April 28th Council Meeting

This week our meetings begin at 6pm.

First, Council will be discussing Area Specific Development Charges for the area west of Manning Road south of County Road 22.  In order to provide the best possible neighbourhood benefit, the Town proposes to collect additional development charges from each development in order to regionalize certain infrastructure and to create a regional park.  This would include creating a Stormwater Retention Pond, sewer and drain system, and roads for the area as a whole rather than requiring the individual property owners to manage themselves.  

Without this development charge, each development would create their own infrastructure leading to the creation of several smaller ponds, pumping stations and small parks.  This isn't as economical nor desirable long-term as maintenance costs are higher.  The full packet is found here.


Regular business begins at 7pm and includes the following.  The full packet is available here.


A. Longtime Public Works employee Aurelia Toffolon will be recognized by Council.  Aurelia is retiring and we wish her the very best!
B. Stephen Young will present on the Job Creation Partnership program for the Tecumseh Archives which included the digital archiving of the Tecumseh Tribune as well as some artifacts at the Tecumseh Community Museum.
C. The Business Improvement Area Board of Management will present their budget for 2015.  As defined by the Province of Ontario, a Business Improvement Area is a geographic area in a municipality. A BIA board of management is an organization set up to provide certain business promotion and improvement functions within that area.  Business Improvement Areas offer a self-help approach to revitalizing business districts.  Previous Councils have determined that this improvement area includes Ward 1 and 2, and the northern part of Ward 3.  A BIA allows local business people and property owners to join together and with the support of the municipality, to organize, finance and carry out physical improvement and promote economic development.  Town Council is responsible for approving the budget of the BIA.


A. Town of Essex, April 13, 2015 - Re: Funding Formula for Ontario's Rural Schools.  The Town of Essex is asking for Council's support in petitioning the province to allocate education funds to maintaining lower enrollment in rural school facilities in order to prevent their closure.  Administration is not recommending support.
B. Township of Carling, April 22, 2015 - Re: Resolution 15-057 Ontario Hydro One Rates.  The Township of Carling is asking for Council's support in petitioning the province to reverse its recent decision to increase electricity rates and to actively solicit ways to reduce electricity costs.  Administration is not recommending support.
C. Essex Region Conservation Authority - Re: Source Protection Plan Approved.  This is an advisory that the Essex Region Source Protection Plan is now approved by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.  The Source Protection Plan is intended to protect our drinking water sources from being polluted.



A. Chief Administrative Officer, April 16, 2015 - Re: OPP Contract Renewal.  The Chief Administrative Officer is recommending a five year agreement for policing services expiring December 31, 2019 with the Ontario Provincial Police.  The recommendation features a reduction in services from the status quo with the proposed reduction of our local detachment sergeant and 4 of the 6 computers.  The annual savings over the life of the contract with these reductions is $182,000 on top of the reduction that the municipality received from the changes to the provincial billing model which was $1.8 million.  Municipalities can select a contract period for up to six years.

B. Chief Administrative Officer, April 20, 2015, Report No. 06/15 Re: Town of Oldcastle, County Meath, Ireland 15 Year Twinning
Anniversary.  Oldcastle, in County Meath, Ireland, is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its twinning with the Town of Tecumseh.  They have invited a delegation from Tecumseh to attend the celebration.  Council is being asked to fund travel for one delegation to attend.

C. Director Staff Services/Clerk, April 10, 2015, Report No. 12/15.  Re: 2011-2014 Open and Closed Council Meetings.  This report details the time spent in various categories of Council meetings including closed council meetings for the previous term of Council.

D. Directory Staff Services/Clerk, April 15, 2015, Report No. 13/15 Re: Tecumseh Accessibility Advisory Committee Appointment
The Clerk recommends the appointment of Ron Matysek to the Tecumseh Accessibility Advisory Committee.

E. Deputy Treasurer/Tax Collector, April 17, 2015, Report No. 04/15  Re: 2015 Final Tax Rates.  The Treasurer is recommending approval of a final tax rate of 0.01397032 per dollar of assessed property value.  This is an increase of 0.54% from 2014.

F. Manager Building Services/Chief Building Official, April 20, 2015 Re: 2014 Year End By-law Enforcement Report.  The Chief Building Official reports on the volume of complaints received in 2014 and details which properties have outstanding orders issued from 2014.

G. Manager, Water & Wastewater Services, April 9, 2015, Report No. 18/15 - Re: 2014 Annual Performance Report for the Skyway
Subdivision Wastewater Treatment Facility.  This report receives the performance report submitted to the Ministry of the Environment from the Ontario Clean Water Agency from the now-decommissioned Skyway Wastewater Treatment Facility.

H. Drainage Superintendent, April 13, 2015, Report No. 19/15.  Re: Request for Repair and Improvement to a Municipal Drain,
Appointment of Drainage Engineer - Sullivan Creek Drain.  The Drainage Superintendent is recommending the hiring of a Drainage Engineer to begin design for improvements to the Sullivan Creek Drain under the Drainage Act with costs to be assessed to benefiting property owners.  Repair work was requested by a property owner serviced by the drain.

I. Drainage Superintendent, April 17, 2015, Report No. 20/15.  Re: Request for Repair and Improvements to a Municipal Drain,
Appointment of Drainage Engineer - Eighth Concession/South Talbot.  The Drainage Superintendent is recommending the hiring of a Drainage Engineer to begin design for improvements to the Eighth Concession/South Talbot Drain under the Drainage Act with costs to be assessed to benefiting property owners.  Repair work was requested by a property owner serviced by the drain.

J. Manager, Roads and Fleet, March 24, 2015, Report No. 21/15 Re: Annual Sign Reflectivity Inspection.  The Manager of Roads and Fleet is requesting budget dollars to inspect traffic signage to make sure that it meets new reflectivity standards.  A contractor is proposed to carry out this work at a cost of $11,000.

K. Director Parks and Recreation Services, April 21, 2015, Report No.  15/15 - Re: Multi-Use Sportsplex Feasibility Study/Business Plan.  The Director of Parks and Recreation is recommending proceeding with a feasibility study for construction of a new Sports Dome at the Tecumseh Arena site that could be used by multiple sports at a cost of $100,000 funded from the unallocated infrastructure reserve.  These funds would initiate the public consultation process, include the data collection and consolidation of feedback, account for RFP process advertising, and complete the overall plan for final decision by Council once complete.


For further information on this or other matters please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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