August 8th Meeting

This week, Town Council begins at 5:30pm for our Policies and Priorities Meeting,

The full packet can be found here.

Delegations include:

  • Melanie Coulter, Windsor Essex County Humane Society Re: Dog Control By-Law, Tethering Enforcement
  • Tom Kitsos, Deputy Treasurer & Tax Collector Re: Budget Document Presentation

Reports include:

a. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, Report No. 24-17 Re: Dog Control By-law Review.  The Dog Control By-law is proposed to be updated in order to regulate the following behaviours:

  • Offering a weather proof enclosure in cases of extreme weather for outdoor dogs.
  • Restricting tethering to 4 hours a day, 3 metres in length, and must be without a choke collar.
  • Transporting outside of the passenger cab of a vehicle is prohibited unless they are otherwise protected.

Enforcement is proposed to be undertaken by the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society.  

Fees are proposed to be raised as follows:

  • Dog Licence/Tag fee (on or before March 31st) be raised from $15.00 to $20.00
  • Dog Licence/Tag fee (after March 31st) be raised from $30.00 to $35.00
  • Replacement Dog Tag fee be raised from $3.00 to $10.00

b. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, Report No. 14-17 Re: Health & Safety Policy No. 7 Annual Review.  This is a regulatory review of the Town's Health and Safety policies that is required annually.

c. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, Report No. 23-17 Re: Issuance of Marriage Licences.  Administration proposes to begin a Marriage Licence Issuance service.  The cost of the licence would be $130.

d. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, Report No. 25-17 Re: Little River & Mason Alley from Coronado to Barry, Request for Alley Closing and Transfer of Lands.  Administration is recommending approval of the alley closure between Little River Boulevard and Mason Place, and division and disposition of the land parcels to abutting property owners.

e. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, Report No. 26-17 Re: Procedural By-Law Review and Revisions.  This is a housekeeping by-law that updates certain definitions to match new Municipal Act definitions, formalize current practices (Order of Business), and new items including receiving delegations.  Of note is that the recommended change will give the Administration the authority to deny delegations if the matter is part of duties delegated to Administration.  It also proposes a prohibition of materials not submitted to the clerk ahead of time including placards and signs.  Conversely, delegates would be protected from interruption from Members of Council.

f. Purchasing Officer, Report No. 09-17 Re: Amendment to Purchasing Policy No. 17 and Procurement Policies and Procedures Bylaw 2006-03.  Administration recommends amendment to the policies and procedures such as introducing language with respect to Accessibility legislation, trade agreements, clarification regarding the "two envelope" process for requests for proposal, and increasing the authority of Administration to self-approve purchases and reducing the number of large purchases sent back to Town Council for approval.

g. Director Parks & Recreation Services, Report No. 15-17 Re: Commemorative Bench Program - Policy.  Administration is bringing forward a framework for commemorative benches including maintenance and replacement going forward including assignment of costs and clarifying that the bench would be a ten year commitment.

At 7pm, regular business begins.  The packet can be found here.

Communications include:

a. Greater Essex County District School Board Re: Surplus Property and Building, 12433 Dillon Drive.  Victoria Public School is being offered for sale by the Public School Board at market value.

b. Environment and Climate Change Canada  Re: Protection and Restoration of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Basin.  The Minister's Office acknowledges Council's resolution supporting continued funding for Great Lakes quality improvement.

c. Town of Lakeshore Re: Notice of Public Meeting.  The Stewart Gilbert portable toilet business at 2136 Manning Road is seeking approval to add a new building to the property.  The meeting will be held at 6pm on Tuesday August 8th at Lakeshore Council Chambers.

d. Town of Lakeshore  Re: Notice of the Passing of a Temporary Use Zoning By-Law Amendment by the Corporation of the Town of Lakeshore.  Lakeshore is requesting submissions before August 14th regarding plans to operate a Film Studio on the property at 20 North Rear Road at Manning Road, south of Highway 401 and the OPP Station (the property currently fenced in)

e. County of Essex Re: Support for Bill 94 - Amendments to the Highway Traffic Act and Pilot Project.  Essex County advises that it supports Bill 94 from MPP Rick Nicholls regarding the installation of School Bus Cameras.

f. County of Essex Re: Notice of Decision of Official Plan Amendment No. 39, 11941 Tecumseh Road.  Essex County has approved the Condominium Development previously approved by Tecumseh Town Council.


a. Association of Municipalities of Ontario, Re: Human Services Symposium.  Administration recommends that the Mayor and Members of Council be authorized to attend the Human Services Symposium in Toronto on September 21, 2017.

b. Association of Municipalities of Ontario, Re: Municipal Labour Relations Symposium.  Administration recommends that the Mayor and Members of Council be authorized to attend AMO Municipal Labour Relations Symposium in Toronto on September 22, 2017

c. County of Essex, Re: Support for Windsor Essex County Environment Committee Resolution Pertaining to the Ontario Nuclear Emergency Response Plan.  Administration recommends that the County of Essex Resolution No. 158-17 and Windsor Essex County Environmental Committee Resolution recommending changes to the Provincial Nuclear Emergency Response Plan be supported, which call for giving local residents the same protections from Nuclear Disasters as residents living near Ontario Power Generation facilities as we are in close proximity to various United States-based facilities.

d. The Township of The Archipelago, Re: Reconsider Proposed Changes Under Bill 86, Re: Out of Court Payments.  Administration recommends that the Municipality of Killarney’s Resolution No. 17-198 appealing to the Minister of Municipal Affairs to reconsider changes to the Municipal Act, 2001 as a result of Bill 68 regarding tax registration procedures which would end payments out of court for municipalities, be supported.  On tax sales, the municipality currently receives payment.  The Province is proposing to end this practice.  


a. Corporate Services & Clerk

1. Manager Committee & Community Services, Report No. 20-17 Cat Spay and Neuter Voucher Program, Cat Intake Program, Bi-Annual Update for 2017.  74 of 89 feral cat vouchers have been issued, and no low income vouchers have been claimed.  14 cat intake program contributions have been made this year, which is a reduction from past years.  The data suggests that the Town's feral cat population is declining. 

2. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, Report No. 21-17 Re: Call for 2017 Award Nominations.  Administration is recommending that the Dr. Henri Breault Community Excellence Award and Donald “Donny” Massender Memorial Volunteer Award, as well as the 2018 Senior of the Year Award (Awards) nominations be advertised and selections made on November 28, 2017.

3. Director Corporate Services & Clerk, Report No. 22-17 Re: Advisory and Statutory Committees Call for 2018 Applications.  Administration is recommending that applications be sought for the following committees: a. Committee of Adjustment (if Council does not appoint from within); b. Tecumseh Accessibility Advisory Committee; c. Cultural & Arts Advisory Committee; d. Heritage Committee; e. Senior Advisory Committee; and f. Youth Advisory Committee.

b. Financial Services

1. Deputy Treasurer & Tax Collector, Report No. 12-17 Re: Budget Variance Report – June 30, 2017.  The Town is projecting a surplus of $169,000, assisted by LED lighting conversion, higher building permit revenues and property assessments, offset by the Backwater Valve and Foundation Drain Disconnection subsidy programs.

c. Parks & Recreation Services

1. Manager Recreation Programs & Events, Report No. 19-17 Re: Pathway to Potential 2017 Funding Agreement.  This zero cost agreement allows Pathway to Potential to administer poverty reduction funding for the Town of Tecumseh.  The Town would receive funds to assist low income children participate in recreational programs.

d. Public Works & Environmental Services

1. Director Public Works & Environmental Services, Report No. 39-17 Re: Installation of Tecumseh Gateway Signage on Highway 401, Tender Award.  Approval is sought for the Highway 401 Gateway Signage tender, in the amount of $91,963 plus HST to DeAngelo Brothers Corporation (DBi Services).  Signs will be places westbound at Manning Road and eastbound at North Talbot Road.

2. Manager Roads and Fleet, Report No. 40-17 123 - 127 Re: Gauthier/Cedarwood Sanitary Pump Station Consultant Recommendation for the Clean Water and Wastewater Funding Project.  Administration recommends that the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) of the Government of Ontario be retained to provide the engineering consulting services, procurement and contract administration for repair work proposed on the Gauthier/Cedarwood Sanitary Pump Station, in the amount of $155,000, including nonrebateable HST, and will be charged against the Sanitary Sewer Collection System Rehabilitation Project

For questions on these or any other municipal matters, please contact me at [email protected] or 226-773-1910.

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