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Since 2014, I have had the privilege to serve Ward 1 residents as Councillor for the Town of Tecumseh. With my background in municipal public works, my record of professional experience and community engagement can be put to extensive use to keep Tecumseh a great place to live.

I am ecstatic to have been a part of the Town's progress over the last four years and to have been acclaimed to serve a second term as Ward 1 Councillor from 2018-2022. You can continue to count on me to deliver responsive, reliable and responsible town oversight, decision-making and advocacy on your behalf.

What's New

February 13th Meeting

Council begins this week at 5pm with a Special Council Meeting regarding the 8th Concession Road Sanitary Sewer Outlet Cost Recovery By-Law.

It is proposed that residents in the Oldcastle Area be brought onto the Sanitary Sewer system in lieu of continuing to allow septic tanks for sewage storage.  There have been concerns expressed by the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change regarding failing septic systems located in the area.

Many area residents are opposed to this transition as a result of cost implications to individual residential properties.

The full agenda packet can be found here.

Regular business begins at 7pm.  The full agenda packet can be found here.

Delegations include Robert Charlton who will be making a Cheque Presentation.

Communications include:

1) 2018 Ontario Farmland Forum - Administration is recommending that the Mayor and Members of Council be authorized to attend the 2018 Farmland Forum on April 5, 2018 in Prince Edward County, subject to the provisions of the Town’s Professional Development and Travel Policy.

2) Association of Municipalities of Ontario Re: AMO Policy Update - Call to Action - Fire Medic Protection Needed for Municipal Governments.  Administration is recommending that the resolution from AMO calling for Fire Medic Protection for Municipal Governments be adopted, and that a copy of the resolution be sent to the Office of the Premier, Minister of Health and Long Term Care, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Minister of Labour, Minister of Municipal Affairs, local MPPs and AMO.

Reports include:
a. Chief Administrative Officer
1. CAO-2018-01, Accomplishments 2017.  This report details the various accomplishments and outcomes that have been achieved by the Town's Administration in the 2017 calendar year.
2. CAO-2018-03, Canada Post Addressing Initiative Tecumseh.  This report recommends that a resolution of Council be sent to Canada Post requesting the Town of Tecumseh be placed in the Addressing Initiative Schedule for Tecumseh to be the single municipal name for postal mail purposes.
3. CAO-2018-04, Chartwell St. Clair Beach Retirement Residence Lease Agreement.  Administration is recommending to execute an Agreement with Chartwell St. Clair Beach Retirement Residence for the lease of additional parking spaces at the municipal parking lot located at Lakewood Park.  In the Lease Agreement, the Town grants Chartwell use of 25 parking spaces in the parking lot
at the Park and will continue to be responsible for the regular maintenance of snow and ice removal.  During Town events, the Town will reserve a minimum of 16 parking spaces for Chartwell that will be identified with signage and notify Chartwell four [4] weeks in advance. 

b. Corporate Services & Clerk
1. CS-2018-02, Committee and Board Honorariums.  Administration is recommending that an increase from $50 to $100 in the Committee of Adjustment monthly honorarium be approved effective January 1, 2018 until the end of 2021 and that a review of the honorariums for Committees and Boards be carried out during last year of each term of Council. 
2. CS-2018-03, Civil Marriage Services and Officiants.  Administration is recommending that Bylaw No. 2018-09 being a by-law to authorize the service of Civil Marriage Ceremonies, be adopted; and that the new Civil Marriage Ceremonies Policy No. 94 be amended to include a rehearsal fee of $50.00 per hour and mileage to be paid in accordance with Travel Policy No. 14.  The fees charged by the Town for this service are $250.00 plus H.S.T during office hours and $350.00 plus H.S.T for evenings and weekends. 
3. CS-2018-04, Dog Pound Lease Agreement Renewal.  Administration is recommending that By-law No. 2018-10 being a by-law to authorize the Mayor and Clerk to execute a 20-year Lease Agreement with the County of Essex and the Towns of Essex, Lakeshore and LaSalle for the use of a portion of the property on part of the closed Landfill No. 3, located at 914 Puce Road in Lakeshore, for the Dog Pound Facility, be approved.
4. CS-2018-05, Restricted Acts of Council after Nomination Day - Lame Duck Provisions.  This report speaks to the restricted acts
of Council after Nomination Day (Lame Duck Provisions).

c. Financial Services
1. FS-2018-01, Taxes Receivable December 2017.  Administration is reporting that the tax receivables as a percentage of tax levy decreased to 4.4% at December 2017.  Overall, Residential tax arrears account for 70% of total tax arrears in 2017 compared to 37% in 2013, which is primarily a result of the large reductions to Commercial and Industrial arrears.  The total number of properties in arrears has increased despite the drop in total dollar amount owing. This is predominantly due to the number of Residential properties with arrears of less than $2,000, which increased by 9% year-over-year.
2. FS-2018-02, Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation (OILC) Borrowing 2017.  Administration is recommending that borrowing upon 2.82% (estimated) 5 year amortizing debenture in the Principal amount of $99,200 for the financing of Pulleyblank/Crowder/Moro Sanitary Sewer construction costs for 2018 be approved.

d. Fire & Emergency Services
1. FIRE-2018-01, Tecumseh Fire Services 2017 Year End Overview.  Administration supplies the 2017 Year End Overview for the various activities of the Fire & Emergency Services Department Report.   

e. Planning & Building Services
1. PBS-2018-02, Tecumseh Transit Service, 2017 Annual Status Report.  Administration recommends that an Open House to obtain public input on the potential changes to the Tecumseh Transit Service for 2018 be scheduled, that a 50% reduction in the price of a monthly bus pass for riders on Ontario Works be authorized; and that the implementation of June as “Seniors Ride the TTS for Free Month” be approved.  Proposed changes include eliminating the East Pointe Trails Plaza stop, shifting the east-west routes from Little River onto St. Thomas and Riverside Drive onto Dillon Drive, rerouting the eastbound route off of Tecumseh Road and onto Brouillette consistent with the westbound route by way of Southfield and Shawnee, eliminating the stop at Tecumseh Town Centre Plaza and using Renaud and Bedell.  
2. PBS-2018-03, D19 PETTEC, OPA-ZBA, 13328-14346 Tecumseh Road.  Administration is recommending that a public meeting be scheduled for Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 5:30 p.m., for the applications submitted by 2593430 Ontario Limited (Petretta Construction) to amend the St. Clair Beach Official Plan and Zoning By-law 2065 for the former Pud's Place Marina, a 1.4 hectare (3.6 acre) parcel of land located on the north side of Tecumseh Road, approximately 45 metres east of its intersection with Brighton Road (14328 & 14346 Tecumseh Road), from:
i) the current Official Plan designation of “Commercial” to a “Medium Density Residential” designation with a site-specific policy that will establish a maximum density of 51 units per hectare, permit an accessory marina and a limited range of ground floor  commercial uses; and
ii) the current “General Commercial Zone (C1-5)” to a site-specific “Residential Type Three Zone (R3-13)” in order to permit the construction of a five-storey, 71-unit condominium apartment building, accessory marina and limited ground-floor commercial uses, be authorized.

f. Public Works & Environmental Services
1. PWES-2018-06, Rossi Drive Sanitary Sewers Extension - Tender Award.  Administration is recommending that the tender for the Rossi Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension in the amount of $1,364,200 excluding HST be awarded to Amico Infrastructures Inc., and associated reductions in lifecycle allocations because of reduced costs incurred.

For further information on these or other municipal matters, you can contact me at andrew@andrewdowie.ca or 226-773-1910.

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January 30th Meeting

This week, Council meets beginning at 6pm.  The Agenda can be found here.

Council will discuss the setting of building codes and to receive comments from the public regarding the proposed building permit fee rates.  Building permit rates were last set in 2005 and have not been adjusted for inflation since that time.  Operations for building permit services have run at a deficit (subsidized by the general rate) for all but two of the past ten years and the goal is to make them cost neutral.

Fees are proposed to increase by 17% to 25% for square footage rates and 20% for flat rates.  This would put most rates in the mid-range although residential garage and accessory buildings would become the highest in Essex County at double the rate of other municipalities.

Regular business begins at 7pm.  The Agenda can be found here.

Delegations are:
a. Mary Agnes Welch, Probe Research Inc. Re: Citizen Satisfaction Survey
b. Friends of Oldcastle Development Re: Del Duca OMB Decision

Communications for Information:
a. Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Re: Notification of Bill 139, the Building Better Communities and
Conserving Watersheds Act, 2017 Receiving Royal Assent.  This bill has now been passed which includes reform of the Ontario Municipal Board into the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal.
b. Ernie Hardeman, MPP, PC Critic for Municipal Affairs and Housing Re: Ontario PC Platform - People's Guarantee.  MPP Hardeman highlights the portions of the Ontario Progressive Conservative platform that relate to municipal government policy.
c. Town of Amherstburg Re: Support Correspondence from the Essex County Federation of Agriculture.  The Town of Amherstburg and the ECFA advises that it has petitioned the Federal Government to reconsider some of its recent tax changes that are felt to negatively effect small business and agricultural operations.
d. Town of Amherstburg Re: Letter of Support for Windsor-Essex County Board of Health Resolution.  The Town of Amherstburg advises that it supports the Essex County Health Unit resolution with respect to ensuring that the legalization of cannabis is regulated extensively.
e. Ministry of Transportation Re: Ontario's support for the County of Essex's application for consideration under the National Trade Fund Corridors Fund (NTCF).  Minister Del Duca advises that the Province of Ontario supports Essex County's application to upgrade Manning Road with federal funds.
f. Ontario Municipal Board Decision Re: Proposed Official Plan Amendment No. 14.  The OMB has rejected Council's rezoning of the Del Duca property at County Road 46 and the 8th Concession and has stayed the decision for a year in anticipation of a collaborative solution between the Town and the appellants.
g. Essex County Federation of Agriculture Re: Proposed Tax Changes.  The ECFA advises that the Federal Government has indicated that it is re-evaluating its tax changes that affect agricultural operators.

Communications Action Required
a. National Trust for Canada Re: Heritage Day 2018 Re: Heritage Day 2018.  Administration recommends that February 19, 2018 be proclaimed as Heritage Day in the Town of Tecumseh.
b. Ontario Good Roads Association Re: OGRA Requests Support for MCEA Process Reform.  Administration recommends that the resolution provided by OGRA calling on the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change to accelerate the Application for
Review of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process be adopted.
c. Town of Lakeshore Re: Storm Water Management and Drainage Improvements.  Administration recommends that the Town of Lakeshore’s resolution that the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario be urged to immediately allocate infrastructure funding dedicated to municipalities for storm water management and drainage improvements, be supported.
d. Community Heritage Ontario Re: Federal Role in Heritage Conservation.  Administration recommends that the recommendations by the Federal House of Commons Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development contained in report 10 regarding the preservation of Canada’s heritage, be supported.
e. Letter to Minister Eric Hoskins from Windsor-Essex County Health Unit Board Chair.  Re: Proposed changes to the Cannabis Act, (Bill C-45)  Administration recommends that the October 19, 2017, resolution by the Windsor Essex County Health Unit regarding the licensing, planning, and zoning regulations of cannabis retail outlets and the coordinated efforts of Windsor-Essex
municipalities in preventing the harms associated with cannabis use, be supported.
f. National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco.  Re: Contraband Tobacco in Ontario.  Administration recommends that the National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco request for municipal governments to partake in the fines collected on contraband
tobacco charges through their local Provincial Offenses Transfer Agreement, be supported.

a. Chief Administrative Officer
1. CAO-2018-02, Union Gas Kingsville Transmission Reinforcement Project.  Administration recommends that the Union Gas Kingsville Transmission Reinforcement Project should be endorsed via a letter of support to the Ontario Energy Board. 

b. Information & Communication Services
1. ICS-2018-01, 2018-2022 Lifecycle Work Plan.  This report details the capital spending for the Information and Communication Services Department, in the amount of $224,000 (plus $60,000 which was funded in 2017) comprised of:

PC Replacements $ 20,000
Network Upgrades $ 30,000
Video Surveillance $ 6,000
A/V Systems $ 15,000
Miscellaneous Software $ 8,000
Virtual Server Upgrades $ 10,000
Corporate Website $ 25,000
Multifunction Copiers $ 60,000
Arena Sound System $ 50,000
Records Management $ 30,000
Issue Tracking Software $ 30,000

2. ICS-2018-02, 2017 Citizen Satisfaction Survey.  Probe Research conducted a Citizen Satisfaction Survey in late 2017.  It determined that 96% of residents rate the Town's quality of life as good or excellent.  97% were satisfied with the Town's services.  Concerns about flooding as well as water and sewer infrastructure are top-of-mind for Tecumseh residents.  The Sportsplex proposal had extreme viewpoints with 60% favouring construction and 38% opposing.  Online voting was also endorsed by a majority of residents.

c. Planning & Building Services
1. PBS-2018-01, Zoning By-law Amendment, 12334 Arbour Street.  Administration recommends the scheduling of a Public Meeting on Tuesday, February 27, 2018, at 5pm to discuss rezoning this property to allow the construction of a new semi-detached residential building.

d. Public Works & Environmental Services
1. PWES-2018-02, Traffic Analysis – Radar Speed Surveys.  Administration reports back on the speeds reported for various streets where speeding was reported.  In Ward 1,  the 85th percentile speeds recorded on Lacasse Boulevard at St. Denis, 800 block of Michael Drive and Southfield Drive were found to be between 12 and 16 kilometers over the respective posted speed limits.  Little River Boulevard, McNorton Street, Riverside Drive and St. Gregory's Road in Ward 1 were both found to be 6-10 kilometers over the respective posted speed limits.  No action is being recommended for these streets.

2. PWES-2018-03, 2018 Supply of Various Vehicles.  Administration recommends soliciting quotations for the following purchases as vehicle replacements at an expected cost of $644,200 plus $26,000 for outfitting, to adopt the 10 year purchase plan noted in the report, and to dispose of the to-be retired vehicles currently in use.  The purchases are:

PW 02-11 Ext Cab Truck $ 35,000
PW 06-08 4x4 1500 Ext Cab Truck $ 32,000
PW 14-18 4x4 1500 Ext Cab Truck $ 30,000
Parks P 04-10 4x4 2500 Reg Cab Truck $ 35,000
P 30-13 Jacobson 9016 Tractor $ 69,000
P 40-08 Vermeer VC1500 Chipper $ 50,000
P 25-11 Dump Trailer 5'x10' $ 5,200
P 21-11 Landscape Trailer 20' $ 6,000
Water W 01-10 Heavy Duty Truck/Service Body $ 55,000
Fire F 01-10 Tahoe Command $ 45,000
F 02-10 Tahoe Command $ 45,000
Recreation M 02-08 1500 Ext. Cab Truck $ 22,000
M 03-18 Mini Van $ 25,000
Transit T 02-10 Kneeling Passenger Bus $ 190,000

3. PWES-2018-04, Annual Summary Report for the Town of Tecumseh Distribution System (260004969) for the Year 2017.  This is a statutory report detailing compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act in the Town's water system.  All operations were in compliance during the calendar year.

For information on these or other municipal matters, please contact me at andrew@andrewdowie.ca or 226-773-1910.

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