July 14th Meeting

Council meetings begin at 6pm with two Court of Revision meetings:

6pm:  Assessment of costs to affected property owners for Drainage Works - South Talbot and Holden Outlet Drain  (Packet here:  http://town.tecumseh.on.ca/amserver/Court%20of%20Revision/2015-07/14-18-00/Packet.pdf)

6:30pm: Assessment of costs to affected property owners for Drainage Works - Moynihan Drain (Packet here:  http://town.tecumseh.on.ca/amserver/Court%20of%20Revision/2015-07/14-18-30/Packet.pdf)

7pm:  Regular business begins.  (Packet here:  http://town.tecumseh.on.ca/amserver/Regular%20Council%20Meeting/2015-07/14-19-00/Packet.pdf)


  • A. Adam McClounie Re: Bike Lanes
  • B. Rick Gelinas Re: Cancellation of Leaf Collection Program
  • C. Diane Tope-Ryan Re: Cancellation of Leaf Collection Program
  • D. Gregory Peck Re: Cancellation of Leaf Collection Program


A. Town of Amherstburg, June 19, 2015 Re: Funding Formula for Ontario's Rural Schools.  The Town of Amherstburg has supported a motion by the Town of Essex to ask the Association of Municipalities of Ontario to petition for a review of the rural school funding formula.

B. Town of New Tecumseth, June 26, 2015 Re: Motion - Electricity Rates.  The Town of New Tecumseth has advised of its support for a reduction in the farm and industrial electricity rates.

C. Places to Grow, July 6, 2015 Re: Implementing Growth Plan Population and Employment Forecasts.  The Province of Ontario has released a backgrounder with respect to growth.  Details can be found at www.placestogrow.ca

D. City of Windsor, June 19, 2015 Re: Notice of Public Meeting, OPA Re: Heritage Resources, Land Conservation and Implementation of Urban Design Guidelines City of Windsor.  Windsor has advised that it is hosting a public meeting detailing an Official Plan Amendment on the above-noted changes to its Official Plan.  As of the writing of this, there are no written reports published for reference.


  • A. Police Services Board - June 11, 2015
  • B. Heritage Committee - June 15, 2015.  Of note is that there will be a plaque unveiling at the Banwell Road Black Cemetery on September 25th at 1:30 pm at McAuliffe Park
  • C. Cultural and Arts Advisory Committee - June 15, 2015.  The committee has authorized a $250 donation to the event to be held October 23 – 25, 2015 and has asked Council to match.  Administration is recommending a total $300 commitment to this event.
  • E. City of Windsor, June 4, 2015 Re: Court of Revision, 10th Concession Drain.  This meeting was held to assess Drainage Act charges to benefiting property owners.


A. Director Fire Services/Fire Chief, July 6, 2015, Report No. 03/15 Re: Fire Chief's First Half 2015 Fire Rescue Services Update.  Chief Pitre provides a summary of department activities, including outreach initiatives, inspections and calls, over the first half of 2015.

B. Manager Planning Services/Senior Planner, July 7, 2015, Report No. 16/15 Re: Petro Canada Key Lock Facility, 4406 County Road 46, Site Plan Control Agreement.  Administration is recommending approval of an addition to the existing Petro-Canada Key Lock Facility to include a retail store and showers at the rear/far north of the property.  

C. Manager Planning Services/Senior Planner, July 7, 2015, Report No. 19/15 Re: Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment (Valente Construction Ltd.), Proposed Four-Unit Townhouse Dwelling - 12258 Oliver Drive.  Administration is recommending the scheduling of a Public Meeting for August 11, 2015 at 6pm to discuss the construction of a townhouse development at this address and demolition of the existing building.

D. Development Coordinator, July 6, 2015, Report No. 18/15 Re: Valente - Candlewood Development (Gadomski - Phase IV), Assumption of Services.  Administration recommends assuming the roads, sewers and infrastructure maintenance from the developer as they have been determined to have been completed to Town standards.

E. Drainage Superintendent, June 25, 2015, Report No. 38/15 Re: Tender Award - Dickson Drain 38-15.  Administration is recommending that a tender be awarded in the amount of $81,373.50 excluding HST to Murray Mills Excavating & Trucking to perform works related to drain improvement of the Dickson Drain.

F. Drainage Superintendent, June 24, 2015, Report No. 39/15 Re: Request for Repair and Improvements to a Municipal Drain, Appointment of Drainage Engineer - Pike Creek Drain.  Administration is recommending appointing a Drainage Engineer to determine necessary works under the Drainage Act for the Pike Creek Drain.

G. Manager Roads and Fleet, July 2, 2015, Report No. 42/15 Re: Stop Sign Policy Update 42-15 PW Stop Sign Policy Update 070915.  Administration recommends implementing housekeeping changes with respect to the Stop Sign Policy.

H. Director Parks and Recreation Services and Director Public Works and Environmental Services, June 25, 2015, Report No. 22/15 Re: Lakewood Park - Hayes Avenue Parking Lot & Pathway Extension.  Administration is recommending the expenditure of $119,000 to complete the construction of a Parking Lot on the new Hayes Avenue (St. Thomas St. extension) and a pathway extension from this lot extending to the existing path on Manning Road.

I.  Rezoning - 12346 Arbour Street for a Duplex Dwelling.  Council is being asked to approve the request for rezoning to allow the existing home to exist as a Duplex.


For further information on these or other matters, I invite you to reach me at 226-773-1910 or andrew@andrewdowie.ca

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July 7th Meeting

We have few separate meetings occurring this coming Tuesday.  You can find the full packet here: http://town.tecumseh.on.ca/amserver/Special%20Council%20Meeting/2015-07/07-17-00/Packet.pdf 

Here are the details:

5pm - Council will be considering the use of Town Property at the corner of Walker Road and Highway 3, adjacent to the Essex Power Lines building, for a land lease to Essex Energy Corporation (a sister company partially owned by the Town). The land is currently vacant and without a designated use.

There are two proposed uses. The land would be reserved for 20 years for both a solar farm and an energy storage facility. There would be three separate 500kW solar PV systems.  The Town would obtain as revenue 4% of the yearly gross revenue of the system based on the sale of Kilowatt Hours.  The storage component would include up to three technology classes (Solid, Flow and Flywheel). However, the fees payable for that property would be negotiated by Town Administration and is not set as of yet.

Following this, the BIA is meeting for an open meeting beginning at 5:30pm.

At 7pm there is a Public Information Session regarding BIA boundaries.  Several businesses have asked Council to amend the boundaries.  This session will be held at Torino's Banquet Hall, 12049 Tecumseh Road.  There will be a second session from 7am to 9am on Wednesday as well.


If you have any questions on these or other matters, please contact me at andrew@andrewdowie.ca or at 226-773-1910

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Leaf Vacuum Program Discontinuance

This past Tuesday, Council was asked to consider discontinuance of the Leaf Vacuum program in favour of consolidating leaf pickup through the Yard Waste Collection.  This consideration was accepted by Council, of which I supported the decision.

There are undoubtedly mixed feelings on this development.  This was a beloved service, well appreciated and relatively unique for our area.  With all items being considered, I am confident that our weekly Yard Waste Collection service will address your needs for leaf disposal in the fall.

The end of the Leaf Vacuum program affects 990 households, including many in Ward 1 along Riverside Drive as well as the neighbourhood that I grew up in and where my parents still reside, including streets such as Coronado Dr., Barry Ave., Lacasse Boulevard, Burdick Crescent, Dillon Drive, Percy Place, Keith Avenue/Court and Lacasse Boulevard.  

Presently, 87% of residents within the Town are not offered this service.  For those who receive the service, once every November, a Yard Waste truck collects bags and, depending on the schedule, a few days later the vacuum would collect your leaves one time only.

The service was initiated at a time when seasonal yard waste collection was not being delivered.  Presently both of these leaf collection services, the Yard Waste collection everyone receives as well as the leaf vacuum, are operating in parallel.  The areas receiving the service are noted for their very tall and flush cottonwood trees in the area.  Given proportionally higher volumes of leaves falling in these areas versus the newer subdivisions, whose trees were in their infancy, the former Village of St. Clair Beach pioneered this service, and was expanded to select areas of Ward 1 about 2003.  

The matter was brought forward to Council as the two units used are no longer affordable to service and must be replaced at a cost of $70,000 each.  A new box would need to be purchased for $30,000.  The net new equipment cost required is $170,000.

My reasons for supporting the decision are as follows.

  • Government Duplication.  We send two different trucks and crews to perform essentially the same service once a year. The difference between the new level of service versus the old is that the onus falls to the homeowner to bag the leaves versus raking them to the curb.
  • Government Inefficiency.  Wind, weather, and missed communications meant that this program was unreliable for many of the users serviced by it.  There were continual pressures on Town staff to redo its run and have to resort to overtime labour, driving up costs in an unpredictable manner.
  • Opportunity for Savings.   Continuing this once a year service will cost $170,000 in upfront capital costs and about $13,000 in operating costs annually.  That's $300,000 over 10 years.  Those funds could go a long way towards other amenities such as accelerating Lakewood Park improvements or our trail system.  That availability of funds also allows Council to mitigate cost increases elsewhere and allows us to minimize tax increases.
  • Two-Tier Service Elimination.  Harmonizing the leaf collection into the Yard Waste collection across the entire municipality provides certainty and consistency across the municipality - leaves will be picked up on Mondays and they won't blow away while waiting for the vacuum to come by nor will you miss the collection date.  All residents get the same service for the same tax rate.

I thank you once again for entrusting me to be your voice on Council.   While personally difficult, decisions like these open the door to great opportunity.  In choosing options that have minimal change to your service with added cost savings, we are better positioned to hold the line on your property taxes and to bring forward the improvements you are hoping to see happen sooner.  We are likely to see more difficult decisions like these in the future, as Council continues to collaborate with Town Administration to find efficiency and savings to make your tax dollar go further.  I look forward to further discussion at the Council table on similar opportunities to achieve greater value for money.

If you have any further questions or comments, please give me a call at 226-773-1910 or andrew@andrewdowie.ca

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June 23rd Meeting

Coming up this week at Council:

6pm - Discussion on Rezoning request for 12346 Arbour Street.  The family that currently owns the property would like to convert it to a duplex in which they would continue to reside in one half.  Full information can be found here

7pm - Our regular business begins. The full packet can be found here:  


  • Susie Korchnak will be recognized as Tecumseh's 2015 Senior of the Year
  • Ron Hebert and Scott White will make a presentation to Council regarding the Disc Golf Tournament planned for September 19, 2015 at Lakewood Park South.
  • Mr. Joseph Picard, Directeur Général Conseil Scolaire Catholique Providence will speak to Programming at Tecumseh Arena
  • Joe Barile, General Manager of Essex Power will speak to the dividend paid to the Town of Tecumseh for 2014 as well as the Shared Value in June 2015

Written Communications

  • Canada Post responded in writing to Council's request to formalize municipal encroachments in the same manner of other encroachments as well as a 120 day moratorium on Community Mailbox installation.  These requests were refused.
  • The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing advises Council that the Minister will be reviewing the Municipal Act, the City of Toronto Act, the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, and the Municipal Elections Act in 2015 and invites feedback.
  • Council is advised that the City of Windsor has rezoned the properties immediately west of Banwell Road south of the E.C. Row Expressway.  The lands closest to Banwell Road will be Commercial while closer to the existing industrial properties will be Manufacturing.
  • The Association of Municipalities of Ontario is requesting Nominations for Secretary Treasurer Position
  • The Township of Greater Madawaska is asking for Council's support in petitioning the Province of Ontario to stop electricity rate increases, although it does not specify a preference as to how they wish to have this achieved (i.e. lowering the cost of generation, subsidy through increased or reallocated taxes, etc.)
  • The County of Essex has opposed the Privatization of Hydro One and asks for an opportunity for Essex Power and ELK to purchase Hydro One assets in our local distribution area.
  • Katrina Miller, on behalf of Keep Hydro Public, requests a resolution opposing the privatization of Hydro One.  Administration is recommending that Town Council oppose the sell-off/privatization of Hydro One and that Tecumseh wishes to have the Hydro One service area in the Town of Tecumseh sold to Essex Power.
  • The Association of Municipalities of Ontario [AMO] invites municipal officials to a seminar titled Navigating a High Road, High Return Approach to Social Media Seminar, as well as Cover Your Assets, Primer on Asset Management AMO Cover Your Assets Conference Primer on Asset Management as part of the upcoming AMO Conference on August 17.
  • Municipal Employer Pension Center Ontario (MEPCO) is requesting that payees to the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement Savings Plans be exempted from the new Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP) as the government of Ontario's originally stated intent was to supply pensions to those who did not have comparable plans.  Administration is recommending that it report back.


  • Town of Tecumseh Business Improvement Area (TOTBIA) - June 10, 2015.  The BIA has approved a Health and Wellness Expo for September 2015.  It also inquires as to the cost of the Boundary Adjustment Report prior to agreeing to fund a portion of the cost.


  • Ontario Power Authority, Feed In Tariff Program Version 4 Blanket Support Resolution.  Administration is recommending that Council approve support for each and every application within Town of Tecumseh boundaries to benefit from the Feed-in-Tariff program.
  • The Treasurer provides a report on the Development Charge Reserve Fund.  There is currently about $28,000 in the account.  This means that the Town must finance on its own the costs required to support development in the short term, although these amounts are repaid as developments are built.  
  • The Treasurer reports that the Brendan/Binder Roads Sanitary Sewer Extension construction costs are not yet collected and therefore a 5 year financing cost of $68,000 or 1.57% is required in order to finance debentures.
  • Council is being asked to approve Phase 2 of the Villa Pia Investments Ltd., Proposed Craft Beer Brewery at 12014 Tecumseh Road which includes:
    • proposed and future additions to existing buildings that will total an additional 219.6 square metres (2,363 square feet);
    • a revised driveway access that will align with the Tecumseh Road/Shawnee Road intersection and function as part of a fully-signalized intersection.
    • an expansion of the originally proposed 39-space parking area to a larger parking area that will accommodate 69 vehicles, the design of which will facilitate a future Phase 3 development
    • a ten foot (10’) road widening across the frontage of the property (along Tecumseh Road) to be conveyed by the Owner to the Town.
  • Site Plan Approval is sought for a new Industrial building to be located at 2060 Fasan Drive
  • The New Town of Tecumseh Official Plan, Commercial Development Discussion Paper is released for review by Council and by the public.  
  • Administration recommends cancellation of the Leaf Pick-Up Program to those properties that receive it.  If it is maintained an investment of $170,000 is required to replace equipment.  There is only enough time in the season to make one pass of each of the properties.  It currently services approximately 900 properties in Wards 1 and 2 of nearly 7500 households in the Town.  If removed leaf pickup will continue to be provided through the existing yard waste collection.
  • In response to my initial request about long-term parking on the municipal right-of-way, Administration recommends that we continue to allows indefinite parking of vehicles on the road except for after winter snowfall events.
  • Administration is recommending conversion of the Yield Signs on Warwick and Clovelly and Warwick and Burlington to Stop Signs.
  • A tender for $1,942,930 is proposed to be awarded to D'Amore Construction for various improvements to Baseline Road, including the Sullivan Creek Bridge, Road Reconstruction from the 10th Concession and 11th Concession, and relocation of the 10th Concession Drain from the Sullivan Creek Bridge to the 11th Concession.  Improvements to the County Road 43 bridge proposed by the County of Essex were also part of the Tender and will be repaid by the County of Essex.
  • A request for repairs to the Wellwood Drain has been received and it was determined to warrant improvement.  The Drainage Act will be undertaken to determine works and assessment.  Administration is recommending that Lou Zarlenga of R.C. Spencer Associates Inc. be appointed as Drainage Engineer.
  • The Windsor Sports and Culture Club Park is requesting permission to operate loud speakers or sound amplifying equipment on Saturday, August 15, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for live band performances / entertainment at McAuliffe Park.  


  • 2015-42 - Being a bylaw to provide for the repair and improvements to the South Talbot and Holden Outlet Drain
  • 2015-43 - Being a by-law to authorize the execution of an Agreement between The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and Fr. Nicholas Point Council No. 4375 Knights of Columbus Bylaw
  • 2015-44 - Being a by-law to authorize the execution of an Agreement between The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and the Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach
  • 2015-45 - Being a by-law to provide for the repair and improvement of the Moynahan Drain Bylaw
  • 2015-46 - A By-law to amend Schedule “L” (Intersection Stop Signs) and Schedule “M” (Intersection Yield Signs) of By-law No. 2001- 36, as amended, to regulate traffic and parking on highways and private roadways under the jurisdiction of the Municipality
  • 2015-47 - Being a by-law to authorize the execution of a Site Plan Control Agreement between The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and Villa Pia Investments Ltd. 
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May 26th Meeting


This week, our Council meetings begin at 4:30pm.

At 4:30pm we will be discussing the Manning Road Secondary Plan Area-Specific Development Charge which includes the lands west of Manning Road between County Road 22 and the Canadian Pacific Railway.  A background study will be received and Council will determine whether to adopt the planned charges.  This Area-Specific Development Charge will cover regional costs such as stormwater, parks and collector roads that would normally be built directly by developments.  A regional approach here was felt to be more advantageous for the Town.  The full packet can be found here.

Delegations include Gary Scandlan, Watson & Associates and Flavio Forest, P. Eng., Dillon Consulting 

At 6pm, we begin the Public Council Meeting to consider the Drainage Report, prepared by Gerard Rood, P. Eng., of Rood Engineering Inc., dated April 22, 2015, for the repair and improvement of the Moynahan Drain.  The report details the share of costs being assigned to each benefitting property owner who rely on the drain.  The full packet can be found here.

The Regular Council Meeting begins at 7pm.  The full packet can be found here.  Our first delegation will be Cindy Prince, Vice President, Amico Properties who will be providing an update regarding the Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway.  The Parkway contractors are also requesting a 6 month extension to the exemption from the Noise By-law.

Ray Tracey, CEO, Essex Power Corporation will speak to the 2014 Essex Power Dividend.  This year Essex Power is returning $434,674 to the Town of Tecumseh.  The net dividend is a 14% increase over years past.

Council is being advised of various Public Council Meetings in the City of Windsor dealing with Proposed Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw Amendments for the Twin Oaks Industrial Area and the area north of County Road 42 within the City of Windsor.

Town of St. Marys, May 15, 2015 Re: VIA Rail and the Network Southwest Action Plan.  The Town of St. Mary's is requesting that Council approve a resolution calling for an increase in passenger rail services in Southwestern Ontario and support for the Network Southwest Action Plan at http://www.swota.ca.

Administration is recommending that recipients of the Donny Massender Award be forwarded as nominations for the Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship for 2015 and on a go-forward basis.

Heritage Committee - May 11, 2015.  The Heritage Committee is preparing for the Ontario Heritage Trust Update, Plaque Unveiling Event and Banwell Road Black Cemetery on September 25, 2015.

Cultural and Arts Advisory Committee - May 11, 2015.  The Cultural and Arts Advisory Committee is considering investing in an East End Arts and Culture Incentive, a series of art performances that would be held at L'Essor High School.

Corn Festival Committee.  The Corn Festival Committee has finalized entertainment options.  Of note is an increase in the admission price to $3 from $2 previously.



A.  Director Financial Services/Treasurer, May 19, 2015, Report No. 06/15.  The Treasurer is reporting a projected $460,000 surplus as of the end of the first quarter of 2015 largely attributed to a reduction in policing costs.

B. Manager Roads & Fleet, April 23, 2015, Report No. 23/15 Re: Tender Award: Sexton Side Road Crossing over the South Talbot Drain.  An amount of $39,750 is proposed to be awarded to Quinlan Inc. for replacement of this culvert.

C. Manager Roads & Fleet, April 27, 2015, Report No. 24/15 Re: 2015 Asphalt Paving Tender Award.  An amount of $549,020 plus HST, for the 2015 Asphalt Paving Tender is proposed to be awarded to Coco Paving Inc.  Up to an additional $73,683 required for asphalting Roads ($65,959) and Parking Lots ($7,724) plus additional HST, would be appended to this contract and funded from the Road Lifecycle Reserve on a discretionary basis.

D. Manager Roads and Fleet, April 28, 2015, Report No. 25/15 Re: 2015 Tar & Chip Program - Tender Award.  An amount of $269,125 plus HST is proposed to be awarded to Shepley Road Maintenance Ltd. for the 2015 Tar & Chip Tender.  The amount is slightly higher than the budget estimate and therefore some provisional works may be removed from the plan depending on actual costs.

E. Manager, Water and Wastewater, May 11, 2015, Report No. 29/15 Re: Anode Protection Program - Tender Results
Administration recommends rejecting the existing bids received and re-tendering in June 2015.  The previous tender considered a five year program for Anode Protection in our water distribution systems.  It is expected that an accelerated schedule would bring the cost down and ensure that all work could be completed within 18 months as a single $375,000 project.

Also from the Manager of Water and Wastewater, Landmark is proposed to receive a sole-source contract in the amount of $150,100, excluding HST, to repaint the water tower.  The “Town of Tecumseh” logo, with the gold feather, is proposed to be applied on the elevated water tank. for an additional cost of $17,100 for the application of the Town’s logo be funded from the Water Capital Reserve.

F. Director Parks and Recreation Services, May 15, 2015, Report No. 17/15 Re: Lakewood Park Food Concession Operation RFP Award.  Mr. Christopher Divito is proposed to be the successful proponent to operate the Lakewood Park Food Concession.  Administration recommends a 5 year lease with an option to renew for an additional 5 year term.  The initial proposal calls for the annual operating season to be from May 1 to September 30, however Mr. Divito has requested that consideration be given to extending both the start and closing of the operation if the business warrants staying open.  The proposal calls for operational hours to be Monday – Saturday 12 pm to 9 pm and Sunday 12 pm to 7 pm. The first year of the agreement calls for $500 per month. There are proposed increases for the remaining 4 years of the agreement. The increases will reflect on the success of the operation and Administration will negotiate annually with Mr. Divito, and present to Council as part of the fees and charges by-law update. The concession would be expected to open by early to mid-June.

G. Director Parks & Recreation Services, May 19, 2015, Report No. 19/15 Re: Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program Grant Application.  Council is being requested to submit a funding request to complete aspects of our Town's proposed trail system through this federal funding program which will cover 50% of the total cost.  If successful, funds would be obtained from the Waterfront Park Reserve Fund; and $105,000 from the Infrastructure Reserve.  The projects would include:

  1. Paving 2.5 km of existing gravel trails in the community to make these trails more accessible to persons with disabilities;
  2. Expand the Lakewood trail system by adding trail connector links to the existing perimeter trail;
  3. Extend the Lakewood trail and make it accessible by adding two pedestrian bridges over the new channel connecting Manning Road roadside trail to the Lakewood trail system;
  4. Enhance the trails by adding benches, garbage cans and outdoor workout, recreational equipment along the trail.

H. Facilities Manager, May 15, 2015, Report No. 18/15 Re: Arena Front Doors - Removal and Replacement RFQ Award.  The Tender for $62,581 plus HST is proposed to be awarded to Dor-Co Sales and Service Ltd.

A. Bylaw 2015-37 - Being a by-law to authorize the execution of an Agreement between Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Ontario as represented by the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services for the provision of police services.  This is for our new six-year OPP Contract.

B. Bylaw 2015-38 - Being a by-law to appoint members to the Cultural and Arts Advisory Committee for the term of Council 2015-2018.  This would appoint me as a member of the Cultural and Arts Advisory Committee as the second Council representative.

C. Bylaw 2015-39 - Being a bylaw to confirm and appoint certain officers, servants and employees of The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh.  This is to appoint various members of administration as officials with specific delegated authority under provincial legislation and through the Town's own By-laws.

D. Bylaw 2015-40 - Being a by-law to authorize the execution of an Encroachment Agreement between The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and 2379665 Ontario Inc.  This agreement would allow Tecumseh Lanes Bowling at the corner of Tecumseh Road and Shawnee Road to use the public right-of-way to establish a patio service.


If you have any questions on these or any items please contact me at 226-773-1910 or andrew@andrewdowie.ca

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May 12th Meeting

Coming up this week at Council:

6pm Public Meeting:  Consideration of Engineer's Report - Re: Branch of the South Talbot & Holden Outlet Drain.  This item will consider a drainage report for a section of the South Talbot and Holden Outlet Drain.  The report specifies the work that needs to occur in order to properly maintain and operate this drain.  In rural areas, affected property owners pay for a share of this work.

7pm Regular Meeting.  The full packet can be found here.


A.  Cynthia Swift, CPA, of KPMG will speak of the 2014 Audited Financial Statements and Audit Findings.  The report indicates that KPMG did not identify any issues with current practices.

B. Jon Fournier and David Timm, GDF SUEZ Re: Blue Sky Wind Project.  The Wind Farm would be located in the Town of Essex, however grid connection line and related infrastructure would be constructed within Tecumseh limits.

C. Tony Corona, Chairperson and Fred Raby, President, Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach Re: Sign By-law Exemption Request, Taste of Tecumseh Event.  An exemption is being sought to allow the festival to install advertising signage in the following areas: BIA Parquette, Tecumseh Arena, Lakewood Park, Poisson Parquette, Lacasse Park, Chippewa Park and Green Acres Park, provided that the signs do not impede traffic site lines.

D. Gary Quenneville and Greg Primac, Owners, Tecumseh Chiefs Junior C Hockey Club Inc. will speak to the new Tecumseh Chiefs hockey team.

Council received the following communications:

A. Union Gas, April 30, 2015 - Re: 2014 Disposition of Deferral Account Balances and 2014 Earning Sharing Amount Updated Evidence

Council will consider the following reports:

A. Director Staff Services/Clerk, April 28, 2015, Report No. 15/15.  Re: Request for BIA Boundary Alteration.  Council has received several letters from local businesses requesting that they be removed from the BIA boundaries.  Council is being asked to set in motion a consultation process that will determine what new boundaries should end up being.

B. Administrative Assistant to the Director Staff Services/Clerk, April 28, 2015, Report No. 14/15 Re: Request for Noise Bylaw Exemption, St. Charbel Monastery and Parish.  St. Charbel Church is located on Outer Drive and would like to host a music festival from Friday July 17th to Sunday July 19th.  Permission is being sought to allow the playing of music until 11:30pm (Sunday 11pm)

C. Deputy Treasurer/Tax Collector, May 1, 2015, Report No. 05/15  Re: 2014 Year-End Budget Variance Report.  Just over $1 million was not required to be spent last year on operations.  Administration is recommending that these funds be invested as follows:
a) $204,875 to fully fund the balance of the existing unfunded sick leave liability at December 31, 2014
b) $300,000 towards the existing $6.9 million post-retirement benefit liability at December 31, 2014 , and
c) $579,855 to Lifecycle – Storm Sewer Reserve

The surplus exists because:

    • OPP contract cost $540,000 below estimate
    • Supplemental and PIL tax revenue $170,000 greater than estimate
    • Building permit revenue $70,000 greater than estimate
    • Hydro costs corporate-wide $65,000 below estimate
    • Tax write-offs $50,000 below estimate, and
    • Winter control costs $45,000 below estimate

D. Manager Building Services, Chief Building Official, April 27, 2015, Report No. 10/15 Re: Building Five (5) Year Capital Projects.  This report recommends the following repairs Town facilities in 2015 at a cost of $ 212,000

a) Green Acres Community Centre – replace roof $ 25,000
b) Lacasse Park Baseball Building – replace soffit, fascia, gutters & windows $ 5,000
c) Lacasse Public Works Garage – replace unit heater $ 2,100
d) Lacasse Water Building – replace unit heater $ 2,100
e) Lakewood Park Former Cart Storage Bldg. – replace roof & gutters $ 20,000
f) Lakewood Park Former Pro Shop – replace roof & gutters, alter overhangs, interior and exterior works $ 37,000
g) OPP Station – replace security doors $ 9,000
h) Park Maintenance Garage – replace roof & gutters $ 45,000
i) St. Alphonse Maintenance Garage – replace roof $ 32,000
j) St. Mary's Parks Equipment Building – replace door $ 1,000
k) Fire Hall No 1 – replace asphalt apron at truck doors & brick repairs $ 10,000
l) Fire Hall No. 2 – replace asphalt apron at truck doors $ 8,000
m) Tecumseh Historical Museum – replace flooring $ 5,800
n) Weston Park Washrooms/Shelter – replace roof & paint interior and exterior $ 10,000

E. Manager Planning Services/Senior Planner, May 6, 2015, Report No. 13/15 Re: Zoning By-law Amendment, Gerard & Mary Beth Laing, 12346 Arbour Street - Proposed Duplex.  The Laing family is seeking to convert their existing home into a Duplex in order to remain in their home.  It is of a size currently that is larger than they need.  Council is being asked to schedule a public meeting to obtain resident input.

F. Manager Engineering Services, April 30, 2015, Report No. 26/15 Re: Roads Needs Study 2014, and Bridge & Culvert Needs Study.  Administration has completed a report in conjunction with Dillon Consulting that specifies when replacement is due for various streets, bridges and culverts within the municipality on a non-political basis.  They are recommending that this report be adopted as the guideline for future budgets.

G. Director Parks and Recreation Services, May 4, 2015, Report No. 16/15 Re: Tecumseh Chiefs Jr. C Hockey Club Inc. Agreement.  Administration is recommending approval of a five year agreement commencing May 1, 2015 be approved between the Town of Tecumseh and the Tecumseh Chiefs Junior C Hockey Club Inc. with option to renew the agreement for an additional 5 year term.  Council is further being asked to approve $5,000 to paint the dressing room and install rubber flooring on the cement walkway from dressing room 11 to the existing rubber flooring in Rink B, which was previously contemplated from the Arena Lifecycle reserve.

Finally, Bylaw 2015-35 is proposed, being a by-law to levy a special charge of the Business Improvement Area and to provide for its collection for the year 2015.  The By-law being proposed would affirm the BIA levy at the same rate as 2014.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at 226-773-1910 or at Andrew@andrewdowie.ca

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April 28th Council Meeting

This week our meetings begin at 6pm.

First, Council will be discussing Area Specific Development Charges for the area west of Manning Road south of County Road 22.  In order to provide the best possible neighbourhood benefit, the Town proposes to collect additional development charges from each development in order to regionalize certain infrastructure and to create a regional park.  This would include creating a Stormwater Retention Pond, sewer and drain system, and roads for the area as a whole rather than requiring the individual property owners to manage themselves.  

Without this development charge, each development would create their own infrastructure leading to the creation of several smaller ponds, pumping stations and small parks.  This isn't as economical nor desirable long-term as maintenance costs are higher.  The full packet is found here.


Regular business begins at 7pm and includes the following.  The full packet is available here.


A. Longtime Public Works employee Aurelia Toffolon will be recognized by Council.  Aurelia is retiring and we wish her the very best!
B. Stephen Young will present on the Job Creation Partnership program for the Tecumseh Archives which included the digital archiving of the Tecumseh Tribune as well as some artifacts at the Tecumseh Community Museum.
C. The Business Improvement Area Board of Management will present their budget for 2015.  As defined by the Province of Ontario, a Business Improvement Area is a geographic area in a municipality. A BIA board of management is an organization set up to provide certain business promotion and improvement functions within that area.  Business Improvement Areas offer a self-help approach to revitalizing business districts.  Previous Councils have determined that this improvement area includes Ward 1 and 2, and the northern part of Ward 3.  A BIA allows local business people and property owners to join together and with the support of the municipality, to organize, finance and carry out physical improvement and promote economic development.  Town Council is responsible for approving the budget of the BIA.


A. Town of Essex, April 13, 2015 - Re: Funding Formula for Ontario's Rural Schools.  The Town of Essex is asking for Council's support in petitioning the province to allocate education funds to maintaining lower enrollment in rural school facilities in order to prevent their closure.  Administration is not recommending support.
B. Township of Carling, April 22, 2015 - Re: Resolution 15-057 Ontario Hydro One Rates.  The Township of Carling is asking for Council's support in petitioning the province to reverse its recent decision to increase electricity rates and to actively solicit ways to reduce electricity costs.  Administration is not recommending support.
C. Essex Region Conservation Authority - Re: Source Protection Plan Approved.  This is an advisory that the Essex Region Source Protection Plan is now approved by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.  The Source Protection Plan is intended to protect our drinking water sources from being polluted.



A. Chief Administrative Officer, April 16, 2015 - Re: OPP Contract Renewal.  The Chief Administrative Officer is recommending a five year agreement for policing services expiring December 31, 2019 with the Ontario Provincial Police.  The recommendation features a reduction in services from the status quo with the proposed reduction of our local detachment sergeant and 4 of the 6 computers.  The annual savings over the life of the contract with these reductions is $182,000 on top of the reduction that the municipality received from the changes to the provincial billing model which was $1.8 million.  Municipalities can select a contract period for up to six years.

B. Chief Administrative Officer, April 20, 2015, Report No. 06/15 Re: Town of Oldcastle, County Meath, Ireland 15 Year Twinning
Anniversary.  Oldcastle, in County Meath, Ireland, is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its twinning with the Town of Tecumseh.  They have invited a delegation from Tecumseh to attend the celebration.  Council is being asked to fund travel for one delegation to attend.

C. Director Staff Services/Clerk, April 10, 2015, Report No. 12/15.  Re: 2011-2014 Open and Closed Council Meetings.  This report details the time spent in various categories of Council meetings including closed council meetings for the previous term of Council.

D. Directory Staff Services/Clerk, April 15, 2015, Report No. 13/15 Re: Tecumseh Accessibility Advisory Committee Appointment
The Clerk recommends the appointment of Ron Matysek to the Tecumseh Accessibility Advisory Committee.

E. Deputy Treasurer/Tax Collector, April 17, 2015, Report No. 04/15  Re: 2015 Final Tax Rates.  The Treasurer is recommending approval of a final tax rate of 0.01397032 per dollar of assessed property value.  This is an increase of 0.54% from 2014.

F. Manager Building Services/Chief Building Official, April 20, 2015 Re: 2014 Year End By-law Enforcement Report.  The Chief Building Official reports on the volume of complaints received in 2014 and details which properties have outstanding orders issued from 2014.

G. Manager, Water & Wastewater Services, April 9, 2015, Report No. 18/15 - Re: 2014 Annual Performance Report for the Skyway
Subdivision Wastewater Treatment Facility.  This report receives the performance report submitted to the Ministry of the Environment from the Ontario Clean Water Agency from the now-decommissioned Skyway Wastewater Treatment Facility.

H. Drainage Superintendent, April 13, 2015, Report No. 19/15.  Re: Request for Repair and Improvement to a Municipal Drain,
Appointment of Drainage Engineer - Sullivan Creek Drain.  The Drainage Superintendent is recommending the hiring of a Drainage Engineer to begin design for improvements to the Sullivan Creek Drain under the Drainage Act with costs to be assessed to benefiting property owners.  Repair work was requested by a property owner serviced by the drain.

I. Drainage Superintendent, April 17, 2015, Report No. 20/15.  Re: Request for Repair and Improvements to a Municipal Drain,
Appointment of Drainage Engineer - Eighth Concession/South Talbot.  The Drainage Superintendent is recommending the hiring of a Drainage Engineer to begin design for improvements to the Eighth Concession/South Talbot Drain under the Drainage Act with costs to be assessed to benefiting property owners.  Repair work was requested by a property owner serviced by the drain.

J. Manager, Roads and Fleet, March 24, 2015, Report No. 21/15 Re: Annual Sign Reflectivity Inspection.  The Manager of Roads and Fleet is requesting budget dollars to inspect traffic signage to make sure that it meets new reflectivity standards.  A contractor is proposed to carry out this work at a cost of $11,000.

K. Director Parks and Recreation Services, April 21, 2015, Report No.  15/15 - Re: Multi-Use Sportsplex Feasibility Study/Business Plan.  The Director of Parks and Recreation is recommending proceeding with a feasibility study for construction of a new Sports Dome at the Tecumseh Arena site that could be used by multiple sports at a cost of $100,000 funded from the unallocated infrastructure reserve.  These funds would initiate the public consultation process, include the data collection and consolidation of feedback, account for RFP process advertising, and complete the overall plan for final decision by Council once complete.


For further information on this or other matters please contact me at 226-773-1910 or andrew@andrewdowie.ca

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April 14th Council Meeting

Coming up at this week's Council Meeting.  You can read the full packet here.

At 6pm Council will be considering the new OPP Contract.  You can read the materials for this section here.  Council has not expressed its will on this matter through resolution at this point in time.

Beginning at 7pm, Regular Business begins:


A. Township of Southgate, March 23, 2015 - Re: Resolution - Bill 52, Protection of Public Participation Act, 2014.  The Township of Southgate is requesting Town Council's support in endorsing Bill 52 which supports individual freedoms against Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation.  Administration is not recommending endorsement.

B. The Township of Madawaska Valley, April 7, 2015 - Re: Hydro Rates.  The Township of Madawaska Valley is requesting Town Council's support for provincial relief for its residents with respect to Hydro One charges.  Administration is not recommending endorsement. 

C. Sylvia Jones, MPP Dufferin-Caledon - Re: Private Members Bill 36, Respecting Private Property Act.  MPP Jones is asking for feedback with respect to the Respecting Private Property Act which creates new fines of $500 for trespassing and increases compensation amounts to $25,000.  Administration is not recommending a response.

D. Essex Region Conservation Foundation - Re: 27th Annual Golf Tournament, July 23, 2015.  Administration is seeking Council's direction with respect to purchasing tickets or sponsoring the Essex Region Conservation Foundation Golf Tournament and recommends that tickets be purchased for the ERCA Representatives.

E. City of Stratford, April 2, 2015 - Re: Community Mailboxes, Canada Post.  The City of Stratford has expressed to Canada Post that in order to protect the municipal right-of-way and the use thereof, it is asking for Canada Post to sign a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the expected consultation process and guidelines for mailbox placement.  It is also requiring a formal agreement for use of the right-of-way and costs.  Failing approval of both, Stratford will not allow placement of the boxes.  Administration is recommending that a letter be authorized with similar language from the Town of Tecumseh.  In principle I am supportive of this measure given that the municipality is powerless with respect the installation of these new mailboxes and adopting said guidelines would provide certainty and guidance for Town Administration, as well as providing a known and fair standard for the municipality as a whole.

The minutes of last meeting, including the two Court of Revision sessions, will be ratified. 



A. Director Staff Services/Clerk, April 1, 2015, Report No. 08/15 Re: Farm Lease Agreement - John Nostadt 2015-16 Years.  Administration is recommending a sole-source lease to John Nostadt to allow for farming of this property as there is no direct road access to Baseline Road for the 18 acres affected at this time and access would be required through lands already leased by Mr. Nostadt. The lease is for $4,050. 

B. Director Staff Services/Clerk, April 1, 2015, Report No. 09/15 Re: Community Support Centre Services Agreement, Two Year Term Renewal: 2016-2017.  Administration is recommending that Council approve extending an agreement with Community Support Centre in an amount of $10,000 to provide transit services for seniors and disabled residents.  A $3 subsidy is given to each resident requiring the service up to the $10,000 amount.

C. Director Staff Services/Clerk, March 19, 2015, Report No. 10/15 Re: Tenth (10th) Concession Drain - Repair and Improvement Court of Revision Appointment.  Administration is recommending that Councillor Jobin be appointed to the City of Windsor's Court of Revision hearing this matter in the City of Windsor representing Tecumseh as the drain crosses municipal boundaries.

D. Manager Planning Services/Senior Planner, April 7, 2015, Report No. 06/15 - Re: Town of Tecumseh New Official Plan, Urban Design Discussion Paper, April 2015.  Administration has released an Urban Design discussion paper which will be received for the first time at this meeting.  By receiving the discussion paper, public consultation on its contents can begin.  Of note is that last month Council also received a housing discussion paper which remains in consultation period.

E. Director Planning and Building Services, April 7, 2015, Report No. 08/15 - Re: Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program, Extension of the Investment in Affordable Housing Program (IAH-E), 2015 Rental Housing Component.  Administration is recommending approval of participation in this program which ensures that new builds within Tecumseh can be eligible for funding.  This participation requires that the multi-residential and single unit residential tax rates be equivalent for subject properties.  In effect, this means that the Town could be providing a grant of $7,419.33 every year for 20 years to affordable housing developers.

F. Director Planning and Building Services, April 7, 2015, Report No 09/15 - Re: Valente Development Corporation, South Side of Arbour Street (Former St. Anne High School, South Campus), Development Agreement Approval.  Administration is recommending approval of seven semi-detached dwellings, six 3-unit townhome dwellings and four 4-unit townhome dwellings, totalling 48 dwelling units on a 2.9 hectare site.  Carmelita Hall and the St. Anne's High School Staley Field were located at this site previously.

G. Manager Engineering Services, March 25, 2015, Report No. 15/15 Re: Manning Road Secondary Plan Area, Stormwater Management Environmental Study Report Addendum (December 2014-Updated March 2015).  Council will be receiving an amended ESR which dealt with the proposed new multi-development stormwater facility intended for development located between County Road 22 and the CP Mainline.  The amendments were to incorporate new lands and to incorporate public comments received.

H. Manager Roads and Fleet, March 30, 2015, Report No. 16/15 Re: West Nile Virus Program - 2015 Funding.  Administration is requesting up to $6000 to help fund larvicide to help control insects and prevent spread of West Nile Virus.  Funding would be sought from external sources to offset costs wherever possible.

I. Manager Roads and Fleet, April 1, 2015, Report No. 17/15 Re: A Review of Existing Community Safety Zones.  Administration advises that the Community Safety Zone installed outside of Victoria Public School is no longer required and can be removed. 

J. Manager Facilities and Deputy Treasurer/Tax Collector, March 30, 2015, Report No. 13/15 - Re: Green Energy Act, O. Reg. 397/11 Compliance Requirements 13-15 Parks - Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan 041415.  Administration is requesting approval of their plan to abide by provincial regulation 397/11 and requires:

  1. An annual summary of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for the
    operation of the municipality.
  2. A description of measures for:
    a. Conserving and otherwise reducing the amount of energy consumed by operation; and
    b. Managing the demands for energy, including a forecast of the expected results of current and proposed measures.


For any questions on these or other matters please contact me at 226-773-1910 or Andrew@andrewdowie.ca


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March 24th Council Meeting

Coming up at this week's meeting:

Beginning at 5pm there will be two meetings of the Court of Revision.  The Court of Revision exists to approve special levies or charges to undertake additional work that would not normally fall under municipal taxes.

The first involves assessing affected residents for maintenance of the Dickson Drain.  Further information can be found here:  http://town.tecumseh.on.ca/amserver/Court%20of%20Revision/2015-03/24-17-00/Packet.pdf

The second involves assessing affected residents for maintenance of the South McPhee Drain.  Further information can be found here:  http://town.tecumseh.on.ca/amserver/Court%20of%20Revision/2015-03/24-18-00/Packet.pdf

Minutes for the Special Council Meeting of January 23, 2015, Strategic Planning and Priority Setting Session, for the Proposed Zoning meeting regarding a development proposed for 1310 Lesperance Road, and the Regular Council Meeting - March 10, 2015 are to be approved.

The packet covering the remaining items can be found here:  http://town.tecumseh.on.ca/amserver/Regular%20Council%20Meeting/2015-03/24-19-00/Packet.pdf 

Delegations will include:

  • Harry J. Bell, Regional Manager, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities speaking about the Jumpstart program that funds recreational programming spaces in the Town of Tecumseh.
  • Fred Raby, President, St Clair Beach Optimist Club will speak to the new Taste of Tecumseh Food & Wine Festival that will be held June 20-21st.

Communications to be received will include:

  • City of Woodstock Accessibility Advisory Committee - Canada Post Community Box Initiative.  This resolution asks Canada Post to fully reconsider end to home delivery in Canada.
  • Township of South Stormont, February 18, 2015 Re: Dedication of 1% of HST/GST to Municipalities. The Township of South Stormont has passed a resolution to dedicate 1% of the federal component of the HST to municipalities. Administration recommends supporting this resolution. 
  • LAS Municipal Energy Finance Workshop - April 28, 2015. Approval is required for Council members to participate in this event in Chatham.
  • Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Re: OAFC Municipal Officials Seminar, May 2 & 3. Approval is required for Council members to participate in this event in Toronto.

Approval of Committee Minutes:

  • Police Services Board - February 10, 2015
  • Corn Festival Committee - March 12, 2015


  • Chief Administrative Officer, March 17, 2015, Strategic Planning Priorities.  This report governs Council's strategic priorities for 2015 and 2016 detailing what we prioritize for the coming years as a Council.
  • JCP Program Coordinator, March 13, 2015, This report speaks to the near-completion of an archiving program involving photography of Tecumseh Area Historical Society artifacts as well as past copies of the Tecumseh Tribune.  This project began one year ago and approval is sought for an extension of a few more weeks to complete all works.  
  • Data Fix – Municipal Voter View Application, Voters List Management Services Agreement 2015-2018.  Administration is recommending contracting with DataFix to correct the voters list over the next four years at a cost of $7000.  
  • Health & Safety Policy No. 7 and Violence and Harassment in the Workplace Policy No. 68 Annual Review - These Human Resources policies govern staff and Council members, and are regulatory in nature.
  • Proposed Zoning By-Law Amendment, 1310 Lesperance Road, (Sapardanis / Masotti Construction) 07-15 Planning - This application was first presented at last meeting for consideration by Council and is now being brought forward for approval.  The applicant is proposing to construct 2 6-unit buildings across from Ecole St. Antoine on Lesperance Road at Lanoue.  
  • Drinking Water Quality Management System, Operational Plan Version 5.  This report is brought forward to be adopted as Council's plan to ensure safe drinking water for Tecumseh residents.
  • Tender Award Supply of a Single Axle Truck & Snow Plow Package.  This report speaks to the recommended acquisition of a new Single Axle Truck Snow Plow Package.  While the lowest bidder is being recommended, the vehicle will not be able to be put into service in time for our next winter season.  The cost will be $207,872.90 plus HST and acquisition will be from Team Truck Freightliner following a competitive bidding process.
  • Tender Award for the Supply of a Tandem Truck and Contractors Dump Box.  This report recommends the acquisition of a Tandem Axle Truck with Contractors Dump Box from Carrier Centers with Wiltsie – International Workstar at a cost of $177,026.50 following a competitive bidding process.
  • Tender Award for the Supply of Various Vehicles.  This report recommends acquisition of a 2015/2016 4 Door Passenger Vehicle (CUV/SUV) in the amount of $18,171 plus HST, from Windsor Chrysler and one (1) 2015/2016 4X2 3500 Reg. Cab and Chassis and Dump Body 1½ ton, in the amount of $58,624 plus HST, from Ken Knapp Ford following a competitive bidding process.
  • A Taste of Tecumseh Food and Wine Festival.  Council is being asked to grant approval for this event to be held on June 20-21 at Lakewood Park South organized by the Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach.
  • The Bylaws being considered relate to the items discussed in the meeting as follows:
    • 2015-22 - Being a by-law to amend By-law 1746, the Town’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law for those lands in the former Town of Tecumseh. (1310 Lesperance Road, Plan 279, Lots 24-26 Sapardanis / Masotti Construction) Bylaw No 2015-22 Zoning By-law Amendment D19 1310LE B.
    • Bylaw 2015-23 - Being a by-law to authorize the execution of a Voter List Management Services Agreement between The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and Comprint Systems Inc. [DataFix]
    • Bylaw 2015-23 DataFix (Voterview) Agreement

If you have any questions on these or other items related to Council, please leave me a message here or at 226-773-1910.

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March 10th Council Meeting

Coming up this week at Tecumseh Town Council, we will be working on the following matters:

6pm:  Proposed Rezoning at 1310 Lesperance (Across from Ecole St-Antoine and next to Royal Canadian Legion Branch 261 to permit the redevelopment of the property for a residential development consisting of two, 2.5-storey, six-unit dwellings with associated parking and landscaped areas. The subject property is currently occupied by a single-unit dwelling that is to be demolished as part of the redevelopment. The subject property is currently designated "Residential" in the Tecumseh Official Plan. The Official Plan encourages varying densities or residential uses that can be appropriately integrated with the existing and proposed development pattern.

Further details can be found here:  http://town.tecumseh.on.ca/amserver/Public%20Council%20Meeting/2015-03/10-18-00/Packet.pdf


7pm:  Regular business begins.  The full agenda package can be found here.   http://town.tecumseh.on.ca/amserver/Regular%20Council%20Meeting/2015-03/10-19-00/Packet.pdf

ERCA Budget - Council will be asked to formally receive the 2015 Draft Budget for the Essex Region Conservation Authority.  A levy increase of $20,500 is being sought, which is approximately a 0.73% increase amounting to an average of 3 cents per household over last year.

Municipal Finance Officials Association - March 24 & 25, 2015 - Council will determine whether any members will be attending the Municipal Finance Officials Association Asset Management Symposium

Request for Storyboard Commemoration at Poisson Park re Handy Place Store (LaBute Family) - Council is being asked to refer to Administration a request from resident Shalaina Kitsos requesting a Storyboard at Poisson Park to commemorate the Town's history and legacy of the LaBute Family.

BIA Minutes - Council is asked to approve the minutes of the BIA meetings of October 8, 2014, November 12, 2014, January 14, 2015 and February 11, 2015.  Of note is the recent cancellation of the Art of Eating Festival for the original June 2015 date.

Beach Grove Golf & Country Club is requesting a Noise Bylaw Exemption for Friday, July 31, 2015, and Friday, August 28, 2015, to permit music entertainment until 11:30 pm.  Area residents and OPP will be informed of this exemption from the Noise By-law, and concerns and complaints will to be monitored.  We are advised that these events occur regularly.

Cat Spay and Neuter Voucher Program - Council is being asked to approve the 2015 Cat Spay and Neuter Voucher Program, which allows Caregivers of Feral cats to receive up to a maximum of five [5] vouchers, issued on a first come, first serve basis, with a 120-day expiry period.  Vouchers for the 2015 Program be made available on Tuesday, April 7, 2015.  A Media Release is also proposed to be issued advising of the 2015 Program, along with a notice in the Shoreline Week, as well as on the Town’s website, Twitter and Facebook Page.

Statement of Remuneration and Expenses Paid in 2014 - This is a report describing the payments made to Council and committee members, both for Council pay and for reimbursements.  My own figures are $2,048 for Council Pay - this includes $200 additional to the regular meetings for my time spent at the AMO West Municipal Conference - and $390 for conference participation reimbursement at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.  

Fire Five (5) Year Capital Projects - Fire and Rescue Services is seeking approval to purchase the following funded from the Lifecycle Reserve, to replace past equipment that has reached the end of its useful life:

  • a) 6 Swiss phone pagers $ 3,225
  • b) 4 Firefighter helmets $ 1,300
  • c) 5 sets of firefighter bunker gear $11,500

In 2019, upgrades are proposed to the Training Room for Station 1. The Table and chairs have been used extensively and will need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear as well as ergonomically correct equipment at a cost of $5,000. Heavy hydraulic extrication tools, with one unit powered by a gasoline engine and the second unit being an e-draulic unit run by batteries, are proposed to be replaced at a cost of $25,000.

Information Services Lifecycle Upgrades - Council is being asked to approve $190,000 of technology software replacements including PCs, copiers, scanners, geographic photography, and phones is due for replacement this year.  This cost is fairly consistent from year to year.

In future years, items such as GPS unit replacements for vehicles, e-mail server, Town website, data backup and Financial software will be due for upgrades.

Tecumseh's New Official Plan Process, Housing and Residential Intensification Discussion Paper will be presented for the first time as prepared by the Planning and Building Services Department will be received and be deemed available for agency and public consultation review.  Intensification generally means that more persons will live in a given area and neighbourhood density will increase.  I encourage you to read through this document as it will set the direction going forward for how our town will look and the development that we will encourage.

The 2014 Year End Permit Report for building permits will be presented.  Development was relatively flat from 2013 to 2014, with some reductions in new construction but increases in renovations.

All-Way Stop Sign Installation Request at Brouillette Crescent and Southfield Drive - Council is being asked not to approve this request for a stop sign adjacent to the Brouillette Manor Rest Home as the technical warrants including vehicle volumes and right-of-way control have not been met.

Pike Creek Bridge at 12th Concession Road (Bridge #1002) Tender Award is being brought forward to Council for approval in the amount of in the amount of $371,274 excluding HST to Signature Contractors Windsor.  

2015 International Dragon Boat Festival - Permission is being sought from event organizers to serve alcohol as part of the event as well as have a loudspeaker from 8am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.  The co-located music and food festival known as Lakeview Eats and Beats will not be proceeding this year.  A small quartet will play at the Lakeview Park North pavilion and food will be served at Lakewood Park South.  Riverside will be closed from Grace to Edgewater and Manning will be closed north of Little River for pedestrian control with parking restrictions west to Centennial and east to Grant and south to St. Gregory's.  The event is being billed $1,750 for use and care of the park and OPP services will be billed separately. Setup will begin on July 17th.  Event organizers plan to use Lakewood Park South for parking unless weather conditions require otherwise.  

Tecumseh Corn Festival - The Knights of Columbus # 4375 is seeking permission to serve, sell and consume alcoholic beverages at Lacasse Park from August 27-30, 2015.  Relief is sought from the Noise By-law No. 2002-07, as amended, in order to permit the Tecumseh Corn Festival to operate loud speakers or sound amplifying equipment during the following time periods: Thursday, August 27, from 3:00 pm - 1:00 am; Friday, August 28 from 12:00 pm - 1:00 am; Saturday, August 29 from 12:00 pm - 1:00 am, and Sunday, August 30 from 12:00pm – 7:00 pm.  The Tecumseh Corn Festival is also seeking permission to use the municipal parking lots located at Town Hall (917 Lesperance Road) and Tecumseh Recreation Complex & Arena (12021 McNorton Street) for Festival visitor parking.

Optimist Club's Victoria Day Weekend Fireworks - Council is being asked to waive fees of $148 for use of the Optimist Community Centre and Green Acres Park pavilion for the Optimist Club of St. Clair Beach’s 2015 Victoria Day Fireworks Display, as well as fees associated with the fireworks permit, at a cost of $50, be waived.  Council is also being asked to schedule the Ontario Provincial Police [OPP] to walk through the park the evening of the fireworks display.

Finally, Council is being asked to appoint the new Corn Festival Committee and also to co-host a meeting regarding the site selection of the new Windsor Regional Hospital to be held on April 7th, at 7pm, at the Atlas Tube Centre.

Please let me know if you have questions on these or other items.  Feel free to attend the Council Meeting as well on Tuesday.

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