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Since 2014, I have had the privilege to serve Ward 1 residents as Councillor for the Town of Tecumseh. With my background in municipal public works, my record of professional experience and community engagement can be put to extensive use to keep Tecumseh a great place to live.

I am ecstatic to have been a part of the Town's progress over the last four years and to have been acclaimed to serve a second term as Ward 1 Councillor from 2018-2022. You can continue to count on me to deliver responsive, reliable and responsible town oversight, decision-making and advocacy on your behalf.

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December 10th Meeting

This week, Town Council begins at 6pm with a special meeting to discuss the Water-Wastewater Master Plan.  The agenda can be found here.

The Master Plan that governs water and wastewater infrastructure planning was updated as a result of the 2008 servicing strategies, implementation phases and costs, to reflect updated planning projections.  A Notice of Study Completion is proposed to be advertised in Shoreline Week and the Town’s website and social media accounts to initiate the mandatory 30-day public review period.

Regular business begins at 7pm.  The agenda can be found here.

  • Time Capsule Winner,  Maya Wadi
  • Essay Winner 1st Place, Allisyn Teti 
  • Essay Winner, 2nd Place, Alex Acanne  

3. Jeff Sylvestre, James Sylvestre Developments Ltd. Re: Sylvestre Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension Class EA and Storm Drainage Master Plan and 2020 Budget.

1. Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Cultural Industries dated November 6, 2019 Re: Acknowledgement Letter.  Minister Lisa MacLeod has provided a letter to Mayor McNamara acknowledging her meeting with members of Town Council and her visit to Tecumseh in early November.
2. City of Windsor dated November 18, 2019 Re: City Council Decision on Windsor Essex County Environment Committee - Climate Change Emergency Declaration.  Windsor advises that they have declared a Climate Emergency for the municipality.
3. Municipality of South Huron dated November 18, 2019 Re: Provincial Consultation of the Transformation of Building Services in Ontario.  South Huron supports the request of the Town of Prescott to establish a Delegated Administrative Authority with respect to Building Code-related service delivery by the municipality.
4. Township of Greater Madawaska dated November 18, 2019 Re: Support for ministers to allow for electronic delegation.  Greater Madawaska requests that Ministerial delegations normally established as part of various conferences throughout the year be facilitated electronically so that municipalities are not required to incur conference expenses to have the opportunity to meet with Ministers.

a. FS-2019-14 Administrative Fees and Charges 2020.  Administration recommends changes to fees and charges.  Variable fees would increase by the Consumer Price Index of 1.9%, and new fees for the following:

  • Archival Research – Adjusted to reflect hourly labour rate only.
  • Fees added for Photocopies (colour), Maps, plans on plotter (colour), Refund or Misdirected Payment Fee and By-Law Enforcement Administration Fee.
  • Fire assistance for private standby – Adjusted to match Confined Space Rental (c).
  • False Alarm Registration and At Fault False Alarm fees added to this schedule to coincide with By-law 2019-75, which was recently updated.
  • Criminal Record Check, Duplicate Copy of Record Check, Occurrence Confirmation Reports, Technical Traffic Collision Report and Reconstruction Report – Adjusted to reflect increase to OPP Fee Schedule.
  • Park Pavilion Rental, Parks Commemorative Program, Special Event Lakewood, Lacasse and McAuliffe Parks, Public Swim – Rates maintained at 2019 level.
  • Ice Rental Municipal or Municipal Partnership Program Apr – Aug – reduced to zero.
  • Tecumseh Transit Single Fare – Rates increased by $0.25. First rate increase since program inception; Monthly Pass – Rates increased by $5. First rate increase since program inception
Fire requests approval of the following purchases:
  • 4 Swiss Phone pagers $3,000
  • 8 Firefighter helmets $4,000
  • 10 Leather boots $5,000
  • 8 Sets of firefighter bunker gear $20,800
    from the Fire Equipment Lifecycle Reserve $ - $ 32,800
a. PRS-2019-15 Buildings Five (5) Year Capital Works Plan.  Administration requests the following purchases for 2020:
  1. Town Hall Environmental Control System -- $30,000
  2. Environmental Building Interior Upgrades -- $15,000
  3. Environmental Bldg Garage Exhaust System -- $22,000
  4. St Clair Beach Community Centre Upgrades -- $12,000
  5. Cada Library Architect Contract -- $60,000
  6. Town Hall HVAC Replacement (3) Units -- $30,000
  7. Town Hall Flooring Replacement -- $80,000
  8. Carling Pavilion Replacement -- $45,000
  9. St. Mary's Pavilion Roof Replacement -- $10,000
  10. McCord Lane PW Salt Shed Roof -- $50,000
  11. Fire Hall #1 Concrete Pad Refurbishment -- $20,000
    from the Municipal Modernization Fund -- $30,000 and Buildings Lifecycle Reserve -- $344,000
  1. Lakewood North - historical storyboard installation $10,000
  2. St Mary's Park - walkway at splash pad $10,000
  3. Park Sign Replacements - various parks $15,000
  4. In Ground Recyclable Containers $20,000
  5. Parks Recreation & Trails Master Plan Update $45,000
  6. McAuliffe Park Washroom Renovation $15,000
  7. Optimist Park - playset replacement $100,000
  8. Various park bench and garbage can replacement -- $15,000
  9. Sports Fields - top dressing over seeding -- $15,000
  10. Install Manufactured Wood Chips Under Play Sets -- $18,000
  11. Annual Project Allocations TBD -- $25,000
  12. McAuliffe Park - bleacher replacements -- $8,000
  13. St Mary’s Park - irrigation for infield -- $8,000
  14. Lakewood Park - drainage improvements -- $10,000
  15. Baseball Infield Clay - various parks -- $18,000
  16. Buster Reaume - playset replacement -- $50,000
  17. Lacasse Grandstand - replacement design -- $60,000
  18. Dorset Dresden - playset replacement -- $70,000
  19. Lakewood Park - Pier boardwalk repairs -- $125,000
  20. Lakewood and McAuliffe Park electronic signs $130,000
  21. McAuliffe Park - Splash Pad -- $250,000
  22. Tree Planting $30,000 $30,000
    from Donations $30,000, Infrastructure Reserve $172,500, Transfer from Reserve (MMP Grant) $130,000, Park Development Lifecycle Reserve $684,500 and
    Reforestation Lifecycle Reserve $30,000
Construction value was reported at $32,194,990, which is up by $9,804,990 or 44 percent over last year. Net number of permits year to year is down by 105 permits (275) however revenues are at 83% of the budgeted amount for the year.
Sidewalks and Trails
  1. Administration recommends approval of the following purchases for 2020:
    Sidewalk Repair Program - Various Locations $ 69,000
  2. Riverside Drive Trail $ 850,000 $ 850,000
    CR42: CR19 to CR43 (Sidewalks and Bike Lanes) $ 708,500

Road Projects

  1. Road Paving - Tar & Chip $ 100,000
  2. Road Paving - Asphalting $ 1,100,000
  3. Road Paving - Crack Sealing $ 100,000
  4. CR42/43 Const. including 12th & Banwell Watermains $ 20,450
  5. Tecumseh Hamlet SPA EA FSR $ 61,250
  6. Tecumseh Sigange Project $ 16,000
  7. Lesperance/VIA Rail Improvements $ 155,000
  8. Tecumseh Road CIP - Streetscape Plan & Final Design $ 1,422,640
  9. Manning Road/ETLD Drain Relocation - Phase 2 $ 54,500
  10. Manning Road Reconstruction - Phase 3 $ 225,500
  11. Sylvestre Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension $ 94,000
  12. Scully & St. Mark'sStorm PS/Riverside Drive $ 43,600
  13. Cty Rd 46/Webster/Laval Sanitary Sewer Extension $ 120,750
  14. Del Duca Drive Sanitary Sewer $ 92,450
  15. Lanoue Street Improvements $ 363,300
  16. Tecumseh Road Sanitary Sewer $ 672,600
  17. Tecumseh Road Path - Arlington to DM Eagle $ 100,000
  18. Traffic Signal Controller Update $ 150,000
  19. Expansion/Improvements PW Yard (North) $ 30,000


  1. Bridge & Culvert Needs Study (>3m Span) $ 39,000
  2. Bridge #1013 - Merrick Creek at 8th Concession $ 250,300



  1. Tecumseh Road CIP - Streetscape Plan & Final Design $ 50,250
  2. Manning Road/ETLD Drain Relocation - Phase 2 $ 31,000
  3. Hwy#3/County Road 11 Watermain Replacement $ 2,316,600
  4. Tecumseh Hamlet SPA EA FSR $ 30,250
  5. Cty Rd 46/Webster Laval Sanitary Sewer Exten. $ 80,400
  6. Del Duca Drive Sanitary Sewer $ 5,550
  7. CR42/43 Const. including 12th&Banwell Watermains $ 758,600
  8. 2020 Water and Wastewater Rates Study $ 10,000


  1. Tecumseh Road CIP - Streetscape Plan & Final Design $ 63,500
  2. Sylvestre Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension $ 186,800
  3. Manhole Restoration Program $ 75,000
  4. Tecumseh Hamlet SPA EA FSR $ 30,250
  5. Cty Rd 46/Webster/Laval Sanitary Sewer Exten. $ 166,700
  6. Scully & St. Mark's Storm PS/Riverside Drive $ 20,550
  7. Del Duca Drive Sanitary Sewer $ 148,500
  8. Sanitary Sewer Model Update & Flow Monitioring $ 295,000
  9. CR42/43 Const. including 12th&Banwell Watermains $ 44,900
  10. Tecumseh Road Sanitary Sewer $ 2,395,100
  11.  2020 Water and Wastewater Rates Study $ 10,000


  1. Tecumseh Road CIP - Streetscape Plan & Final Design $ 68,310
  2. Manning Road/ETLD Drain Relocation - Phase 2 $ 71,000
  3. Manning Road Reconstruction - Phase 3 $ - $ 2,500
  4. Lesperance/VIA Rail Improvements $ - $ 31,000
  5. Sylvestre Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension $ 4,200
  6. Manhole Restoration Program $ 75,000
  7. Oldcastle Storrm Drainage Master Plan $ 450,000
  8. Tecumseh Hamlet SPA EA FSR $ - $ 219,250
  9. Cty Rd 46/Webster/Laval Sanitary Sewer Exten. $ 77,400
  10. Scully & St. Marks Storm PS/Riverside Drive $ 733,100
  11. MRSPA Pond Design and Construction $ 2,780,000
  12. Del Duca Drive Sanitary Sewer $ 125,850
  13. Shoreline Management Plan $ 350,000
  14. Stormwater Rate Study $ 45,000
  15. Manning Road/ETLD Drain Relocation - Phase 2 $ 126,500 
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November 26th Meeting

This week, Town Council begins at 6pm to discuss Awards and Committee Appointments.

Administration recommends that the nomination of Jocelyn Adams for the 2019 Dr. Henri Breault Community Excellence Award (Dr. Breault Award) be accepted, and that Town Council determine a direction with respect to awards for the 2019 Donald “Donny” Massender Memorial Volunteer Award (Donny Massender Award) and 2020 Senior of the Year Award.  The report can be found here.

Further, it is recommended that the applications of Betty Lee-Daigle, Manmander Matharu, and Jelena Ristic to the Cultural & Arts Advisory Committee, of Amanda Deshaies and Scott Robinson to the Heritage Advisory Committee, and of John Levesque to the Seniors Advisory Committee, be approved.  In addition there are three applicants to the Committee of Adjustment for the vacant position.  The report can be found here.

Regular business begins at 7pm.  The full agenda can be found here.

Delegations include:
1. Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment, Joseph Ouellete, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Re: Flag of Remembrance and Plaque dedicated to Major Fred Tilston

2. Baron Championship Rings, Drina Baron-Zinyk, Vice President, Co-Owner, Richard Baron, Founder, and Kathy Baron Co-Founder Re: Toronto Raptors Rings.  A sample of the rings produced can be found here.

Communications - For Information include:
1. County of Essex dated November 8, 2019 Re: Notice of Decision on Official Plan Amendment, 11870 Tecumseh Road.  Essex County has approved the Valente condominium development located on the north side of the Tecumseh and Southfield intersection.

2. Town of Wasaga Beach, November 8, 2019 Re: Resolution from the Township of Springwater - Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority Levy.  The Towns of Springwater and Wasaga Beach are each asking for breakdowns of the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority budgets and that the Province allow them to see the budget lines in order to deliver their responsibilities for financial stewardship.

3. Town of Essex, November 7, 2019 Re: More Choice, More Homes Act, 2019 - Bill 108 Proposed Regulations.  Essex has backed the request of the Town of Tecumseh to have a three month consultation period regarding the regulations associated with Bill 108, the More Choices, More Homes Act.

4. Town of Lakeshore dated November 19, 2019.  Lakeshore extends to the Town an invite to their Shoreline Management Plan Public Consultation Event to be held on Thursday, November 28th, 4:30pm to 7:30pm at the Atlas Tube Centre.

5. Township of Larder Lake dated November 12, 2019 Re: Main Street Revitalization Fund.  Larder Lake is requesting an extension in which to expend the allocated funding of the Main Street Revitalization Fund to June 2020.

6. County of Essex dated November 22, 2019 Re: Notice of Design and Construction Public Open House.  Essex County advises of a Public Meeting to be held regarding the proposed widening of County Road 42 from County Road 19 to the City of Windsor limits, consisting of a five-lane roadway with bike lanes, sidewalks, and/or multi-use trails.  Multi-lane roundabouts are being introduced at County Road 19 (Manning Road) and the new intersection with County Road 43 (Banwell Road) and at the diversion and reconstruction of County Road 43 from Shields Avenue to south of County Road 42.  The meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 11th, 2019 from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the County of Essex - West Pike Depot, 11965 County Road 42, Tecumseh ON.

Reports include:
1. Chief Administrative Officer
a. CAO-2019-11 Community Safety and Well-Being Plan Development.  Administration recommends that Tecumseh join in with the County of Essex, other
Area Municipalities and the City of Windsor for the development of a regional Community Safety and Well-Being Plan.  The Community Safety Plan is a new requirement under the Police Services Act (1990) (Act) and the Community Safety and Policing Act (2019) by January 1, 2021. 

2. Planning & Building Services
a. PBS-2019-39, D19 SKY, Skyline Real Estate Holdings, Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment, Scheduling of Public Meeting.  Administration is recommending the scheduling of a public meeting, to be held on Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 6:00 p.m., in accordance with the Planning Act for applications submitted by Skyline
Real Estate Holdings for a 4.4 hectare (10.9 acre) parcel of land situated at the southeast corner of the Tecumseh Road/Southfield Drive intersection (11873 and 11917
Tecumseh Road).  The request is to redesignate the property from “Commercial” and “Residential” to “Residential” with a new site-specific policy and rezoning the subject property from “General Commercial Zones (C3) and (C3-1)” and “Residential Zone 2 (R2)” to a sitespecific “Residential Zone (R3-16)” in order to:
i) recognize the two existing apartment buildings located on the northern portion of the property and permit accessory commercial uses within their first floors;
ii) permit the development of the southern portion of the lands for an additional two, four-storey apartment buildings totalling 150 units;
iii) establish a total overall lot density of 91 units per hectare for the entirety of the property; and
iv) establish site-specific lot, building and yard provisions.

For questions on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at (226) 773-1910 or andrew@andrewdowie.ca

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