April 16th Meeting

On Thursday, April 16th at 11am, Tecumseh Town Council will be meeting to consider approval of the construction of a land berm on the lakefront behind 16 low lying properties in an effort to address the risk of overland flooding.  The agenda can be found here.

Administration is recommending acceptance of severeal amendments to the Town of Tecumseh Flood Response Plan, and that By-law No. 2020-35 being a by-law to adopt the revised Emergency Response Plan, inclusive of the appended Flood Response Plan, Version 2 (April 2020) be adopted, and that a $500,000 expenditure from the Infrastructure Reserve for the implementation of flood mitigation defenses on those identified private properties that pose a significant risk for further in-land flooding be authorized.

Administration is proposing emergency flood prevention measures. This will involve placing earthen berms and additional sandbags on low-lying private waterfront properties that act as conduits for inland flooding to residential neighbourhoods south of Riverside Drive. With these works, the Town is attempting to install
permanent or temporary flood barriers to an elevation exceeding the previous flood level of Lake St. Clair in order to protect against or mitigate the extent of flooding this year.

Additionally, Administration will be carrying out a pump repair at St. Marks pump station to ensure it remains functional during the spring flooding season.   Approval of this work was previously granted by Council on February 11, 2020, with a budget of $36,433 excluding HST.

For further information on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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