April 26th Meeting

This week's regular business of Council begins at 7pm. You can find the full packet here.

Delegations to the meeting will be:
- Cheryl Hardcastle, MP, who will be introducing herself as MP and to have a discussion of
MP portfolios
- Taylor Shepherd, who will speak recongizing the Town's contribution for the recent Special Needs Hockey Tournament

Communications to be received include:

A. Township of Georgian Bay, April 7, 2016, Re: Enforcement of "No Wake" Zones; and
B. Township of Gillies, April 11, 2016, Re: Enforcement of "No Wake" Zones. The Townships of Georgian Bay and Gillies would like to have the Federal Government amend the Canada Shipping Act to allow for "No Wake Zones" limiting speeds for inland lakes, rivers and streams.
C. Minister Responsible for Seniors Affairs, April 2016, Re: Senior Achievement Award 2016. Minister Mario Sergio is requesting nominations for the 2016 Senior Achievement Award. Nominations are due June 15th. Visit http://www.ontario.ca/honoursandawards/ for more information.
D. Township of South Frontenac, April 21, 2016, Re: Renewable Procurement Initiatives. The Town of South Frontenac is requesting that those municipalities who oppose the addition of further electricity generation facilities such as Wind Turbines still be granted some kind of compensation by provincial formula, as a host as non-support usually does not result in a community benefit agreement.

Administration recommends adopting of the following resolutions:
A. Municipal Summit on OMB Reform - Process and Power, Saturday, May 14, 2016, Markham, ON. Councillor Tom Mrakas of the Town of Aurora has organized a Municipal Summit on Ontario Municipal Board Reform - Process and Power Seminar to be held on Saturday, May 14th, 2016 from 9am to 4pm at the Markham Civic Centre. The Ontario Municipal Board is an appeal body that has the power to overturn local planning and muncipal administrative decisions. Administration is recommending that expenses be allowable for members of Council who wish to attend this seminar.
B. Laurie Scott, MPP, April 7, 2016 Re: Human Trafficking. MPP Laurie Scott has authored a Private Member's Bill (Bill 158 - Saving the Girl Next Door Act) regarding Human Trafficking and asks for Council's support. The bill proposes the following:
- February 22nd will be designated as Human Trafficking Awareness Day in Ontario
- Allow for parents of trafficking victims under 18, the victims themselves over 18 or an authorized agent to obtain a protection order to prohibit contact from the trafficker to the victim for minimum 3 years.
- Allow for legal action allowing victims to sue their traffickers for damages and an accounting of profits.
- Amend the definition of "sex offender" under Christopher's Law (Sex Offender Registry), 2000 to include criminal offences for trafficking of victims under the age of 18.


A. Manager Recreation Programs & Events, January 25, 2016, Report No. 07/16, Re: 2016 International Dragon Boats For The Cure Festival. The International Dragon Boats for the Cure Festival is requesting that an exemption from the Town’s Sign By-law starting June 20, 2016 to permit them to advertise the 2016 International Dragon Boat Festival in consultation with the Parks Department and Planning Department, and also that the event be allowed an exemption from the Noise By-law to operate loud speakers or sound amplifying equipment on Saturday, July 9, 2016 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m for background music and event announcements.

B. Drainage Superintendent, April 7, 2016, Report No. 21/16, Re: O'Keefe Drain - Tender Award. Administration is recommending that the tender for the O’Keefe Drain Improvements in the amount of $123,600 excluding HST, be awarded to Total Source Contracting.

C. Manager Roads & Fleet, April 12, 2016, Report No. 22/16, Re: West Nile Virus Program - 2016 Funding Status. Administration is asking for permission to proceed with a West Nile Virus avoidance program. The Town will have to pay up front for larviciding and then subsequently request funding from the Windsor Essex County Health Unit and the Province of Ontario. Correspondence to the Ministry of the Environment and Pestalto Environmental Products Inc.,
authorizing the application of larvicides in water bodies such as catch basins and ditches found to
contain mosquito species known to transmit the West Nile Virus, be forwarded. The Town's cost is expected to be $6,000.

A. Bylaw 2016-13, Being a by-law to provide for the repair and improvements to the McLean Hergott Drain. Homeowners will be assessed the cost of drain improvements.
B. Bylaw 2016-27, Being a by-law to amend appointment of members to the Cultural & Arts Advisory Committee for the term of Council 2015-2018; and
C. Bylaw 2016-28, Being a by-law to amend appointment of members to the Tecumseh Heritage Committee for the term of Council 2015-2018. Member Stephen Willetts has resigned from these committees. We wish Stephen the best of luck!
D. Bylaw 2016-29, Being a bylaw to authorize the execution of a Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program Contribution Agreement between The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada as represented by the Minister responsible for Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario. This agreement allows the Town of Tecumseh to accept $400,000 from the Federal Government under the Canada 150 program to allow for trail paving and bridge construction at Lakewood Park.

Our next meetings will be held on Tuesday, May 10, 2016, beginning at 5:30 pm - Special Council Meeting, Re: Tecumseh Rd Mainstreet Streetscape Plan and regular business beginning at 7pm

For further information on this or other matters please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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April 12th Meeting

This week, Council meetings begin at 6:30pm, starting with the Court of Revision for the McLean-Hergott Drain.  The Court of Revision is to hear from any assessed landowner being required to make a financial contribution to the future maintenance of the drain.

The packet for the Court of Revision can be found here.

Regular business begins at 7pm.  The full packet can be found here.

Delegations include:

  • Fire Captain Ray Simard, Captain Wade Bondy, Firefighter Chris Pearson, Firefighter Ron Gambriel, and Firefighter Josh Easby.  Council will be recognizing their efforts to help restore vital life signs for a victim and assist in their recovery.
  • Brad Coxon, Coxon's Towing Services, will be recognized for a contribution to Tecumseh's Fire Department
  • Fred Raby, President, David Lozinsky, Secretary and Renee Froese of the Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach will be present to speak to a proposed Family Fun Fair to be held on Saturday, September 24, 2016 from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at McAuliffe Park.

Communications being received include:

  • Town of Lakeshore, March 11, 2016, Re: Ontario Municipal Board Simplified Process Town of Lakeshore - Re Ontario Municipal Board Simplified Process.  Lakeshore has requested that municipalities act as the appeal body, free of charge to appellants, for Official Plan matters and that the Ontario Municipal Board no longer have an authority to overturn portions of a provincially approved municipal Official Plan.
  • Investment in Affordable Housing Program for Ontario Extension (IAH-E), Re: 2016 Homeownership Downpayment Assistance Program 2016.  This advises that thanks to a federal/provincial program, downpayment assistance of 10% of the purchase price of an eligible home, up to a maximum of $19,700 is provided by a 20-year forgivable loan registered on title as a second mortgage, on a first come first serve basis.
  • Town of Tecumseh, April 1, 2016, Re: Notice of Study Commencement, Water and Wastewater Master Plan Update Notice of Commencement.  Tecumseh is undertaking a water and wastewater infrastructure master plan
  • Town of Tillsonburg, April 4, 2016, Re: Support for resolution re Waste Management Town of Tillsonburg.  Tillsonburg has requested provincial legislation mandating that municipalities be held responsible for the waste that they generate and that solid waste destined for landfill would not leave the jurisdiction.
  • Minister Responsible for Seniors Affairs, March 2016, Re: Seniors' Month in Ontario, June 1 - 30, 2016.  The Province proposes that municipalities proclaim June as Seniors Month.  Administration recommends adoption of this. 

Reports include:

  • Director Fire Services & Fire Chief, April 4, 2016, Report No. 03/16, Re: Fire Chief's Q1 of 2016 Fire Rescue Services.  This report updates Council as to Fire Department activities between January and March 2016.
  • Manager Recreation Programs & Events, March 2, 2016, Report No. 11/16, Re: Optimist Club's Family Fun Fair.  Administration is recommending that Council approve a noise by-law exemption for the Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach Family Fun Fair to be held on Saturday, September 24, 2016 from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at McAuliffe Park. In addition, an exemption from the Sign By-law is requested to allow for event signage to be placed on the public highway leading up to the event.
  • Drainage Superintendent, April 12, 2016, Report No. 18/16, Re: Request for Repair and Improvements to a Municipal Drain, Appointment of Drainage Engineer - Malden Road West Drain.  Administration is recommending that Dillon Consulting be appointed as the Drainage Engineer for the improvement of the Malden Road West Drain.
  • Manager Engineering Services, March 29, 2016, Report No. 20/16, Re: Dumouchelle Street, Outer Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension.  Administration is recommending acceptance of the tender bid for the Dumouchelle Street, Outer Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension in the amount of $1,777,543 excluding HST from D’Amore Construction (2000) Ltd.  Also of note for this project is that this project will realize a savings of $424,162 from the expected cost.

If you have any question on these or other matters related to Town Council, please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]


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Mayor McNamara's Response to Recent News Articles

Re: Leafgate ignites fight within Tecumseh council, by Dave Battagello, March 14.
Following budget deliberations, council was briefed at their Jan. 27, 2015 meeting that options on continuing the leaf vacuum program would be given in an administrative report.

The report was considered at the June 23rd council meeting and contained information on the history of the program, financial implications, as well as recommendations.

The report is on the town’s website for review and identifies this service was only available to 990 residents out of 7,489 at a cost of $170,000 in equipment replacement and $13,500 for labour.

The option of providing this service to all residents was not financially viable. The debate took place at an open advertised meeting.

The report was on the June 23 meeting agenda published and posted on the town’s website, June 18, consistent with all agenda reports.

There was a motion made for a deferral on this issue to garner more public input. The motion was defeated and the motion to cancel the service was carried.

At the July 14 council meeting, four residents were in attendance to speak to this issue — three were in favour of cancelling the program and one opposed. The general consensus of those present was that all Tecumseh residents have access to yard waste pickup, which was not available when the leaf vacuum program was instituted by the former Village.

This is an example of policies from three former municipalities being merged to best serve all residents. Since amalgamation, there have been many instances of policy consolidation, including frequency of garbage collection within the various wards as an example.

Subsequent to the cancellation decision, I want to make it very clear — a public awareness campaign ensued on the town’s website through social media and the local newspaper, in addition to news releases.

The questions raised with respect to the level of transparency and the absence of a democratic process are troublesome and inaccurate.

This matter was voted on at an open meeting, based on a report available to all of council, and the public, in advance not unlike other reports on the bi-monthly meeting agendas.

There are a number of exciting initiatives, programs and projects that will be considered in the coming months and I have every confidence council will work together for the betterment of the entire town.

GARY McNAMARA, Mayor of Tecumseh

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March 22nd Meeting

This week’s Council meeting begins at 7pm on Tuesday March 22nd.  The full information packet can be found here: http://town.tecumseh.on.ca/amserver/Regular%20Council%20Meeting/2016-03/22-19-00/Packet.pdf


Delegations will be received from:

  • Jeff Lappan, Lacasse Printing, Re: Cheque Presentation

  • Mr. Dino Villella, St. Pius X Catholic Elementary School, Re: North of 42 - A Celebration of the Town of Tecumseh

  • The Corn Festival Committee leadership will be recognized for their Top 100 Festival Award from Festivals & Events Ontario

  • Candice Dennis, Chair; Paul Bistany, Vice Chair, and Paula Rorai, Coordinator, Tecumseh Business Improvement Area Board of Management will speak to the 2016 Proposed BIA Budget 

Council is also being asked to recognize Public Rail Safety Week from April 25 - May 1, 2016, and to consider attending the Ontario Farmland Trust 2016 Farmland Forum, April 8, 2016 in Kitchener, subject to the Town’s Travel and Professional Development Policies and 2016 Budget.


Reports include:

Deputy Clerk, February 10, 2016, Report No. 04/16, Re: Cat Spay and Neuter Voucher Program 2016.  It is proposed to allow 5 spay and neuter vouchers on a first-come, first-serve basis to caregivers of feral cats beginning April 15, 2016.


Director Corporate Services & Clerk, March 3, 2016, Report No. 05/16, Re: 2016 Business Improvement Area Board of Management.  It is proposed that Council appoint members to serve on the BIA Board of Management for the remainder of the term of Council, and the BIA has endorsed the nominations of:

  • Paul Bistany Paul Bistany Real Estate,

  • Candice Dennis On the Dark Side Tanning,

  • Maureen Harris Lakeview Montessori,

  • Daniel Hofgartner Buckingham Realty,

  • Joe Fratangeli 3lambs Baby Boutique,

  • Linda Proctor Kim Deane, Lawyer,

  • Tony Nehme The Job Shoppe.


One consideration for Council is that the Health Services sector is the second largest business segment in the Town at 29% of all businesses, and there was a single nomination to represent this sector that was not recommended by the BIA to Council for consideration.


Director Corporate Services & Clerk, March 8, 2016, Report No. 06/16, Re: Little River & McColl Alley, Request for Alley Closing and Transfer of Lands.  A legal alley exists north of the Little River Boulevard properties south of the former Victoria Public School but is generally not being used as such.  It is proposed that this alley be closed and offered for sale to abutting residents.


Director Financial Services & Treasurer, March 4, 2016, Report No. 07/16,

Re: Statement of Remuneration and Expenses Paid in 2015.  Of particular interest is the annual remuneration and expenses report. My personal remuneration for Council was $27,097 for meetings attended and $6,228 for conference-related expenses which includes a fixed per diem for food and ancillary expenses, and a reimbursement for accommodation costs. For actual conference days, not including travel days, we also receive a daily stipend as compensation for the time spent on Town business.

The three conferences I attended in 2015 were:

- The Ontario Good Roads Association and Rural Ontario Municipalities Association conference held in Toronto in February.

- The Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference held in Edmonton in July

- The Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference held in Niagara Falls in August

Director Information & Communication Services, March 2, 2016, Report No. 03/16.  Council is being asked to fund $11,865 + HST for Probe Research Inc., to conduct the biannual customer service survey for 2016 beginning in April 2016.


Public Works & Environmental Services

Manager Engineering Services, March 7, 2016, Report No. 16/16, Re: Shawnee Road and Arbour Street Area Improvements (Phase 2), Tender Award.  Administration recommends that the tender for the Shawnee Road and Arbour Street Area Improvements (Phase 2) in the amount of $1,925,000 excluding HST be awarded to J&J Lepera Infrastructures Inc.  This is terrific news as it reflects a $545,016 savings from the anticipated cost.


G. Manager Engineering Services, March 9, 2016, Report No. 17/16, Re: North Talbot Road Sanitary Sewer Outlet, Dominant Mold & Duplicating Inc. (5425 Outer Drive), Sanitary Sewer Connection Agreement.  Administration is recommending approval of a sanitary sewer connection from Dominant Mold & Duplicating Inc., located at 5425 Outer Drive, to the North Talbot Road Sanitary Sewer Outlet service area, as it has been determined that sufficient capacity exists in the sewer to provide this service.


For any further questions on these or other items please feel free to be in touch at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]


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March 8th Meeting

Coming up this on Tuesday, March 8th, beginning at 7pm (packet found here):

A. Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), February 12, 2016 Re: Policing Consultations Announced AMO Policy Update:  The Minister of Correctional Services and Community Safety has announced that there will be public consultations regarding policing reform beginning this year.
B. Essex Region Conservation Authority Re: Invitation for Expressions of Interest, Source Protection Committee. ERCA is seeking two new representatives for the Source Protection Committee; one agriculture and one general public representative. There is a commitment to participate in 3-4 meetings per year for three years.  Applications are due March 14th. For more information visit www.essexregionsourcewater.org.

C. Gary Dillon, Director, Statistics Canada, February 16, 2016 Re: 2016 Census of Population Program.  Statistics Canada has written to remind us that the Census will be occurring this year and our residents are encouraged to participate.

D. Municipality of Bluewater, February 19, 2016 Re: Physician Recruitment and Incentives.  Bluewater advises that they have passed a resolution asking for the reinstatement of funding for rural physician recruitment.

E. Township of Gillies, February 25, 2016 Re: Resolution from Town of Aurora Council re OMB Jurisdiction.  Gillies has passed a resolution supporting Aurora asking that the Ontario Municipal Board be required to uphold municipal decisions unless the local decision was arrived at contrary to legislative processes and rules.

F. The Township of Minden Hills, March 1, 2016 Re: Request for Review of the New OPP Billing Model.  Minden Hills has requested that the Province revisit the new OPP Billing Model for municipalities.  Of note is that Tecumseh has financially benefitted from this reform.

G. Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services, March 2, 2016 Re: Emergency Management & Civil Protection Act (EMCPA) Compliance.  The Ministry advises that the municipality is in compliance with all regulations under the Act.

H. AMO Communications, March 2, 2016 Re: ROMA/OGRA Conference.  ROMA shares some conference deliverables including a new video.  It also advises that a Muncipal Councillor profile has been established and finds that municipal councillors and mayors in rural Ontario are on average older, more predominantly male, less racially diverse and have higher incomes and more education compared to a typical cross-section of rural community demographics. The top challenges faced by these individuals include managing work-life balance, learning municipal governance and managing conflict.

I. The Corporation of the Town of Amherstburg, March 2, 2016 Re: Request for Ontario to Cancel RFP for Added Wind Power Generation.  Amherstburg has supported Wainfleet's resolution asking for a stop to new Request for Proposals for Wind Turbines by the Province.

J. Invitation to the Annual Herb Gray Harmony Awards Gala April 21, 2016.  The Multicultural Council invites members of public to its annual Herb Gray Harmony Awards Gala to be held at the Ciociaro Club on Thursday April 21st.  Ticket cost is 90 Dollars and the event will recognized Marty Komsa and Vince & Olivia Rosati.


A. Chief Administrative Officer, February 16, 2016, Report No. 03/16 Re: 2015 Accomplishments.  The CAO shares the annual corporate accomplishments report regarding town initiatives over the past year.

B. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, February 17, 2016, Report No. 03/16 Re: Request for Noise By-law Exemption, Beach Grove Golf & Country Club. Beach Grove is requesting an exemption from the Town’s Noise By-law No. 2002-07, as amended, on Friday, July 29, 2016, and Friday, August 26, 2016, to permit music entertainment until 11:30 pm.

C. Director Information & Communication Services, February 24, 2016, Report No. 02/16 Re: Tecumseh Citizen Mass Notification System.  Administration advises that improvements have been made to the Citizen Mass Notification System in case of emergencies and a new website is being launched for residents to be informed - www.tecumsehalert.ca.

D. Manager Recreation Programs & Events, February 12, 2016, Report No. 10/16 - Re: 2016 Tecumseh Corn Festival
10-16.  The Corn Festival through a partnership with the Knights of Columbus # 4375, is requesting that it be authorized to serve, sell and consume alcoholic beverages at Lacasse Park from August 25-28, 2016; and that relief be granted from the Noise By-law in order to permit the Tecumseh Corn Festival to operate loud speakers or sound amplifying equipment during the
following time periods: Thursday, August 25, from 3:00 pm - 1:00 am; Friday, August 26 from 12:00 pm - 1:00 am; Saturday, August 27 from 12:00 pm - 1:00 am, and Sunday, August 28 from 12:00pm – 7:00 pm.  They are further requesting that the Tecumseh Corn Festival be granted permission to use the municipal parking lots located at Town Hall (917 Lesperance Road) and Tecumseh Recreation Complex & Arena (12021 McNorton Street) for Festival visitor parking.

E. Development Co-ordinator, February 25, 2016, Report No. 07/16 Re: Christy Lane Development, Assumption of Services.  Administration is recommending that the municipal services on Christy Lane be assumed by the municipality for ongoing maintenance now that construction is complete.

F. Manager Building Services & Chief Building Official, March 2, 2016, Report No. 08/16 Re: 2015 Year End By-law Enforcement Report.  In 2015 there were 195 complaints levied, with 12 investigations remaining as being ongoing.


A. Bylaw 2016-17 A By-law to amend By-law No. 2003-14 being a bylaw to regulate parking on private property for persons displaying Disabled Parking Permits (TMC).  This By-law allows for municipal parking enforcement to ticket vehicles at the Tecumseh Manning Medical Centre.

B. Bylaw 2016-18 A By-law to amend By-law No. 2015-82, a bylaw which prescribes tariffs of administrative fees and charges for the Town of Tecumseh for the year 2016.  This By-law updates the fee schedule as a result of adopting the OPP schedule of fees.

For this and other matters please feel free to contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]


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February 23rd Meeting

This week's Council Meetings begin at 5pm.

The first matter for consideration is a proposed rezoning to allow a property east of Walker Road south of Highway 401, which was a former excavation pit for Highway 401 construction, to generally become a new asphalt plant, specifically:

  • a hot mix asphalt plant and associated truck holding area on the northern half of the property;
  • recycled aggregate storage on the southern half of the property;
  • hot mix asphalt stock piles on the north-eastern portion of the property, abutting the former CSR railway and vacant industrial lots that front onto Del Duca Drive;
  • three access points that propose to connect the property with Walker Road to the west (via the aforementioned private rights-of-way over abutting properties); Del Duca Drive to the east and Regal Drive to the south. All access points, laneways and parking/loading areas are proposed to be paved with asphalt;
  • five speed bumps and a 12-foot high cloth fence for portions of the westerly private right-of-way connecting the property to Walker Road. It is proposed that industrial vehicles loaded with aggregate and/or asphalt will be restricted to this access in order to exit directly onto County Road 11;
  • only empty industrial vehicles are proposed to enter/exit the property via the easterly access point on Del Duca Drive;
  • a 16-foot high berm along the northerly and north-westerly lot lines and the northerly half of the westerly lot line. An 8-foot high berm is proposed for the balance of the perimeter of the property.

Access to the site is an area of concern to the municipality as the property does not have direct access to a municipal right-of-way and there is no enforcement mechanism in place to ensure that site access can be controlled.

Several delegations will be present to speak to the proposal.

You can read the packet here.


At 6:30pm Council will consider the Engineer's Report for the McLean-Hergott Drain wherein affected property owners will contribute to the cost of cleaning the drain and related activities.  The full packet can be found here.


At 7pm the regular business of Council begins as follows.  The packet can be found here.


A. Joe Barile, General Manager, Essex Powerlines Re: Essex Power Youth in Community Funding

B. Rosa Amicarelli, Manager Community Living Supports, Community Living.  This delegation will speak to bring awareness of the need for hiring Community Living participants that may exist in the community.

C. Richard Wyma, General Manager, Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA). Re: 2015 Annual Report and 2016 Budget.  ERCA will speak to their 2016 budget and its impact on the municipality.  The levy increase will be $0.65 per household.


A. Community Living Essex - Re: Accessibility, Inclusion & Community Living Accessibility, Inclusion & Community Living

B. Town of Lakeshore, Notice of Public Open House - Re: 5 Year Official Plan Review.  The Public Open House will be held on Monday February 29, 2016 at the Atlas Tube Centre from 3pm to 7pm.

C. The Faculty of Law, and the Office of Human Rights, Equality and Accessibility, University of Windsor - Re: Accessibility Café - Ramping Up Stalled Action in Ontario on Disability Accessibility, March 3, 2016 with Special Guest David Lepofsky.  The event will be held on Thursday, March 3rd 2016, from 12pm-2pm at the Katzman Lounge, Vanier Hall, University of Windsor.

D. Township of Southgate, February 17, 2016 - Re: Bill 36 - an Act to amend the Trespass to Property Act Township of Southgate-Clerk Memo - Bill 36.  The Township of Southgate supports an increase to fines for trespassing on Private Property from $500 to $1000 and to a maximum of $25,000.


A. Chief Administrative Officer, January 29, 2016, Report No. 02/16 Re: Police Services - Schedule of Fees 02-16.  As we were alerted to last week, the Police Services Board has requested that Tecumseh harmonize its fees with the provincial fee schedule.  This will result is lower fees for police clearances for residents but will also reduce revenues to the Town (about $12,000).

B. Director Financial Services & Treasurer, February 5, 2016, Report No. 05/16 Re: Essex Powerlines Corporation Long Term Financing Agreement, 2016 Repayment Provision 05-16.  Administration is recommending that the Town retain its interest in the Essex Powerlines debt as the rate of return is higher than placing similar funds at a bank.

C. Deputy Treasurer & Tax Collector, February 11, 2016, Report No. 06/16 Re: Investor Agreement with The One Investment Program 06-16.  This is relevant to our report from last week adopting a new Investment Policy.  To join with other public bodies in their investment programs a by-law is required to proceed.

D. Director Planning & Building Services, February 16, 2016, Report No. 05/16 Re: Financial Incentive Program Grant Application, Tecumseh Road Main Street Community Improvement Plan, 12214 Tecumseh Road (2012471 Ontario Inc. / Buckingham Realty).  Buckingham Realty is seeking a Planning, Design and Architectural Grant, for a total amount of $1,475.00 toward the preparation of architectural drawings for their building.  

E. Manager Planning, February 16, 2016, Report No. 06/16 Re: Valente Development Corporation, Part Lot Control Exemption for Blocks 1 through 9 and Block 11 on Registered Plan of Subdivision 12M-612 (Carmelita Court) Creation of Individual Lots for Semi-detached and Townhouse Units 06-16.  This is a technical report speaking to the further subdivision of properties located on the former St. Anne's High School / Carmelita Hall property.  The developer wishes to provide separate ownership for each of the townhouse units.

F. Drainage Superintendent, February 3, 2016, Report No. 12/16 Re: West Townline and Mooney Creek Drain, 5465 County Road 19 - Private Bridge Emergency Replacement award of contract to Facca Incorporated 12-16.  Administration is recommending that the replacement of a failed bridge over the West Townline and Mooney Creek Drain at 5465 County Road 19 be awarded to Facca Incorporated in the amount of $138,950.  This is an unplanned expenditure and is the result of the existing bridge failing unexpectedly.  

G. Manager Roads & Fleet, February 16, 2016, Report No. 13/16 Re: Tender Award - 2016 Supply of Various Vehicles 13-16.  The following vehicles are proposed for purchase:

a. Item 1 – one (1) new 1500 2016 4x2 Crew Cab truck, standard box, in the amount of $26,580 plus HST, to Oxford Dodge.

b. Item 2 – one (1) new 1500 4x4 Ext Cab truck, standard box complete with snow plow prep package, in the amount of $28,073 plus HST, to Provincial Chrysler.

c. Item 3 – one (1) new 1500 2016 4x2 Reg. Cab truck, standard box, in the amount of $25,183 plus HST, to Provincial Chrysler.

d. Item 4 – one (1) new Minivan Passenger Vehicle, in the amount of $20,169 plus HST, to Windsor Chrysler

H. Manager Water & Wastewater, February 16, 2016, Report No. 14/16 Re: Drinking Water Quality Management System, Operational Plan Version 6 14-16.  This is a technical report recommending adopting of the Town's program for water and wastewater procedures.

I. Manager Recreation Programs & Events, January 26, 2016, Report No. 05/16 Re: Essex Power Youth in Community Funding 05-16.  Essex Power will be contributing $10,000 to the Town of Tecumseh.  This allocation will be managed by the Parks and Recreation Department.  


If you have any questions on these or other items please contact me at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]

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February 16th Meeting

Our regular business will begin at 7pm

A. Dillon Consulting Limited, January 27, 2016 - Re: Notice of Completion, Oldcastle Industrial Park Area Sanitary Sewer Easements for Connections to the 8th Concession Trunk Sanitary Sewer in the Town of Tecumseh, Class Environmental Assessment.  The Environmental Assessment for establishing a new Trunk Sanitary Sewer connecting the Oldcastle Area to sanitary sewer service has now been completed and is being recommended for a 30 day review.

B. Dillon Consulting Limited, January 26, 2016 - Re: Transportation Master Plan, Notice of Commencement of Study Update.  The Tecumseh Transportation Master Plan was initiated in 2008 but was never completed; it is now proposed to complete the study with updated information.  This provides notice to the public that the update will proceed.

C. The Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands - Re: Request for Increase in Funding to Long Term Care Facilities.  The Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands is requesting an increase in funding for Long-Term Care Facilities (such as Sun Parlour Home) of the Province of Ontario and is asking for support.

D. Ontario Energy Board Notice - Re: Notice of Generic Proceeding.  Union Gas has applied to extend service to rural and remote communities, to be initially paid for by existing network users and paid back over time.  The Ontario Energy Board wishes to have public meetings regarding this policy as a whole.  If you would like to intervene, you can apply to the OEB prior to February 22nd.

A. St. Clair College Re: 24th Annual Alumni of Distinction Awards.  Tony Haddad, CAO of the Town of Tecumseh, is receiving an Alumni of Distinction Award from St Clair College.  Council will consider granting permission for Town representatives to attend the Alumni of Distinction Awards on Friday, April 1, 2016, at a cost of $60 per person.

A. Cultural & Arts Advisory Committee - January 18, 2016
B. Heritage Committee - January 18, 2016
C. Police Services Board - January 25, 2016.  Of note is that it was determined that police clearances costs are significantly more than the OPP Schedule of Fees and that a recommendation will be made to align fees in the near future.

Corporate Services & Clerks
A. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, January 27, 2016, Report No. 02/16 - Re: 2015 Open and Closed Council Meetings.  Council's record for 2015 is consistent with that of past years.

B. Director Financial Services & Treasurer, December 23, 2016, Report 01/16 - Re: Policy #87, - Investment Policy.  This is a review of the municipal Investment Policy wherein municipal funds are invested in private and regulated markets.

C. Deputy Treasurer & Tax Collector, January 25, 2016, Report No. 02/16 - Re: Taxes Receivable - December 2015.  Tax receivable as a percentage of tax levies decreased to 5.7% at December 2015 which is a tremendous improvement from past years and is consistent with Southwestern Ontario municipalities.

D. Director Financial Services & Treasurer, January 18, 2016, Report No. 03/16 - Re: 2015 Water Financial Plan No. 040-301.  Council is being asked to approve the 2015 Water Financial Plan which demonstrates that the program to maintain the water system is sustainable.

E. Deputy Treasurer & Tax Collector, February 9, 2016, Report No. 06/16 - Re: Electricity Costs and Global Adjustment 04-16.    Electricity cost is a significant expenditure item within the Town’s operating budget, expected to account for 3% of all expenditures in 2016.  Electricity costs are managed as best as possible through bulk purchasing.

F. Drainage Superintendent, January 19, 2016, Report No. 09/16 - Re: Request for Repair and Improvements to a Municipal Drain Appointment of Drainage Engineer – East Townline Drain.  Dillon Consulting is being recommended to act as Drainage Engineer for the repair and improvements to the East Townline Drain.

G. Drainage Superintendent, February 3, 2016, Report No. 11/16 - Re: South McPhee Drain - Tender Award 11-16.  Repairs to the South McPhee Drain are proposed to be awarded to Murray Mills Excavating & Trucking (Sarnia) Ltd., in the amount of $121,773.38 excluding HST.

H. Manager Recreation Programs & Events, January 11, 2016, Report No. 04/16 - Re: Optimist Club's Victoria Day Weekend Fireworks 2016.  It is recommended that the rental fees associated with the use of the Optimist Community Centre and Green Acres Park for the Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach’s 2016 Victoria Day Fireworks Display, at a cost of $150 be waived; and that the fees associated with the fireworks permit at a cost of $50 be waived, and that the Ontario Provincial Police schedule officers to walk through the park the evening of the fireworks display.

I. Manager Recreation Programs and Events, January 11, 2016, Report No. 06/16 - Re: Taste of Tecumseh Festival 2016
06-16.  It is being recommended that the Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach be authorized to sell, serve and consume alcoholic beverages at Lakewood Park from Friday, June 17, 2016 through to and including Saturday, June 18, 2016, subject to compliance with the provisions of the Town’s Municipal Alcohol Risk Management Policy 31 for the purposes of hosting the 2016 Taste of Tecumseh Festival; and that the Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach be granted an exemption from the Town’s Sign By-law starting May 1, 2016 to permit them to advertise the Taste of Tecumseh Festival in the following areas: BIA Parkette, Tecumseh Recreation Complex & Arena, Lakewood Park, Poisson Parkette, Lacasse Park, Chippewa Park and Green Acres Park, provided that the signs do not impede traffic site lines; and further that relief be granted from the Noise By-law No. 2002-07, to permit a 5pm-1am closure.

J. Director Parks & Recreation, February 8, 2016, Report No. 08/16 - Re: Tecumseh Soccer Club Sponsorship Banner Agreement. It is recommended that the Town execute a Sponsorship Banner Agreement (Agreement) for the right to install Sponsorship Banners on the Field Fence at the L’Essor Soccer Fields for a period of five (5) years commencing April 1, 2016 and ending on March 31, 2021.

K. Director Parks & Recreation, February 11, 2016, Report No. 09/16 - Re: Updates to Tecumseh Parks By-law 209-13.  Various housekeeping amendments are proposed for the use of Tecumseh Parks including skateboarding, closure times, permits and sponsorships.

Finally this evening will complete the By-law allowing parking enforcement at the Tecumseh Manning Medical Centre.


If you have any questions regarding these or other issues please contact me at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]

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January 26th Meeting

This week, Council begins at 7pm.  We'll be considering the following items.  You can find the full packet here.


A. Steve Ray, General Manager and Leesa Farah, Intern - Re: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 



A. The Corporation of the City of Windsor, January 8, 2016 - Re: Tecumseh Road Mainstreet Community Improvement Plan.  The City of Windsor is requesting the traffic analysis undertaken by the Town with respect to reducing the number of lanes on Tecumseh Road.

B. Municipal Employer Pension Centre Ontario (MEPCO), January 11, 2016 - Re: OMERS Pension Plan HOC.  MEPCO advises of information relevant to the transfer of pension funds to pensioners in case of deficit and in case of surplus.

C.  Township of Carling, January 13, 2016 - Re: Physician Recruitment Township of Carling.  The Township of Carling is seeking Council's support in having the Province establish funding to support physician recruitment services in rural and underserviced areas.

D. Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), January 19, 2016 - Re: AMO's 2016 Pre-Budget Submission.  AMO requests that the Province of Ontario maintain its commitments to complete "uploading" of provincial services from the municipal tax base to the provincial income tax base, that the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund be increased concurrent with inflation, and that the Province address the cost differential created by increases awarded to police and fire employees versus other municipal employees.

E. Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) - Re: 2016 Draft Budget, 30 day Notice to Member Municipalities.  ERCA is proposing a budget increase of 65 cents per household.


A. Chief Administrative Officer, January 19, 2016, Report No. 01/16 Re: Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario [EVCO] 01-16.  The CAO recommends that an application for funding of two [2] Electric Vehicle [EV] Charging Stations in Tecumseh be submitted and that Council authorize Administration to liaise with Essex Energy in providing the necessary information to support the Electric Vehicle [EV] Charging Stations in Tecumseh.

B. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, January 19, 2016, Report No. 01/16  Re: February 9, 2016, Regular Council Meeting - Re-consider Cancellation.  The Clerk recommends that the February 9th meeting of Council be restored after previous cancellation, as anticipated attendance at conferences did not materialize.

C. Director Fire Services & Fire Chief, December 15, 2015, Report No. 01/16 Re: 2016 Fire Five (5) Year Capital Projects Plan 01-16 Fire 2016.  The Fire Chief recommends purchases as follows:  (a) 2 Swiss phone pagers $ 900, (b) 4 firefighter helmets $ 1,600, (c) 4 sets of firefighter bunker gear $ 10,000, and (d) Confined space training facility $ 50,000, to be funded from (a) Fire Equipment Lifecycle Reserve $ 17,500 and (b) In-kind donations towards the Confined space training facility $ 45,000, including In-kind donations of $25,000 from Leigh Hanson for the cement culverts and manhole, $6,000 from Coxon’s Towing Service for transportation and repositioning of cement culverts and labour.

D. Director Fire Services & Fire Chief, January 14, 2016, Report No. 02/16 Re: Fire Chief's Q4 of 2015 Fire Rescue Services Update 02-16  The Fire Chief provides a statistical report of calls made during the fourth quarter of 2015.  

E. Manager Recreation Programs & Events, January 4, 2016, Report No. 03/16 - Re: 2015 Christmas in Tecumseh and Santa Parade Post-Event Report.  The Parks and Recreation Department advise on the outcome of the events this year and the impacts of the inclement weather.

F. Director Planning & Building Services, January 21, 2016, Report No. 01/16 - Re: 1078398 Ontario Limited (Dunn Group), Proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments, East of Walker Road, South of 401.  Dunn Paving is looking to use a property that is generally landlocked just east of the properties facing Walker Road south of Highway 401 to store aggregate for recycling purposes and to supply hot mix asphalt.  The Planning Department is recommending that a public meeting be convened for Tuesday February 23rd at 5pm to discuss the rezoning.

G. Manager Planning, January 18, 2016, Report No. 03/16 - Re: Annual Status Report on the Tecumseh Transit Service for 2015 03-16.  Planning presents a usage report for Tecumseh Transit.  Ridership has been generally static and the most popular stop accounting for half of all persons is Tecumseh Mall.  No changes are proposed at this time.

H. Manager Building Services & Chief Building Official, January 19, 2016, Report No. 04/16 - Re: 2015 Year End Permit Report.  The Building Department reports that in 2015 an additional $15 million in development was undertaken within the town and 22 additional permits issues year-to-year.

I. Development Coordinator, January 19, 2016, Report No. 02/16 - Re: Valente - Arbour Grove Townhomes, Release of Building Permits - Placing of Services on Maintenance.  The Planning Department recommends that the services installed in this development begin their one year maintenance period before being accepted by the Town of Tecumseh.  This also allows for Building Permits to be released for this development.

J. Director Public Works & Environmental Services, January 6, 2016, Report No. 07/16 - Re: Tender Award, LED Street Light Conversion - Luminaire Supply.  Philips Canada was awarded the tender to supply LED lighting materials at a cost of $687,041.50 plus HST, well below the anticipated price.

K. Director Public Works & Environmental Services, January 6, 2016, Report No. 08/16 - Re: Tender Award, LED Street Light Conversion - Removal & Installation.  Maple City Electric was awarded the tender to remove existing fixtures and replace with new LED lamps at a cost of $101,510 plus HST.  

L. Manager Engineering Services, January 14, 2016, Report No. 06/16 - Re: 8th Concession Trunk Sanitary Sewer, Schedule 'B' Class Environmental Assessment.  Public Works reports that the environmental assessment for the proposed 8th Concession Sanitary Sewer is complete and should be advertised for 30 day public review.


If you have any questions on these or other matters please feel free to call me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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January 12th Council Meeting

Something new for 2016. Tecumseh will publish a preliminary agenda a few days earlier to give you more time to see whether you might have an item of interest at Council.  

At 6:30pm there will be a rezoning request from St. Gregory's Church to rezone the church rectory as a residential use from its current institutional use.

The remainder of business will begin at 7pm on Tuesday January 12th.  The packet can be found here.



A. Sinnan Ar Rafi, November 26, 2015 - Re: Greatest Canadian History Fair - Chief Tecumseh Nomination.  Mr. Ar-Rafi is an Ajax student who has selected Tecumseh as the "Greatest Canadian" and has invited Mayor McNamara to attend the fair on Wednesday March 9th in Ajax.

B. The Corporation of the City of Kingston, December 15, 2015 - Re: Basic Income Guarantee.  The City of Kingston is seeking Council's support for a Basic Income Guarantee wherein all residents would be assured of minimum income redistributed from others in the community.

C. Municipality of Port Hope, December 16, 2015 - Re: Opposition to Incineration Facilities.  Port Hope is seeking Council's support for opposing any new incineration facilities in the Province of Ontario for disposal of solid waste.

D. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs - Building Canada Small Communities Fund.  OMAFRA has determined that the financial position of the Town of Tecumseh is too strong and therefore Tecumseh cannot qualify for this federal funding.

E. Fire Chief - Survivor Day - Save Pins.  The Fire Chief advises of an upcoming ceremony on February 26th at 1pm at St. Clair Centre for the Arts to recognize five Tecumseh firefighters who were able to help restore vital life signs and assist in recovery.  Recognized are Capt. Ray Simard and Firefighters Chris Pearson, Wade Bondy, Josh Easby and Ron Gambriel.  Congratulations!

F. Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) - Re: Notice of Poll.  There are five nominees for the three spots and therefore the upcoming convention will feature an election.

Further, the County of Essex and Town of Lakeshore, December 21, 2015 are asking the Town of Tecumseh to support the November 24, 2015 Resolution of the Council for the Town of Lakeshore directing that a letter be sent to CN Rail to determine what options may exist to reduce the length, speed and timing of the freight trains along the CN rail line, and that a letter of support be sent to CN Rail and copied to the Town of Lakeshore, County of Essex and area MP's.



A. Court of Revision, O'Keefe Drain - December 8, 2015

B. Cultural & Arts Advisory Committee – December 7, 2015

C. Joint Health and Safety Committee – December 10, 2015  



A. Director Information & Communication Services, December 14, 2015, Report No. 01/16 - Re: 2016 - 2020 ICS Lifecycle Works Plan.  A spending plan of $244,000 including $99,000 in carryover projects from 2015 is proposed for 2016.  Funds used will upgrade computer hardware and phones.  Residents will also benefit from new street photography.

B. Manager Town Facilities, January 4, 2016, Report No. 01/16 - Re: Arena / Pool Five (5) Year Capital Projects.  $145,000 is proposed to be spent in 2016 at Tecumseh Arena, including $5000 carryover from 2015, for heating and air quality improvements and to refurbish Dressing Room 11.  Further, $45,000 is proposed to be expended for improvements to the Tecumseh Pool including non-slip coating and a new sun shelter.

C. Manager Parks and Horticulture, December 7, 2015, Report No. 02/16 Re: Parks Five (5) Year Capital Projects.  For 2016, various refurbishments are proposed including Lakewood Park North board replacement, various basketball courts, drainage and electrical improvements at Lacasse Park, seeding and bench replacements at various parks, trail enhancements at Lakewood Park South, an update to the Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan, the Sportsplex Study, Tecumseh Town Centre Park Playground, and Weston Park Tennis Court Refurbishment for a total spend of $340,000 of which $160,000 is carryover from 2015.  $30,000 in new tree planting is also proposed as well as $91,000 in trail improvements including new McNorton Trail, Town Hall Trail, and Shawanoe Park trail replacement.

D. Manager Roads & Fleet, December 2, 2015, Report No. 03/16 - Re: 2016 Supply of Various Vehicles.  $345,000 in new vehicles are proposed to be acquired, primarily for use by the Parks Department.  Further, a new transit vehicle is proposed for purchase.  The older vehicles are proposed to be disposed of.

E. Manager Roads & Fleet, December 21, 2015, Report No. 04/16 - Re: VIA Rail Grade Crossings Information Request.  Dillon Consulting is being recommended to be retained to undertake a grade crossing assessment to comply with new federal regulations at a cost of $24,400.

G. Manager Water & Wastewater, December 10, 2015, Report No. 01/16 Re: 2014-2015 Tecumseh Distribution System - Inspection Report.  The Town's water facilities were inspected by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and were found to be in compliance with all regulations.

H. Manager Water & Wastewater, December 22, 2015, Report No. 05/16 Re: 2015 Annual Summary Report, Town of Tecumseh Distribution System.  This report specifies the instances where water services were found to be outside of compliance with regulations and what corrective actions were taken.


As always I can be reached at 226-773-1910 and [email protected]

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January 5th CIP Meeting

On Tuesday January 5th at 6 pm, Town Council will meet to receive feedback regarding the new Tecumseh Road Mainstreet Community Improvement Plan.

The full report can be found here.

There are ten "big moves" as part of the plan:

  1. Create a new street section and identity for Tecumseh Road that is walkable and pedestrian friendly, including a reduction in the number of driving lanes, the provision of on-street parking and parking bays, enhanced landscaping and street furniture, and cycling facilities.
  2. Create a new west gateway to demarcate the westerly entrance to Main Street, with destination land uses such as a hotel or movie theatre.
  3. Create higher density residential neighbourhoods north and south of Main Street with integrated public and private open spaces, road and lane access, and pedestrian linkages.
  4. Provide mixed-use commercial residential development along the corridor, with retail at grade and residential above.
  5. Create a central pedestrian node (plaza) as the central gathering place for the community linked by a north-south pedestrian spine to other amenities and open spaces.
  6. Redevelop the St. Anne’s School site as a south pedestrian node and focus for a new large community amenity and central draw.
  7. Enhance the Town Parking lot as flexible event space.
  8. Celebrate and enhance the historic remnant heritage assets.
  9. Create a distinct heritage node at the east end of the corridor integrating the St. Anne’s church and open space, the BIA parkette, the museum, Ticonderoga Park, the north Lesperance Road heritage plaza, and the former industrial buildings north of the railway.
  10. Create a new tree lined civic pedestrian promenade north along Lesperance that redefines and enhances the existing civic buildings and open spaces, celebrates the historic street car route, and creates an attractive street frontage for Lesperance Road north.

For businesses and developers looking to locate along Tecumseh Road, there will be a dramatic shift in terms of the urban design. There will be a mandatory easement across the first 2 to 4m of property to expand walking space.  There will also be prohibitions on backlit box signs and there will be required architectural features.  Parking will not be allowed in the front of properties; new lanes are expected to be created to the rear of properties.

Of particular interest is with the creation of these lanes, there will be access to presently vacant lands adjacent to the railway which is expected to be redeveloped as higher density housing.

Council would very much like to receive your feedback on this.  If you cannot attend on Tuesday, please feel free to call me at 226-773-1910 or e-mail me at [email protected]

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