Andrew Dowie Ward 1 Tecumseh

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  • July 11th Meeting

    This week, Town Council begins at 7pm.  The packet can be found here. We will be discussing the following: DELEGATIONS Hannah Ruuth & Kristi Koutros, Youth Advisory Committee Doug Drouillard... Read More
  • June 27th Meeting

    This week, the public meeting of Council begins at 6pm. The first order of business is a statutory meeting to consider the rezoning at 11941 Tecumseh Road. There is a... Read More
  • May 23rd Meeting

    This week, Tecumseh Council begins at 6pm. The first meeting deals with the Reconsidered Repair and Improvement to the East McPherson Drain Report. Drain cleaning was requested for the East... Read More


Brett Chaborek just joined.

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