August 9th Meeting

This week Tecumseh Town Council meetings begin at 5pm.

The first is a Public Council Meeting dealing with the proposed rezoning of an area (21.6 ha) located at the north-east corner of 8th Concession and North Talbot Road. In the Official Plan it is planned to be residential development. The owner is proposing to change this to Business Park to facilitate an industrial development. The packet with full details can be found here:

The second is a meeting giving consideration to the Drainage Report prepared by Baird AE, as reconsidered, for improvement of the East Townline Drain and to give an opportunity for affected landowners to speak to Council. The packet can be found here:

The regular business begins at 7pm featuring the following items. The packet can be found here:


1) Stephanie Cole requests that Council authorize that Prostate Cancer Awareness Month be promoted on the Town of Tecumseh’s website and social media sites. Administration is in concurrence.


1. Chief Administrative Officer, July 20, 2016, Report No. 06/16 Re: 2015-16 Strategic Priorities Progress Report. The CAO provides to Council a detailed update with respect to the strategic priorities identified by Council at the beginning of our term, indicating where various programs are at and what has been completed so far.

2. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, July 21, 2016, Report No. 22/16, Re: Call for 2016 Award Nominations. It is recommended that a Notice of Call for Nominations for the 2016 Dr. Henri Breault Community Excellence Award and Donald “Donny” Massender Memorial Volunteer Award, as well as the 2017 Senior of the Year Award (Awards), be placed on the Town’s website and Social Media, with consideration at the November 22nd meeting of Council.

2. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, July 21, 2016, Report No. 23/16 Re: Advisory and Statutory Committee Call for 2016 Applications
. The following recommendations are propoesd:

  1. The resignation of Duncan Hind from the Committee of Adjustment be filled by way of a call for new members during the month of September.
  2. That a further call for new members for the Seniors Advisory Committee and Youth Advisory Committee be received during the month of September.
  3. That a current Council position on the Business Improvement Association be converted to a Business position and that this be advertised in September.
  4. Direction on a request by the Tecumseh Police Services Board to retain the current community member for an additional two years rather than appoint the person previously selected by Council in 2017.
  5. That a new Member Attendance policy be instituted wherein lack of attendance for 3 consecutive meetings would be deemed a resignation.

Nominations would be open to October 31st, 2016, and new members selected on November 22, 2016.

3. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, August 2, 2016, Report No. 24/16 Re: 2016 By-Election Councillor Ward 2 Update. The Clerk advises that Nomination Day has been established as Tuesday, August 30, 2016. Nominations may now be filed in person at any time during which the Clerk’s office is open, Monday to Friday, between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, and on Nomination Day between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. Election Day will be Friday, October 14, 2016 with polls closign at 8pm. The voting services will be supplied by Intellivote Systems.

4. Deputy Treasurer & Tax Collector, August 2, 2016, Report No. Re: Q2 2016 Budget Variance Report. Town Operations are currently on track for a small deficit of $9000 but a capital surplus of $10,000. Generally costs are in line with where they were expected to be.

5. Deputy Treasurer & Tax Collector, July 28, 2016 Report No. 14/16 Re: Taxes Receivable - June 2016
Tax arrears are in decline within the Town with $1,623,923 outstanding. Most of these are owing from residential properties. The ratio of arrears owing to amounts received is now lower than the Essex County and provincewide averages.

6. Manager Planning, August 2, 2016, Report No. 24/16 Re: Zoning By-Law Amendment, V.A.C. Management, 1415 Lesperance Road. Administration is recommending the hosting of a Public Meeting regarding the proposed rezoning of 1415 Lesperance Road on Tuesday, September 13th to permit the construction of a general/professional office building. Currently it is residential that doesn't normally allow this zoning notwithstanding that the site was formerly several businesses. It is intended to reconstruct a similar building as the previous one present had deteriorated to a point where reuse was not feasible.

7. Manager Planning, August 2, 2016, Report No. 25/16 Re: Town of Tecumseh New Official Plan, Sustainability Discussion Paper. This will be the final Official Plan Discussion Paper, providing an overview of sustainability and sustainable development.

  • Describes the current legislative authority and policy framework in effect for sustainability;
  • Provides examples of various forms/methods of sustainable development;
  • Identifies how sustainability is addressed within the other Discussion Papers that will form the basis of the new Official Plan;
  • Fosters public participation through the release of this discussion paper. 

The document also speaks to recent reports and individual efforts to achieve sustainability within the past few years.

8. Manager Engineering Services, July 19, 2016, Report No. 41/16 Re: North Talbot Road Sanitary Sewer Outlet Amendment to the Main and Lateral Charges By-law (2011-103). Administration has determined that additional sanitary sewer servicing could be provided via the 8th Concession Road Sanitary Outlet Sewer than what was originally believed to be the case. Therefore it is recommended that a Public Information Centre to detail the charges to the additional property owners affected by the revisions in the North Talbot Road Sanitary Sewer service area be held and that an amending By-law be brought forward.

9. Director Public Works & Environmental Services, July 28, 2016, Report No. 44/16 Re: Tecumseh Gateway Signage on Highway 401. Administration is recommending that the Official Mark (i.e. the image of Chief Tecumseh on the maple leaf) of the Town be used for the future Highway 401 Gateway Signage rather than the Wordmark (found on the Water Tower).

For information on these or other items please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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