About Andrew

Since 2014, I have had the privilege to serve Ward 1 residents as Councillor for the Town of Tecumseh. With my background in municipal public works, my record of professional experience and community engagement can be put to extensive use to keep Tecumseh a great place to live.

I am ecstatic to have been a part of the Town's progress over the last four years and to have been acclaimed to serve a second term as Ward 1 Councillor from 2018-2022. You can continue to count on me to deliver responsive, reliable and responsible town oversight, decision-making and advocacy on your behalf.

What's New

February 8th Meeting

This week, Tecumseh Town Council will begin at 5pm with a meeting to discuss the Oldcastle Stormwater Master Plan.  The agenda can be found here

Delegations include Alain Michaud P.Eng., and Liz Michaud P. Eng., Landmark Engineers Inc.  Approximately $32 million in investment would be required to alleviate the stormwater ponding issues.

At 6:15pm, Town Council will host a meeting regarding the Antaya Drain.  The agenda can be found here:

Delegations include Mark Hernandez, P. Eng., Dillon Consulting Limited.  

Administration recommends:

  1. That the Report and Specifications for the Antaya Drain (Drain) as prepared by Mark Hernandez, P.Eng., of Dillon Consulting Limited., dated November 12, 2021 (Drainage Report) be received; And
  2. That consideration be given to the first and second readings of Provisional By-law No. 2022-06 to adopt the Drainage Report in accordance with Section 42 of the Drainage Act (Act); And further
  3. That notice be given to all affected landowners of the Court of Revision to be held on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, at 5:30 pm in accordance with Section 46(1) of the Act, subject to the adoption of the provisional by-law.

Regular business begins at 7pm.  The agenda can be found here.

Delegations include:
1. Request for 911 Signage for Vacant Rural Properties - Josette Eugeni and Jeff Sylvestre. The delegations are requesting a process for assigning civic addresses and installing emergency 911 signage for vacant rural properties.  It is recommended that the request for 911 signage for vacant rural properties and a process for assigning civic addresses be referred to Administration for review and recommendation.

Communications - Action Required
1. Office of the Solicitor General dated January 21, 2022 Re: Court Security and Prisoner Transportation in Ontario.  Administration recommends that the January 21, 2022 letter from the Ministry of the Solicitor General regarding a review of court security and prisoner transportation in Ontario, be referred to the Police Services Board.  The Province is suggesting the creation of a new agency to oversee this service.

2. Association of Municipalities of Ontario dated January 27, 2022 Re: AMO-LAS Virtual Municipal Energy Symposium March 31 and April 1, 2022.  Administration recommends that the Mayor and Members of Council be authorized to attend the AMO – LAS Virtual Municipal Energy Symposium on March 31 and April 1, 2022 at a cost of $275 plus taxes in accordance with the Town’s Professional Development Policy and subject to funding in the 2022 Budget.

Reports include:
1. Chief Administrative Officer - People & Culture
a. CAO-PC-2022-01 CUPE Ontario’s Call for an Independent Expert Review of OMERS.  Administration does not recommend any further action.

2. Community & Recreation Services
a. CRS-2022-01 2022 Parks Capital Works Plan.  $285,000 of leftover work from 2021 and $473,000 of new work for 2022 including design of the new Lakewood Splash Pad, Rocheleau and Shawanoe Park playsets, a new path in Lacasse Park, and further work on the Lacasse Park grandstands.

b. CRS-2022-02 2022 Arena and Pool Capital Works Plan.  $88,000 of leftover work from 2021 and $478,000 of new work for 2022 is planned for the Arena and Pool, including various electrical system replacements.

c. CRS-2022-03 2022 Municipal Buildings Capital Works Plan.  Planned work includes CADA Library Architect Services Contract, Town Hall HVAC Roof Top Unit Replacement (10 units), St. Clair Beach Community Centre ‘A’ Side HVAC Unit Replacement, CADA Library HVAC Unit Replacement,Fire Hall #2 HVAC Unit Replacement,Fire Hall #1 Architect Services Contract, Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations and Various minor infrastructure upgrades to Municipal Buildings.  $60,000 of leftover work and $591,500 of new work for 2022 is proposed including architectural drawings for the renewal of the Cada Library Branch.

3. Community Safety & Fire Services
a. CS-2022-01 Fire Equipment Five (5) Year Capital Works Plan 2022-2026.  $91,775 in spending for 2022 is proposed.

4. Legislative & Clerk Services
a. LCS-2022-02 Court of Revision Appointment - Cahill Drain.  Administration recommends that a member of Council be appointed to represent the Town at the Court of Revision for the Cahill Drain to be held on February 22nd concurrently with our meeting of Council.

By-laws for adoption include By-Law 2022-005 Antaya Drain Being a bylaw to provide for the repair and improvements to the Antaya Drain.

For questions on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at 226-773-1910 or [email protected]

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January 25th and 26th Meetings

This week, Tecumseh Town Council will meet twice, on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

There will be an in camera meeting between 5:30pm and 7pm on Tuesday.

Regular business will begin at 7pm.  The agenda can be found here.

The delegation for this meeting will be Isabelle Larking, 1st Place Contest Winner for the 100th Anniversary Contest Logo.

Communications - Action Required includes:
1. Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority Re: Regional Food & Organics Waste Management Project

It is recommended: That the January 19, 2022 letter from EWSWA inquiring on the Town of Tecumseh’s participation in the EWSWA led organics program be referred to Administration for review and recommendation to Council prior to March 31, 2022.

EWSWA has adopted a resolution recommending:

1. That the Food and Organic Waste Management Oversight Committee BE DIRECTED to continue to work through the various steps outlined in the Roadmap, and report back with progress updates, and;
2. That the Food and Organic Waste Management Oversight Committee BE DIRECTED to proceed with a short-term organic waste processing contract(s) RFP that meets the following minimum criteria:
a. That the RFP BE REQUIRED to accept, at a minimum, source separated organics from Windsor and any other of the municipalities choosing to
participate at the onset, and allows for changes to quantities of source separated organics, and;
b. That industry standards BE EXCEEDED regarding odour control measures implemented at the facility and the end product, and;
c. That the RFP BE REQUIRED to provide service for a 5-year term with options for extensions.

3. That the EWSWA send correspondence to the County of Essex and all municipalities in the region who have yet to respond to indicate whether or not
their members or those municipalities will participate in the EWSWA led organics program and to indicate that response is required by March 31, 2022.

2. County of Essex dated January 6, 2022 Re: Windsor Essex Workers

It is recommended: That Council consider supporting the January 6, 2022 County of Essex letter to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance requesting support for Windsor-Essex workers.

3. County of Essex dated January 7, 2022 Re: Small Business Support in Essex-Windsor

It is recommended: That Council consider supporting the January 7 , 2022 County of Essex letter to the Premier of Ontario regarding support for Small Business in Windsor-Essex.

Reports include:
1. Chief Administrative Officer - People & Culture
a. CAO-2022-01 Essex Region Conservation Authority Transition Plan. Administration recommends that our Director of Development Services, Brian Hillman, be appointed as the municipal representative during the transition period where the new agreements between municipalities and ERCA for non-mandatory services are going to be developed.

2. Community & Recreation Services
a. CRS-2022-04 Pathway to Potential Funding Agreement 2021.  Administration recommends that the Town of Tecumseh enter into an Agreement with the
City of Windsor for the Pathway to Potential Program for budget year 2021, at no cost to the Town, to provide recreational program subsidies for eligible residents.

3. Development Services
a. DS-2022-02 Zoning By-law Amendment 1401-1429 Lesperance Road, Scheduling of a Public Meeting.  Administration recommends the scheduling of a public meeting, to be held on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 6:00 p.m., in accordance with the Planning Act for a zoning by-law amendment application submitted for a 0.29 hectare (0.71 acre) parcel of land situated at the southwest corner of the Lesperance Road/Arbour Street intersection (1401-1429 Lesperance Road), seeking to amend Zoning By-law 1746 by rezoning the subject property from “Residential Zone 2 (R2)” and “Residential Zone 2 (R2-25)” to a site-specific “Residential Zone 3” in order to facilitate the construction of a residential development consisting of three, 2.5 storey, six-unit dwellings and establish site-specific lot, building and yard provisions, be authorized.

b. DS-2022-03 Zoning By-law Amendment 6067 Walker Road – Condition of Consent Application B-17-21 Scheduling of a Public Meeting.  Administration recommends the scheduling of a public meeting, to be held on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, at 5:30 p.m., in accordance with the Planning Act for a zoning by-law amendment application submitted for an approximate 41.0 hectare (101.3 acre) parcel of land situated on the west side of Walker Road, approximately 100 metres (328 feet) south of its intersection with South Talbot Road (6067 Walker Road), seeking to amend Zoning By-law 85-18 by:

  • i. rezoning the 0.51 hectare (1.26 acre) non-farm related residential lot (6067 Walker Road), from “Agricultural Zone (A)” to a site specific “Agricultural Zone (A-34)” in order to establish a maximum lot area of 0.51 hectares (1.26 acres); and
  • ii. rezoning the 40.4 hectare (99.8 acre) agricultural parcel from “Agricultural Zone (A)” to a site specific “Agricultural Zone (A-35)” in order to prohibit a residential dwelling from being constructed all of which is in accordance with Condition No. 5 of Severance Application B-17-21, be authorized.

4. Financial Services
a. FS-2022-01 Taxes Receivable December 2021.  Tax receivable as a percentage of tax levy increased slightly to 4.4% at December 2021 (from 4.0% in 2020).   The figures remain below average from the last several years.

5. Legislative & Clerk Services
a. LCS-2022-01 Open and Closed Meetings for 2021.  For regular meetings, there were 21, comprising of 319 items with 40 hrs. 21 min total duration (1 hr. 55 min. average).  For public meetings, there were 16 comprising 69 items with 9 hrs. 21 min. total duration (35 min. average).  For special meetings, there were 8 comprising 32 items with 19 hours 55 min. (2 hrs. 29 min. average)  For In-Camera, there were 19 meetings with 58 items, with a duration of 16 hours 12 min. (51 min. average).

6. Public Works & Engineering Services
a. PWES-2022-03 Approval of 2022 Public Works and Engineering Services 2022 Capital Works Projects.  The project allocations for 2021 are being presented by Administration.  Capital spending for 39 projects is being recommended, with a $27.4M budget allocation of which $15.7 million is to be expended on the Scully and St. Mark's Pump Station project.

b. PWES-2022-04 Traffic Analysis 2021 Radar Speed Surveys.  Administration advise that of the areas tested in 2021, additional enforcement is required at the following locations:

  • 12th Concession Rd.
  • Arlington Blvd.
  • Lesperance Rd. @ Oliver
  • McNorton St.
  • North Talbot Rd. @ Weston Park
  • Riverside Drive @ Montessori School

c. PWES-2022-05 Sylvestre Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension Main, Lateral and Easement Charges Cost Recovery Part XII By-Law.  Administration recommends that a Public Information Centre be hosted to communicate estimated charges to the property owners within the Sylvestre Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension Study Area;
And further that Administration report back to Council with a summary of the comments received at the Public Information Centre for consideration in preparing the Sylvestre Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension, Main, Lateral and Easement Charges Cost Recovery Part XII By-Law.

By-Laws proposed for adoption include 2022-003 Being a by-law to authorize the execution of a Service Agreement between The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and the City of Windsor to administer funds for the Pathway to Potential Program for the year 2021.

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