April 9th Meeting

This week Town Council begins at 6pm.  You can read the agenda for this part of the meeting here.

This meeting is to hear public comment for a proposed rezoning of a 2.9 acre parcel of land on the south side of North Talbot Road, 95 metres east of its intersection with Walker Road from "Neighbourhood Commercial Zone" to a site specific "Business Park Zone".  The subject parcel of land is designated "Business Park" in the Sandwich South Official Plan. The rezoning will permit the future development of the lands for a range of light industrial and commercial uses.

A letter has been received from Friends of Oldcastle Development Letter dated April 1, 2019, with and objection to the Zoning By-Law Amendment.

Regular business begins at 7pm.  The agenda for the regular meeting can be found here.

Our delegation for the evening is Chaouki Hamka, Community Leader, MADD Windsor and Essex County Re: MADD Campaign 911 Program

Communications - For Information include:
a. Township of South Frontenac Letter dated March 19, 2019 Re: Review of Ontario Municipal Partnership Funding (OMPF).   South Frontenac supports the resolution passed by the Township of South Stormont regarding the Provincial Government review of OMPF funding that provides annual funding allotments to municipal governments to help offset operating and capital costs and advise the
Premier, Ministers of Finance, Municipal Affairs and Housing and our local MPP of our concerns. 

b. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Letter dated March 20, 2019.  Re: 2018-2019 Fiscal support for small and rural municipalities.  Minister Steve Clark advises that the Town of Tecumseh receive a one-time payment of $620,201.

c. Town of Lakeshore dated March 22, 2019 Re: Notice of Open House and Complete Application.  Lakeshore held a public meeting regarding 2110 Manning Road on Tuesday April 2nd.  An application has been received to allow temporary use of the property as a trucking terminal.

d. Town of LaSalle dated March 25, 2019 Re: Notice of Public Meeting and Planning Advisory Committee Information Meeting.  LaSalle advises of a new subdivision proposal including 950 single dwellings, new commercial units on the south side of Laurier Parkway, business park on the west side of Howard Avenue, a new school and parkland.  A public meeting will be held on Tuesday April 16th, 6pm at LaSalle Town Hall.

e. Ministry of Infrastructure and Communities Letter dated March 27, 2019 Re: Gas Tax Fund.  The Minister of Infrastructure and Communities advises that $819,443,895 will be dispersed to Ontario municipalities, of which $167,421,424 is dedicated to the City of Toronto and $2,081,548 for the Province of Ontario.

Reports include:
a. Corporate Services & Clerk
1. CS-2019-08 MADD Campaign 911 Program.  Administration recommends that MADD be permitted to install Program signs at the entrances to the Town of Tecumseh (Town) from Windsor on Tecumseh Road and Riverside Drive, as well as the entrance and exits of the Town on County Road 22, along with County Road 11 and County Road 19, subject to the approval of the County of Essex;
And further that MADD Windsor & Essex County be granted licensing privileges under the Use of Official Mark Policy 51 to permit the use of the Town’s Official Mark on their Program signs, and further that the Mayor and Clerk be authorized to execute a Trademark Agreement with MADD Windsor and Essex County to permit the Town’s Official Mark on the Program signs.  MADD is requesting to install ten (10) signs in the Town of Tecumseh.

The MADD Campaign 911 Program (Program) was launched in 2007 nationwide to encourage residents to help make roads safe and reduce the number of deaths caused from impaired driving.  The City of Windsor implemented this Program in 2008, with 42 signs installed around the City.  At the writing of this report, the Towns of LaSalle and Amherstburg and the Municipality of Leamington have formally supported this Program in their respective municipalities.

2.  CS-2019-09 Fluoridation of Drinking Water.  Administration recommends that Report CS-2019-09 regarding the Fluoridation of Water, be received and that the draft By-law authorizing fluoridation of drinking water, in accordance with the Fluoridation Act, R.S.O. 1990 c.F.22, be considered.

b. Financial Services
1. FS-2019-03 Statement of Remuneration and Expenses Paid in 2018.  Administration supplies a report surrounding Council expenses for each member of Council.  My remuneration was $30,354 in 2018.

c. Planning & Building Services
1. PBS-2019-07 D19 13214RIV, 13214 Riverside Drive, Zoning By-law Amendment.  Administration recommends the scheduling of a public meeting, to be held on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 5:00 p.m., in accordance with the Planning Act for a Zoning By-law Amendment application to rezone a 1251 square metre (13,465 square foot) parcel of land situated on the north side of
Riverside Drive, approximately 290 metres west of its intersection with Manning Road (13214 Riverside Drive), from "Residential Zone 1 (R1)" to a site specific "Residential Zone 1 (R1-11)" to permit the construction of a detached accessory garage with a
second storey dwelling unit on the subject property in addition to one detached dwelling unit.

Fire & Emergency Services
1. FIRE-2019-03 Partnership with Wounded Warriors Canada.  Administration recommends the signing of a partnership
agreements with Wounded Warriors Canada for the purpose of formalizing support for their mission and services, making use of the mental health programs provided, and identify potential fundraising opportunities to support their programming and services. 

For questions on these or other municipal matters I can be reached at (226) 773-1910 or [email protected]

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