakewood Pro Shop HVAC $17,000 
  3. Fire Hall #1 garage floor $ 8,000
  4. St Clair Beach CC fire alarm panel $ 3,000

3.  PRS-2018-23 2019-2023 Parks Five (5) Year Capital Works Plan.  Administration is recommending approval for the following projects:

Park Development

  1. Various - Park Bench Replacement and Installation $ 15,000
  2. Sports Fields Top Dressing Overseeding -- $ 15,000
  3. Basketball Post Replacement - various parks --  $ 10,000
  4. In Ground Garbage Containers -- $ 36,300
  5. Install Manufactured Wood Chips under Play Sets -- $ 15,000
  6. Annual Project Allocations TBD -- $ 10,000 
  7. Lakewood North Boardwalk Replacement -- $ 40,000 
  8. Green Acres Playset Replacement -- $100,000
  9. McAuliffe Park - New Washroom Building -- $450,000 
  10. Tecumseh Soccer Fields - Drainage Improvements -- $ 30,000
  11. Lacasse Baseball Upgrades -- $ 30,000 
  12. Green Acres Tennis Court Crack Sealing -- $ 10,000 
  13. St Mary's Park - Walkway -- $ 10,000
  14. Parks, Recreation & Trails Master Plan -- $ 45,000
  15. Lakewood North - Historical Storyboard Installation -- $ 10,000
  16. Park Sign Replacements - various parks -- $ 15,000
  17. Drainage Improvements Weston Park -- $ 10,000


  1. Tree Planting $ 40,000

e. Planning & Building Services

  1. PBS-2018-23 1122 Lesperance Road, CIP Grant No. 3.  Administration recommends approval of a reimbursement of building permit fees for a facade replacement at 1122 Lesperance Road at Lachance Court for a total amount of $561.60.
  2. PBS-2018-25 Summary of all CIP Grant Applications and Commercial Fee Moratorium.  Administration has supplied a summary report of all projects funded through the Tecumseh Road Mainstreet Community Improvement Program.

f.  Public Works & Environmental Services

  1. PWES-2018-08 PWES 2019-2023 Capital Works Plan

Administration is recommending approval of the projects for the 2019 year, and the Capital Project List 2019-2023:

Sidewalk Projects
1. Sidewalk Repair Program - Various Locations $ - $ 69,000 

New Infrastructure

  1. Riverside Drive Trail $ 850,000
  2. CR11: Hwy401 to NTR (CWATS Multi-Use Trail) $ 434,600

Road Projects

  1. Road Paving - Tar & Chip - $ 100,000
  2. Road Paving - Asphalting - $ 1,100,000
  3. Road Paving - Crack Sealing $ 100,000
  4. Lesperance Road Bike Lane Pavement Markings - $ 110,000
  5. Tecumseh Rd/Lacasse Blvd Intersection Improvements - $ 40,000
  6. Tecumseh Road CIP - Streetscape Plan & Final Design - $ 1,422,640
  7. South Talbot Road Reconstruction - $ 2,330,500
  8. Sylvestre Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension - $ 94,000 
  9. Scully & St. Mark'sStorm PS/Riverside Drive - $ 43,600
  10. Cty Rd 46/Webster/Laval Sanitary Sewer Extension - $ 120,750 
  11. Delduca Drive Sanitary Sewer - $ 92,450 
  12. Road Needs Study $ - $ 63,000 - $ 63,000
  13. Traffic Signal Controller Update - $ 150,000
  14. Brighton Road Traffic Study - $ 32,000
  15. Road Line Painter - $ 30,000
  16. Expansion/Improvements PW Yard (North) - $ 30,000
  17. Traffic Calming Guideline Study - $ 20,000

Bridge Projects

  1. Culvert #46 (STR Reconstruction) - $ 410,500
  2. Culvert #47 (STR Reconstruction) - $ 195,500
  3. Bridge #1004 - Sullivan Creek at 12th Concession - $ 250,300
  4. Bridge #1013 - Merrick Creek at 8th Concession - $ 250,300
  5. Bridge #1014 - Townline Road Drain at 6th Concession - $ 250,300

Water Projects

  1. Water & Wastewater Master Plan Update - $ 57,500
  2. Tecumseh Road CIP - Streetscape Plan & Final Design - $ 50,250 
  3. Hwy#3/County Road 11 Watermain Replacement - $ 134,600 
  4. Water Audit and Water Balance - $ 15,000
  5. Cty Rd 46/Webster Laval Sanitary Sewer Exten. - $ 80,400 
  6. Delduca Drive Sanitary Sewer - $ 5,550 
  7. CR42 & CR43 Advanced Engineering - $ 25,000

Water Facility Projects

1. Water Tower Internal Lining Replacement - $ 470,000

Wastewater Projects

  1. Water & Wastewater Master Plan Update  - $ 57,500
  2. Tecumseh Road CIP - Streetscape Plan & Final Design $ 63,500 
  3. Sanitary Sewer Rehab. (I&I Removal) - Phase 3 - $ 3,000,000
  4. CR11 (North) Sanitary Sewer Extension - $ 1,152,000
  5. Sylvestre Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension $ 186,800
  6. Manhole Restoration Program - $ 50,000
  7. Cty Rd 46/Webster/Laval Sanitary Sewer Exten. - $ 166,700
  8. Scully & St. Mark's Storm PS/Riverside Drive - $ 20,550
  9. Delduca Drive Sanitary Sewer - $ 148,500
  10. CR42 & CR43 Advanced Engineering - $ 16,000
  11. Sanitary Sewer Model Update & Flow Monitioring - $ 250,000

Wastewater Facility Projects

  1. Sanitary Pump and Meter Station Improvements $ - $ 32,500 

Stormwater Projects

  1. Tecumseh Road CIP - Streetscape Plan & Final Design $ 68,310
  2. Storm Drainage Master Plan $ 600,000
  3. Oldcastle Storrm Drainage Master Plan - $ 330,000
  4. Storm Pump Stations - 2019 Repairs - $ 268,000
  5. Manhole Restoration Program - $ 50,000 
  6. Cty Rd 46/Webster/Laval Sanitary Sewer Extension- $ 2,400
  7. Scully & St. Marks Storm PS/Riverside Drive - $ 733,100
  8. Delduca Drive Sanitary Sewer - $ 50,850
  9. CR42 & CR43 Advanced Engineering - $ 9,000

2. PWES 2018-32 2019 Water and Wastewater Rates.  Administration recommends the following rate updates for 2019:

  • (a) Metered water consumption charge with usage under 10,200 cubic meters per month at $1.1893 per cubic meter, or $5.4067 per 1,000 imperial gallons;
  • (b) Metered water consumption charge with usage over 10,200 cubic meters per month at $0.8597 per cubic meter, or $3.9083 per 1,000 imperial gallons;
  • (c) metered wastewater collection and treatment charges at $1.2336 per cubic meter, or $5.6081 per 1,000 imperial gallons;
  • (d) wastewater collection and treatment charges for Bonduelle North America at $0.8224 per cubic meter, $3.7387 per 1,000 imperial gallons;
  • (e) fixed charge for water and wastewater service connections at:
    • 5/8” & ¾” $15.04
    • 1” $26.08
    • 1.5” $51.21
    • 2” $76.29
    • 3” $128.09
    • 4” $206.76
    • 6” $367.67
  • (f) flat rate water un-metered consumption charge at $46.60 per month;
  • (g) flat rate un-metered wastewater collection and treatment charge at $47.80 per month;
  • (h) meter connection charge at $535.00 per meter;
  • (i) meter reconnection charge at $89.00 per meter;
  • (j) hydrant rental at $89.00 per day;
  • (k) Oasis Water Filling Station at $2.10 per cubic meter; and
  • (l) Miscellaneous charge at $15.00.


For questions on these or other municipal matters, feel free to reach out at [email protected] or 226-773-1910

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November 27th Meeting

This week, Town Council begins at 6pm.  The agenda can be found here.

a. Manning Road Secondary Plan
Re: Verbal Report by the Director Planning & Building Services

b. Stormwater Master Plan
Re: Verbal Report from the Director Public Works & Environmental Services

c. McColl Avenue
Re: Verbal Report from the Director Corporate Services & Clerk

Regular business begins at 7pm.  The agenda can be found here.

a. Corporate Services & Clerk
1. CS-2018-31 Taxi Cab Owner License Limitation.  Administration recommends that:

  • The number of Taxi Cab Owner Licenses be maintained at a maximum of twelve (12) licenses; and
  • The number of Accessible Taxi Cab Owner Licenses be maintained at a minimum of three (3) licenses; and
  • The fees and fares set out in Schedule B of By-law No. 2003-85, would be amended, as follows:
    • $4.15 start
    • $2.31 first km
    • $39.60 / hour waiting.

2. CS-2018-35 Unattended Children and Pets in Vehicles during Hot Temperatures.  Administration has supplied a report detailing measures available to prevent heat exhaustion or hyperthermia deaths of unattended children and pets in
vehicles during extreme hot and cold temperatures, including Car Seat Technology, Rear Seat Reminder System in General Motors Vehicles, and After Market Devices.

3. CS-2018-39 Green Acres Optimist Park.  Administration recommends that Green Acres Optimist Park be renamed as “Optimist Park" based on a request from the Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach.

b.  Financial Services
1. FS-2018-17 Award General Insurance and Risk Management Services.  It is recommended that the proposal for the General Insurance & Risk Management Services contract in the amount of $295,428 plus PST be awarded and contracted to Frank Cowan Company Limited; and further that an allocation of $39,000 be made to the Insurance Reserve which provides funding for those years where we have an extraordinary number of deductible payments required.

2.  FS-2018-18 - Contract Renewal - Auditing Services.  It is recommended that the Town approve the contract renewal for KPMG LLP as the external auditors for the Town and BIA for the 2018 to 2022 fiscal years; and that a by-law be prepared appointing KPMG LLP as auditors in accordance with the original Request for Proposal – External Audit Services dated October 4, 2013 and their request for renewal letter dated August 2, 2018.

c. Planning & Building Services
1. PBS-2018-40 Zoning By-law Amendment, 5500 Sexton, D19 5500SE.  Administration recommends the scheduling of a public meeting, to be held on Tuesday, January 22, 2019, at 6:30 p.m., for the application submitted by 538073 Ontario Inc., to amend Sandwich South Zoning By-law 85-18 to rezone an approximate 19.4 hectare (48.0 acre) agricultural property situated on the east side of Sexton Side Road (5500 Sexton Side Road), approximately 325 metres south of its intersection with County Road 46, from “Agricultural Zone (A)” to a site specific “Agricultural Zone (A-28)” in order to:
i) prohibit the construction of a residential dwelling unit in accordance with Section c) of the Provincial Policy Statement; and
ii) prohibit a livestock facility within the existing farm building, in accordance with the Minimum Distance Separation (MDS) Formula, be authorized.

2. PBS-2018-41 2018 Nine Month Permit Report.  Construction values in 2018 are down from 2017.  There was $22.39 Million in building activity this year, down from $33.09 Million in 2017.  392 dwelling units were constructed in 2018, down from 433 in 2017.  A total of 392 permits were issued in 2018, down from 600 in 2017.

3. PBS-2018-42 1122 Lesperance Road, CIP Grant No. 2.  Administration recommends that a Grant Application for the Tecumseh Road Main Street Community Improvement Plan Financial Incentive Program, for the property located at 1122 Lesperance Road (at Lachance - Azar Homes & Edward Jones Investments), be approved and deemed eligible for a Building Façade Improvement Grant in an amount of $15,000.00 towards the cost of the proposed building façade improvement works.

For questions on these or other municipal matters, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 226-773-1910.

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November 13th Meeting

Tecumseh Town Council begins this week at 5pm with a Public Meeting to discuss a proposed driveway access to Home Hardware from Westlake Drive.  The matter was considered several years ago and was denied by Town Council at the time.  Owing to continuing difficult conditions with access to the property and turning movements the request is being made to reconsider that previous decision.  The agenda and accompanying report can be found here.

Regular business begins at 7pm.  The agenda and accompanying reports can be found here.

Delegations include the BIA Board of Management regarding the Tecumseh Life in Motion video that can be seen here.
Communications include a resolution from the Town of Lakeshore dated September 19, 2018 requesting support for Allowing Municipalities to Use Flashing Traffic Signals at times when traffic is low.
In addition the Rural Ontario Municipalities Association has issued a Notice of Call for Nominations to the ROMA Board of Directors Zone Representatives 2019-2023
- Purchase of approximately 8,000 sq. ft. of artificial turf material.  The purchase of the material would be at the expense of the Town and the labour cost to install it at the Lacasse ball diamond would be a partnership between the Club and St. Clair College.
- Replacement of the structural support stone bases with a cement pad and that the pad be extended beyond the current stone base footprint to allow for accessible viewing of the playing field.
- Fencing extension installed from the current left field fence to just short of the Lacasse Park sign. The fencing would stop any errant balls thrown on the practice diamond and would act as a permanent piece of the Corn Festival.
For any further questions or municipal issues, feel free to contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]
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October 30th Meeting

A special meeting of Council is being held on Tuesday October 30th at 5pm to discuss a Site Plan Control agreement for the Lakeview Montessori School located at Riverside Drive and St. Mark's.  The full agenda can be found here.

Administration is recommending that Council pass a by-law authorizing the execution of the “Lakeview School” site plan control
agreement, satisfactory in form to the Town’s Solicitor, which allows for a 948 square metre (10,208 square foot) addition to the Lakeview Montessori School, consisting of a 511 square metre (5,503 square foot) gymnasium addition and a 437 square metre
(4,705 square foot) school addition, along with associated parking, landscaping, outdoor playground areas and on-site services/works on 0.64 hectare (1.6 acre) parcel of land situated on the southeast corner of the Riverside Drive/St. Mark’s Road intersection (13797 Riverside Drive).

Work contemplated is as follows:

  • The 511 square metre (5,503 square foot) gymnasium addition on the southerly portion of the property and a 437 square metre (4,705 square foot) school addition to the central/internal portion of the property;
  • A new asphalted parking area on the southerly portion of the property abutting the proposed new gymnasium that will accommodate 10 vehicles and will include infrastructure to provide proper stormwater drainage. In total, 53 parking spaces (three of which are barrier-free spaces) will be provided on-site;
  • Improvements to the existing northerly parking area that will result in improved on-site traffic movement;
  • The southerly extension to the existing toddler drop-off lane on the east side of St. Mark’s Road. This improvement is being undertaken in accordance with the Traffic Impact Study that was prepared as part of the aforementioned planning approvals and in response to the traffic concerns on St. Mark’s Road that were identified through the past public consultation process;
  • The installation of 12 bike racks (six near the northern school entrance and six near the future gymnasium entrance);
  • The installation of planters, trellises and columnar trees along the westerly and southerly building façades of the gymnasium addition. This improvement is being undertaken to reduce the “massing” of the gymnasium and is in response to the
    design/façade concerns that were identified through the past public consultation process. 
  • Future playground areas within the 700 square metre (7,534 square foot) area of land that was purchased from the abutting residential property located at 101 Arlington Boulevard. It should be noted that these areas are identified as future uses and the site plan requires that approval of an Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendment will be required prior to these uses being established. The required amendments will restrict the uses within this area solely to passive outdoor recreational uses.

For further information on these or other municipal matters please contact me at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]

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