April 13th Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council begins at 7pm.  It will be webcast at the Town's website.

The delegation will be Paul Anthony, Director Parks & Recreation Services, who will speak to the Future Direction of the Tecumseh Corn Festival.

Communications - For Information includes:
1. Town of Grimsby dated March 24, 2020 Re: Suspend Time-of-Use Electricity Billing.  Grimsby asks for the Province to suspend time of use billing for electricity rates (which has occurred)

2. Town of Kingsville dated April 2, 2020 Re: Request for Electricity Billing Relief.   Kingsville asks for the Province to suspend time of use billing for electricity rates (which has occurred)

3. Town of Essex dated March 23, 2020 Re: Time of Use Billing.   Essex asks for the Province to suspend time of use billing for electricity rates (which has occurred)

4. Chatham-Kent dated March 24, 2020.  Re: Support for the Ban of Single Use Disposable Wipes.  Chatham-Kent supports a ban on the sale of single use disposable wipes.

5. Chatham-Kent dated March 24, 2020.  Re: Supporting Association of Municipalities Ontario's position on Bill 132 with respect to Aggregate Resources Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act.  Chatham-Kent supports the AMO position on this matter, which is support for the provincial requirement of an application process where below water table extraction is proposed (rather than just amending an existing licence), but which leaves municipal council members responsible for contamination of this drinking water including potential jail time despite it being a provincial decision.

6. Diocese of London, dated March 25, 2020. Re: Appreciation for Services during Coronavirus Pandemic.  Bishop Fabbro indicates his support for Members of Council and the community during the COVID-19 crisis.

7. Town of Midland dated March 23, 2020 Re: Direct Payment of Federal Funds to Municipalities to Waive Property Taxes for the Year 2020 - Financial help to alleviate the suffering from COVID-19 Pandemic.  Midland requests that the federal government incur individual property taxation costs for residences and partial property taxes for commercial and industrial properties.

Reports include:

Corporate Services & Clerk
a. CS-2020-12 Delegation of Authority during a Declared Emergency By-law Update.  Administration recommends delegation of authority to ensure that  late payment charges on property tax accounts, penalty and/or interest, through the period ending June 30, 2020.

b. CS-2020-13 Manning Road Farm Lease. Administration recommends that the Town enter into a three-year term Lease Agreement with Olinda Farms Inc. (Olinda) to farm the Town’s 18 acres of farmland located on the south side of Baseline Road.

Financial Services
a. FS-2020-05 Statement of Remuneration and Expenses Paid in 2019.  Administration publishes the list of Town Council and committee member expenses and remuneration for 2019.  My total is $40,020 which includes $27,639 in salary, $2,596 in lieu of pension, $2,051 in CPP and Employer Health Tax costs, $192 in Health and Life Insurance Benefit, and remaining costs allocated to registration at conferences during the year, including the Ontario Small Urban Municipalities Conference in Pembroke and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario Conference in Ottawa.

Parks & Recreation Services
a. PRS-2020-09 Tecumseh Corn Festival Future Direction.  Administration recommends eliminating the admission costs to the Corn Festival and reducing the stage requirements and giving the CAO the authority to cancel the festival in light of COVID-19.

Planning & Building Services
a. PBS-2020-15 CIP Grant, 1033 Lesperance Road.  Administration recommends awarding $8,950 for a parking lot improvement grant and $3,416 for a building facade grant to 1033 Lesperance Road which will be occupied by Laura White, Desjardins Insurance.

For questions on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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