Andrew Dowie Ward 1 Tecumseh

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  • September 12th Meeting

    This week, Council begins at 6pm with a Public Meeting regarding the reconsideration of the 7th Concession Drain Cleaning works.  You can read the full packet here. At 7pm, regular... Read More
  • August 8th Meeting

    This week, Town Council begins at 5:30pm for our Policies and Priorities Meeting, The full packet can be found here. Delegations include: Melanie Coulter, Windsor Essex County Humane Society Re:... Read More
  • July 25th Meeting

    Council begins at 5:30pm with a Public Information Centre regarding parking on Pentilly Road.  There has been some parking on the pedestrian pathway in recent years and continuing.  This was... Read More


Brett Chaborek just joined.

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